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The current site record for fastest sold Saab is THREE MINUTES from posting to sold! The previous record was just NINE MINUTES.
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The ad for my 93 GT was wild. I had no idea that I would get the level of
serious inquiries that I did. I suspect that the sale might have been one of
the highest for an unrestored SAAB ever.

I'm excited it's going to someone who is shifting from a higher mileage Saab to this one, and is super excited. I did get a lot of interest - most people who contacted me seemed genuine and their love for Saabs came through. Great that you run this service. SZ
Please put a SOLD sign on the 2011 Saab 9-3 aero convertible. Gone in a flash! NS
Your classifieds section is the best. worth every penny. Car listed Thursday, sold today for asking price. Thx! CE
I thought it only right to share with you that my 1996 Saab 9000 CSE did just sell, and within only a few hundred dollars of the full asking price! The buyer came up from San Francisco, and drove it back home last weekend, and of course they found it on your site, Saabnet, as that is the only place I advertised! You have a great site, and the majority of the 10 or 15 Saabs I have owned I have either purchased or sold on your site! CH
Hi Scott!† I sold the Saab this afternoon to a guy from New Jersey who is a Saab enthusiast!† In under 24 hours, no less! Thanks for your help in getting my ad placed so quickly! GG
The buyer found the car on SAABNET, He flew from NY to AZ to pick it up and drive it home. JR
Thank you for giving us a platform to sell our car and meet such interesting people! It was a very cool experience; so many passionate Saab owners in the country, myself†included JM
Scott: I can't believe that I've already sold the Viggen --- and at full price ! Thanks for such great results! Cheers !! BK
Best money I've ever spent. †Within one hour of posting the ad, I was contacted by the buyer, who happened to live only an hour away. †Over the next couple weeks, some 40 people viewed my linked pictures. KK
My husband who is a true hard core Saab aficionado really likes to place ads on your network Scott because unlike other sites, we are sure that the buyers are genuine Saab enthusiasts. MN
Hi Scott, I just delivered the car to its new owner for the full price. Very emotional for me to let it go after 14 years but it was time. I'll never have another car like it again. I ended up going to B of A with them and getting funds verified and a cashier's check. I'm grateful they were local. Thanks for having great communication along the way. Only listed for 10 days. SE
Hi Scott- Thanks to you and Saabnet the perfect buyer (long time enthusiast Andrew) responded and will be the next caretaker of this fine automobile. Please ad sold to the listing. My best, MB
Car sold at full asking price! DP
Just sold the car, thank you so much for your help.† The buyer came via Saabnet! JK
I had no problem getting my asking price. DP
Bittersweet but my Saab 9000 sold, buyer did come from this forum and was a really nice guy. Thank you! ES
The car has been sold. Yea! It sold for the full asking price. GO
I would like to remove the ad from the sale of my Saab, I had multiple offers to purchase of the asking price within a few hours. But when I was doing a video conference call on my car, I decided not to sell it, I will sell another car instead. Your service is very efficient. JC
Sold my black 06 Aero to a gentlemen from Tn ..even got my listed price.†† Thanks for your fine service. JK
This item has been sold. Saabnet classifieds are the best! Thanks. RP
Thank you for making selling my 1988 900 Turbo Hatchback a breeze. Both Seller and Buyer are thrilled. MA
You are more than welcome to put sold on my ad and leave it up for as long as you can use it to promote the network. It really is a place where die hard "Saabies" go to find what they think is a gem. I also had a call from Colorado but had already committed to the first gentleman. BS
As a result of the classified ad that we placed last week, we were able to sell our 1993 Saab 900 today for the asking price. RR
Great success! Within 10 minutes of the classified ad going live on 6-22-2023, I was contacted and agreed to a sale of the V-4 engine and all the spare parts. The buyer paid CASH and all items were picked up this evening. Thanks for your help and your website is a great resource! JM
I am amazed†at how quickly this went and how many people scroll your site. I had about ten responses in just 3 days. Thanks for all your help, and your quick responses to†my questions.† When do you sleep? :)† †Take care and be well. And thank you again. AB
Thanks for the Saabnet Web site. Our car sold in 15 minutes from time you provided the ad. WOW!!!! JK
Hey,†Scott the car is sold. Man, I love your site! MV
please mark the 2003 9-3 conv. sold, sale once again came from Saabnet, thank you! RA
Hi Scott - my 900 Turbo Convertible (green, $8800) sold in less than two days. Between you and me it went for more than asking. There were lots of people who wanted it. ML
My SAAB 900 sold for the asking price six days after I listed it. Thanks very much, SaabNet. JZ
My red 1991 Saab 900 16V is now sold! Thanks SaabNet for an awesome selling experience! DM
Thank you for your service to assist in the sale of my Sonett. Posting did the sale to a deserving buyer and son, furthering the Sonett III existence, all parties involved are pleased. Thanks. BH
Scott, You can put sold on my 2007 93 sport combi.† Your services are appreciated. It was the only place I advertised. Good job! JK
I purposely only used and it worked beautifully. MB
Three Saabs listed on Saabnet over the years, three Saabs sold. Thanks again! JB
I appreciate how inexpensive and easy it is to place an ad on your website. And you're very kind so thank you again. AB
Hello Scott, WOW! Within the first 24 hours of my add going up. I had 5 people reach out to me. MG
Hi Scott, Sold the 9000 Aero for asking price today. Could you indicate on the listing that it was sold? Thank you! JJ
Hi Scott, Thanks for your help. I'm happy to say that I sold the car and didn't have to lower the price, so please mark it as sold. The buyer did come out to NJ and had it inspected close by so it all worked out. In the end I had multiple inquiries. Your site is a great resource for Saab enthusiasts and the classified listing was well worth it! Thanks again, NE
Thank you for posting this on the saabnet site. I rate this site A plus in getting true an genuine buyers. RS
Hey Scott, Car is finally SOLD. Thanks for everything. BTW: You need to up your pricing because you are the best venue to buy and sell these classic Saabs. TG
All items have been sold. Great response, by the way... aftermarket louvers got responses from Canada, Europe, NewZealand & Australia! Thanks, Saabnet! MM
I received an inquiry on my car the day you posted it. And the gentleman flew from Colorado Springs, CO to Charlottesville, VA today, to pick it up, and started his drive home this evening! So, as you said in your note, people do go to great lengths to get their car. MF
The car was sold in three days. TM
Hi Scott, Please add notation to my posting that the car was sold today. Thankyou for the opportunity to list with you. I received plenty of inquiries and sold to a Viggen enthusiast who's been considering owning one for over 20 years now. "Over the Moon" buyer. This car has had quite the story and I feel so good passing it on to such a responsible new owner. PN
You're welcome and glad it's going to an enthusiast. I was flooded with buyers- glad to have used the site to have sold it in a few hours from posting. JD
Sold my 2011 9-5 Aero in four days! JH
Couldn't believe the response. I had over 25 inquiries and four offers in less than 24 hours. GC
Hi Scott The Saab just sold thanks to you in 48 hours. Thanks again SG
My SAAB 9-3 convertible sold at asking price in ONE WEEK! Thank you. Please mark it sold. LS
Scott, Thank you for keeping the Saab dream alive!!! This network and its users have only the best of intentions. Every prospective buyer was courteous too! PI also got permission to exchange contact info and connect two interested buyers of my 900. They were so close regionally, and one bought the 900! My transaction processed perfectly. Thanks again and feel free to share! K FYI: As a AAA premier member, they towed the car without question. As a seller, I was able to deliver the 900 to the buyer at no cost to either. Something for other sellers/buyers to consider...200 mile limit.
Well, in less than a day the car has sold for my asking price. The community that follows Saabnet is remarkable. I got many responses very quickly. I sold it to the second inquirer, the first one passed, and the rest have been so disappointed. It's great to see so many people so enthusiastic for these cars. It's breaking my heart to let it go. AB
Once again, SAABNET did the trick. I had a great response from the ad for the green 2002 SAAB 9-3SE. You can mark the ad as sold. Thank you for the effective sales. RH
I just want to inform you that my car sold in least then 24hours of listing. Also with many interested. Amazing! FR
Scott I had a great experience here thank you. CC
Dear Scott, I want to let you know that the 900 Turbo sold, and I decided to keep the 900 S. There were about 100 responses, and we tried to/hope we answered each of them. We were overwhelmed, especially with the stories and photos these Saab lovers shared with us. If I were asked to evaluate my experience with SAABNet, my answer would be outstanding. Thank you for your assistance. It would not have happened without you. RS
The 2005 a9-5 Arc is sold. This site is awesome. Thanks. MH
Hi Scott. Please mark my Sonett as sold. is truly the place to sell SAABs. BB
My BaT CE sold. Exciting end to my No Reserve auction. Felt it was a great way to find the true, current market value. Glad my CE was able to stand up well against any of the top SPG's.. Wanted to be sure you know that my Buyer found out about my Auction on So grateful I thought to cross list. Knew it would be a small classified expense, well spent. Hope to meet you at SOC. If not, appreciate your long standing support of our wonderful cars. Best Wishes to You!! MD
As of yesterday, my car is officially Sold. I got many inquiries and all were good, interested parties. It sold for full asking price. JN
Thank you. I had so much interest in the car. Unbelievable. Makes me regret considering selling it. But indeed it did sell for over asking site unseen. Please mark it sold and thanks for such a reputable and genuine website. Cheers. KM
My Saab sold in less than 24 hours! Thanks for your help. Please show it as sold Thanks RH
I listed a Saab roof rack with you, a few weeks ago, and am pleased that I have sold it to a satisfied Saab owner. Your classified ads obviously reach the right audience. So thank you, and please either delete my ad or mark it sold, as you wish. DC
Thank YOU. You were great. Great service for really reasonable cost. I had some good conversations with real enthusiastic Saab fans. DW
Saab sold right away, had 15+ trying to buy it! Thanks for your help! DC
That was the fastest I have ever sold a car. Got more than asking and had 15 interested parties. KL
Thanks so much Scott you site/community really works great! JR
It sold today. Took all of one day! JH
Scott, please take the Viggen off the site or mark the car sold. Less than 18 hours and it's gone Scott. Amazing, just amazing! Thanks for all your help as always Scott. RJ
Yes it was sold also the 06 Aero has deal in progress at full price from SaabNet Add. Thanks for your sites exposure to real SAAB customers! RR
Thanks very much for allowing me to post on Saabnet classifieds. The eventual buyer is local but first saw my ad on Saabnet and contacted me within an hour or two after the ad was posted! SS
My 2002 Saab 9-3SE listed on 12/16 has sold for the asking price. Thank you for providing this market for used Saab's. I am delighted with my experience with SaabNet. WE
Thank you so much. I'm happy and you'll be happy to know that the car went to a great home (with 3 other Saabs) on Sunday. Worked out perfectly!! RM
Scott, You can remove my ad, it's sold on the best forum for knowledgeable SAAB buyers! AM
Hello Scott, My Saab has now sold to a true Saab person. Really impressed with the quality of the leads that were generated by the ad, you have a good system set up. JB
Hi - could you please mark my recent ad as "sold"? Thanks for the very efficient ad. DN
Scott, thank YOU for your support of the Saab community through the years!! I have bought 2 Saabs from saabnet (a 95 9000 Aero and a 2000 MCY Viggen 3-door) and sold my other Aero, your platform is the go-to for us Saab nuts! I appreciate your your support of SOC each year! MW
Thanks for helping me sell my 1992 Saab 900 Turbo convertible. It found a wonderful home with another Saab enthusiast. Your site has helped my out many times over the years with all the great information found and used to keep my various Saab's running. Keep up the great work. DP
Thank you for helping me sell my 3rd Saab in 3 years! MM
Hey Scott I sold my Saab for full asking price and had tons of calls for it. Thank you. CT
Thank you so much for your help in selling my car. This is the second Saab that I have listed with you and the experience is nothing less than great. Love meeting other Saab enthusiasts--know that they will take care of my former cars. Thanks again---you're site is just fabulous. GV
Thank you. There was strong interest in the car, and I owe it all to the Saab Network! JD
Sold! Only on SaabNet do I feel like I could post a Saab for sale with the realistic expectation of its being seen by Saab enthusiasts who know what they're looking for and will properly appreciate it. Beyond finding it a home, I feel like I've contributed to the "preservation of the species." Thank you so much for your help. ML
First time I've sold a car in ONE DAY!!! So much for the economy being in the tank... KO
Sold! Thank you! Everyone that enquired was genuine, straightforward and enthusiastic. Great experience overall. I wouldn't have expected any less from the Saab community. BZ
Sold! Thank you! Everyone that enquired was gen'ine, straightforward and enthusiastic. Great experience overall. I wouldnŅt have expected any less from the Saab community. BZ
Yesterday my wife and I listed our 2007 Saab 93 Aero CV, silver metallic. OMG, the interest was unbelievable. We rec'd a commitment to buy and as such, please mark our listing as sold. Hopefully, nothing goes wrong. A deposit was made. Thanks much and stay well and safe. RB has done an awesome job! I had 13 inquiries in total, posted the ad on 6/24 and by 6/26, I had full-price money in my bank!! BR
Hello, you can pull my ad, sold to the first person who called. Thanks! DC
The 2009 has now been sold! This is the second time has sold a Saab for me. Very happy with the results, as well as the mature responses from sellers on this and also when I sold the 89 SPG with your help! The best part of this sale....I traded it for an 01 Viggen Vert! An amazing car! KD
Thanks to your service, my Saab Viggen sold in one week. AL
Thank you so much! My car has been sold so you can put a big SOLD sticker on the listing. I was amazed at the response--I started getting emails and texts within 12 minutes of the ad going live. Sort of unbelievable! Thanks for creating a great resource for Saab aficionados. LN
Please mark my vehicle as sold. Sold it to the first one, dozens after that. GT
Sold immediately. Had many very interested. Thank you. SO
Thanks for your help selling the car so quickly. MS
Can you mark the two convertible parts cars as taken please? And can you also mark my 1990 convertible as sold. I took a deposit and made arrangements with the buyer, ironically someone I've known for years who saw the listing on your site. He said, it's too good of a car to sell at that price - I'll take it. Thanks for all your help. I had quite a few inquiries on the Saab. And I had a few people come to look at the convertibles and get some needed parts. Glad I could give a little something back too. RB
Thank you for helping me with information earlier. I am amazed to have had over 27 replies to my ad for my white 1992 Saab 900 S!! I chose a buyer and need to remove my ad. JW
Thanks Scott, another car listed sold through you. It sold for full listing price to customer in DC RR
Lots of requests, thanks so much. I sold it this week. I hope your still around when I sell My 93 in a couple of years from now. BS
has been sold! Good success story for the Saab Network site -- sold in 2 weeks. LS
In less than 24 hours an offer has been made, a deposit has been accepted, and if I could have written a description of the person who is buying my car it would be this buyer. Lovely guy, has a direct family link to the Trollhatten factory too. Has our disease, and has a garage and can do more for #285 than I can. Thank you Scott Paterson for keeping this Saab community together. MP
You can mark my car listed in this as sold for the asking price. Thanks for all your help and for this great site. DY
I sold the 1988 900T 'vert Springtime in Sweden yesterday to a woman who saw the ad on Saabnet. Thanks. She flew to Los Angeles from the Bay Area (SJC to BUR) and drove it home. MM
Please delete the ad. FYI, if I would've had six of this vehicle I could've sold them all. There was incredible interest. WP
Saabnet posted my ad and I had a call within hours from a young Saab-lover who had been looking for a SportCombi. All the others he had seen over many months had been too far away from him. Mine was only a half hour away! I am sad that for the first time in 32 years, I do not own a Saab, but am excited for the new owner. I knew that an ad with Saabnet would attract someone who knew exactly what they wanted. DM
