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LH 2.4 Cold Starting Procedure
Posted by Donald Wollum [Email] (more from Donald Wollum) on Sat, 6 Jan 2018 08:53:31
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New, with out any on carbon on the back side of the intake valves...Many Nat Asp LH cars would not start in 10F or colder. Without much though the factory would allow BCP5ES plugs one heat range hotter, yet that was irrelevant to cold start failure some customers had. These cars were completely over fuelsed and flooded, and yes the plugs most of the time did need removing more for airing out the combustion chambers by cranking then with fuel pump fuse pull, and cranking 20-30 seconds.
SWeden was aware and on occasion, a CIS 5th injector was fitted and the LH ECU had attending wiring and fuel hose. This I only saw twice.

What eventually became apparent was the drivers were " cautious and worried about starting and battery running down and ( on and on ) so, they would Crank briefly, like 3 or 4 compression strokes, Wruh wruh wruh, and stop cranking ( worring no start yet and the battery OMG ).
so on it went second short crank, third short crank and by then this engine was flooded. Call tow truck. Complain as car was taken to dealer.

so what is causing this? There is no choke, there is no 5th injector, LH by design, DOUBLE FIRED THE INJECTORS each induction stroke for about 3 to 5 compression strokes, then went to standard single injector triggering for 5-20 single cyl compression strokes ( X 4 - all cyl get treated the same), then after that, if starter still engaged it half fires or only trigger injectors every other compression stroke.

How to start 88-93 Classic 900 Nat Aasp= One Long Crank, we are talking 10-12 seconds, and even when engine starting to catch, keep starter going 1 second more. Contrary to printed procedures, a trace 1/8 inch of gas pedal can be added giving extra air to aid combustion.

I still have boxes of BCP6ES's that had 500-1000 miles on them, yet warranty would let us put in BCP5ES more for the customer to feel the car wa fixed. Certainly Service advisors would suggest one long crank over the phone or at the counter when owner picked up their car.

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