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Photo Gallery for SWEDECAR


Sludge filled oil pickup tube
2001 9-3 with 16K miles. One oil change at 5K, one at 15K

Last modified: Jan 11, 2005


SWEDECAR | Nifty pics for Saab owners

This album contains 140 photos and 1 album.

V6 timing belt setup
Last modified: Jan 11, 2005

Oil pressure valve location
Last modified: Jan 11, 2005

Oil pressure valve
Scratches made from sprocket debris passing through
Last modified: Jan 11, 2005

Oil pump damage
This happens when balance shaft sprockets wear out
Last modified: Feb 20, 2005

Worn out balance shaft sprockets
Last modified: Jan 11, 2005

V6 timing belt sprocket
1-2 sprockets are interchangeable, so are 3 and 4
Last modified: Jan 11, 2005

V6 thermostat location
Whole intake removed. Also engine oil cooler location
Last modified: Jan 11, 2005

Sludge filled oil pickup tube
2001 9-3 with 16K miles. One oil change at 5K, one at 15K
Last modified: Jan 11, 2005

Severe oil sludge problem
2001 9-3 with 16K miles. One oil change at 5K, one at 15K
Last modified: Jan 11, 2005

Same oil pan after clean up
30 min in my parts washer will do the trick
Last modified: Jan 11, 2005

Broken V6 timing belt tensioner
One of the three pulleys that can fail
Last modified: Jan 11, 2005

Camshaft timing 4cyl 16V
Last modified: Jan 11, 2005

TSB210-2402 Ed:2
9-5 Cylinder head bolt retorque
Last modified: Jan 21, 2005

TSB 210-2401 Ed:2
9-3 cylinder head bolt re torque
Last modified: Jan 21, 2005

Bad/Good fuel pump amperage draw
Each tower represent one full turn of fuel pump on left picture, brushes worn out and flat spot on commutator. Right picture show one full revolution of good pump
Last modified: Jan 25, 2005

Balance chain access
This is the view of balance chain when oil pan is removed. It needs to be cut by a dremel or side cutter
Last modified: Feb 8, 2005

Sludged camshaft area
When it starts to cake up like this, that's when you have a sludge problems
Last modified: Jan 30, 2005

Cylinder head bolts
Old, new, newest and the old style that reappeared
Last modified: Feb 7, 2005

TCS vacuum routing 1
Last modified: Feb 12, 2005

TCS vacuum routing 2
Last modified: Feb 12, 2005

Cylinder head gasket
This is the famous #10 head bolt location on the B204 engines. The head gasket has deteriorated from lack of clamping force from the loose bolt.
Last modified: Feb 12, 2005

NG900 Tonneau motor unit
This is what it looks like when the tonneau motor is worn. You only need to fold away the carpet on right side of trunk and look at the motor with a mirror and flash light
Last modified: Feb 26, 2005

Oil pan sludge test tool
Made out of a coat hanger. A slight bend to allow it to reach into the corners and on top of the oil pickup
Last modified: Feb 28, 2005

Saab 4 cyl oil pressure
This is pretty accurate for most 4 cyl engine from early ones up to 2003
Last modified: Mar 2, 2005

EGR recall 1990 900T
Last modified: Mar 13, 2005

Upshift light wire, NG900
H33-5 connector, pin 22 (blue/yellow wire). NOT! H33-4 connector, pin 22 (yellow/green wire) that one is for the Check Engine light. The two connectors sit side by side.
Last modified: Mar 15, 2005

Plug wire order
NG900 non turbo
Last modified: Apr 8, 2005

Throttle limp home reset
For the 9-3 and 9-5 with electronic throttlebody
Last modified: Apr 14, 2005

PWM signal
Last modified: Apr 27, 2005

Bilstein shock improvment
Where you need to open up the hole in spring seat support to accomandate the blue cover on the Bilstein shocks
Last modified: May 21, 2005

Ignition cassette mfg date
This is the label that points out the version, revision and manufacturing date of the ignition cassette. Top one is made in 2004 week 42 (0442) and bottom one in 1999, week 3 (9903).
Last modified: May 24, 2005

Throttle body
Picture of the carbon trace inside potentiometer
Last modified: Jul 8, 2005

Clutch cable
The plastic stop on clutch cable break due to that the rubber stop doesn't butt up against the clutch cable sheating.
Last modified: Aug 23, 2005

Timing chain tensioner
The 12mm cap and spring has to be removed before tensioner is unbolted from head. Otherwise the spring will push tensioner arm out to it's full extension giving a false reading
Last modified: Nov 8, 2005

The latest ignition cassette from Saab for the 9-3/9-5 model with T7 fuel injection system
Last modified: Dec 2, 2005

Trionic CMP sensor
Explanation in how the virtuel CMP sensor is working in Trionic system
Last modified: Jun 14, 2006

