Date: Wed, 22 Apr 1998 09:56:45 -0600
Subject: Re: My SAAB 9-5 stinks!

The sulfur smell is common to all new cars, not just the Saab. And it will diminish with time. I test drove the 9-5 recently and really liked it. It is the very best Saab yet, and I believe it should do well against Audi and BMW. Regards, Robert In article <6hkrpu$6vo$>#1/1, wrote: > > Thinking of buying a SAAB 9-5 (or 95?) (or 9.5?) > > I took delivery of my new saab 9-5(2.3turbo) 8 weeks ago. > > I had to replace my 9000cs2.3 turbo as it was getting even MORE unreliable > (clutch cylinder gave up........the last of a LONG list of stupid > the back door falling off - YES FALLING OFF......the gear > selector failing...and SAAB more or less thought this was 'normal'!!!). I have > driven SAAB for over 15 years. My original 900GLE was BEAUTIFULLY engineered > and well assembled. > > I measured up the cars on offer from the German manufacturers against SAAB. > The Germans were more expensive and, most of all, the dealers were arrogant > (many dealers here seem to take the attitude that life would be best if the > were not those pesky 'customers'). My SAAB dealer is 'tried and tested'; > besides which he gave me the best offer! > > The 9-5 looks smart but STINKS! Yes, the sulphur compounds from the catalyser > really STINK! I pity the poor people driving behind me! I am told this will > wear off. > > I must really look hard for 'faults' though. > > The radio reception (FM - and I do live well within reach of the transmitter > of the stations I use!) is pathethic...BOOM - squeak - BOOM - squeak....they > have embedded the antenna into the rear window and this has made it > 'directional'.....thus the reception comes and goes...this is most noticeable > in 'bassy' music. > > The middle console between the front seats is too 'wide'. Thus you scuff your > fingers when inserting the seat belt buckle. I must say here that I am not > particularly overweight (though some might...). This may be a problem for > people with larger sit-upons. Oh... there is a CD player....but even > though the middle console is large, there is hardly any space in it for > CDs...poor design! > > The blower for the AC is LOUD. I can not understand why, but there is an > unending SSSSSSSSSS from the dashboard. Hey SAAB, there are QUIET fans; they > do however cost $$! Otherwyse the AC regulates very well. > > Now there is the switch for the cruise control! You need to have the dexterity > of Paganini to be able to operate this! I really would like to talk to the > designer who introduced this concept. > > I miss (but can live without) my instantaneous fuel consumption display, the > traction control, the 'turbometer', and above all the BOTTOMLESS torque of the > CS motor (geez, that was an excellent motor). > > When I took delivery I noticed that a piece of paper had slipped down over the > cahssis number in the windscreen. I remarked this to the dealer who got 'his > man' to remove it. Since then the loudspeaker grille does not sit properly. I > must visit the dealer again. > > One funny; I have activated the day-running-lights (fuse). On my old 900 and > 9000 this switched on the parking lights. On the 9-5 this switches on the > dimmed-headlamps; pity. > > ...and I have noticed that the 'dashpot' (software dashpot in this case) used > to drop the engine speed when you lift your foot off the accellerator is too > sluggiush. This means that when you change up gear quickly, you are left with > an engine speed to fast for the next gear! This means that the clutch is > constantly being 'rubbed' - let's see how long that will last. > > I have driven 2500KM since; very (too!) much in city traffic. The fuel economy > is as expected; though on the autobahn I did do one stint at a constant > 150KM/H over 300KM which returned really good figures! I did notice that the > engine was much louder that the 900 and 9000 engines at this speed; though not > 'too' loud. I had to jam on the anchors FULL (from 150KM/H) once. The car > stopped beautifully (in fact I was overtaken by a BMW-5 TOTALLY OUT OF > CONTROL). I think SAAB must have my ABS software in there! > > I have driven to Italy and back. Great mountain pass driving! The car drove > beautifully. The fuel consumption was spectacular (good! - 8.1L / 100KM). > > The BOTTOM LINE: too good to be true after the last debacle; I hope it stays > like this! > rgrds, g. > > PS: The name (9-5)? I do hope it has nothing to do with that other '95 > product; that crashes so often! > > -----== Posted via Deja News, The Leader in Internet Discussion ==----- > Now offering spam-free web-based newsreading > -----== Posted via Deja News, The Leader in Internet Discussion ==----- Now offering spam-free web-based newsreading

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