High/Low Mileage Saab Registry

Welcome to the The Saab Network High/Low Mileage Saab Registry! This is where Saab owners can show how many miles/kilometers they have on their current daily driver (or weekend driver).

Note - The only rules for entries are: You must currently own the car. It should be legally roadworthy. Please use the submission/update/correction/removal link to remove vehicles that are no longer operational or owned by you.

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ID#NameHometownYearModelMileageUpdated (Mo/Yr)
1714Peter G. GilbertGlendale WI 1989900 SPG Turbo1,001,385 milesDec-18
1621Steve Bruder North Myrtle Beach SC 1985900 SPG Turbo596,784 miles May-05
1788Al HusemanHaymarket VA1986900 SPG Turbo510,378 milesJun-16
1813Tom LooFairhaven MA1990900 SPG Turbo430,113 milesJul-16
1560David Mapp Edgewater Park NJ 1985900 SPG Turbo377,300 miles Jul-01
1538Doug Reppa Wilmington DE 1986900 SPG Turbo346,000 miles Dec-02
1515Bob Sterner Somerset NJ 1986900 SPG Turbo330,000 miles Feb-04
1894Joseph LaughlinGunnison CO1988900 SPG329,435 milesJan-17
1505Susan York Harbor City CA 1986900 SPG Turbo323,000 miles Nov-01
1478Steve Doty Indianapolis IN 1990900 SPG Turbo308,247 miles Jun-05
2066Mark MyersShoreline WA1986900 SPG Turbo307,142 milesAug-19
1463Fred Anlyan Mill Valley CA 1985900 SPG Turbo303,000 miles Apr-02
1446Tom Loo Fairhaven MA 1990900 SPG Turbo300,000 miles Mar-02
1438Calum Binnie Melbourne Victoria AUSTRALIA 1987900 SPG Turbo295,000 miles May-05
1437Adam Blackburn Frenchtown NJ 1986900 SPG Turbo294,492 miles May-05
1428Kent Lundell Huntsville UT 1985900 SPG Turbo289,769 miles May-05
1902Fred OakesDetroit MI1991900 SPG Turbo286,300 milesApr-19
1408Brend Daigle Skowhegan ME 1990900 SPG Turbo282,328 miles Mar-03
1387Richard Beasley Roanoke VA 1987900 SPG Turbo276,400 miles Jun-05
1758Edward WardellOakland NJ1990900 SPG Turbo276,000 milesJul-16
1371Jan Hagen-Fredericksen Harrisburg PA 1985900 SPG Turbo271,000 miles Aug-03
1362Robert Coleman Lucas OH 1989900 SPG Turbo269,000 miles May-05
1349David Favier Phoenix AZ 1985900 SPG Turbo265,230 miles Sep-00
1347Jay Fernandez Avon CT 1989900 SPG Turbo263,917 miles Jul-01
1346Dave Meausky Belchertown MA 1985900 SPG Turbo263,564 miles Jul-03
1345Nigel L. Ottman LeRoy NY 1985900 SPG Turbo263,500 miles Feb-01
1331Bob Gant Cheyenne WY 1988900 SPG Turbo260,000 miles Apr-03
1324Gregory J. Smith Snellville GA 1989900 SPG Turbo258,000 miles Feb-03
1789Clay McNeelyHereford TX1991900 SPG Turbo256,604 milesJun-16
1310Lawrence Petitfrere Boston MA 1989900 SPG Turbo254,331 miles May-05
1297Jeff Baggett Heber Springs AR 1987900 SPG Turbo251,967 miles May-05
1291Shayne R. Woodward White River Junction VT 1988900 SPG Turbo250,517 miles Jan-01
1286Steve Yardan Branford CT 1985900 SPG Turbo250,008 miles Oct-01
1270Nathan Pflaum Warrenton VA 1990900 SPG Turbo247,824 miles Nov-01
1260Ben Erdman Albuquerque NM 1985900 SPG Turbo245,692 miles Sep-01
1257Todd Meerdink Waupaca WI 1987900 SPG Turbo245,000 miles Feb-02
1249Blaine Curtis Rockland MD 1988900 SPG Turbo244,432 miles Oct-01
1229Wade Devon Vancouver WA 1985900 SPG Turbo240,394 miles Jul-01
1228Don Phillips Florence SC 1985900 SPG Turbo240,357 miles Mar-03