My Saab is officially sold. The emails started coming within 15 minutes of when it was posted Saturday evening, and I lost count at about 17 interested people in less than 48 hours, and several more in the following days. I took a deposit on Monday, and delivered the car this morning. Ironically the gentleman lives 5 miles from me and he uses the same shop I do. It's a small world. I always knew it was a rare car but I was blown away by the positive response. I really enjoyed reading the Saab stories people shared with me. This may not be news to everyone, but an interesting observation none the less. When I sold my previous Saab on SaabNet 18 years ago, many people were looking for a "beater" car to get dirty in the winter, because we all know how good they are in the snow! Times have changed, this time many people are looking for a nice Saab that they can add to their collection, and preserve. Long live Saab! I learned a lot from your forums over the years, maybe too much. Sometimes ignorance is bliss when it comes to potential car issues, but I would still rather be educated. You have a fabulous resource, and I hope I don't regret selling my beloved Saab. It was a very long difficult decision (10 years) but you made it a little easier by providing a relatively safe place to find it a good home and interact with honest people who are passionate about their Saabs! SW
went to another Saab enthusiast as was the reason in the first place for advertising in PB
Thank you! I sold it right after the classified was posted. WD
Thanks that's fast! Sold my wagon to a really nice Saab family today, your forum is terrific AC
Thanks Scott! 3 weeks, a dozen calls and gone!! Thanks for everything you do! GE
Thanks for your help. We sold dad's car for asking price to 1st person on second day up for sale on your site. Shelley Baxter at S&J in Atlanta had recommended Saabnet. Dad was very happy it sold to another Saab aficionado. Had call from Colorado also wanting to come buy it. I own a 2011 9-5 and will remember this when the day comes for me to sell it. Thanks again for your efforts. JG
Just wanted to let you know that our Saab sold this week!! Wow, your website worked GREAT! HH
Thanks again ..from Florida to Canada sold first day! MS
Long distance sale on 74 Sonett III. New Mexico to Virginia. SS
Sold. To another Saab collector, nationally. Thank you for helping!! SD
I had a lot of interest from Saab people and sold it quickly. The ad section really works! ME
Thank you. I am very pleased by the overwhelming responses I got on Saabnet! This car was sold within the first 6 hours of being posted! It was the perfect outlet to reach a wide range of Saab enthusiasts who appreciated the unique car I was selling. DP
Thanks for your help and service. The car is officially sold. Please mark it sold on the site.I am happy to see interest in the old cars and I think this site is the best place to market them. I will be listing more next year. TB
I have sold my car! Thanks to this website. Thank you so much! KS
Thank you once again for this terrific website. I was able to get this car in the hands of enthusiastic Saab fans who will be keeping it on the road and away from the crusher. DI
Thanks again for your help in listing our Sonett, you all did a wonderful job helping me sell our beloved Sonett to a wonderful buyer who will take good care of it. Be well, and thanks again! SF
Hi Scott, I closed the sale of my 2002 9-5 Aero today. It was posted 8/2/19 late in the afternoon. I had 6 inquiries by 9:00PM, and a 7th by 8:00AM the next day. By 10:00 the next day, I had an agreement. So it took less than 18 hours. OE
Please mark my 1988 Saab 900 8 valve as sold and get my phone number and email off the ad. I apparently listed it too cheap. I could have sold it about six times over the last two days. At least it went to a Saab person and it is sold. Tack sa mycket. MO
Our Saab 2008 Convertible has sold at the asking price. GL
I happy to report that the 84 Saab is sold. Sorry you were unable to look at it. Thank you very much for your interest. I'm sending the above to all who contacted me. I thank you very very much for all the help. I communicated with lots of real Saab fans. 10++ interested. The buyer was from Philadelphia. The best thing is / was that my ad covered all the parts / things wrong with the car. So there were no issues when the buyer came to look at it. That is good advice always. So you can mark it as sold. And the price was as asked. Everyone interested was a real Saab fan. Especially the 900'dreds!! RC
My '98 9000 (black/black - 206k) sold today to a local Seattle area Saab guy - full price. DL
Scott, my Saab has been sold at the asking price. Please mark the ad withe SOLD status. FYI, response to the ad was excellent with at least four individuals wanting the car. SaabNet is a great resource. RC
I just sold the 2009 Aero convertible. It went for $14,750 (almost list price) to a guy in PA. He flew down and is driving the car home. JJ
Hi. I sold my 1988 SAAB Turbo SPG. Was inundated with calls. Sold to a guy in Chicago. 10K Site unseen, as is. Keep up the good work on the site. And thank you. HS
Hi Scott- I'm thrilled to say that the second person who called me last night bought the car and already wired the money to me. I had a lot of phone calls and I am always happy at the response I get from DV
Saabnet is just the best for buying and selling cars. My success rate has been 100% selling cars on there! ML
The car is sold. Actually within one week, with at least two other offers waiting. Thanks for the help. MW
Scott, Good evening. My car has been sold - please update the advertisement appropriately. First class support by you - fantastic experience. Thanks also for keeping the Saab spirit alive. MM
Talk about market efficiency, I sold this SAAB for asking already! PB
Scott, Delete my ad. I sold my car a mere 9 hours after my ad was live. I delivered the car to another SAAB fan who lived 449 miles away. We spent the morning swapping Saab stories and I got a tour of his project cars in his barn. Thank-you!! DS
Thanks! You put my car in front of the right set of enthusiasts! Worth every penny. MA
Hello, my 2001 Viggen just sold to someone who found it on SaabNet! JH
Scott- Thanks for your help. I sold the car to the first person to contact me. He obviously liked it. JW
I have had great success advertising on your website. I think the longest it has taken to sell a car was 2 weeks. ML
Great site, great job! Thanks for all your help BC
Hi Scott, Happy (and somewhat sad) to let you know I found a buyer through my post on Saabnet. Certainly wish I could hang onto it, but I am confident the buyer will take care and keep it in good order. Glad I used SaabNet to make the sale. Thanks for your help, ZD
Part sold! Thanks a lot for your website. Best thing in the world. SM
Your ad sold the Car within the hour. Please mark as sold. GG
I am pleased to informa you that we sold our 1993 Saab 900S because of Please take our classified ad off your site. Thank you, you're the best. PB
Hey Scott, the 1st person that looked at it took it. Mark it sold. Thanks again for everything GZ
Hi Scott., thanks for posting my 95. I sold it in 24 hrs after I posted it. CB
Hi Scott, Our 1992 Saab Turbo sold yesterday to the son of a fellow Saab enthusiast who noticed the ad on Saabnet. I am very pleased with how the site worked, and the person we are selling to. Please note on the site that the car is sold. Thank you for running an excellent site and best of luck, D

Just sold the 88 SPG today. Pls take down my ad, or feel free to stamp it SOLD. Thanks for all of your help. It was a Saabnet inspired deal. DM
Please remove the wanted ad. I got 3 responses. Thanks, TS
Hi Scott, You can mark my Saab "SOLD" I had a lot of interest in it and sold it to a man from SF Bay area. Lots of interest from people in Germany, Netherlands and Eastern Europe. Thanks, CB
I was delighted to get immediate inquiries the day after it posted. Someone came up from Virgina (to Avondale PA) on Sunday (two days after posting) and bought it. SD
Scott, the car sold in less than 2 weeks. It would have been less than a week, except for working out logistics. I had 9 or 10 inquiries and at least half of them were undoubtedly serious. Through several lengthy phone calls with the first two serious inquirers, I got to know them so well that I felt really bad that I had to disappoint one of them when I sold to the other. As a bonus, two members reached out to let me know they were happy to hear of another Saab owner in Birmingham, and I will be joining a cars-and-coffee meeting of Saab owners a few Saturdays from now. I want to thank you for all you have done for the Saab community, throughout the many years you have run the website, and previously the Mailing List (before I discovered it). The members of this community helped me solve many problems with my many Saabs back in the days when I worked on them myself. I can't imagine how many hours you put into this endeavor, but I know you are among only a handful of people who would donate that much of your time to such an activity. Thank you!! GW
Once again I've fallen in love with my 1990 900 SPG Saab. Would you please remove my add from your classifieds. I received a lot of calls and texts but I can't say goodbye to my baby. I sold my 1986 BMW M6 instead. DC
The ad worked! I got three bites on the ad and one big one. I sold my Saab and to the right person! Keep up the good work. SC
Thanks Scott, the wheels sold quickly to a very pleasant enthusiast. JN
Sold, to a saabnet responder! in less than a day for full price! MK
Just want to let you know that my Saab 900 Turbo convertible Commemorative Edition has been sold. Thank you for the coverage that I received from SaabNet Take Care DM
Our items sold in 30 minutes after posting. HN
Awesome results from your site! JK
Message to Scott: As you said in your email to me shortly after I placed my ad, it was not unusual for someone looking for the Saab they wanted to buy to consider cars located far away from their home. This is exactly what occurred with my 2003 Saab Arc Wagon. The car will be shipped from Washington to Pennsylvania. The buyer is a true Saab enthusiast, has been a delight to work with and I feel so satisfied to know this car will have an owner who truly appreciates the Saab legacy. TA
Howdy! Your site is the best! I sold the convertible top cover I had up in just two days! It's listed in the parts section. Would you please mark it as sold? CS
Saab sold! Best money spent ever trying to sell a car. Have a great day! DJ
Good evening! Please mark my 9-3 convertible as sold. He saw the ad on SAABNET and flew up from Florida this morning. Thanks JJ
Scott, she has got sold. Unbelievable service! Thanks so much! IY
Took 10 minutes to sell my Tech2 on your site. DH
Thought I'd let you know I sold my Saab over the weekend, via someone who saw my ad on your site. Thanks for the forum to let collectors know I was selling. GJ
My SPG has been sold. A buyer in North Carolina has purchased it. His funds have cleared my account and an auto transporter will pick the car up next week. The buyer is another Saab nut, the SPG will join his 9-5 Aero Wagon 5 speed, his 9-3 Aero Convertible 6 speed and a 9-7X Aero. He has been looking for a tally red SPG and plans to restore it. I'm so happy I found good Saab home for it! Thank you for your help. I wish I would have posted in on your website earlier! JK
My SPG has been sold. A buyer in North Carolina has purchased it. His funds have cleared my account and an auto transporter will pick the car up next week. The buyer is another Saab nut, the SPG will join his 9-5 Aero Wagon 5 speed, his 9-3 Aero Convertible 6 speed and a 9-7X Aero. He has been looking for a tally red SPG and plans to restore it. IŅm so happy I found good Saab home for it! Thank you for your help. I wish I would have posted in on your website earlier! JK
Happy to offer a testimonial that this is a great place to sell a Saab as this was my second. Great people who love Saabs and respect those who own them and the transaction process. DI
My 2006 9-3 Aero sold today. They flew from Virgina to Florida to drive it home. Thanks! SP
Well that was quick. As soon as I put the car on your website I got about 10 emails and 4 phone calls. Sad to say she's gone but glad I sold her to a fellow (and local) SAAB enthusiast. MS
This car found a buyer a within a few hours after it was posted for sale on saabnet. I was not bothered by any scammers from the Saabnet posting. This is the third car I have sold using Saabnet. I also posted in local Craig's List for good humor, all I got from that is scammers trying to get my credit card info by sending me to fake auto check websites. I told the last one "Oh wait, my car is on fire, after I go put it out I will get back with you". Crickets! What fun when that Russian kid saw that! So you can mark my 04 9-5 Aero as sold. No scammy stuff from Saabnet. Buyer is flying from Minnesota to Georgia to pick up car and drive it back, who owns several of these cars, so its going to a good home. BH
My Saab sold for asking price. Thank you. MM
Hi Scott, I am most appreciative to you and this website to have a venue to sell my Saab 9-2X. It was a very good experience! LW
I received a lot of responses -- SAABNET does work! BN
Scott, Thanks for operating and maintaining a great Saab website where diehard Saab fanatics come to check out the cars they miss and the ones they wish they could own. This convertible is the 4th Saab I have sold on your website in just over one year. My '68 95 went to Florida, two 99s went to Reno and this convertible went to San Francisco. Only regret is that I won't get to see them again but it is nice knowing they went to homes where they will be appreciated by other Saab enthusiasts. Thanks again, RC
OMG! I've been trying for months to sell my Saab without any luck. My Saab sold within 24 hours after posting it on Thank you, and thanks to the Saabs of New England for recommending your site. CD
Our car has been sold thanks to your listing! Please remove our ad or mark it as SOLD. Thanks! WM
My car had a buyer within hours. Now officially sold. Several more called and were planning to visit. BR
You all are the best way to sell a saab. Tons of responses and sold within 7-10 days. Much appreciated CJ
Just wanted to let you know that my car has been sold to a guy in Belgium. I was very surprised at the number of inquiries I had from Belgium. I also had a guy from Denmark that was very interested in my car. Anyway, just thought I would provide you with that bit of feedback. Thanks, CH
Hey Scott - car is sold! New buyer found it on Saabnet FYI, so excited about that! Hey Scott - that's two cars both sold pretty quick this year thanks to Saabnet, so thank YOU! Thanks for all you do for the site and the Saab community! NK
Tons of response and now off to the new owner in Indianapolis. Thanks for the great service! GP
No I should thank you, great results from posting on your site. KM
Scott, Mark the 1964 96 Bull Nose sold. Your site is remarkable. 1 day! JD
Just wanted to let you know I just sold my Saab 9000 Turbo for the full asking price. As I noted earlier, I received more the a dozen inquires and had several more schedule appointment to see the car. The first one with the cash took it. EG
Excellent response to this add. Sold to an individual in Kentucky within a couple hours of the add being published! Several serious buyers lined up right behind him. I think the overall outstanding condition of this car, relatively low mileage and color combination made it highly desirable. It seems there is a serious following for these cars. Thanks! KT
Scott, As always I can count on your site to be the sole reason my parts sell to buyers. I truly appreciate your help. I am requesting at this time to mark my advertisement as sold. Thank you again, SM
Hi Scott, Another successful ad. Brake Master Cylinder sold. Thanks! PH
Thanks for running the Saabnet classifieds. It is a real service to owners and interested parties. My car sold this morning. SS
Hi Scott, Thanks to Saabnet classifieds I found an ideal enthusiast Tucker in Cheyenne Wyoming to take over the care and ownership of our 95 Aero 5sp. This will likely be one of those cars in years to come I'll say I should have kept. Life has its priorities thus the realities of downsizing has its pain points. MB
Sold already! Awesome inteligent buyers! Beats Craiglist lowballers who know nothing about Saabs! DK
The ad generated a lot of inquiries and I just made a deal with a buyer from PA. I'm very pleased that my baby is going to someone who will appreciate and care for her. Thank you! KB
Hi Scott, My 900 sold! Thanks for providing me a place where I could make a quick sale to a great new home. JB
My Saab has been sold. All the best -- your site and community is fantastic. KS
Hi Scott, the 2008 9-3 TurboX sedan that I posted has been sold with the help of, thanks again for being awesome!! RG
Ad was up for 30 minutes and already got a call. Well spent money. RS
Viggen sold yesterday. Thanks again for the great website. AN
Sold my 1990 9000CD a few weeks ago on Saabnet - Great way to move Saabs. AP
Good Morning Scott, This car is sold and the new owner is flying in today and driving it home! Thanks SaabNet for the ad support! NK
My 91 MCY 'vert just sold. Off to Norway of all places! Thanks for all your help. WB
Scott Thank you for being professional and helpful throughout this process. Saabnet has been wonderful to work with! You went beyond what would be considered an appropriate level of support and I greatly appreciate it. I just sold the Saab so please close my ad. MD
Hi Scott, just to let you know I sold the car today, so you can drop the ad. Thank you for the help and for your patience. I had many hits - over 20 so thanks again! JN
Car sold to first person that looked at it. Sold from your SAABNET listing! Robert
Mark the 73 Sonett as SOLD. Second straight for sale listing I've put on Saabnet that sold within 24 hours... maybe I'm not asking enough, LOL! EL
Hi Scott The Saab sold in 1 day from your ad. Thanks again SG
Sold the Sonett. I had 12 replies plus 1 from Greece, 1 from Poland and 1 from Sweden. TB
I'm elated, and it went to someone who saw the ad here. Went for full list, so hopefully a harbinger of prices to come for great C900's! MM MM
My car sold! It actually sold the first night it was listed on Saabnet, but just got picked up yesterday! Thanks for all you do for the Saab community! TP
The 1963 Saab 96 I advertised is sold. Thanks, def generated lots of interest. PL
I sold my Saab yesterday to a couple who saw the ad on and drove from Denver to my Kansas City suburb to check out the car. Thanks for your help! LK
Thanks to Saab Net my sportcombi manual is sold. The exposure was super and helped a lot! Appreciate all you do! DS
Thank you for providing a great service! I did indeed sell the car because of this ad posted in Saabnet. DR
Just wanted to inform you... my Saab Convertible sold yesterday evening--to Europe! Thanks very much for running it for me. IS
Got a deposit. Sold in less than 20 minutes. You're faster than a speeding bullet! RD
We had about 15 inquiries some from afar and some local. We sold the car today. An obviously effective website. GB
