Date: 29 Sep 2006 04:50:57 -0700
From: "Saab1993" <>
Subject: replacing Crank Position sensor

A few weeks ago I bought a 1993 SAAB 9000 CDE, non-turbo, I got a good deal because the previous owner said the engine dies when you run it for more than about 20 minutes at normal engine temperature. He was told by a mechanic that it is a crank position sensor malfunction. The car runs great most of the time, but once in a while (every few days) it just dies will not start for 20-90 min. The car does seem to run a little hot, with a lot of range on the gauge. This might be normal, the car is new to me and it is my first Saab do I'm not sure what is normal. I did replace the coolant thermostat with a new OEM Saab one. This did not make much difference in the temp. The car does usually die at a normal operating temp (half way up the gauge). After listening to quite a few people's suggestions as to what the problem likely is and inspecting the crank pulley , I hope we have correctly diagnosed the problem as the crank pulley and or sensor. The crank pulley has over 50% of the rubber gone, and it is very loose. I have bought parts and am ready to change them out, however the wire from the sensor disappears into an area behind the alternator and below the intake that I can not even see into, much less get a hand into. Can anyone advise me on routing the wire and hooking up the plug? This can't be as difficult as it looks. From which direction should I approach this? What must be disassembled to get to the wiring and plug? Any suggestions appreciated Randy

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