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Date: Fri, 27 Oct 2000 03:07:54 GMT
From: JPF <>
Subject: Re: Goodbye Newsgroup!

Your moral compass has nothing to do with rules. Freedom of speech does not apply either. Rules do. Plain and simple. Rules of Usenet. Terms Of Service for ANY ISP. Take a second to read yours.... See? It has nothing to do with my terms. Commercial postings are forbidden in most Usenet groups. It is certainly forbidden in this one. And for the record, his advice was pretty lame most of the time. Any posting in caps is just plain rude. Nobody asked him to leave, if he wants to be a pussy, he can take his ball and go home. That is certainly his right. All he was asked to do was quit being obnoxious. This horse is dead. Let's move on. JPF On Fri, 27 Oct 2000 02:01:28 GMT, (Jesper Anderson) wrote: >I look through the forum for interesting posts too. That's why I'm >here. And if everyone emails for help instead of getting it here, what >will I find here? > >Zilch. > >So, it's freedom of speech in here, on YOUR terms? Just because he >boilerplated it was correct that he got disgusted and left? > >My moral compass says otherwise. YMMV, but I don't care about easy to >ignore boilerplate when I get FREE advice. It's not like he attached >gif or jpeg ads. > >Jesper > > >On Thu, 26 Oct 2000 03:36:04 GMT, JPF ><> wrote: >>I for one, am glad he was able to help you out. You know what? He >>still can, you know where he is. He didn't go anywhere. He is >>getting more out of your folks support now than he ever could have by >>adding his comments. >>The big deal is that you look through the newsgroup for interesting >>posts. At least I do. I help where I can. and I don't even *like* >>Sobs. >>When the Master Bator got up to speed, there would be twenty posts, >>all caps, all one liners, all with 10 lines of sig. >>That's the big deal. >>Nobody is perfect, but commercial posts in ANY Usenet group are >>forbidden by charter. >>This is not a commercial forum. and that, my friend, is the deal. >> >>Hope this helps! JPF >> >> >>On Thu, 26 Oct 2000 02:49:19 GMT, >> (Jesper Anderson) wrote: >> >>>I concur fully. I got a brief, to the point answer in here and emailed >>>for details. I got an answer the same night. Maybe the people who >>>blast him have their mechanic's cellphone number and can call at any >>>time, day or night, for free. I know I don't, and I was saved a fair >>>chunk of money from the to the point reply. >>> >>>And, for that matter, none of the strongly verbial opponents of his >>>posts added anything useful to my questions. >>> >>>As for SPAM, that's why we have killfiles. It took me all of 15 >>>seconds to add a rule to block the pure URL posts. >>> >>>So, what was the big deal again? That free help is a bad thing? Or is >>>it one of those 'free speech on MY terms' kind of thing that's so >>>popular these days? >>> >>>Jesper >>> >>>On Tue, 24 Oct 2000 02:05:12 GMT, >>><> wrote: >>>>Everyone who has blasted the MasterTech can go sit on a sharp >>>>stick.... >>>>Here is a guy who cares enough to answer in brief to almost every >>>>newsgroup post, at least he takes the time. Also for those who blasted >>>>him for answering in brief, try e-mailing directly to him, he will >>>>answer in full. >>>> >>>>I can't even believe that this causes so many people so much grief! >>>>Relax, he only means to help, like a waiter who asks too many times "do >>>>you want more coffee?" Sure it seems much, but considering the >>>>intention, it is fine. >>>> >>>>As for those of you that don't answer where the MasterTech will, you >>>>should go away. Many of times I've seen postings that I know the SAAB >>>>community knows but you won't respond, at least he will. >>>> >>>>It takes guff to deal with people who "offer" more than you will or >>>>can. It is rare that the MasterTech will offer instead of take. >>>> >>>>A true Republican, >>>> >>>>Kyle >>>> >>

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