Sold my 1994 Saab 900 Turbo CE. Please mark as Sold. The Classified section worked great. The buyer contacted me within 2 hours of the ad being up on Saabnet and purchased it the same day. Thanks for all the great work you do on this site and for maintaining it as a resource for us Saab nuts all these years. AO
Holy Mackerel Scott, 20 texts, 20 e-mails. Going nuts here. I have a deposit. Pickup date tomorrow . I'll probably ask for the sold label tomorrow night. RD
Thanks for the great Saab-specific classified site. Worked great! TR
Buyer called 46 minutes after our listing went live. I think we could have sold it several times based on the additional responses we had. If you want to sell a SAAB, this is the place to advertise!! Thanks much. CG
Hi Scott, First may I say thank you for running the Saabnet. I have been using your website for over ten years and i think it is great for the community. As I'm sure you understand these are more than just cars and while I am selling my 900s I will be a Saab man for life and will continue to use your website. I sold the 86 SPG to a Saab enthusiast in FL and I'm happy to say he is going to enjoy the car as much as I have and it sounds like he will take good care of it. Thank you again. Best Regards, LE
The 2000 Saab 9-5 AERO Red as it sold again thanks to the help of your advertising. Jerry
This is second Saab I have sold thru Saabnet Thanks JD
The '93 900S is sold. The add worked great. I wanted the community to get my SAAB for parts instead of the junkyard, and it only took a week. Thanks! MK
Hey Scott - I know the ad is set to expire on the 14th anyway, but thought you'd like to mark it SOLD! A woman contacted me in mid-Dec. to buy it for her husband! My kind o' gal... They're flying in from Minneapolis tomorrow to drive it all the way back. Wow again. Anyway, thanks, and I'll be on your site looking for another SAAB! Good luck, JB
Please cancel my ad for the 1994 C900T CV Green as it is sold from the ad I placed in Saabnet. The car sold in three days. Keep up the good work. JD
My 9-5 Aero just sold to a SAABNET buyer! Please mark as such on the board. ZT
Scott, Please mark my 2010 9-3 Aero convertible as SOLD. Yes, it was sold via your classified ads to a Saab enthusiast. B
I was able to sell the 2011 9-5 Aero through Saabnet. This worked very well, thank you. Please mark the car as Sold. RR
You can mark my wanted ad for an '87 wiring harness as "found." This site came through for me in a big way after I had some trouble locating a harness. I was contacted with one on Thursday afternoon--same day the ad went live and have been contacted each day since by other people with harnesses to sell! A guy yesterday even had a brand new, never used harness to sell. I'm looking forward to an end to my electrical gremlins caused by the disintegrating insulation. BB
Scott Sure thing! They sell every time on Saabnet Just bought an 06 93 with only 15k! Will list it soon GS
I sold my 2002 Saab today and would appreciate it if you would mark my ad as "sold." I was thrilled with the response I received from Saabnet. Keep up the great work! AW
It is sold! What an incredible response I got. Amazing!!! PK
Please mark my ad of 10/6/17 for my 2008 9-5 Aero as sold. Once again, Saabnet is the best place to buy or sell a SAAB! AM
I sold my Saab 9-5, thanks to your site. I had two interested buyers, and both were willing to pay 90% of my listing price. I'm very happy, and I thank you. The ad was "money well spent"! RT
Our 1999 9-3 Viggen sold today! Thank you so much for posting it! We couldn't have done it without :) MF
1974 Saab 99. Please mark it as "sold" Thanks. Took less than 24 hours to sell. EL
Hello Scott, Glad to inform you that the Saab Network web site worked great and enabled me to sell my 9000 CSE with a few weeks. I received several good contacts, many from across the country, but ended up selling the car to a person from a neighboring Massachusetts town. RA
Hi Scott. My baby blue is off to a new home! I've sold my Saab and my ad can end. Thanks for all the support and help. This is a great website for Saab lovers. DR
Hi Scott, I am happy to tell you that we sold our Saab within one week of putting our ad in place with We are happy that it worked out so well. Thanks so much - our ad can now be removed. We appreciate all your help. JK
Thanks for the follow up. I actually just received payment (ETF) for the car from the first person who responded to the posting (within an hour or two)! Please indicate that the car is sold. Thank you so much. AW Everett Newton Insurance Co. tried to lowball me when they totalled it, but thanks to your sold listing section I was able to prove how rare this car really was. Thank you! Saabnet has been a wonderful resource over the years.
Sold! With an internet full of options, most of them free or lower cost, the Saabnet classifieds has brought more qualified buyers, quicker and with no fuss. Thanks for hosting such a quality site. KA
Thanks to the wonderful service that you perform, my 2000 Saab SE has been sold! Couldn't have done it without you and your site! RG
Thanks for posting my ad, the car sold 3 hours later! WT
Thank you!!!! Amazing sold in three weeks!!! DB
Scott, Wanted to let you know that both the Saab 99s have been sold and are going to the same home where they will enjoy their second life. Thanks again for providing a wonderful website where Saab enthusiast can go to check out great Saab porn and drool over what they wish they had. RC
Scott, I appreciate so much what you have done with Saabnet over the years. It is the gold standard for information on anything Saab. RO
Scott, This has to be a record. Posted at about 11:15 today. Sold at 6:59. I believe its going to a great new home which is everything. I appreciate so much what you have done with Saabnet over the years. It is the gold standard for information on anything Saab. Regards, RO (Webmaster note: Record sale is 3 minutes from posted to site to sold Saab: Click Here For Details)
The windscreen is sold .... Less than a day. GG
I just wanted to let you know that my car was sold last Friday - less than a week after it was posted. I am positive that this would not have been possible without the exposure that your network provides. Thanks for making the process so easy and in the end, successful!! Best regards. OD
Please mark my ad as Sold! Thanks for continuing to be such a great resource for Saabsters! Cheers, PH
My car has been sold via a Saabnet response. Please remove from your listings. THANK YOU for this great Saab service! DM
Please Mark the 1992 Saab 900 Convertible as sold. Thanks for the good site, truly a site for the classic Saab Owners, they really understand the vehicle for what it is. CS
My car is sold! Please cancel my ad. It took about 3 days and I had no trouble sending her off with someone who will restore her to her former glory and not rip her up for parts. Yeay and whew! If I had known how easy (and effective!) it was, I would have done it a couple years ago. This is where I bought that car in the first place. Its ad ran for less than 24 hours before I found it and snapped it up... We thank you!!!! Thanks so much... SF
Sold to a happy Saab lover nearby! Wouldn't have gotten collector value without the Saabnet site - and someone who will love the car like it was loved here. CK
Scott, Sold the 68 wagon and unfortunately I don't think I'll ever see it again as it's going across the country to Florida. Thanks again for a great website. RC
Thanks to saabnet I have sold the car. Cheers, MB
Successful sale of my four SAAB rims and tires. You may take the ad down or mark them as sold. Thanks again - a great way to get used SAAB parts to people who can use them. Regards, RM
The person waiting for this car contacted me the first day it was listed. Finalized the sale today. RW
I'm getting way more responses than I'll need to sell the car. Can you please take the ad down so I'm not handling calls, texts, emails while I finalize the sale with one of the interested parties? Thanks, GS P.S. Thank you for running!
Thank you, amazing following for these cars, appreciate your efforts in making the site so easy to access to all that love these cars. The Saab 900 3dr Hatchback has been sold. TL
Good morning! Our 2002 Saab Viggen is sold. Thank you very much! It was sold to the first person who replied to the SaabNet ad. :-) SM
Thank you. It was very easy selling my Saab. CC
Sir - greetings. Per your instructions from your email to me on 1 May concerning my classified ad, I want to report that I sold the saab today, and if you could please mark my classified as SOLD ! GD
thank you for a very satisfying experience ! Sold it this morning. You have a great site and I love visiting it. Thanks, RC
Hi Scott, Your site is good and it's why I got my sale so fast! Full price too! Many Thanks VR
Very happy with the many responses I got from Saabnet! Can I change the ad to sold. AJ
Saab was picked up over the weekend. He did find it on your site and I did get the full asking price. Thanks. A
I am happy to report my 1997 900 SE Yellow Convertible was sold at full price. Loaded on a truck to Washington State last night. Thank you for your help. GA
Could you mark my add as being sold or remove. Thank you very much. Your site has been a great help getting all SAAB fans together. SM
Scott, The Saab 9000 Factory Manuals are sold. Once again, has come through! Thanks, LS
Couldn't have found serious prospective buyers, ones that would Restore not Tear Apart, without Saabnet! Thanks!! MT
Hi I successfully sold the car - thanks you your site! To a new home in Denver. MS
Thx, Scott. The 9000 is sold. Btw, it's going to a collection of sorts, in the Netherlands, where it'll get a refreshed paint job and TLC. Making the trip back across the N. Atlantic. Figured you'd get a kick out of that. Thx, JF
Hi Scott... my Saab is sold ! Aside from my seller's remorse as it drove away, I am happy with the result. It was purchased by the first guy to respond to the Saabnet ad. If you could mark it sold, my inbox would appreciate it. Thanks again for all your help. KD
Hi Scott. The 2008 Aero is sold! Nice response overall. ABK
I want to let you know that my 1992 Saab 900 4-door sedan, Scarabe Green, has been sold. I appreciate your website and I am pleased at the people that I have met by placing this ad. Everyone has been very courteous and that is nice to see. I am very pleased at what the car sold for, but I am very sad to see it go! However, I still have a 2005 9-5 wagon and a 1993 900S hatchback (which also does not get driven in the winter), and I think it is probably time to admit that two cars for one person is reasonable. Best Regards, DS
Hi Scott! I've sold the sportcombi, thanks to the Saab Network! Thanks, MU
Cancel the ad for my 1976 99 Orange HB. It sold thanks to the ad on Saabnet. Keep up the good work!! It is going to Kentucky. JD
I'm thrilled to report that my 2000 Saab 9-5 Aero is sold after only 2 days on Saabnet! Truly amazing. RL
i have received a deposit for our 1963 saab 95 bullnose station wagon, it was a great experience using this site, you do a great job and make things so easy. mark this baby sold, sold, sold, thanks a million. JH
My Saab 9-5 ARC Wagon has sold. The website provided excellent visibility to the Saab community. Thanks for your assistance. Best, JB
I would like to request for you to remove my "wheels and shop manuals" ad please. Thank you. I plan to resubmit future ads, your site has been a great help! SM
Hello! My 2003 Saab 9.5 Aero is sold. Buyer found it on your website so thank you very much. Good success story for Saabnet! LS
Your Classifieds worked great! †I had an amazing response of interested parties, and ended up selling it to a fellow from New York.†Thanks for helping me sell my car. KB
Just wanted to let you know that my 2001 SAAB 9.3 SE has been sold! I also wanted to thank you again for your help and support. †You have a great site! RW
Please mark my 1982 saab 900s sedan as sold. †thank you for your resource to sell so efficiently to a focused/appreciative market. AB
Scott Sold my CSE last week, would you please mark it "sold" and move to sold folder? Turns out my only real leads came from Saabnet, Saabnet lives on, sir! JS
My Saab sold. Thanks the sale was a result of your site. RG
We have just sold our 2001 Saab Viggen thanks to your service and got our price. It will have a new life with a Saab Enthusiast. Thank You. RL
My Saab sold today. Once again Saabnet classifieds did a great job. JG
Thanks you guys. Great venue. Viggen sold. PC
Hi, sold my Saab from your site three minutes after it was posted. I got a call and sold it. I'm impressed. Thank you TC
Hi Scott, Could you mark my ad as Sold? I sold to another Saabnet member. Thanks for your help. AD
Hi Scott. Please mark the '85 blue 900 sold. You and your site have once again been a great help. I appreciate your help very much. I expect I'll have more cars in the future... I seem to be finding them around here... FD
All my parts sold successfully. Please remove my ad. Speak to you later for future ads. Thank you. GN
Thanks Scott! 1999 9-3 has sold! Will be selling another Saab shortly and will surely post here again! MD
-Scott Thanks to your classified, the car has been sold. RP
Thanks to you my Viggen has a new home. Could you please place a sold sign on the ad? I can't thank you enough for assisting me in this process. I received so many inquiries and many knew the buyer was coming today. They asked me to let them know if it didn't sell so the sign would help. KM
I have sold my '98 CSE to a buyer who contacted me through another classified this past weekend. You may go ahead and pull the post from the site! BD
I am happy (truth be told actually more sad than happy) that I have sold my 9000 ('Last of the...). I am of course only saying what you already know but is hands-down the best way of showcasing a Saab like mine. Thank you very much for all your support in this 'difficult transition'. GW
My car has sold thanks to Saabnet. Thanks for being there, DF
Please mark as sold. Thank you Scott. The local buyer contacted me within 20 minutes of the ad posting! Cheers! KP
Please close the ad - I sold the car via! Great place for Saab aficionados! Thank you.. Regards, SG
Just an FYI that my Saab 900 SPG has sold (in 1 day). EH
I just wanted to inform you the my car has sold in less than 1 week!! Thank you again for all your help. CW
My Saab has been taken. Thanks for helping me find someone who wanted her! CA
2002 Saab 9-3 Viggen - Sold in less than 4 hours: Click Here
Hey Scott,†Just checking in to be sure my Saab has been marked as sold.†Got 50 calls! thanks for your help. RD
I greatly appreciate the exposure your site gave to my ad! The car is going back to Sweden and will be featured in an upcoming issue of Klassiker Magazine. RR
Hi Scott, I want to thank you for bringing a buyer to purchase the 1988 white turbo convert. JH
My 9-5 Aero has been sold to a Saab lover in PA. Thanks to the Saab Network. Please change the posting to sold. CH
I couldn't believe it but a Saab enthusiast right here in Mukwonago saw the ad this morning, we talked for a few minutes and he sent me $200 via PayPal as a deposit. †He'll pick it up this afternoon. †Another great Saab Network classified success! Thanks, DB
Just an update that my 900 has gone to another Saaber -complete-. Man was impressed at all I gave him- a pile of spare parts and a complete car (minus the 'vert rear glass)† Got a lot of great and rapid responses. JK
My Midnight blue 1997 Saab 9000 Aero Sold today. Thanks for an awesome website for Saab folks... RS
Hi Scott, my 1986 9000 Turbo has sold. Thanks for providing this great service! JD
The Saab 9-3 SportCombi in the ad posted on the 17th has been sold. †Please remove the ad. †Thank you for providing the Saabnet site. †I got more inquiries from this than any other website, including Craigslist. JK
My posting may be closed out now. Thank you for offering a site where Saab enthusiasts can share their passion for great cars. DK
Hi Scott - Looks like I've sold my 1972 96. BTW I got my asking price. Thanks - DA
Scott, I just want to let you know my Saab sold last Tuesday days after posting w you. I just wanted to thank you for all of your help! RW
My Saab sold. Thank you Scott.. Great website and great resource. DB
Dear Saabnet: I sold my 1970 saab 99! Can you indicate this on the website? I keep getting many emails. SF
Thanks to saabnet the car has been sold. DG
Hi Scott, I just sold the Saab - can you please update the site. †Also, thanks for maintaining the site - as I mentioned, I was overwhelmed with responses and probably received around 50 or so. Thanks, JC
Hi Scott. Can u mark my car as sold please. †Thanks for your help! †My buyer came through saabnet. †Money well spent. †Cheers CK
Greetings, I'm pleased to report that my Saab sold, thanks to your website! GC
Scott SAAB 9K Aero 95 - sold for full price. On its way to Maryland. Thanks for all the great postings - they did the trick, its right behind the Orange Lamborghini. I have not been to upper NY - look forward to it sometime! Have a great week - thanks again - talk to you soon. CM
Hi Scott. I sold the car on day 1. LB
Scott, I sold my '91 SAAB 900S yesterday for $5000. It was a very amicable deal with a guy only 30 miles away. SAABNET was the only place I advertised and I am very satisfied with your prices and ease of placing and renewing the ad. I would recommend you for any one in the SAAB market. AK
Please post this car as sold! Also I am impressed with your Saab network. I posted my car and it was sold the next day! Thank you for helping me sell my Saab 96 PC
Please change listing 16071881431 to sold. Buyer picked up the car today. Thanks for the help selling the car... buyer contacted me the first day and I had numerous other people from across the country that were interested. GN
saab net works!! sold both my sonett and 1970 95 wagon. please remove from saab net. JH
Thanks for helping me sell my car! Car is now off to its new home. From one saab guy to the next. EW
Hey Scott, The car sold last week. Could you please take the posting down. Thanks for the great forum for the posting. WC
Please let everyone know I sold (in just a day) my 1988 Saab turbo convertible for the asking price early this morning to a person who came by to see it. JH
Saabnet classifieds are fantastic. I placed this ad and the next day a guy from my town, just two miles away, bought the wheels. I've been running this on Craigslist for a long time and nothing happened. Instant results with Saabnet.
