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Clifford Quan's SPG9 Visit

I arived at 10AM and Dave and Mike started to work on my car. This is the exhaust system they installed. It is a 2.5" SS cat back exhaust that is mandrel bent with welded flanges. The rear sway bar is 1 1/8" solid steel. They also replaced my front and rear heat shields and catalytic converter.

Powdercoated fuel injection rail with 24lbs. fuel injectors and new rising rate fuel pressure regulator. Stage 2 Red APC box (not visible).

Getting ready to go home. There is a long corridor where you can park with a secure gate. The door to the right in the background leads to the offices.

Dave Kennedy working on my exhasut tip. Dave Kennedy and Mike Schadan doing a test fit of the exhasut system. Look at the shiney new cat.! Mike 'Schadan' holding my glass beaded cat. Look at all the goodies and the pile of APC boxes!

Mike Schadan's 1987 900T engine. It has the 2.1 lit head/intake manifold that has been a current topic of discussion on the TSN 900bb. Notice how large the intake manifold pipes are. This car also has the Aquamist H2O injection. There is a H2O port on the large turbo pipe and the manifold is in the pasenger's side headlight well. There is a small computer mounted on the dash that has LED's showing H2O injection. We reached 20psi of boost in no time! Very smooth acceleration.

Dave next to his Red 9000 Talledega. Look how shiney that intake manifold is. Dave's 900 aero. Mike next to a 9000T.

It was a very exciting trip. For me it was like being a kid in a candy store. They were extremely careful with my car and did 'everything' I requested. I encourage anyone who can to give them a visit. They are true SAAB enthusiats.

Thanks you Dave, Mike and SPG9.

Clifford Quan