Date: 1 Jun 2002 11:42:37 -0700
From: (Saab Guy)
Subject: Re: 94 900s - Runs rough with A/C on ?

Refilled my sisters Nissan few weeks ago (Unfortunatly her compressor is but thats a different story) it's really easy. First find out if this Saab uses the older R12 or the newer R134A. I think that 94 most cars were switched over/switching over and they all had to be over by 95 but I could be wrong... ANYHOW, if it uses the older stuff do a google switch on R12 conversion, there are many websites on it, and it seems to work well. If it's the new stuff heres how to do it (You won't find instrucitons of the web for some reason, but if you read conversion instructions you get the same thing so...) Go to your auto store and pick up a can or 2 of R134A, or maybe a can of Oil and a can of 134A (The Oil has 134A mixed with it so...) you'll also need a refill kit. At my Auto Zone they had the 134A out on the store but the refill kit was behind the counter, so ask instead of looking all over the store for 15 minutes... Go home and attach the Tap thing to the hose in your refill kit, now open your hood and locate the Low pressure side of the AC, this side will have larger tubing than the high pressure side, on my sisters Nissan the high pressure side had a red cap and the low side had a blue cap, but I don't know about your Saab. Next twist the handle on the tap fully counter-clockwise and then screw the whole tap/hose onto the can of 134A, or Oil charge if you bought one, then screw the handle on the tap 100% clockwise, this puts a little hole in the can of refrigerent so that it can get out. Now start your car and turn the AC on to it's highest fan setting and lowest (Coldest) temp setting. Now screw the dust cap off the low pressure side and put on the refill hose, it is a quick connect prepared to push a bit, if there is enough pressure in the system it will just push the hose right off, you have to get it on all the way, DONT FORCE IT though, if you have to force it you're probably on the high pressure side and are likely to kill yourself. Now open the tap all the way, the can will start to get cold...From what I've read it's best to keep it upright, but it will freeze up so every couple of minutes you need to like tap the can or shake it a bit to keep the juces flowing, when only the bottom of the can is cold it's almost our of 134A (This can take awhile, be patient) NOW you can start tipping the can up-side-down to get the last of the coolent out. NOW, you want to keep putting in refrigerent until the low pressure side is cold like a cold can os soda and is maybe even condensing a little liquid, but if the compressor is freezing up you've put in too much stuff. If you need to put in another can just take the quick connect fitting off the car and carefully take the can off the tap, be careful because there will still be a bit of pressue in the can and it might hiss a little, just don't breathe the stuff in and you'll be okay (It's mostly environmentally friendly but that doesn't mean its good for you to breathe) put on an other can and continue the process until the system seems full...Thats it. Now I know that was long and complicated so lets review with steps that are much more concise. ASSUMING your car has the new stuff... 1.Go to auto store, buy a can or 2 of 134A, a Oil charge if you want, and a refill kit 2.Go home and pop your Saab's hood, find the Low pressure side of your system. 3. Take the refill kit out of the package and screw the hose onto the tap. Turn the handle on the tap 100% counter clockwise and screw the tap onto the can of 134A or oil charge. 4. Start the Saab and turn on the AC all the way. 5. Take the dust cap off the Low pressure side service port and then connect the hose to the port, turn the tap handle open so the the 134A goes into the system 6. Continue process until A. The can is empty, then disconnect the hose from the engine and do everything backwards to take the can off and put on another B. The system is full, you'll know this because the low pressure side will be slightly sweating. 7. Recap the port and enjoy your A/C If the system is leaking fast you'll hear it and see flouressent green or orange liquid, this is compressor oil. If your system is leaking get it serviced by a professional, other than refilling the system, AC stuff should be left to the pros LEAVE the high side alone, it will be VERY hot and it is EXTREMLY high pressure, just LEAVE IT ALONE!! Thats it...I tried to make these instrctions clear but I don't know how clear they are if you havent done it so if you have any questions...ask! Ryan

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