Hi, FYI, my Viggen sold for $6500 thanks to this great site! :-) Thanks again, MS
Hi Scott. Please mark the ad as sold. The car is en route from Michigan to Vermont as I write this. Thank you. KP
Scott. Delete my 00 Viggen. I sold it! You make it easy! DS
Sold the car today. There is a very excited young man out there. Was actively looking for an affordable daily driver to take to college. Saw the car, fell in love. Kinda sad to see it go but Chris's excitement makes up for it. BO
Thank you, have 3 inquiries already after one day!!! SC
Thank you my saab was sold very quick lots of calls. JF
Thank you, Scott. I was super impressed by the responses: 45+ !!!! JB
My Saab has sold. Sold on Saabnet. I could have sold it four more times in the end. LB
Thank you again for providing an avenue to sell my car that was easy, affordable and stress free! KA
Please take my car off the market, it's been sold. Thanks for your help! AJ
This was the most successful automotive classified I've ever placed. I had more than 40 responses, and at least 10-12 definite buyers within 3-4 days of placing the ad. JB
I just paid for the photo upgrade and I already have responses coming in. Money well spent, thanks! JB
Well, both cars had tons of inquiries, I am very impressed with the actual numbers who check the site. The GT was worth listing as that particular car so very rare even more than Sonnet Strokers.† I now have a better sense of value for that car, like an appraisal for 30.00J The 99 sold to a Saab Solid Saab, who will create a euro spec 2 door 99 turbo I Marble White. DW
The red Saab 900 Turbo Hatchback that you posted for me on 5/28 has sold today 5/31. Thank you so much Saabnet! I will continue to use this site! Thank you again. TH
Sold! To a Saabnet user! Thanks Scott. NJ
Scott, I have a 2007 9-3 & 2003 9-3 listed. Both sold. Both live in Denver but found them on your classified. Thanks JD
Car sold in one day ! Thank you. PS
The car sold this morning (in less than 48 hours), thanks. GS
Hi the car sold right away (in less than 24 hours). Thank you. MD
Scott, the 87 is sold. Many of the folks who called about it saw it on Saabnet even though they were local. Some don't do CL. PG
Hi Scott I sold our Saab we just listed last week. Thanks again for having Saabnet. This is the 5th Saab we have sold on your site. I am going to list out other 9-5 next week. Thanks again and keep Saab alive TG
Sold 1990 turbo Awesome 4 days! ER
Hi Scott, I am pleased to advise that my 1993 900S 5-Speed Citrone Beige w/91K sold today. Please place that wonderful red "SOLD" on the listing and consider it another Saabnet success! Thank you, JJ
Scott-- Great news--thanks to you and Saab Net, I have sold my 1985 900Turbo.† It sold today, May 3, 2016, for the asking $5000 price, and through your advertisement posting, I had almost a dozen genuinely interested people. I will go back now and let the others know that the first person "in line" indeed made the purchase, and met my asking price after looking in more detail at the condition of the car.† Again, many thanks, and congratulations on running an outstanding website! RJ
You are awesome. Don't know how many Saabs you have sold for us over the years; 4 possibly?! Jeff R.
The car sold last Friday for the asking price. Thank you. PF
Hi Scott: Can you mark the white 2009 Griffin Combi as SOLD ? † That ad generated over 30 calls from SAABNET and two serious buyers who wanted the car. †Sold it for more than i was asking! GS
I sold my 2000 9-3 today, could you please mark it sold or remove it. Thank you for everything, I wouldn't have sold it without Saabnet. BD
Please show our 9000 Aero as being sold. The buyer has placed a deposit and will pick it up in a few weeks! We had a tremendous response to our ad. Thank you for your assistance! Best regards, TVS
Sold within 3 hours of posting! I had nothing but pining emails of regret and greater offers. Thanks for your help and service. KM
Car was sold. Great site for SAABS Thanks for the help CP
I totally forgot to email you about selling a car i had posted. The 09 9-3 wagon listed for $9000 sold the day after it was listed !!Please list her as sold ! Will be in touch with more cars soon! The BEST place to advertise any SAAB for sale.thanks.It proves that the SAAB community is strong GS
Greetings, Can you please label this car as SOLD. I have a deal in the works. Thanks, I got a ton of interested people. More than 70. KW
Hi Scott, My 2006 Saab 9-5 wagon was sold last week, so please mark the ad as "sold." The buyer saw the car advertised on Saabnet, so I was very pleased with the classifieds you offer. Much appreciation. Best, LS
Scott, I sold my 9000 Aero, thanks to the Saabnet advertisement. Please mark it as sold. Thanks for the national audience. It's moving to Colorado. PG
I have sold the car can you remove it from the site. The sale as a result of my ad on you site. CB
Hello Scott, Well, chalk up another 02 Viggen sold for full asking price, sight unseen, to a fellow Saab enthusiast in Anchorage AK. Mind you, it is an awesome car. RW
Great news. Car sold! Thanks for the service. Buyer saw it on TSN OK to remove ad and count me as a happy customer. GR
Thank you, you have an awesome site. I can not believe how much interest I got for my SAAB! AS
Red 1995 Saab Aero sold and at full asking price!o GA
Thanks, the Saab has been sold - I've had it on craigslist for about a year but it just took 2 weeks with you guys-good job... MO
Great place to sell a Saab! Thanks! CG
SCOTT -- this one sold. Had *MANY* inquiries, and set up a "show" date late January. First person to see it, took it. Thanks for all your help Regards, ML
Hi Scott- Great news!† My 91 Monte Carlo Yellow 900 SE convertible sold to a guy in Sweden who is having the car brought back over to Sweden and is going to do a full restoration. Please mark that the car has been sold on I appreciate all your help and will continue to be a very loyal member to† It's always a sad parting when you let go of one of your SAABs; but at the same time, it certainly makes your heart happy that the car is going to someone else who's going to appreciate it just as much as I did.† DV
I just wanted to tell you that I just sold my 79 99GL thanks to your site! I thank you kindly. Please mark my ad as sold! MS
Hi Scott, I wanted to let yo know that my SAAB SIS sold for the asking price to guy from Cleveland, Ohio. Thanks, JW
Just a heads up, I sold the Saab from TSN, so thanks for all your help. DS
My red 1991 Saab 900 has sold! I found the perfect buyer through your site! KB
We have used saabnet before and always happy. But this was the fastest. Thanks. BR
I think you posted it at 10am central last Saturday and I received a phone call with a deposit by noon!!! He just flew in and drove her home this morning. Thanks for your great service! CG
My classified add here generated a big response, much more so than the local auto shop it was at and all their efforts to advertise. Also, despite one near certain scam (that your warnings keyed me in to nicely), the quality of person that is on this site is really impressive. At least on email interaction, many seemed to be people I would want to know personally! Thanks again. MN
Hi - I sold my Saab - your site is great and I received many responses -- thank you. Can you mark my add "sold"? Thanks CP
Remove the ad as it is sold by your remarkable classifieds. A person in IOWA. JD
You may place a SOLD banner over my recent listing. Thanks so much for this great service. Not only did the car sell quickly, it went to someone who will really take car of it, exactly what this owner of 27 years wanted! JF
Hi - as usual, the car hit the targeted buyers I needed and sold to the first one to come see it. Please mark as sold and thanks again!! KO
Hi Scott! Please mark my car as SOLD! Thanks so much for this service! I got several bites at the new price and have someone flying in from NY to pick her up on Friday! MD
Hi there Scott & Co. I am happy to report I found a buyer. You can please mark the ad as "SOLD" now. :-) I have to say I was really pleased by the response. I had about 8 inquiries from all around the eastern US. Keep up the good work. Best, JP
Thanks for your help. Response was amazing and the car has been sold with deposit in hand. Thanks, RA
Hi Scott, I posted a classified for my black 2008 Saab 9-3 on October 27th as a guest, and my car was just successfully bought through eBay. I was just wondering how to remove the ad from your website, or if you do that for me? Thanks! Your website really helped, I had many more views on my eBay ad than I did the first time! KH
Excerpt from SAABlog here: A quick thank you and kudos to Scott for running the longest standing and my favorite of Saab site, from the bulletin boards to the classifieds, Saabnet is second to none. I've also recently listed two of our current Saabs for sale on Saabnet Classifieds. I have to say, it is worth every penny to advertise on Saabnet. As to classified ads on Saabnet, from the moment we listed our cars on Saabnet, inquiries started pouring in from both near and far around the globe. No joke, no exaggeration. Selling a car on Saabnet feels a little like what I can only imagine it feels like for an ice cream vendor to be selling cool treats at a beach on a beautiful warm day :) Saabnet is an unparalleled resource for Saab owners and buyers.
Dear Scott, Thank you again for all you do to keep Saabnet what it is and improving too! May I trouble you to please change the ad for 1978 99 Turbo. to sold please at your convenience? Response was off the charts but that may not surprise you. SF
The site has been very useful and I have sold at least 5 Saabs in the past 18 months using it. Your readers know what they are looking for when they come to a Saabnet. BH
Hey! I sold the SPG. You can take the ad down now. Thanks for the great service! I look forward to posting on your site again in the future. Thanks, CH
Our Saab sold in 6 days and we got our asking price! Thanks for providing the service! MB
Hi Scott Another success story. My SPG has sold. Thanks DG
Can you please change the listing to Sold? I can't believe how powerful the community base is...highly recommended! CC
My Snow Silver Metallic 2009 Saab 9-5 Griffin Edition is sold. Please mark it sold on the classified listing. Thanks for your site. Long Live Saab! RS
Just wanted to say what a good site you have... Had lots of interest in car so far. JD
Thank you for the help. Nothing but serious buyers contacted me and I would recommend your site to anyone. JM
Can you please remove both of our saab classified ads. 2000 9-5 aero (decided to keep it) and 2009 saab 9-3 sport combi 6 speed (sold immediately thanks to you). Thank you very much for keeping Saabs alive. SG
Thanks, TSN Sold another one and I had three responses on the 1972 96 I put in 3 hours ago. JD
Please list my car as sold in the classifieds, and thank you for providing this great classifieds service! Regards, EF
Our '88 convertible finally sold to a father and son in Atlanta. The bulk of my inquires came from your site. Thank you. RR
The 2003 convertible has been sold. We thank you for the great website that got the word out to so many interested SAAB enthusiasts. BF
Scott, Just sold my SPG for full asking price to a young enthuiast from UT; he's driving it back.† Sad to see my last saab drive away and man did it sound great.† Thanks for a great sight; i'll be back in another C900 in a couple of years but will remain a member as the site needs to stay alive. Best Regards, NH
Hi Scott, You can mark my car as SOLD. FYI, I listed the car on Craigslist, eBay and Saabnet and although I had tons of interest through all avenues, it sold through Saabnet - went to a great Saab fan just down the road in Novato. Thanks for all you do. KH
Thank you for putting my Saab on your site. It has sold and is going to Germany. MK
Scott, Very pleased with your network...My 1988 Saab Turbo Convertible sold in 3 weeks! Must have had at least 15 inquiries. Would definitely recommend this site to any other Saab owners. Now a little sad that my Saab of 27 years has a new home. But it has a good owner with his third 1988 Saab!! It is a great car. Thanks, JS
Hi, My SAAB sold tonight! Thanks so much. It sold to a SAAB lover and I know it will be in good hands. Please mark my ad SOLD. Many thanks, AB
I sold my car thanks to you! JW
My 2010 Saab 9-3 Convertible is sold. Please mark it as such. Thanks for a wonderful website. You are keeping the Saab name alive! RS
My 89 SPG was sold last night. Please reflect that change on the Classified page, particularly since offers continue to arrive on almost a daily basis. Thank you for your service. JN
It sold easily, good luck to you. PA
Just wanted to let you know I sold the Viggen. CAn't believe the number of serious buyers who called (4 within 5 days. 2nd caller looked at the car over the weekend and made an offer on the spot! Thanks for the excellent site that reaches true SAAB collectors and fans. Please make the car SOLD TO A GOOD HOME!!! SM
Scott, Please mark my 74 sonett as sold. I had a huge response to the ad and the car sold right away for its asking price! Thank you! AG
Hello I am happy to report the vehicle has been SOLD to just the right enthusiast in Toledo Ohio. Thank you, and all the best. KT
Being a Saab enthusiast I often find myself looking at Saabs every week on TSN. I've now have sold #3 Saabs via TSN which enables the seller to target true Saab enthusiasts who appreciate these fine automobiles. After Posting my Saab 900 convertible on TSN I sold the car to a gentleman in Frankfurt at full asking price. The sale was consummated is less than a week from posting my ad. Try and do that on Craigslist... I so appreciate the fine resource you provide. Thank you..thank you. MB
Placed ad yesterday. Sold car this morning. Thank You for your hard work making this site the place be. BC
Thanks for the existence of this site! I have now sold 2 Saabs through Saabnet and don't know how I would have sold them so effectively using any other approach. I appreciate your assistance. JA
this venue proved invaluable to my sale. RH
Outstanding I sold my 9-3 Aero XWD after just 1 week on your site. Thank you! BSM
Please mark it as sold. The first caller bought it and drove it away. Saabnet works again. I like the fact that classifieds here have the right audience and know what they are buying. GJ
Scott, Please mark my 2003 Aero wagon as Sold. Aggressive pricing and your excitable site followers resulted in a quick sale above asking. I'll be using your services again. Thanks for your help. KD
Hello, I couldn't believe how much activity I got by placing my car -- errr, umm my _former_ car -- on your website. †It began within a few hours of it being on your site. †The car sold within the week and for a reasonable price to the buyer and myself. †Easy! †I'd never had gotten anywhere as much for my car had I posted through other popular services or websites. †Thus, please mark my car as sold at your convenience. Regards, JM
Scott: After not even two hours on SAABNET my beloved 1970 95 wagon is sold and PAID for !! Please mark it as sold. GS
One day. Four calls. I need more saabs! I could sell abunch... Thank you! TT
Hi: Our 1977 Saab 99 has sold, gone to a good Saab home! Please remove our ad, we had an excellent response! Great venue to sell a Saab! Thanks, RA
Hi Scott, The Saab sold in one day. thank you. You may list it as sold on your website. EH
I have sold my Saab Viggen.† I think that it happened within about 10 minutes of you placing the ad.† Several people got email notices.† The first two callers wanted the car without question.† That speaks to the popularity and effectiveness†of your website.† And I think that I priced the car too low.† But it does have a very damaged engine.†††Please show this car as sold.† Thank you for your very good service. RM
Nothing but good things to report about Saabnet, and would Definitley use you again. Regards. AR
Thank you! My 1990 900T SPG sold for asking price in 2 weeks. You made it a really easy experience. EH
The 1988 Saab 900 sis I listed sold today. Thanks for your help, got many perspective buyers nation wide. Great experience with Saab net! BS
Dear Saab Net Admin, My Saab Turbo X was sold this week. Please mark my ad as sold. Thank you - I got the most hits and ultimately sold my Saab from your site! JH
I invite you to mark my 900S as a SOLD vehicle through your site. Thanks for all the help. It was a great deal with a great SAAB owner/Lover. Regards, BP
Sold for the asking price. Thanks, RS
Just wanted to let you know that I sold my car. This is a great site; I received inquiries from a broad geographic spectrum. Thanks. DA
Thank you for your help. Please be advised that our Saab 2002 Convertible was sold last night. It was sold at our asking price. SD
Dear Scott, I already sold the SAAB. Great service! CLB
Scott, Please be advised that my 1991 Saab 9000 Turbo Hatchback has been sold. Therefore kindly indicate on the classified ad on the 9000 Classifieds board that it is sold. † Astonishingly, the buyer made an offer in only four hours after the ad was posted on the 9000 Classifieds board. And beyond the buyer, I wound up receiving telephone and e-mail inquiries from about twelve other interested parties. So, to say the least Saabnet classifieds really worked! PD
Scott please mark my ad as sold. The buyer found the car on SAABnet. Thanks for the help! ML
My vehicle can be marked as sold! Thanks Scott! Saabnet helped me to find the perfect buyer ! FS
The SAABNET ad was an excellent way to sell our 92 900S conv. to a very deserving party in Fla. We had some 30 calls on this car. CC
Our 2007 Convertible is sold-- bittersweet. Thanks for connecting us with another Saab lover. LB
Scott, please note that I sold my 9-3 ss, 2007. Could not have done it without SAAB Net. Thanks again, DR
