Mission & Purpose
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Mission & Purpose

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The Saab Network is an electronic moderated forum for the discussion of Saab automobiles and related topics. The Saab Network's first message was posted in 1988.
The purpose of the resources found on The Saab Network is to help you to resolve your problems and to allow you to discuss your achievements. This site is not a place for you to bash Saab. We are all here to promote Saab so that we can continue driving these cars into the future. If this is not your desire, you've come to the wrong place. New users quickly find that this site is unapologetic and uncompromising when it comes to narrowing its audience to only the most mutually respectful, intelligent, and mature Saab owners - the kind of people with whom you'd want to meet and interact with. Immature, anti-social, and Internet "trolls" are not welcome and are asked to improve their behavior if they wish to continue to participate on the site. This is a unique forum on the Internet in which smart, respectful people are having discussions with other smart, respectful people without any of the typical bad-Internet behavior. Educate yourself - read this entire document.

As you read this site, be aware that people usually only post something when they are seeking answers and solutions to a problem. Most of the traffic will be geared towards problem solving. This doesn't mean Saabs have a lot of problems. It means that this is the place for Saab problem solving. In a recent poll on The Saab Network, over 90% of Saab owners responded that they would purchase another Saab (Past Polls). That says a lot about this car!

The web site is intended as an information resource and has been designed to efficiently accomodate one million users each month. Currently, about 200,000 Saabers visit each and every month. The flashy graphics of an entertainment site have been omitted, although you'll probably find it entertaining enough if you are a Saab fan.

Misusing the site or abusing the spirit of the site will result in restricted access (i.e. Although you will still be allowed to read the site, your posting privileges will be restricted). You are sharing this resource and should respect its purpose and contents. This is an advertising supported web site and as such is reserved first for those users loading the ad graphics. You may not make mass downloads of the site.

I do make links to many other Saab sites on the Internet. However, I do not promote other Saab sites providing classifieds (or promoting a competing classifieds site on their home page) or English-based bulletin boards as these areas at this site help to support its existence. There are no exceptions.

The Saab Network was born out of the desire to get away from the "flame-wars" and personal attacks that dominated the USENET newsgroup back in the late eighties. The Saab Network has been a moderated forum since 1988. The bulletin boards are not a free-for-all. Inappropriate postings are removed. If you have a problem or question with how the site is administered, the appropriate action is to contact me directly. I do not respond to messages on this topic that are posted on the public bulletin boards. Posting on this site is a privilege, not a right.

How Can I Support The Saab Network

Many people have offered, but I do not accept direct contributions. If you really want to support the site, you can do any of the following:


In the fall of 1988, I was using the Internet to try to find out more info about my 1985 Saab 900. I posted a note to the newsgroup and instead of receiving useful info, I received many replies to the effect of 'you should have bought a Ford, BMW, Honda, etc etc etc...' At that time, I decided that Saab owners needed an Internet-based resource to discuss these cars. I created The Saab Network mailing list. Later, as the world-wide-web was born, the archived discussions were made into the initial web site which has evolved into what you see today.

Note: This paragraph contains an important concept that is at the heart of The Saab Network ( was created as a kind of 'safe haven' for Saab owners to enjoy discussing their cars without having to endure 'bashing' comments (e.g. Your Saab Sucks - you should've bought a BMW). The same applies within this site. If you've come here to bash a particular Saab model - you've come to the wrong site. This site does not support bashing other people's cars, no matter what the model. For each model, this site is here to support the owners and enthusiasts of that model. If you don't like a particular model, don't bother with it - in any way.

Scott Paterson, Creator and Moderator, The Saab Network

And Finally...

Since 1988, I've put an incredible number of hours into working on the site. Before 1997, every penny to cover every single cost of operating the site came directly out of my own pocket. I've never once asked anyone for a donation. The site is now fully supported by the Site Sponsors, Full Site Members, classified users, and some advertising. You can thank the spoonsors for things like no pop up/under advertising by patronizing their businesses.

Last but not least - thank you to those of you who have sent in notes of support. I wish I had saved all of those from the beginning like I do with the amazingly positive Saab classifieds feedback (some hilarious).

Thank you Members. I'm focusing all of my future work on making this site full of features for those that have become Full Site Members and by providing excellent response to member questions, bug reports, feature requests, and feedback.


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