Balance chain guide/tensioner
How it looks when the chain is removed from under, leaving the guides and tensioner in place
Last modified: Jul 2, 2006

Pollen filter
This is how much dirt that can be accumulated around the A/C air intake compartment filter
Last modified: Jul 5, 2006

Water pump damage
If water pump is allowed to completly fail, the pulley can eat through the timing cover.
Last modified: Jul 17, 2006

Oil change. Severe driving
This is what Saab recommend under severe driving conditions
Last modified: Jul 22, 2006

Fuel pump bracket
When lock tabs of fuel pump is broken off, this bracket holds the pipes secured to pump
Last modified: Jul 26, 2006

Head gasket leak
The 9-3/9-5 head gasket leak when oil is dribbling down the side of timing cover
Last modified: Sep 5, 2006

IDM versions
Here are the newest versions of the IDMs, for time being.
Last modified: Sep 12, 2006

Short belt modification
The middle idler pulley is not used and could be left in there without harm
Last modified: Oct 14, 2006

Amsoil meets the Saab requirement of GM-LL-A-025
Last modified: Mar 19, 2007

Saab's newest oil requirement
Taken from a 2005 9-3SS. Saab requires oil to meet GM-LL-A-025
Last modified: Apr 16, 2007

PCV mod #6
This is so far the latest PCV update for the B205/235 engine
Last modified: Oct 18, 2007

Cracked piston
This is what it can look with a cracked piston. Lots of blowby have torched the side when gasses has been forced through the crack and into the crank case. Small end of rod is sprayed with melted aluminum too.
Last modified: Oct 18, 2007

Saab's official 9-5 blend door repair
This is the latest in how to get away from a costly repair when the blend door shaft has broken. TSB 854-2577
Last modified: Nov 2, 2007

Early 9-5 timing belt setup
It shows the setup of the belt up to early 2002. The middle idler pulley is dropped down more than on the 900/9000 models
Last modified: Nov 13, 2007

Late 9-5 timing belt setup
After a certain VIN in 2002, Saab changed the positions again of the middle idler pulley and swept it more forward.
Last modified: Nov 13, 2007

Fuel pump commutator
At the end of the pumps lifespan, the brushes wear short and start to skip over the surface of commutator, creating this burned spots.
Last modified: Feb 13, 2008

New oil life display from 07 and up 9-3
Last modified: Mar 27, 2008

Tool for new style hose clamps
Comes in very handy when dealing with the new hose clamps on Saab's
Last modified: May 25, 2008

Husqvarna gasoline
Last modified: Jul 21, 2008

Saab SI becomes TSB
Last modified: Oct 25, 2008

Saab's TSB system
Last modified: Oct 25, 2008

Blue smoke syndrome
What it looks like inside the exhaust housing when car has a puff of blue smoke at start up. Oil is slowly seeping out past seals and gets wicked up onto the dry crusted impellar.
Last modified: Jan 17, 2009

Saab ACC stop arm
The differences of blend door arms before and after VIN 43010217
Last modified: Feb 12, 2009

Vinyl record syndrome
Even a genuine Saab rotor might have a course track from the machine process.
Last modified: Jun 23, 2009

9-5 short or long belt
Saab has now gone back to the long belt for cars that came with long belt from factory
Last modified: Aug 12, 2009

Adapter for Tech 2
Last modified: Aug 14, 2009

Nissan Silicone
Used for oil cooler lid on the V6 engine
Last modified: Aug 24, 2009

04 and up blend door shaft
This is the new style shaft coming out of motor. When the short shaft cracks the blend door shaft open, a new longer is inserted instead.
Last modified: Sep 14, 2009

Hall effect signal
91 9000 Hall effect signal with a glitch in middle and last screen. Ground signal does not drop down all the way to zero.
Last modified: Oct 15, 2009

9-3 Sport Sedan brake rotor
A too big brake rotor installed rubbing against the inside of caliper.
Last modified: Nov 18, 2009

9-5 gas tank repair
On the 99 9-5 when the tank cracks around the tank sensor bung. Using aircraft fuel tank epoxy
Last modified: Nov 18, 2009

SRS adapter for Tech 2
If need to read and reset SRS codes on older 900/9000 using the Tech 2
Last modified: Nov 20, 2009

New pixel problems
If your car waddles like a goose, check if goose warning light is on.
Last modified: May 13, 2010

V6 radiator with failed oil cooler
Even after flushing the radiator in car with hot water and soda for an hour, this was left in the radiator
Last modified: Feb 15, 2010

Clutch line clip position
Last modified: May 5, 2010

9-3 Sport Sedan water pump tool
Adapter upgrade for the water pump tool so the timing cover doesn't have to be removed to reset balance chain tensioner
Last modified: May 13, 2010