Please delete my ad!! Sold for asking price. Thanks a million. FJ
Scott - My saab sold - got a lot of interest from the site, which was great. Can you change status to sold? Thanks SP
Hello Scott, we sold the car this week. Advertising on TSN worked fabulous!! Do you mind updating it as sold or removing it now. Thanks again, very good result from advertising here. VR
Hi Scott, Please remove my 1999 9-3 Scarab Green Convertible from the classifieds. Sold today to another saabnet member from New York. Thanks, IC
Hi Scott,† Please remove my ad. †It is sold. †Thank you for your†assistance and for providing the best affordable site to display a Saab for sale. † Regards JF
This 9-3 cv has already sold (1 day up on saabnet!!!). Thank you! DT
The car's been sold, to a Saabnet reader. PO
Had car for sale for 4 months or so - tried newspaper classifieds and then craigslist with no success. Then tried and car sold for asking price. TC
Hi Scott, Mark my posting sold. It actually sold about 6 hours after posting. JB
Hi Scott, Another TSN classified success story, my 9-3 sold this morning. Thanks for your help. Regards, JSS
Scott, † I have decided to keep my '93 Saab 900 (which I bought off Saabnet last spring), so please take down my ad.† But I want to tell you the value I received from it.††First, I got a call from a guy named Scott†of Boston, who told me he would be interested in buying it and†converting it to a 5 speed.† I said I would keep it if it were a 5 speed.† So, he told me about Mark at Specialized Auto in Essex MA who could do the conversion.†† Shortly thereafter, I got a call from an advertising production company in NY which saw the ad and offered to buy the car for a photo shoot it was doing for Chloe perfume.† I told them I would rent it, not sell it, so they paid me $2,000 for two days of shooting.† That†payment will come close to funding the conversion.† The Chloe print ad campaign is supposed to come out in September, in case you see an old Saab with a beautiful model sprawled on it.† I'm heading to Maine today for my daughter's college graduation and dropping the Saab in Essex for its transmission transplant.† † Isn't Saabnet great? † Cheers,† KO
Hi Scott, Please indicate my vehicle as sold. Your site is THE PLACE for Saab owners and enthusiasts. My car sold within 5 days to someone who appreciates and will care for a classic. Thanks, L
Scott, † Cancel the ad for my 1969 Sonett V-4. It was sold to a person in Belgium who has a rusted out car that needs a great rust free Colorado car. I placed it on the transport last Thursday to go over the pond to a new owner. First time I sold a car overseas and yes I made sure I received the cash first. It took 3 weeks to secure the secure funds. I would not release the car until that happened. It is great the international clients who read your site. Great Job!! † Jerry Danner Mile Hi Automotive
Hi Scott, Just and update on my car and the effectiveness of TSN classifieds - the ad went up Sunday - I've had three contacts from TSN so far - the TSN contacts are from the Bay Area, Montana, and Florida - The Bay Area lead is having a PPI done on Monday - Hopefully we close the deal Mon or Tues, if not I move to the other leads -Update: Deal closed on Sunday. EL
Thank you Scott. As an FYI the only place I listed the Saab was on saabnet and I got a ton of traffic. Maybe 15 inquiries the 1st week. Some from Germany and from Denmark and I think one from China. EH
Hi, I sold the car today for the asking price, thank you saabnet! Thanks, EH
Hello, Please mark the ad as sold. Again you guys were the ones that got me the sale of this car. Thank you for having such a great Saab community. DP
Your site is really great by the way. I've used it over the years as a non engine person to get various questions answered. And it's been an invaluable resource in selling the car to a fellow Saab person. M
The 1993 Saab 9000 CSE that you listed earlier today has been sold. The power of the Saab network is awesome. Thanks, GJ
Scott, Please mark my Saab as sold. I had the car listed on eBay, Craiglist and TSN. TSN got the most hits and provided the ultimate buyer. Thanks, DM
I am pleased to say my Saab has sold thanks to your site. I actually had a buyer from Hamburg Germany fly to San Diego to buy the car and have it shipped back to Germany. It was a unique selling experience to say the least. Could you please add a "sold sign" to my add. Thank you. Best regards, MB
Scott, I wanted to let you know that I have sold my 1992 Saab 900 turbo convertible, Citrin Beige Metallic, extreme low mileage, automatic that was listed on SaabNet. I received 5 contacts since listing and the first contact came within the first 30 minutes of listing. I had two candidates that were ready to purchase sight unseen. Great job in using Saabnet, the offers are serious Saab folks and that really helps. BH
Hi Scott. I have sold the car, as a *direct* result of Saabnet. I also had the car listed elsewhere and eBay (as you know). While time has moved on over the years, Saabnet still has the real and original SAAB enthusiasts! Please mark the ad sold! All the best! Be well, Andy
Scott, My 86 Saab has sold. Thank you very much for running this service. My ad received a great response, allowing me to find someone who would value this car. Thanks again, AS
Thx. 2nd Saab I have sold on your site! DR
Hi Scott, Can you please remove my 9-3 sport combo sale ad? The car sold tonight after being on the forum for only 24 hours! thanks, DR
The 1987 saab 900 convertible that I have listed has been sold. Thank you for help selling it. Had a very good response from all over the country. ES
This email is to inform you that my car has sold. Please indicate the car has been sold on the published ad (or remove the post altogether). Your website was instrumental in helping me get this done thank you. Kindly DJ
My 1990 Saab 900 SPG sold in one day! MC
Scott, WOW! I sold my 99 Viggen in one day! Thanks! RK
Scott, You can mark my ad "Sold", my beloved 99 Viggen is in new hands as of Saturday. The response to the ad was fantastic as expected. As your site advertises to dedicated SAAB owners, I sold the car without dealing with c-list and ebay buyers that waste my time. The buyer committed to buy the car sight unseen based on the ad and a few extra pictures I sent by email, and he drove to my town with a bank check to pick it up. An effortless transaction! Some later responses even offered more than the asking price, but we already had a "handshake" for the car. Thanks for making saabnet what it is for the SAAB community. AM
Regarding the '86 SPG we advertised for sale on your site, This car has now been sold. Please indicate as such on the ad at your earliest convenience. Thanks to Saabnet for putting us in touch with someone local who bought the car for the full advertised price. Took just five days to find the perfect buyer! We know the car is going to a good home. Cheers, HB
sold today for full price thanks to Saabnet. Please indicate that on ad. This is still the best place for Saabs, Scott. KK
The car has been sold. Less than 12 hours from posting ad to deposit taken from buyer. Thanks. AVH
Dear Saabnet service - I have found a buyer for my Saab - he tells me he bought another Saab from you as well... I need to drop my ad now so other potential buyers do not continue to think it is available. I have had responses from CT to MI to OR to TX to FL. Amazing all the Saab lovers out there. Thank you, JW
I placed a classified on July 29 for a 1982 Saab 900 Turbo. Could you please mark that sold for me. I was fortunate to have sold my car in 15 hours of the advert appearing on the Internet. I would be happy to post feedback on the website if you tell me how to do it. I cannot believe how quickly my car sold and the number of responses from all over the country . Thanks, MG
Remove my add for 1989 SAAB 900. Sold on second day! Thanks Scott! JI
Hi Scott, Sold my car on Saturday. ;-) Thanks so much for your excellent service! Found just the right people- or they found me... Can't thank you enough, and will tell others about your great website. FYI- they called Tuesday night- you listed Monday afternoon at noon! Kind of incredible. Have a great day. ES
Please mark this advert SOLD. Amazing response from all around the country, sold in 3 days for the asking price. BB
Guys, Sold my car in one day! Thanks for offering a great service. EB I am so grateful that you created the Saab Network. I have had am 1985 900S since 1989, Sven Black Fjord. It was very hard to put Sven up for sale but I had too because my husband and I were downsizing. I was definitely worried that my car would end up being "parted out" which would have been a terrible tragedy. By placing a classified ad on the network, I got responses from folks all over the country. I was able to sell the car to a Saab lover in Salt Lake City who had a 1985 900 that was the same black exterior and rose interior -- but who's Saab got totaled by a driver who fell asleep at the wheel. It makes me feel good that Sven is going to someone who is going to love the car. And.... the person buying him is excited to have a car like his old one he can fix up and make like new! Please go ahead and mark my classified ad as SOLD. A very, very happy Saab Network user, SC
Both of my July listings sold to prospects that came from SAABNet...not nor Proof that your site is THE place for reaching the SAAB community - and getting results. Thanks for all you do for us Scott, NT
My saab has sold, thanks to the saabnetwork. It was my first time selling a car and I am happy to have had the saab network helping me do so. The responses to my ad were from people all over the east coast, all very friendly, all saab lovers. In additon to the 3 classified photos you provide, The person who bought the car was also able to access my saab members photo gallery to see the car from every angle. They also searched my posts in the bulletin boards, learned A bit of the car's history, and felt like they knew the car inside and out before ever test driving it. Saabnet is a wonderful tool for saabnuts, buyers and sellers. Thank you for making this website!
I was very happy with the number of calls and serious interest within less than a week's time...the car sold for the asking price to the first buyer, who came to see the car the next day after she called and left a $200 deposit upon seeing the car. She checked out the car thoroughly with her mechanic and I believe she was equally pleased with Saabnet to find a seller in this forum that was offering a good value, accurately described and represented. I just listed a used Mercedes here, I realize it's not as prized as a convertible 900, but hopefully I'll get some uptake! cheers, -B
Please place a sold banner on the classified ad for my 2002 Viggen.  FYI, within a day of the posting of my ad I already had multiple inquiries from prospective buyers.  Thanks again for the prompt posting and for the heads up about scammers. - what a great site to look for and, when it is time, to sell our Saabs! JC
This is to inform you that my 2001 9-3 Viggen is sold. I couldn't be any happier with I read what others had to say about using to sell their vehicles, and I decided to post here becuase of their positive comments. Wow. What a difference. Thank you so much. I'm happy with every aspect of the sale - the timing, the price, and most important of car was bought by a Saab-enthusiast who I know will take good care of her. Thanks again, JD
Hi Saabnet, My car has sold through your website, very quickly! Would you please mark it sold? SB
Hi, I just wanted to say thanks very much indeed for the use of your classifieds. I actually sold my car within 24-hours! CM
Dear Sir, My Saab sold in a week using the classified ads on your site. Thank you for making selling my car so easy. PS
Car is sold. This may be one of the few cases the priced *increased* significantly above the asking price. Thanks! DF
Please mark my '96 900 2DR Hatchback as SOLD. It sold right away - thanks for running a great web-site! MF
Please mark my 9.5 Linear Wagon Sold. Thanks for the help, and for selling a Saab, this was 1000 X better than other classifieds. JH
My Saab sold to the first person who contacted me from the site, but I had a ton of hits. Thanks much - it was money well spent! Let me know if you have any questions. EM
We had very little interest when the car was advertised on other sites. When we took ran the ad on your site, we received a good deal of interest in the car which resulted in its sale to a person in the vicinity where he lived. Thank You. WS
Your site is awesome! Car sold in like 3 days! CN
I sold the car! Please remove the add. I had a great response to the add. Auto Trader did not even come close. MT
Thanks to your fantastic web site, I have sold my SAAB. THANK YOU!! I got a LOT of interest on the car, but 90% of it was from TSN and ultimately the car went to a VERY good home (another SAAB guy who has a link on your site). THANK YOU! I proudly wear your site on the rear of my Viggen in a license frame (a car I bought because it was posted on TSN). PR
I had the car in Autotrader, the Princeton Packet and the New Jersey Star Ledger. 95% of all activity came from your site. The car was sold to a person who saw the add on your site. Thanks JWW
Saabnet "webmaster": I sold my "92 900S this morning. Please indicate the "sold" posting on the website. The response that I received from the classifieds on Saabnet was great! Far better than any local ads that were placed, and the people inquiring were knowing of saabs and sincerely interested. Thanks to you for your help! Sincerely DA
Please place a sold banner on the classified ad for my 74 Sonett. I got unbelievable response -- the first response was within hours of the posting and I got around 10 inquiries within two days. I can't think that there would be a more effective places to sell a Saab than your site. Regards, JM
Hello Scott, My 1985 900 Turbo sold this afternoon from for my requested price. I can't thank you enough for providing and its classified ad service. The level of response was outstanding, and everyone was a pleasure to work with. The Saab has gone to an enthusiast, who will give it a deserved second life in its homestate of Maryland. I also appreciate your cautionary advice about the scammers. With gratitude SS
Hello Saabnet Please put a sold sign on my ad for the 900 S, placed by mail. It first appeared this past Thursday and sold in two days. Thanks, PL
Hi Scott, Thanks to you, the car was sold yesterday. I appreciate your help and effort building such a great community! best, IH
Hi you can put a sold sign on my car......I had so many bids for it..I got top dollar, thanks for the wonderful site, now i can go out and get a brand new Saab DV
Please mark my vehicle as sold! 3 hours after posting of ad! Thanks, LD
Great website: wonderful, priceless, indispensable to all us old SAAB geeks. You'll go to heaven for sure! Best, AP
Dear Scott, I sold my car less than six days after the ad went up on Saabnet. Placing the ad on Saabnet was a great choice because the inquiries I received were from serious buyers who knew what the car was worth. Thanks! Would you mark the ad "sold"? Best, CH
And once again - thanks! This is the third time this has worked like a charm - unfortunately, no more 900's in my future (for the time being) so until you start "audinet" - I will simply have to visit from time to time! All the best, JH
Hi Scott, Please mark my car sold! I can't believe how successful my placing adB in theB Saab Network worked. Renewing the ad in a larger font and bold print drew multiple responses. BC
Scott, I sold the car last Tuesday. BTW, the purchase was due to your site. Thanks, CH
OK..... so it took 6 hours!!!! Sold & Thanks! RO
Hi - The car has sold - thanks so much! This was such a quick and easy way to connect with people who would be interested in my Saab; it sold in less than a week! Thanks again, JC
Scott, Yet again, thanks for offering such a wonderful service to all of us Saab Enthusiasts..... Please stamp my ad with theB successful SOLD sign..... Much appreciation!!! DL
Hi, Please remove my ad. My Saab sold within the first week. Thanks for the help. KM
Scott, The Saab has been sold. Please remove that ad and put me down as a believer in Saabnet classified advertising. JG
Hello, I am writing to inform you I have successfully sold my Saab I was advertising with Saabnet. The response from potential buyers was fantastic. Roughly 14 responses in less than 3 weeks. I tried several other services, traditional and non-traditional, with very poor results - however it was one of those callers who suggested Saabnet. Man, was that great advice. SS
Dear Saab Network, Hooray! I sold my car over the weekend, and would like to have you place a "SOLD" notice over the ad. Thank you very much. The car was sold to a buyer that inquired through The Saab Network. I had several other potential buyers also inquire through the network. Everything worked smoothly, and I feel the Saab Netwrok really helps connect us crazy and committed Saab owners with each other. Thanks again! MR
Good morning- Could you please remove my ad from the classifieds. The car has sold. This service worked wonderfully- the car sold in about three hours after the ad was activated. Thank you for this service-I will recommend this to all of my Saab buddies. LW
I received many inquiries. Great results from Saabnet Classifieds. Thanks. JB
Scott, My Saab is sold after only three days in the Saabnet classifieds. This is the second Saab I have listed in the Saabnet classifieds that has sold in a matter of days. I am convinced there is no better place anywhere to sell your Saab. CP
Car is sold thanks to Saabnet! Had great response from all over the country. CL
We have just sold our Saab which is on your site. Could you please put sold on it. Thank You, WW Your network is just great!!!
