Date: Thu, 02 Oct 2003 22:24:12 -0400
From: ma_twain <>
Subject: Re: First...and likely last Saab

Your Volvo is a the old rear wheel drive design, like my 1982 245. They are a "basic" design by today's standards - simple and rugged. You must have an automatic transmission. I am still on my original M46 transmission with over 200,000 miles. My wife wants me to get rid of the 245, but the power windows and locks still work and they are all original! You cannot compare a "new" Saab 9-5 to a 1986 740 Volvo in terms of reliability and maintenance cost - totally different designs from different eras. Rector Family wrote: > Volvos are indeed expensive to fix for certain repairs, however, I had very > little go wrong with my car. Mine is a 1986 740 GLE wagon. The only major > issue I had is that I had to replace the transmission at 120,000 miles. > > Bill > > > "ma_twain" <> wrote in message > > >>More information would be useful in your comparisons. I too have a >>Volvo and Saabs. >>Check the Volvo group - it costs (at the dealer) $600 to replace one >>cracked headlight lens assembly on an S80, while I can replace the a >>headlight on my Volvo for $5. Why? - mine is a 1982 245 Turbo - still >>running and starts with one turn of the key. What year and mode is your >>reliable Volvo? Is it a Volvo made before Ford bought Volvo? >> >> As for Saabs, I have drive 900s since 1985 and I currently own two >>Classic 900s. They have all been reliable. You have a relatively new >>design Saab, so you can't compare my Saab experience directly with yours. >> >>1. Tire problems- "unusually high tire failure rate" - what does this >>mean - people who drive carefully can get over 80,000 miles on a set of >>tires while others are happy to get 10,000 miles on a set because they >>enjoy pushing the limits of the engine and suspension. >>2. Constant replacement of headlight bulbs - a car with a stiff >>suspension and design issues with the bulb sockets can result in >>frequent bulb failure - see the Volvo group about the V70 headlight >>complaints >>3. failure of real locking mechanism - is the rear door aligned >>properly, is the rear door being slammed shut? Issues here can cause >>problems with the rear locking mechanism. >>4. Turbo seals - too much heat will damage seals and driving too fast >>with a cold engine/turbo is not good either - are you letting the car >>warm up and cool down per the Owner's Manual? Accords, to the best of my >>knowledge don't have turbos - so no valid comparisons here. Does your >>Volvo have a turbo? >>5. surging engine while backing up cold - I am guessing - you have an >>automatic. It sounds like the engine is in high speed idle, normal for >>a cold engine. When put into reverse, the vehicle surges and the >>engine tries to keep up the cold idle speed setting. Get the engine >>checked for anything which would cause the engine to idle higher than >>normal when cold - it could be as simple a sensor needing to be cleaned. >>6. Groaning while turning the steering wheel, even when parked - could >>be the power steering pump belt or the suspension. Using the power >>steering to force the front wheels to turn without the car moving puts a >> strain on the steering components and shortens their life. If you try >>this is a car without power steering, you would realize the forces >>involved. >> >>WORSS wrote: >> >> >>>After 70,000 miles, I feel my 1999 Saab 9-5 wagon is falling apart. Up >>>until now, we have had very few problems other than an unusually high >>> > tire > >>>failure rate and constant replacement of the headlight bulbs. >>> >>>Now I am dealing with the following..... >>>1) Failure of the rear locking mechanism. I was told that the solenoid >>>needed to be replaced by my Saab dealer ($180 or the part I believe) but >>> > it > >>>has now worked since they "lubricated" it. >>>2) Oil leak in the turbo. I was told that the seals need to be replaced >>> > in > >>>the turbo. No cost estimate given but I was told to live with it for as >>>long as I can. >>>3) The car has a tendancy to surge when backing up while cold. I am >>> > told > >>>that this "may be" the throttle body. No cost estimate given but I was >>> > told > >>>that "this would not be good". >>>4) The car started to groan today. I am not sure what is wrong with >>> > it, > >>>but it has a constant groan that gets worse when I turn the steering >>> > wheel > >>>(even while parked). My guess is that the power steering pump is going >>> > bad? > >>>In addition, I need new brake pads and rotors. I know that these are >>>"consumables" and I can't complain about getting 70K miles out of them, >>> > but > >>>if you add up all the money I will need to spend to fix this car it is >>>absurd. I currently have a Honda Accord (140K miles), Volvo (190K >>> > miles), > >>>and an Acura (33K miles) and and not put this kind of money into all >>> > three > >>>cars combined! >>> >>>Needless to say, I am not impressed with my first Saab. >>> >>>Bill >>> >>> >>> >>> >>> > >

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