IDM bulletin
Last modified: Sep 12, 2010

Corroded battery cable
Corrosion had spread about 2" further down into the copper strands making the alternator work much harder and never being able to fully charge the battery
Last modified: Sep 14, 2010

Water pump damage
When water pump bearings are allowed to fail badly, The pulley chews a hole in the timing cover
Last modified: Oct 28, 2010

Alternator lug overheated
Seems to be more and more common on the 9-5 model with the batter cable being over heated at alternator lug.
Last modified: Nov 19, 2010

Saab 9-3 and 9-5 timing chain kit
Last modified: Dec 23, 2010

Different style of 9-5 rear subframe bushings
Last modified: Jan 7, 2011

Genuine/Chinese IDM
One difference between the genuine and Chinese IDMs is the lack of sticker and Saab name embossed in aluminum housing
Last modified: Jan 17, 2011

Saab 9-5 fuel tank anti slosh baffle
These plastic shields break down after a few years and start to move around in the gas tank hindering the operation of fuel level sensor arm.
Last modified: Mar 8, 2011

Condensationwater built up in exhaust system
This is how much water can be found in the exhaust system after driving the car in and out of the shop for a week or so.
Last modified: Mar 21, 2011

Oil pickup from an 9-5 V6 engine
No signs of sludge and much bigger mesh holes but a much smaller screen
Last modified: Mar 24, 2011

Test of air mass meter
A 1996 Volvo 960 with such a bad air mass meter that the car hardly accelerated down the street
Last modified: Mar 29, 2011

NG900/9-3 heater core
The newer style heater core can wear out in plastic connections maybe from grit and dirt circulating
Last modified: Mar 30, 2011

NG900 94-96 heater core
Last modified: Mar 30, 2011

High resistance at terminal crimp
This creates a lot of heat and making the alternator work overtime trying to charge the battery
Last modified: Apr 20, 2011

PCV hose 7519697 for 9000
Maybe an alternative for the 900 model 7517014 since that hose is discontinued
Last modified: May 21, 2011

Burned alternator lug ring
Maybe it is possible to cut off that piece and run a new cable between starter and alternator alone?
Last modified: May 26, 2011

Oil sludge engine
2001 9-3 with 16K miles on the odometer after 4 years of driving with one oil change at 5K and the next at 15K.
Last modified: Jun 3, 2011

Bad battery cable due to leaking battery
This battery cable is only 6 month old and albiet a fairly new battery, it was oozing enough acid that it completely ruined the cable after 4K miles
Last modified: Jul 12, 2011

Saab Akebono pads versus Textar
Flavor of the day dictates what you get even from the manufacturer and what part number is used when ordering.
Last modified: Jul 12, 2011

Difference between pads
First is the Akebono EUR840A, then the Saab genuine Akebono and last the Saab genuine Textar
Last modified: Jul 12, 2011

Inside IDM
Three different generations of IDM and the coils inside
Last modified: Oct 29, 2011

Inside IDM
Three different generations of IDM and the coils inside
Last modified: Oct 29, 2011

Saab/GM coolant
Last modified: Nov 2, 2011

Maybe an emergency alternative?
Splicing in Volvo gear selector switches.
Last modified: Feb 11, 2012

Brake fluid after 5 years and 45K miles
Last modified: Feb 15, 2012

9-3 throttle problem
A couple of broken teeth inside gearbox of throttle body setting off codes P-1523 and 0638 together with limp home mode
Last modified: Feb 16, 2012

Saab 9-3 99 with A/C problems
A/C compressor did not turn on and problem was found in MIU not delivering ON signal from DICE over to ECM to turn on compressor.
Last modified: Jun 12, 2012

Fuel pump amp draw ripple
2001 9-3 with what looks like a fuel pump starting to go bad.
Last modified: Jun 25, 2012

Saab 9-3 4cyl Sport Sedan plugs
Last modified: Jun 28, 2012

9-3 No A/C compressor
Routing of belt when bypassing A/C compressor
Last modified: Jul 17, 2012

9-5 Heater bypass valve
Manufacturers goes to great lenght making them look like the original GM part
Last modified: Sep 12, 2012

Possible alternative to 9000 TCS bleeder valve?
Not confirmed yet but it seems that this Volvo 850/70 air injection valve is very similar to the 9000 TCS bleeder valve in Ohm rating and function. P/N 1270389
Last modified: Oct 15, 2012

9-3 Sport Sedan seat belt recall
03-04 had problems with retraction mechanism and Saab recalled those belts but not for the convertible model.
Last modified: Nov 18, 2012

Nordic expansion tank for a Volvo
Albeit looking like it came from the same manufacturer as the original tank, this one seems to have inferior plastic and it cracks.
Last modified: Dec 12, 2012

Broken balance tensioner guide
Not too good with only 50K on a 2008 9-3
Last modified: Dec 13, 2012