My 1988 saab sold on the first day. Please put a sold sign on ad. Thank you, MH
Thank you for the great service - please list my vehicle as sold - guy picked it up on Saturday morning - sold in a couple of days DL
Hi, This is TA. Please remove my ad as my car has sold. Thanks for such a great listing service. My car sold for the asking price within 5 hours of it being listed!
Hello Scott, Thank you, the car sold in two days (but tookB 2+ weeks for the shippers to get their act together). It is now on its way to texas. Please put the "sold" title on my ad. Thanks, DN
my car sold in 6 days on JB
Hi Scott, I had excellent response from my ad on the Saab Network and sold the car this morning. Thanks! SW
Hi Scott, My SPG has been sold. Your website is excellent for selling Saabs. Thank you. FL
Scott, For the second time I am successfully selling my SAAB through the saabnet website. The site is fantastic! Many thanks for all your help. Please mark my classified as SOLD. I am upgradingB to a newer and faster Saab, no doubt will get back to you when it is time to sell this one. Best regards, IY
Once again, I was able to sell my Saab on Saabnet. You can mark it as sold. Thanks again. BG
Greetings, I don;t have my confirmation email handy for reference, so please use this as confimation that the Saab has been sold. Your ads worked beautifully, the car sold in 6 days, at price, to a dedicated SAAB nut - which was one of the criteria for purchase! I had over 15 responses! Please move the post to SOLD and Thank you for this forum! THB-
Please be advised that I sold my 1985 Saab 900 this morning. I had many responses to my ad. Thanks so much for the excellent service. BM
I sold this car to a buyer through this site. Thanks. MN
The response to my ad was overwhelming - thanks to saabnet!! A great site for all Saab enthusiasts! RM
We had 2 firm offers within 20 hours and sold the car. Saabnet really gets the true results! PK
Selling these tires was a lot easier than I thought it would be. This SAAB network is terrific! KO
Thank you very much! My car was sold in a couple of days following the placement on your site. I am very happy with the results of your classifieds. KM
The Saab Network: I sold my car this afternoon thanks to The Saab Network. The car sold after one short week, and I was amazed at the plethora of responses I received. Thank you for this wonderful service. AS
This car has been sold. I must have been asking too low a price! It sold in 24 hours or less. Please remove the ad or note that it has been sold. Thanks for your help! FL
I listed my BBS Sabb wheels and tires last night and miraculously, they sold today!! If you could, please remove this ad as the wheels and tires are no longer available. Thanks!! MD
Please mark my classified ad sold. B Wow, I had brisk inquiries and sold my Saab in 3 days on your site! Thank you so much! DD
Saab Network is awesome, I sold the wheels/tires four hours after my add was placed on the saabnet. Could you please remove my add ASAP so I don't have to disappoint anyone else. SW
Thank you for the ad, I had great response and sold the Saab in less than ten days, Please delete my ad asap... thanks again for your great Saab Site. JM
Scott - These babies have been sold. I'll have some more wheels to sell shortly. The response was amazing. At least 3 interested parties emailed me a day. Saabnet rules. JB
This weekend, I sold the car thanks to SaabNet!! We got the offer within 2 weeks of the ad being placed and handed the car over this weekend! You can mark the ad as sold and/or remove it when you are ready. Thanks again! JW
Hi, Please mark my ad as SOLD. This was the only ad I placed, and my car sold in less than two weeks to a local Saab enthusiast, which was exactly what I hoped! Thank you for a great site, I've enjoyed it. TE
The parts I listed in the classifieds have been sold. Could you please mark the ad accordingly? Thanks, MP P.S. I've been a user of The Saab Network for more than 10 years. It's a great forum!
I sold the Saab today. Please mark the ad as SOLD. Thanks for your help. If you want to sell a Saab this is the only place to advertise. Have a great holiday season. TB
Thanks again! Please list my Saab as sold,the response was great ,sold on the 3rd day,to a great local cash buyer. Best Regards, ML
Thanks for a greatB website. I had an abundance of responses from across the US and Canada. JC
Please be advised that the car SOLD this evening!!! YEAH!!! THANK YOU!!!! Once again the SAABNET hooks me up!!! Scott for PRESIDENT!!! Cheers! BG
Hello, Please remove my ad from your classifieds page. The car sold this weekend. Thank you once again for offering such a great website. DW
Thanks for providing the classified service, it was very valuable in selling the car... PL
Scott, Thank you so much, the car is sold.. the site is GREAT.. GH
Scott, Please mark my ad for the 1991 900 SE convertible "sold". The ad generated tremendous response from across the US and even some international inquiries. The deal was closed in 8 days. Thanks! DS
Wanted to let you know that my Saab, thanks to your excellent site. KO
thanks to your wonderful website, my Saab has a good, new home, my black '90 saab 900 was succesfully "transacted" and the ad on your site must be withdrawn thank you SW
A ton of thanks to you and your classified section. Within days I had much interest while I never received on call or mail from craigslist. Please mark my ad as sold. Believe it or not, someone local was the buyer but they found me on your list!! MW
Hi Scott! Your web site did it again!! Please mark mine "sold" Thanks for your help MM
Wanted to let y'all know that I sold my 74 Sonett as a result of placing the ad with y'all. CH
Please place my ad as sold. Great site to sell Saabs placed mine and sold car in 3 days. thank you! DW
Please mark my ad as SOLD I think I could have sold about 20 Saabs with the response my add received. I definitely will have to list my other Saab in the spring. TL
Thank you to your website, my car has been sold! HY
I had tremendous success using your site! please mark my ad as sold. PW
Thanks for the fantastic site. Saabnet is the only place I put my car up for sale on, because it is simply the best place to buy and sell classic Saabs. Period. KS
Just wanted to let you know that after FOUR weeks of paying EBAY with no results, My 9.5 wheels and tires sold in three days on Saabnet. Please remove my ad. People are upset that the wheels sold! Thanks! DM
For years and years I've known that the BB and chat sections of rock. I just learned how great the Classified section of the site is, too. I posted my Saab and I got calls the same day. One week later, the deal was done. is THE way to sell a SAAB. Banner ads are a fantastic option, too. They really get attention. Thanks again! RT
Can you please remove my add because the car is now sold. I had more email's because of your website than I could keep up with. I thought one guy was going to cry when I told him the car was sold. Thanks a million, DM
This may be a new record, ad went up today... car sold today. Thanks a lot! WP
Your classifies rock! Hopefully they will bring me my next Saab. Thanks RO
I sold my '93 9000 CSE Turbo in under a week. This is THE site to sell SAABS! Thanks! RL
Please mark my Saab that I have advertised for sale as sold. I received many calls and e-mails and sold it to the second caller. Thanks. JR
Greetings. I sold the car today. If you could put the kick ass "SOLD" banner on the ad, that would be great. DH
I have just sold my second Saab thanks to Saabnet. SS
Sold it through TSN, by the way! It killed the local papers in terms of leads. i was quite pleased. Thank you. ME
Please remove our Saab from the "for sale" list . We sold the car already (Man,you guys are good!). RC
Scott, Once again Autotrader on-line sucks and SAABNET rocks. Please remove the 03 Aero Wagon. Thanks, SE
Hi Scott, Just writing to let you know that I sold my SAAB yesterday. Thanks very much for your help through it all, and for providing this service. I bought the car ~6 yrs ago over the Saabnet, and am pleased to have sold her to a loving driver via the same medium. Thanks again! MS
Scott Another Site success story. Sold my Saab with 256K. Where else could you do that, what else for that matter. Thank you. Please mark my ad sold. Thank you BH PS Thanks for a great site, couldn't live without it.
We have sold our SAAB through your site. Thank you! CC
Thanks again for your site..I've now sold two Saabs thanks to Saabnet. PH
Thanks, Sold it here in three days. CH
Hello, could you post "sold" on the ad I placed yesterday? I could have sold it 10 times already, which says a lot for these classifieds! BM
I just wanted to let you know that the classified advertisement I had place for my Saab is no longer needed as the car has been sold. Your website was an absolute asset in terms of getting my car seen by the saab community and I just wanted to say thanks. Happy saabing! CS
I enjoy your website, and it has proved very effective. CM
I want to thank you for the opportunity to advertise my Saab on your website. I have sold the vehicle and am very happy with the result. I got my asking price and I feel that I sold it to someone who can properly appreciate it. PS
Just wanted to let you know I sold my car in 2 weeks for the asking price. Lots of response. Great results. DP
Car was sold to the first person who inquired the same day the ad posted. The Saab Network classifieds are the best way to connect Saab buyers and sellers, by far! Thanks again, EA
I sold my Saab this week. And yes, I sold it to a buyer who found it on Saabnet. Please mark it as sold or remove it (or whatever you do!). Thank you. I look forward to dealing with you on future Saab deals. Regards, GM
Saabnet generated a huge amount of interest, and it sold to the first person who came to look at it! LH
I have just sold my 94 Aero for a great price. I could not have done it without your site. Thank you very much. NW
I am happy to report that the Saab which I listed sold for the asking price. The buyer found the car on your site, called in from out-of-town, flew in to look at it and drove it away. So you can take it out of the classifieds now. CA
We were very pleased with the response that we had. Your website was the only add we had placed and there was over 10 inquiries in just 4 days. The car sold on the 5th day to a happy new Saab owner that plans to enjoy the car into the future. Thanks very much, TG
Well Saabnet did it again. B My car sold to the second caller on the next day. B Thanks so much for all your (and your site's) help during my 4 years of happy Saab ownership. JR
Scott, Car was sold at Carlisle to a Saabnet member who saw it in the TSN classifieds. Thanks, BC
Please mark the ad's for the Sonett and the wheels as SOLD. Thank you very much for this service. I don't think they would have been sold otherwise. GH
Thank you for your fine service, I had two hits the first 24 hours, and six for the week. The first guy in bought it. Pleasee mark my ad as "SOLD". JH
Thank you and I am very well pleased with your service. I had far more calls and contacts with SaabNet than any print media. The contacts were also from well beyond my area. PK
SOLD!!! I sold the car this weekend. Please mark it as sold on your site. It sold for 10 K thank you you guys rock.!!!! FG
We were contacted and sold the car bra about 3 hours after it posted to the site. Please remove the ad and thanks for your help! DP
Thank you very much for the great website. We had a lot of email and phone inquiries. I would recommend the site to anyone with a SAAB to sell. Your fee is very reasonable. Sincerely RR
Hi~ Just wanted to let you know that my car is sold. This site is awesome! My car sold in less than a week. The nice thing about it is that I was able to find a Saab enthusiast who will appreciate the car for what it is. I don't think that would have been possible to find so quickly using my local paper. Thanks!! CG
First, Saabnet is a wonderful, indispensible site for Saabophiles--I use it more and more. Thanks you! LS
I never advertised anywhere except on the Saab Network site and it turned out great. Thanks ! GS
My item is sold already! I got a call the same day the ad was up, and they were picked up this morning. Great! Thanks for offering such a useful, targeted service to the Saab community. Regards, MB
Please be advised this car was SOLD today! Did not expect to sell it this quickly, so here's to The Saab Network! Yes, the buyer spotted it on Saabnet. Thanks, JH
Please note that my Saab has been sold. In fact, it was sold almost immediately and I did not notify you at the time that the transaction occurred. Lots of responses enabled me to make a quick sale at a good price. Very pleased to have advertised on the web site. AR
You can switch my Saab for sale ad over to the archived sold section. It has been sold. I got a terrific response. Thank you. DG
Hi Scott, I got great results from the site. I had hits with in a day or so and sold easily. Thanks so much for your service! DW PS I found a Saab "tuning" session through an ad on the site too. I got a great up grade on my engine!
