Date: Fri, 2 Oct 1998 11:11:48 -0500
From: Eric Howell <>
Subject: Re: Horsepower or Torque? Which is more significant?

On Thu, 1 Oct 1998, Rick & Lorie Mieras wrote: > Garry wrote: > > > > markus wrote: > > > > > I respect your opinion, you obviously know a lot about Saabs... > > > > > > Ever drive one? > > > > > > Markus > > > > > > 86 9000T > > > > First of all, sorry for mistake, it is of course GM. The car companies > > buy each other so fast, so some day Trabant may become a Mercedes. > > > > Yes I have driven my friends Saab 900 don't know what exact model > > something like 94-95 with four cylinders sluggish turbo, which was up > > only after 2000 rpm. Nothing impressive to be honest. Engine was > > vibrating too much as I remember .Yes, comparably a lot of space inside, > > but something was strange in that car. It was so > > > > UGLY...... like a duck ........ excuse my french, You should drive a Saab 900 again with these helpful tips. 1.) 4-cylinder engines START at 2000RPM, not end. You have to get the revs up to get the engine to really perform. The 900 has somewhere in the neighborhood of 188 ft/lbs of torque. That is very comparable to a maxima. It should be very satisfying if you know how to drive it. 2.) 4-cylinder engines will vibrate more than 6-cylinder engines. Actually an inline 6-cylinder (V-12 also) is perfectly balanced. But a V-6 is smoother than a 4-cylinder. Tiz a price you pay for economy. 3.) Don't drive a Saab only looking at straight-line engine performance. Saabs have good engines but pay more attention to the handling and feel of the car. (This is usually what people buy european cars for) The only car I have been in that felt as solid as my 900 was a 5-series BMW. Saabs are known for their good handling and feel for the road. Even after 7 years my 900 is rock-solid. These tips apply to all 4-cylinder engines. If you are ever lucky enough to drive a Lotus Esprit with the 4-cylinder turbo, I guarantee you will be disappointed if you don't get the engine above 2000RPM! And yes, the Lotus engine will vibrate more than a V-6. But remember, these cars are engineered in a part of the world where gas is around $5/gallon. Try to drive a Saab 900 SPG (Special Performance Group). I think the SPG says it all. As far as looks go, that is an opinion. I have always liked the looks of the 900. It is distinct, and the interior is great. I find the pre-94 900s very good looking. And check out the new 9-5. It is really cool. > > > > so finally he ended up with '94 Maxima SE. > > Nice car. My dad has a 90 Maxima SE. White with black leather interior and the cool gauges that change from a white background to a black backgound at night. > > I have not driven 9000 which you have which is a higher level model. > > Maybe it is a top class to you, sorry but not to me. > > Drive one or at least ride in one before you make up your mind about something. You never know, you may LOVE it. > > I would like to return to the beginning of this stupid discussion. You > > trying to concentrate to the GM-Ford issue, when Main idea that I > > posted was : > > > > After driving a Maxima, if you decide to change the brand of you car, go > > for Bimmer, not for Saab. > > Although I am a big fan of BMW, I don't recall a handbook that says you must upgrade from a maxima to a BMW. What if someone drives a maxima and decides he likes the new Saab 9-5? He can't get one? That seems foolish. Besides you should be careful what you wish for. I hate to see nice vehicles such as the BMW, Saab, and Nissan Maxima owned by people who don't take care of them. > > I didn't posted that to create flame from Saab drivers, it is just my > > opinion... > > As a general rule, if you post to a vehicle newsgroup and state that you think the car is ugly, has no performance, and people shouldn't buy one, you are probably going to get some pretty irate responses. The moral of the story is to open your mind and think. Nissan, Saab, and BMW are all good cars so don't knock them. A maxima, 900/9000, 3/5/7/8 are all good choices for a driving enthusiast. Heck, I (a Saab owner) talked my dad into buying his maxima. Driving enthusiasts enjoy driving any quality automobile they can get their hands on. Eric > > Sorry, GM pilots... > > > > -- > > Garry, '95 MaxSE > > > > *************************************************** > > * To contact remove NOSPAM from e-mail address * > > *************************************************** > To get power from a turbo 4-banger....don't expect miracles ehowel1nopsamedu : : : : University of Illinois Return to Main Index

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