After market part supplier
Here is a prime example of that we can never be sure what we get from the same supplier. It all comes down to who and what they managed to find for the day. Catch of the day if you will.
Last modified: Jan 28, 2013

GM genuine parts
Saw this on a headlight switch box. But also the switch that came out of the car a 2007 9-3 had the part made in China
Last modified: Jan 30, 2013

OBD2 socket for a 99 9-3 T5
Pin numbers and location can vary a lot from one year and model to another
Last modified: Feb 24, 2013

P-0741 code problem
Fault code generated due to after market spark plug wires or IDM disturbing engine rpm and making car think that the transmission is not going into lockup mode.
Last modified: Nov 6, 2015

Saab genuine parts?
A new low for genuine parts
Last modified: Nov 15, 2013

Saab ignition coils
Physical difference between the 9-3 V6 coil and the 9-5 V6 coil
Last modified: Nov 18, 2013

9-3 throttle body
A couple of broken teeth in gear linkage making the throttle butterfly not open properly
Last modified: Mar 7, 2014

9-3 Fuel level sensor
It seems that the flimsy fingers on float arm wear out prematurely creating glitches in fuel level
Last modified: May 8, 2014

2006 9-3 ESP/ABS module problem
Last modified: Jun 16, 2014

OEM Delphi ECT sensor
The Russian doll trick. I buy a Delphi temp sensor and it comes in an AcDelco box and when I open the box it is a GM genuine box inside that holds the temp sensor inside. At $13.11 retail you would think all boxes eat the profit it might be in the part?
Last modified: Oct 6, 2014

Fault codes when ABS/ESP module is bad
Last modified: Jul 7, 2014

Shift cable repair
Quick shift cable repair that any shop can do if the ball and socket or rubber bushing has worn out and cable popped off the gear level.
Last modified: Oct 3, 2014

9-3/9-5 radio/nav removal tool
Last modified: Oct 18, 2014

Genuine verses Motorad cap
Motorad caps seems to be failing within a year due to that the plastic deteriorate and crumbles
Last modified: Nov 24, 2014

IDM software description
No new diagnostic codes are added with the software but only more Tech 2 diagnostic features
Last modified: Feb 14, 2015

Tank damage on a 9000
The risk of letting a rusty exhaust system do its job blasting the tank with hot exhaust gasses
Last modified: Mar 9, 2015

EVAP shut off valve clogged by spider net
Spiders tend to build net in the EVAP shut off valve making it hard to fill up the gas tank due to that escaping air will not pass by that net
Last modified: May 12, 2015

Wrong spark plug used
Here is what can happen when using a wrong type spark plugs in a B207R engine. Denso IKH20 instead of the Denso IK20. IKH20 is for the B284L V6 engine and have a longer thread. This lead to unormal combustion temperatures melting the plugs
Last modified: Feb 4, 2016

07 up 9-3 valve problems
Last modified: May 13, 2016

Tail light bulb NG9-5
Last modified: Sep 2, 2016

What's in the box
A timing/balance chain gear and guide set Made In Sweden with parts from all over the world
Last modified: Oct 29, 2016

V6 engine oil pickup
The very few V6 engines I have removed oil pan on, looked like this with no sludge at pickup screen
Last modified: Jan 24, 2017

IDM problems
Last modified: Mar 22, 2017

2007 9-3 upper radiator hose
This plast T-fitting is crumbling on all 9-3 and should be replaced ASAP. If it breaks annd you don't stop the car in time, the engine will be ruined from over heating.
Last modified: Apr 15, 2017

Saab fuel pump
The drawback of replacing just the fuel pump insert and not using proper material. Hose cracked bleeding out fuel into tank setting off code P0089.
Last modified: Aug 2, 2017

Saab headgasket 1994 900 with 43K miles
This is why the coolant/antfreeze should be replaced every 4 years even if a car is not driven many miles. The liquid turns acidy and corrodes the headgasket and everything else inside. New gasket underneath
Last modified: Mar 14, 2018

2009 9-5 power window switch
Can be used down to 1999 model if need be
Last modified: Sep 7, 2018

9-5 door mirror new style
When replacing the glass on dimming version, a new kit is needed
Last modified: Jan 4, 2019

9-3 camshaft tool
General position of cyl #1 cam lobes at TDC
Last modified: Mar 4, 2019

Saab 9-5 cooling fan wiring
Last modified: Mar 16, 2020

99 9-3 cooling fan schematics
Last modified: Apr 9, 2020

ECT sensor for MIU sensor 1999 9-3
Last modified: Apr 9, 2020

Sinking brake pedal
On the new 9-3, brake pedal sinks when standing still idling which is normal
Last modified: Aug 7, 2020

Adjustbale link arm for 9-5 suspension
This is something I have not seen before.
Last modified: Sep 14, 2021
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