Scott, Sold in a day! That's the way I like it. Thanks, RO
< I am writing to inform you that the ad sold in less then 24 hours. BM
Hello all, Please mark this ad as SOLD! Thank you Saabnet!!! GC
Thanks for providing a great site to sell saabs on! MC
I just wanted to let you know that I sold the car. Thanks for having such a great site! I had a great response to the ad (compared to no response when I tried to sell it elsewhere). SL
I happy to report my car sold in two weeks!!! I received three times the inquires using than "other" on-line classifieds... Thanks for offering a great service and resource for the "true saab enthusiasts"! DL
Please put a sold banner over the ad for my Saab. Another sale of the Please keep up the great work. MA
Thanks again for an excellent web-site and for assisting me in selling my third Saab over the past few years! Keep up the great work! BS
Scott, I sold my snow tire package today with great ease and through much interest from the Saabnet community. It couldn't have been easier and more directed. Thanks for running a great classified section and Web site overall. SK
Hi Scott: Can you take my ad for the Saab off of the site? It looks like I've sold the car. I have to tell you, the response was amazing. And almost everyone was well versed in SAAB technicalities, so I never had to explain about the repairs and cosmetic issues.B Thanks! DC
Scott, My ad in Saab Net was successful, My was sold last night, Nov. 10th. (in one day) Please indicate sold on my ad. Thanks to you and Saab Net. BL
Absolute value for money. I could not of had a better response any where else on the net. This is the only place to advertise your SAAB classifieds. Thank you TSN JC
I sold my saab through your parts classified, so you can change the ad on the site. thank you so much for this wonderful site and allowing fellow saab lovers to have a place to communicate. everyone was wonderful and very helpful. my Saab will now have a wonderful new home and will be running again soon with a very nice saab lover. it makes me so happy! and it is all due to your site. BT
SaabNet Rocks! Plese note that my Saab is sold! To a very happy customer in Atlanta. Thank you Scott for the best website in all cardom. BH
Dear SAABNET: Your Classified ad system worked great - sold in four days with a number of serious offers from which I could consider. Many thanks. KHG
Please remove our classified ad. Our beautiful Saab sold in 24 hours! We are very happy - its going to a loving home where it will be well taken care of. S&H C
Please delete my ad. Worked GREAT. Thanks WV
This is my first experience trying to sell an item through TSN and I have had a great experience and received numerous high-quality inquiries. My item sold in less than 2 weeks. LH
Hi Scott, The Saab advertised closed yesterday. A Saab enthusiast from New Hampshire saw the car on the Saabnet, we communicated, and he flew down to West Palm Beach yesterday and picked up the car. Thanks for the help. It's interesting to note that I purchased an '98 9000 cse a month and a half ago that I found on the Saabnet. Thanks for that one, too. Kind regards, RF
You may mark my carB SOLD please. Cannot believe the positive response I got on my Saab. The Classic 900 Turbos (1991-1993 was the "sweet spot") are becoming more desirable than I ever would have imagined. After all, they are a great car, good power and 30+ miles per gallon. I could have sold the car 7 times based on the inqueries I received. Sold it for only a couple hundred dollars less than what I payed for it in May, 2001! It took only 3 days to sell. BL
PleaseB list my car as SOLD. Sold in less than 24 hours. MM
Hello, please mark my car as SOLD. It went to its new home , once again the Saab Net was the perfect place to sell one of my Saabs. Thank you , DP PS- KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK
The car sold in 3 days! CK
Unreal -- I posted the ad last night; got an e-mail this morning and a phone call a few hours later. I sold it to the person who called because he worked several miles from my house and came by and picked it up. LR
Scott: The Saab Parts classified ad worked like a champ! The response I got was unprecedented and I sold all 3 items in a hurry, even the esoteric Crank Pulley/Harmonic Balancer 30mmWRENCH. Thanx, BL
Please mark my add for my Saab as SOLD - thanks. Had a great response, but probably sold it too quickly! Regards, JG
Please remove this ad from the listing. By the way I god significantly more interest in my Saab from your site than for my BMW and Westy advertised on other sites. Great site and great results. GR
Hi Scott, Just wanted to say thanks and to let you know my Saab sold in one day for my asking price to the first person who called after seeing my ad on Saabnet. I had 3 more waiting in case the sale fell through for any reason. The local paper, even with their online ad, cost much more and didn't generate as much interest. Please mark my ad as SOLD and thanks again. JS
Scott, Please mark my Saab as sold. It sold within the first several days of being posted. The best part of advertising here is that the audience knows what you are selling so you avoid the segment that is interested only because of a low price. It is much easier to deal with people that know what you are talking about. Thanks for all you do for the Saab community. GS
Hey - We sold the car quickly - thanks for your help - your doing a great job - Please remove from classified, thanks ken KK
Please mark my ad as sold - only one day and 15 emails and 6 phone calls -- WOW! PL
Your website worked extremely well. My saab sold in two hours! To stop people from calling, please indicate SOLD or remove my add for the subject car. Thanks for the great service! TP
I sold my Saab that I had placed an ad for last week. You can take it down, I had so many responsesB it was nuts. Thanks so much JK
Can you please remove my Saab ad? It sold in 24 hours and I keep getting calls. Thanks for the great resource!! DH
My Saab was sold within 12 hours of posting the ad. Yes, it was in great shape and priced right, but your site made it happen!! Not only did it find a good home (fellow Saab fanatic) within a few hours drive, it also sold for my asking price. Please mark my ad "Sold" beforeB I get another 20 emails. RM
My 1985 SPG is sold. Thanks for the advertising, it really works. Please cancel my ad. MF
Great responses, but the first guy who looked bought. Thanks. DS
Please mark my ad as SOLD. Sold through the Saabnet Calssifieds. Interest in the items was great. As always, the Saabnet comes through. PR
Thanks again for a great site. My 3rd Saab sold on Saabnet! AB
Scott, My SAAB 9000 Aero sold in less than 24 hours after placing my ad. WoW! I'm impressed with the honesty, integrity and energy of our SAAB enthusiast community. An enthusiast from Michigan is flying in Monday to Virginia to pick up the car. Not a single scammer tried to take us on though we were ready after your warning. I knew my 95' Silver 9000 Aero was in demand but was overwhelmed by the response. Wish I had five more like it to sell. Please change the ad to SOLD. And thanks for getting my ad up so fast. Cheers, DJ
Actually it's not my item that sold, but I bought the 2001 9-3 Viggen in Redwood City 2 weekends ago.. I just wanted to thank you. This is the second Saab I've bought through Saabnet and I am so happy with this car. I never would have found it without you. There are hardly any Saabs up here in Redding and i was so lucky to hook up with the owner and make the 4 hour trip to get the car. Thank so much! Thank you so much for this great service! KH
Today delivered my Saab to happy new owner. WoW was that fast action. Listed on the 5th and sold 10th or 11th. Had at least 6 calls from folks. Thanks for your fine services, DS
I'm four for four over the years selling my cars through saabnet. MK
Could you mark the ad "sold"? It was sold to a Saabnet buyer this morning. SM
Scott, My car was listed on Monday and was sold by Friday to the first caller ! Please mark my ad sold, and a turbocharged thanks to Saabnet. RF
Thank you so much for helping me sell my 2002 Viggen. I had 20 people interested in buying it and was happy with the sale price. JR
Scott, Just wanted to let you know that the Saab has been sold. Your site was terrific! KE
Hi Scott, Please mark my Saab as SOLD! Another wonderful SAABnet classified experience. DP
Please mark my Saab as sold. Between post and receiving the check was only 4 days. But, my wife is heart-broken. Her 18 year old baby has left her. It needed a better home than we could give it. Thanks. FT
Scott, today a local former Saab owner road-tested my Saab and bought it on the spot. There were over a dozen inquiries, some serious, and mostly from remote areas. The winner in the distance category was the following email received earlier this week: Aloha have you sold your saab yet? THANKS IN ADVANCE, sj in hawaii. Saabnet enables us to reach out to all those remote Saab fans, and you deserve all the credit for it. Keep up the good work! Best regards, BW
hello saabnet, my car sold in 3 days from your website!! i would like to mark it as "sold" and thank you very much! RT
Thank You Saabnet! Within a week of posting, I had 32 serious responses to the ad. Saab has just sold today-it wouldnbt have happened without you. Thanks again. BD
Scott, My Saab sold. The ad hit the Saab Network Monday and I had a call that morning. We closed the deal yesterday. Thanks for being the connecting link of the Saab community. WC
Please be advised that the Saab has been sold (in 48 hours since posting the ad). I was most impressed by the "astounding" response rate to placing an ad on The Saab Network web site (15 queries in 48 hours). Many thanks, GT
Thanks for running the classified advertisement for our Saab. We had over 20 responses in 24 hours and it sold in 48 hours which is amazing since we ran an ad in our local paper for 2 weeks and did not sell the car. Saabnet is definetly the place to sell Saabs and Saab related items. Thanks, MT
Scott, My 9000 sold in a day through your ad. Thank you for running a great site. TK
Dear Scott, I am pleased to report that you are proving kbb and edmunds wrong once again. The car sold within three days at full asking price. I am wondering -- do you update those online services with actual transaction prices. Even though there were three people willing to pay at full asking, there were still many people who insisted to me that I had it priced wrong because kbb or edmunds "said" that the price was actually way lower. These people actually think that kbb or edmunds set the price! When will we be able to say... saabnet sets the price? Best and Thanks, JJ
My SAAB SOLD. Thank you the car sold very quick and I recieved 4 times the responses as Autotrader. GB
Scott, please mark the car SOLD! Thanks--advertising on Saabnet gave me the most interest and the best qualified prospects. RW
Hi Scott: The ad worked great. Sold her this morning from a telephone caller, and just responded to 11 e-mails about it. Thanks much! All the best, RC
Hi- I sold the rims to a saabnet buyer, less than 24 hours after placing the ad with saabnet -Many thanks, and please remove the ad, or mark "SOLD" DK
Hey Scott- Sold em in less than 12 hours! I sure appreciate what you've created, I don't know how else an item like this would sell. If you could put the SOLD banner over my listing, that'd be great. Thanks again Scott, I love The Saab Network! KM
I recently posted a classified ad on your web site and sold the car within a few days. Thanks! I'm still getting responses so could you take the ad down or put a "SOLD" message next to it or whatever you usually do? Thanks. AR
Attached is the photo I would like to show with my ad. The ad has only been up for a couple of hours and I already got an email. Outstanding!! Thanks much, HR
Dear Scott, Thanks to Saabnet we sold our Saab! MS
Please note that this car has been sold. There was an overwhelming response. Thank you and best regards, PM
Could you mark my Saab sold? Once again a great response -B Car sale was agreed to within ten hours ofB placing the ad. BP
I have the 1994 Saab for sale but sold it last Saturday. I've had a dozen calls on it in the past two days. Please mark the Saab sold. I've never had such a response to an ad. You guys are terrific and everyone I've talked to relating the ad has nothing but good things to say about your service. Too bad this wasn't a dating service, I've loved talking to all of the guys. Just kidding. It was fun. Thanks. CS
One more time, my Saab wheels sold within hours of posting. Thanks so much Scott for doing such a fine job. BB
Please mark my Saab I have listed as sold. It actually was verbally sold the first night of the add, but wasnt actually fully paid for and picked up until saturday. thanks for a great site! EW
Thank a million I sold Saab to a good home, thru the SAABNET. The site is wonderful! Please list it as sold ASAP. JA
Thanks for the exposure - I would probably have never sold this car for what is was really worth anywhere else! SB
Just letting you know the car is now official sold for exactly what I asked. Very cool - thanks RS
Sold the car tonight, had lots of inquiries, and three parties come to look at the car and it was sold! Thanks a bunch, GA
Whoa! I expected that my Viggen rims would eventually sell by using the Saab Network. What I didn't expect was that I would have half a dozen hits in the first 12 hours of it being posted! Sold to the first responder! Simply amazing. Thanks for hosting a great forum for Saab enthusiasts like myself. JL
Dear SAABNet, Please list this vehicle "Sold". It sold less than one week after the ad started running last Monday. In fact, a serious offer 24 hours after the ad appeared fell through only when someone's wife objected to the purchase. And the reminder of the week saw multiple interested parties virtually fighting for the car. Excellent service. Regards, BB
Please remove my personal inforamtion from the 1994 Volvo 850 Turbo Wagon, which I am advertising in the "Other Cars" section. The car was purchased thie weekend as a result of the ad. I am always impressed with the speed at which ads on "Saabnet" are sold. PR
Car sold in three days. JJ
My Saab has sold. I got full asking price through the Saabnet classifieds. Thanks again! AE
Scott: Please mark my add "sold". Within 15 minutes of your email, I got the first call and had 9 responses of interest within 24 hours. Unbelievable. Thanks. JC
I must tell you that the number of responses was impressive and I am sure to use Saabnet if I have parts or a Saab to sell in the future. Thanks for a truly informative and user friendly site. PM
Hi and NO KIDDING your classisfeid are the bestB with appreciative , knowledgableB shoppers. Please add my car to those SOLD translation you can remove my add with that sold banner DU
Our Saab sold on your site in two days. Thanks, JB
Your web-site is awesome, and your classified section is the best. A dealership turned my on to your site, and I am impressed and greatful. Thank you. CP
Scott: I sold the Saab to the first caller. You've got a great site going. I still have my "88 SPG, now with 263K miles on it, and still going strong. However, I know where to go if I ever consider selling it. I enjoy visiting your site and will continue to do so. Thanks. JC
Scott, Please remove my wanted ad for the rear hatch louvers. It was the best $10 I ever spent. I had many phone calls and numerous e-mails. I found a set within an hour of home, still on a car and look wonderful on my SPG, thanks to your ad. DC
Scott, Please place a "SOLD" banner across the Saab. It was sold to a person who calledB thursday just after you posted the ad. The pictures did not get posted yet and I had 4 calls. He bought the car on Friday. A person from Minnesota called and gave me a credit card deposit to hold. He will bring cash for the ballance. Great job!!. Your ads work great but also I had a very desirable vehicle. Along the sold word can you place "In 2 days" Again thanks. JD
Car has been sold. Thanks for your great service! RS
Dear TSN, THANKS to you I have sold my Saab. It's a great and wonderful thing to have a sight where SAAB lovers can go to. I am now looking to buy a 95 -97 AERO and this is one of the best ways to sell and purchase your Saab. Look forward to seeing that BIG RED sold label on my ad Thanks again. DC
Hey Scott, You can pull my ad. I actually got my first email 10 minutes after I received your confirmation and then the other item was sold three hours later. CD
Thanks for posting my add - my car sold in 1 day! Thanks again for all of your help! JA
Please mark the Saab Sold. I had many calls and e-mails. It was quick and simple. MA
I've sold my Saab to someone who bought it through my ad. Thanks. DS
Hi, Help, please cancel the ad!!! The response has been fast and overwhelming with 100's of calls and emails! The car sold the second day. Thanks so much, I'll be back on in a couple weeks with my other Saab for sale! ML
Hi there, I wanted to update my ad on saabnet... my car has been sold! (for your feedback:) thank you so much. At least eight people responded to my ad within a week, and the car sold in about two weeks. So easy! Sincerely, MA
While I'm a bit sad to see my little Saab go, I want to thank you and your site for providing the right forum and the right audience for this sale; it certainly expedited the process. The first place I'll look for my next Saab? without hesitation. Best regards, MT
I just sold the Saab today. Please mark as sold on TSN. Thanks for another successful sale!! Best regards, DB
HI, the saab is sold. you are the best place to sell. thanks CS
Hi Scott, Could you mark my car sold on the classifieds? The responses to my ads are so overwhelming and the car is sold in just a week. Thanks! KS
My Saab sold this weekend to someone who saw it on Saabnet! Please list it as SOLD and list me as a happy customer! JW
My Saab is sold (in one day). Thanks for your help. The ad generated better response than I have ever had with any other type of publication when trying to sell something. Please mark my vehicle as sold or take it out of the ad listing. Thanks again, CY
It only took 2 days for The Saab Network to find a buyer [any too many inquiries to handle]. A very well deserved THANK YOU! to TSN is expressed in gratitude. LB
I want to say THANK YOU and also that this was the most efficient sale of a vehicle without the usual hassles. Every inquiry was from knowledgeable SAAB people with the utmost of courtesy. A sincere THANK YOU! L
Greetings- Once again, Saabnet has worked it's magic - this car is now sold! I appreciate the effort - best in the New Year. Thanks! JH
This is the first time I tried to sell items on Saabnet. How great it worked. Sold everything in 3 days. Please mark my stuff sold. BL
The wheels which I have posted on Saabnet Parts are sold. They were posted on 12/18 and sold on 12/18!!! Please put a sold sign on the ad. Thanks JK
Thanks for the listing , we sold our Saab in two days, continues to be a great link to our SAAB clients, please close the add for and we will be in contact soon, thanks, again Thomas Low, Independent Auto Craft, IAC
Please mark my Saab as sold. Thanks for the listing as I got plenty of leads from DK
I would appreciate it very much if you would please discontinue this ad. Your service is terrific. I had a lot of response from serious buyers & my parts sold in less than a day. Thanks RF
Please remove my ad for wheels and snow tires. Sold 3 hours after it posted!! DR
I would like to inform you that my Saab has been sold. Thank you again for such an excellent classifieds section. I have successfully sold three Saabs through your outstanding website. Keep up the fantastic work! Sincerely, CW
Pleased to say that I sold TWO cars through the TSN classifieds this morning! Just thought I'd email so you can label them as sold. Thanks for the great service, I was blown away with how many responses I got on both cars. Thanks, MK
At the listed price it sold in a few days. GM
Hi Scott, you can stop my add now, I have sold the car. I sold the car in a matter of a few days, had inquiries from across the country. Thanks very much DC
This car is sold. The advert was great the first person who contacted me about the car bought it. JS
Hi Scott, Just wanted to let you know that I sold my Saab thanks to having an ad on this website. JS
Please mark as sold. This is my second foray using the Saabnet site to sell a vintage Saab and I was very pleased with the results! KK
Thanks for this site and your wonderful classified service. My '84 900S sold for full price to an out of state buyer who flew in today to get the car. She didn't even drive it until the deal was concluded and all the papers signed. The she drove away grinning. CH
Hi Scott, Could you please mark my ad for the 1988 spg as sold? I actually sold it within the first 2 days. JH
Thanks so very car sold in less than 3 days! BO
Scott: Please mark the car sold. Thanks for the terrific classified service. I expected to have to wait a lot longer to generate enough inquiries to sell the Saab, but within a few days of listing it I got a few inquiries on the car and on 9/2/04 (only 2 weeks after listing) it sold to a happy buyer (at a price that made me a happy seller). Thanks again for the great work. Regards-- EV
Sold my SPG today to someone who really likes Saabs – this was important to us. SAABNET is great! Thanks again for this great forum. DM
Thanks for placing the ad for the 1994 Saab 9000. It sold the 1st day it was posted. Can you please mark it sold. KV
I sold it! Your service is great. I received numerous call the past few days and the first couple that came to visit my Saab bought it. You can post it as Sold. Thank you very much for this service. JS
Please list my Saab as sold , vehicle was sold the first day . I'm still getting e-mails and phone calls almost 3 weeks later. Best Regards, MM
Just a note to let you know I sold my car today. Lots of responses to the ad and people are still e-mailing. EG
Thanks for a great site with much responce My car sold in less than a week Thank you RL
BTW, The response has been overwhelming! Sold in less than 24 hours. I can't believe the sheer number of enthusiasts that peruse the ads. Fantastic! Thank you for a great service. LV
the car has sold! i listed on your website and autotrader (website and magazine) and only got inquires from your site. thanks, RE
Dear Scott, Just writing to let you know that I have sold my Saab thru your classifieds. There were several people that were interested in buying the car. Thank you for all your help, with your Saab classifieds, in helping me sell it. Would recommend your classifieds to anybody. Thanks, GM
Scott, As ususal, TSN has come though for Saab owners like me. Please indicate mine is Sold. Thanks for your help (especially the warnings about the Nigerian scams) and keep up the great work! Regards, TF
I placed two classified ads, two or three months ago, which were instrumental in my selling both the 900T and 9000T. I got quick response from both knowledgeable and qualified, potential buyers. AZ
My Saab is sold to fellow Saaber from hundreds of miles away. The Saabnet classifieds put seller and buyer together, for a sale that could not be done any other way. Thanks. HV
I am happy to report that I sold the Saab. Please remove it from the board. I am amazed at how effective saabnet is, and will definitely tell all my friends about it. Thanks, Griffin
i have sold my listed saab thanks to your site. than you! LH
Hello, Thanks to your service, we have sold our saab to a fellow Saaber. You may remove the ad. Your website is an ingenious resource for buying, selling, and communicating about saabs. SR Thanks again - espeically for the article on scams - we did get a few of those but your article helped us see right through them.
