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Photo Gallery for RS

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View from the Bombardier's Seat
B-17 over Route 316 in Lawrenceville GA, just after takeoff

Last modified: Oct 16, 2014


Fraagman's SAABs

This album contains 44 photos and 14 albums.

My '89 SPG with MSW rims

Last modified: Jun 13, 2005


'89 daily driver and '88 project car
Last modified: Jun 13, 2005


The '88 SPG I brought down to Atlanta from Syracuse. 86k miles on the odo. Beware the bobtailing semi
Last modified: Oct 16, 2014

900 Supplementary Alternator Ground
Last modified: Jul 12, 2012

Arabiflora's Upper A-arm Mount Failure
Last modified: Oct 3, 2012

Shifter Assembly - Bushing
Last modified: Oct 7, 2012

C900 Shifter Assembly

Last modified: Oct 20, 2012

The Old Fart At Play

I'm the guy sitting behind the english horn soloist. Notice that my stand partner is the only one of us actually looking at the conductor.
Last modified: Jul 29, 2015

C900 E-code Headlight Adjusting Screws

Last modified: Dec 14, 2012


Last modified: Jan 14, 2013

Ziggy's Turn Signal repair

Last modified: Feb 18, 2013


Sadly NLA - Better version available from Saabits (UK)
Last modified: Sep 6, 2018

The last of the breed and my SPG

Last modified: May 20, 2013

5:00 P.M., September 3rd, 1967

Sweden changed from driving on the left side to driving on the right - this was the result
Last modified: May 23, 2013

Landjet, is this you?

Last modified: Jun 19, 2013

Hydraulic Sealant?

What's a good modern substitute for SAAB's hydraulic sealant?
Last modified: Jun 30, 2013

Hello Mr Chips

Swarf on the drain plug of an allegedly low-mileage pick-n-pull transmission. Pinion gear can be moved around a few mm in every direction by hand
Last modified: Jul 22, 2013

Ignition Lock Relay Contacts

These are really pitted. They can make poor contact until they're jarred by closing the driver's door or driving over a bump. Cleaned them up with a Dremel and never had another problem with them.
Last modified: Jun 21, 2015


Last modified: Jul 25, 2013

Ignition Lock Relay

Last modified: Jul 27, 2013

C900 Hood - Bentley Diagram

Last modified: Aug 22, 2013

Alarm Module

Last modified: Sep 29, 2013

Connector 1

Last modified: Oct 2, 2013

Connector 2

Last modified: Oct 2, 2013

RWD 900

Last modified: Oct 10, 2013

View from the Bombardier's Seat

B-17 over Route 316 in Lawrenceville GA, just after takeoff
Last modified: Oct 16, 2014

Electrical PDF

Last modified: Mar 26, 2014


Last modified: Apr 26, 2014

Last modified: Jul 6, 2014

Pick-n-pull finds

Last modified: Aug 22, 2014

Spotted in a Kroger parking lot - SPG w/ Grey Super Aeros
Last modified: Sep 12, 2014

End Piece

Last modified: Nov 25, 2014

Toe vs Tie Rod Turns

Last modified: Jan 26, 2015

New '90 Vert

Last modified: Feb 4, 2015

Undercarpet Holes

Last modified: Feb 18, 2015

'90 Vert

Last modified: Feb 20, 2015


Last modified: Mar 23, 2015

The Old Fart At Play - Part 2

Last modified: Jun 7, 2015

The Dark Side of the Flywheel

Yes we Can (tap out the pin)
Last modified: May 30, 2015

Transmission Separation

Last modified: Jun 7, 2015

C900 Timing Marks

Last modified: Jun 7, 2015

Transmission reunited

Last modified: Jun 7, 2015

5-speed inner driver bearing carrier

Last modified: Jun 17, 2015

Business End of Transmission

Last modified: Jun 17, 2015

Is it a Death Star ready for "Flip This Planetoid"?

No. Only Pluto's moon, Charon.
Last modified: Aug 11, 2015

And the engine goes in
Last modified: Jul 29, 2015


Last modified: Jul 29, 2015

Last modified: Jul 29, 2015

How to turn your car around on a sloped driveway when it

doesn't have an engine
Last modified: Aug 17, 2015

Broken Passenger Side Upper A-Arm

Last modified: Sep 27, 2015

90 Vert

Last modified: Oct 12, 2015

1/4" 28TPI wingnut and lock nut
Last modified: Dec 4, 2016

Close Encounter with a Ford Explorer

Coulda been much worse ...
Last modified: Jan 12, 2017

USDOT Headlight Lens Adhesive Groove

(cross-section courtesy of a black Explorer with no lights, stopped on a poorly-lit road)
Last modified: Aug 25, 2019


Last modified: Jun 13, 2017

Bulkhead connector

Last modified: Jul 10, 2019

Rear Bumper Cutout

Last modified: Apr 8, 2020

Last modified: Nov 8, 2021

Scandinavian Import
Swedish Dynamics
Jak Stoll Performance

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