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Radio Code fix. 4 Members Like This Post! (Members Can Like Posts)

Posted by Gene N [Email] (#1094) [Profile/Gallery] (more from Gene N) on Tue, 26 Feb 2019 20:29:39 Share Post by Email
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On January 14th, Snowmobile started a thread about 9-5 radios losing their memory when disconnected from the battery. This a chronic problem with the Harmon/Kardon Pioneer radios in the1999-2005 model years. Disconnecting the battery would put the radio automatically in the divorced state and display “Radio Code” on the SID. A Tech 2 would be required to remarry the radio to the car until the next time the power was interrupted. (Here is the original thread

Like Snowmobile, I looked for a battery backup inside the radio and gave up when I couldn’t find one. I then suspected an EEPROM was the problem, but it would have been impossible to find, just by looking at the board. Snowmobile found this service manual for the 2004-2005 model years:

Once I saw that, I searched and found this manual for my model year, 2002:

The 1999-2001 years used a Pioneer FX-M2116, but it did not seem to be significantly different from the FX-M2117 or the FX-M2137.

That is the background. You can skip to the next paragraph if you want while I descend deep into Electrical Engineer nerd-speak. The EEPROM from the schematic is a Seiko S-29220A Serial EEPROM with a capacity of 2k bits in a 128x16 bit organization, with a data retention value of 10 YEARS. The S-29220A is no longer available and dmz789qqq suggested using a 93AA56B-I/P serial EEPROM as a replacement, which is in a PDIP-8 through-hole package. Once I got the board out of the chassis and realized almost all components were surface mounted, I knew the 93AA56B-I/P was not going to work. The external dimensions of the EEPROM pointed to an SOP-J8 package that was not offered on the 93AA56B-I/P. The EEPROM I found that worked is a BR93G56FJ made by ROHM, and can be ordered from Mouser. Here is the link

The EEPROM is located on the tuner board. The front of the radio is on the bottom of this picture. ">

This overlay from the service manual shows the orientation of the chip. The dot on the chip marks pin 1. ">

So far, replacing the EEPROM has worked on the two radios I tried it on. One of the radios would lose its pairing when the battery was disconnected. The other radio was a used radio that had not been divorced correctly. The seller gave me the supposed VIN of the donor car, but I could never get the radio properly divorced by changing the DICE VIN. Replacing the EEPROM on this radio caused it to reset from married to divorced. I was then able to then marry the radio to my car as a test.

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