1225Aaron Cleary Newmanstown PA 1986900 SPG Turbo240,000 miles Mar-02
1210Brook Porter Long Beach CA 1987900 SPG Turbo237,000 miles Jun-02
1208Gary Garner Peoria AZ 1992900 SPG Turbo236,641 miles Dec-05
2031Mike KennedyFalls Church VA89900 SPG Turbo235,900 milesFeb-19
1188John Silsby Gorham ME 1988900 SPG Turbo233,255 miles Jul-00
1185Steve Konieczki Denver CO 1985900 SPG Turbo233,000 miles Sep-02
1169Frank Sroka Salem CT 1990900 SPG Turbo231,018 miles Nov-02
2077Christopher SchafferChicago IL1990900 SPG Turbo228,000 milesOct-19
1096Brad Sorenson Wauwatosa WI 1988900 SPG Turbo222,000 miles Sep-02
1098Mike Rainier OR 1987900 SPG Turbo222,000 miles Apr-02
1077M. Peck Clatsop County OR 1988900 SPG Turbo220,069 miles Apr-01
1070Rick Enos Cranston RI 1988900 SPG Turbo219,378 miles Dec-01
1065Tristan & Gabrielle Sapp Cambridge MA 1986900 SPG Turbo218,150 miles Apr-02
1061Ian Whelan Ridgewood NJ 1986900 SPG Turbo218,000 miles May-05
1062Nick Light Fredericksburg PA 1988900 SPG Turbo218,000 miles Dec-02
1057Steve Schwan Clifton Park NY 1988900 SPG Turbo216,786 miles May-03
1056Will Kusch Madison WI 1985900 SPG Turbo216,714 miles Apr-01
1040Steven J. Schlecht Rocky Point NC 1986900 SPG Turbo215,000 miles Jun-02
1042T.J. Jackson Mt. Tabor NJ 1989900 SPG Turbo215,000 miles Jan-02
1035Bob Hubbard Charlotte NC 1986900 SPG Turbo213,700 miles Apr-02
1023Allen Gibbs Virginia Beach VA 1989900 SPG Turbo212,223 miles Apr-02
1022Dave Kidney St. Albert Alberta CANADA 1991900 SPG Turbo212,100 miles Dec-05
1018Peter Cunningham Toronto ON CANADA 1986900 SPG Turbo212,000 miles Dec-01
1003Carl Carlson Raymond NH 1990900 SPG Turbo211,000 miles Dec-05
988J. P. Fiorella Turnersville NJ 1988900 SPG Turbo210,000 miles Jul-03
989Chad Yerdon Lockport NY 1986900 SPG Turbo210,000 miles May-03
991Tom Shirey Kingston NY 1986900 SPG Turbo210,000 miles Feb-02
993Steve Wilson Fayetteville NC 1986900 SPG Turbo210,000 miles Apr-01
995Thor Holth Lyme CT 1988900 SPG Turbo210,000 miles Jan-01
978Doug Schmidt Orlando FL 1990900 SPG Turbo209,000 miles Nov-01
965Jay Sweet Middletown RI 1985900 SPG Turbo208,000 miles Jul-03
960Dirk Feather Easton CT 1989900 SPG Turbo207,500 miles May-05
958Mark Hernandez Charlotte NC 1991900 SPG Turbo207,000 miles Jun-05
957Steve Kelava Vancouver BC CANADA 1988900 SPG Turbo206,875 miles Jan-01
947Bryan Maloney Somerville MA 1990900 SPG Turbo206,000 miles Mar-02
943Jim Epple Seymour IN 1986900 SPG Turbo205,600 miles May-03
936Al Thomas Lincoln NE 1985900 SPG Turbo204,694 miles Aug-00
929Tim Dominick Portland ME 1990900 SPG Turbo203,896 miles Apr-02
918Stefan Faucher Olympia WA 1985900 SPG Turbo203,115 miles Mar-02
911Matt Daul Matthews NC 1989900 SPG Turbo202,950 miles Sep-03
892Brad M. Zahm Lancaster PA 1988900 SPG Turbo201,574 miles Aug-03
872Scott Storey Arlington VA 1986900 SPG Turbo200,206 miles Sep-01
857William Thompson Durham NC 1988900 SPG Turbo200,000 miles Dec-05
854Steven Thompson Chicago IL 1988900 SPG Turbo199,986 miles Jan-04
850Karl Bonde Minneapolis MN 1987900 SPG Turbo199,721 miles Mar-01
837Chris Crosby Portland OR 1987900 SPG Turbo197,200 miles May-01
809Scott Swann Framingham MA 1989900 SPG Turbo193,000 miles Apr-02
803Joe Napoli Waldwick NJ 1985900 SPG Turbo192,500 miles Dec-05
791Scott Dellasanta Framingham MA 1989900 SPG Turbo191,000 miles Mar-02
777Tim Groom Wellington KS 1988900 SPG Turbo190,000 miles Feb-03
766James T. Kim Midland MI 1990900 SPG Turbo189,000 miles May-05
767Todd Wiseman Parkersburg WV 1986900 SPG Turbo189,000 miles Jun-02
749Marc & Diane Fails Hershey PA 1986900 SPG Turbo187,000 miles Aug-01
739Ben Johnson Cape Coral FL 1990900 SPG Turbo186,000 miles Dec-02
720Simon Shapiro Deming WA 1987900 SPG Turbo183,000 miles May-03
701George McElhinney Larchmont NY 1986900 SPG Turbo181,176 miles Jul-00
661Landon Freeman Kentwood MI 1988900 SPG Turbo176,363 miles May-05
2109Gregory WensmanCharleston SC1990900 SPG 174,536 milesApr-20
632Michael Gottlieb North Potomac MD 1988900 SPG Turbo174,000 miles Apr-01
605John Haydon Jr. West Milwaukee WI 1985900 SPG Turbo171,000 miles Jun-01
594Alex Snook Chicago IL 1990900 SPG Turbo170,000 miles Sep-02
597Cary Tom High Point NC 1989900 SPG Turbo170,000 miles Oct-01
570Frederick P. Korkosz East Greenbush NY 1990900 SPG Turbo168,000 miles Nov-02
555Paul Lorenzini South Barre VT 1989900 SPG Turbo166,596 miles Jan-02
508Chris McCardle Wheeling WV 1985900 SPG Turbo160,000 miles Nov-01
495Mike Heyse Washington DC 1988900 SPG Turbo158,000 miles Jan-01
483Mike Kosche Toronto ON CANADA 1991900 SPG Turbo157,000 miles May-02
485Jonathan Gemski Bloomingdale NJ 1989900 SPG Turbo157,000 miles May-01
448B. John Piatek Napanoch NY 1988900 SPG Turbo152,000 miles Aug-03
446Dennis Kwasnycia Chatham ON CANADA 1989900 SPG Turbo151,563 miles May-05
445Zach Blumhagen Portland OR 1985900 SPG Turbo151,100 miles May-01
440Gabriel Reis Arlington VA 1991900 SPG Turbo150,720 miles Dec-02
418John J. Giardino Vancouver BC CANADA 1985900 SPG Turbo149,375 miles Feb-02
1820Andrew BrownBoise ID1987900 SPG Turbo148,000 milesJul-16
400Francis Hall San Antonio TX 1985900 SPG Turbo147,214 miles May-05
378Tony Valenti Agawam MA 1988900 SPG Turbo145,000 miles Jan-02
379Fred Hiken Baltimore MD 1988900 SPG Turbo145,000 miles Aug-01
348Robert Judge Roanoke VA 1988900 SPG Turbo141,800 miles Aug-03
307Sasha Ackler Portland OR 1989900 SPG Turbo138,700 miles Oct-02
301Richard Crate Point Pleasant Beach NJ 1991900 SPG Turbo138,000 miles Oct-02
287Chris Malikoff Sydney NSW AUSTRALIA 1985900 SPG Turbo136,585 miles Dec-01
269Matt Dahman Denver CO 1991900 SPG Turbo133,000 miles May-01
255Alex Nikitin Hillsboro OR 1989900 SPG Turbo131,280 miles May-05
1834Brian McGeeJackson WY1990900 SPG Turbo131,000 milesJul-18
247Hugh Henry Elkins Park PA 1988900 SPG Turbo130,345 miles Jan-02
239Tom Jozwiak Pittsburgh PA 1990900 SPG Turbo130,000 miles Jan-04
154Chris VanEpps Albany NY 1988900 SPG Turbo121,000 miles Jun-05
150Paul Siskind Williamstown MA 1990900 SPG Turbo120,000 miles Sep-00
142John Roberts Montreal Quebec CANADA 1991900 SPG Turbo119,000 miles Jan-01
121Taylor Welden Hershey PA 1990900 SPG Turbo116,000 miles Apr-02
827Michael ZelaznyPalo Alto CA1992900 SPG Turbo100,250 milesJul-16
1682Bob Ayers Feeding Hills MA 1990900 SPG Turbo83,000 miles Mar-02
1624Francisco Taveras Rio Grande PR 1990900 SPG Turbo60,000 miles Jul-01

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