I should've sent this to you earlier. My carseat covers are SOLD, so you can put a big red mark over them. THANKS! SS
Good morning Scott, The Saab is sold! First serious party to look at it loved it & it now has a new home. PM
Car was sold thanks to your site. I had a lot of inquiries. KM
Hi Scott Didn't take long to sell my roof rack using SAAB Network Classified Ads (less than one day). Can you please remove my add or indicate sold. DW
Parts sold. Thanks! I got an immediate positive response and half-dozen serious queries from around the country. GL
First time using your classifieds-- my ad flushed out more qualified buyers than a local ad in the paper has. Wish I had five more of the same car to sell! Thanks. KS
Submitted ad and sold the Saab by the next evngin... Hadn't even had time to check the ad out myself... Thanks for your help! GR
Sold my car the first evening posted to the second caller--sight unseen with-out a photo! Best ad money I ever spent. I wish I had more Saabs for sale. BD
I have an interesting twist to my car sold story. Yes I received many responses from many great people on my ad in the classifieds. I could have sold it many times over. But, it wound up being sold to another enthusiast 5 miles away living on the same street! What is so remarkable and speaks to the power of the Saab network classifieds is that he would have had no idea the car was available without seeing the ad. As close as he was, he never had the need to drive north where the car was sitting on my lawn with a forsale sign on it. Less than 5 miles away! and we needed the classifieds to make it happen. Thanks for a wonderful site. JF
WOW! I've never received this amount of response from ANY Ad I've ever placed. Great Website! My vehicle is now sold, please update my Ad to reflect it. Thanks! DM
Hi Scott: The car has been sold; there were 14 serious inquiries which attests to Saabnet's market penetration. Thanks for your able assistance. I appreciate it. best, DH
Thanks, Scott! We had a ton of inquiries - you have a great site! Take care, The Fs
Please change the status of my ad to SOLD. This was my first experience with and from my experince, I'll be sure to be back again if I have something to sell or if I'm shopping. I received far more responses than I expected. And the Saab enthusiasts who contacted me were a real pleasure to do business with. Thanks, PM
Hi there, please remove my Saab for sale. It has sold, thanks 100% to the Saabnet Classifieds. Best money I've spent in a long time. Regard, JGW
Guess what? The car was sold in one night. The guy saw it on the site, called me, came to see it, and drove it home. Please mark it sold!!!! AG
Sold! In 1/2 Day....Awesome Service! JI
Thanks great job > the 98 se conv. is sold!!!!! Had great leads thru TSN BS
This car has been sold. The contact was through the ad on your site! FW
Hi Scott, My Saab has been sold, just 7 days after posting my ad on TSN. And I had 4 back-up offers. Thanks for a great Saab resource. Best, DN
Thanks to TSN for helping me sell my wounded Saab. It went so quickly, in 36 hours, I never got around to posting a photo. I learned two things last week. If you need to buy a new car, stay away from stealerships and use an auto broker instead. If you need to sell a SAAB, list it here. JM
Please mark my car as "Sold"! I've had terrific response from my ad with you, and had well over 40 interested parties. Thanks again, all worked out as I had hoped! TH
Please mark my SAAB as SOLD! Thank you so much! The car actually sold within 4 hours of being on the website -- the buyer just picked up the car today. Saabnet was really a great way to sell such a treasured car. Thanks again. AT
Please mark my 1989 Saab 900 as SOLD! TSN was the only classified I put out, and my car sold in the first week. Great service! Thank you. RM
We had a HUGE response!! Thank you for being there! BR
You have a great site running here, and I will put some positive words into the "feedback" section. During the few days that the ad has been up, I've also become a fan of your "Nigerian scam" anecdotes. Keep up the good work. BK
Please mark this ad as "SOLD" Terrific response - had 3 buyers contact me the first day it was posted. SE
My ad generated nine responses in two days, and the car sold to the second test-driver. The simplicity, speed, and reach of your site are all impressive. The responses I had ranged from MA, VT, and CT to PA and MD. Thanks. BK
Our car sold in 2 days - this was the best $25 I ever spent! Please mark are ad as sold. TS
Just wanted to let you know that my Saab (the one in Massachusetts) has sold. Had probably 30 responses to the ad, and the second person to respond (on the other side of the country!) has bought the car. Thanks again. BP
Hi, my 1994 Saab 9000 CSE, sold through my ad in your web side. I am a first time user and I can certainly say this side is absolutely great, I had a lot of responds the very first day the ad came out, and my car sold within three weeks..... Thanks a lot. TB
My Saab sold via this site (a haven for DIYers and saabers instead of autotrader bottomfeeders). please update the classifieds page. WF
Hi Scott, You can go ahead and mark my ad as "SOLD". This was the 1993 Saab 900 Turbo Convertible. I'm so impressed by the response I got from your website. Within hours of the ad being placed I was getting phone calls and e-mails. I did not advertise the car anywhere else, and it was sold within 4 days of the ad being placed. You are offering a great service. Please feel free to use this quote. SR
I have SOLD my 85 SPG and the crate of parts. Thank you so much for the quickest way to sell SAAB related items. BW
I just wanted to say thank u for getting our car sold in approx 4 hours of it being online. so if u ould please put ur SOLD thingy on the ad... 1 DAY, simply amazing ;) thanks again VC
Please mark the ad as sold! You are fantastic - I'm glad that I ran an ad with your site. Keep up the good work. Until the next Saab, EA
Car sold to the first person who came and saw it. Great source for Saab Enthusiasts. ER
Would you please remove my parts ad. the response to the add was INCREDIBLE! thanks for the saab net! JG
Car is sold. Very weird, the guy was 7 houses down from where the car was stored. National ad and the buyer walks to pick up the car? Who knew? BEC
My Saab has been sold, to the first contact. Please mark/discontinue the ad appropriately. Frankly, I was simply amazed at the number of contacts I received from all over the US, Canada and Europe. Thanks, BC
Thanks to the great response I received from The advertisement I ran for this car in your classifieds, It is now sold at my full asking price. Would you please mark it with the red "sold" so people will quit calling me? I only wish I would have had 2 or 3 more of these to market! BK
I received a response from the ad the day after I submitted it to you, and I have now finalized the sale to that person. Please remove my ad. Thank you for facilitating this sale. GH
Thanks SaabNet. I had excellent buyer traffic from day one after I put my ad up and the car sold within 4 weeks for a good price. LRL
The car is SOLD! Your website is the best! Thanks, CC
Thanks for the help - everything sold quickly and the buyers were great! LW
Hi, Scott....Well, my Saab sold in two days!! Please put SOLD across it...Thnx alot... JM
Thank you for a great service. My item sold within 1 week! please mark my advert "SOLD". TN
My car has been SOLD!!! Thank you Saabnet. I had a response within hours, and the gentleman and I have completed the deal and he has picked up the car. Thanks for being a great resource. KB
Can you please mark my Saab as sold? It went up on 11/10 and was sold within a week. The volume of responses I've received was overwhelming. Thanks for being here and providing this service. MC
Thank you. I still can't believe how many calls I got from just that one ad! PT
Please mark my ad as sold! Everything sold in the first few days, and I'm still getting boat loads of emails. TSN classifieds is the best SAAB-related classified area in the world, period. Thanks again! TW
I sold the car today (Wednesday) based on the ad that started running Monday. Not bad. Thanks. And I'm still a Saab owner ('03 9.3) so see 'ya around. JJ
Hi Scott, Once again I have to say thanks!!! to saabnet. Please mark my Saab as sold and just under a week! Thanks again, TL
Thanks for your services, the saabs I had listed were gone in a week JW
I just wanted to inform you that I sold my Saab this past Saturday through your service. The response was excellent and I'm happy to say that I sold it to an individual that I'm sure will take great care of it as I did. Thanks for providing this superior website as a selling tool. Regards, AD
Your ads are great, the car was literally gone in 60 seconds. Great job. RO
Greetings, Please mark the classified/car (posted below) as SOLD. Selling is the art of finding the right market for the product offered. The Saabnet Classified's certianly did that!! Great experience. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks, HP
My wanted ad can be removed. As usual, the responses were simply amazing, and I found exactly what I wanted. What an incredibly valuable service your site is! I recommend it to all Saab owners, especially new ones!
Are you kidding? I tell EVERYBODY (that owns a SAAB or perspective buyers) about TSN. Because of your existence, SAAB owners have a support network and that is simply GREAT. Who cares about the age of the car? I have TSN. You can quote me on that Scott ;) dpr
You can mark my Saab as SOLD......I had 4 inquiries in 48 hours and the car sold in 2 days! Excellent.Thanks, DP
My Saab has now sold. Actually it sold the first day it was posted on the website and generated about 15 responses in 24 hrs. Took some time to work out the details but today it took new ownership. Thanks for such a great site! DW
This car has sold. Thanks! Your site generated more traffic than 3 listings on Craigslist and 1 classified in the SF Chron combined. SM
This makes 2 cars that I've sold in less than 48 hours. RO
Thanks again for helping me sell the snow tires so quickly. The response was almost immediate. Tires sold to a local Saab owner who lives less than a mile from my house so I did not have to pack and ship. How's that for convenience. JG
My '89 Saab Conv. sold in just three days from appearing on the Saabnet web site. The person who bought it went to the site to see what was available in Colorado and found what he was looking for. He stated that the site focused his search for him. Keep up the good work and keep the great prices for advertisers like me who get the opportunity to showcase our vehicles nationwide. JF
I want to thank you for selling my car in less than 2 days, and Saabnet is still the best place to sell the Saab. EP
Your Web site is TERRIFIC. We had 11 inquiries within the 1st week. 1 call or email per day each day since Sunday. 2 offers. 1 Buyer for price as listed in your AD! TR
I was quite surprised at the number of responses I received. I sold it in less than a month. It was well worth the price of the listing. CK
Please note that I sold my Saab on your site this week. The advertisement was well worth the money, as I received inquiries from all over the country. A nice person from Long Island purchase the car. You can mark it as sold and remove from the site. Thanks, TT
Sold car in two days! Thanks, Scott! JE
Thanks for all your help. My Saab sold and was picked up yesterday. There were at least a dozen inquires. SE
Your service has been great, and the Saab sold, and I thank you. It was the easiest, smoothest, most helpful and painless way I can imagine to sell a car, and I'll be sure to thank my mechanic at Foreign Auto Clinic in Glendale, CA, who recommended me to you. And if I ever need a Saab, I'll start looking here. your fan, MA
Please remove my Saab from the "For Sale" section. Thank you for your service, I wouldn't have sold it without it. SJ
Please mark my ad sold. It was your ad that sold my Saab. Thanks! DL
TSN Classified generated the only interest in the car & was ultimately the way we sold the car. Thanks for your help! JH
My car sold in 4 days, so THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH! This website a great resource for Saab aficionados and I couldn't have been happier with the responses I received. Thanks again & have a great summer. ED
Car sold in less than two weeks to a fellow enthusiast. Second success I have had with Saabnet classifieds. THANKS! JM
Scott, I sold the Saab today. Thanks again, ...just FYI. The buyer saw the classied from, and contacted me the next day. Not bad...selling a car in less than two days as a result of the ad placed on the site. Thanks again.... JS
I have sold my Saab. I had received about 15 inquires with the first two days. Car sold second day on site. BB
My 1992 900S has been sold. In fact, it was sold to a local buyer who responded the first day the ad was run. She knew what she wanted and understood Saabs. This was so much easier than it would have been if I had just run an ad in the newspaper. Thanks for hosting such a great site for enthusiasts. CC
Please make note that my Saab was sold via saabnet. Thanks for your great and friendly assistance. BL
Please change my ad status to sold ! Great response, sold the car in one day. SE
Once again, Saabnet comes through with a buyer. Thanks again!! I received seven inquiries on this car, several serious and the buyer had been looking for a 9000 Aero for over 9 months. He is a very satisfied buyer.
You can mark this baby 'SOLD'. A guy from Atlanta saw the TSN ad, flew up to Baltimore, bought the car, and drove it home. DE
In the 10 hours my ad has been "live", I've gotten 3 times the response of my local online and paper ads. Amazing - and the responders are all familiar with the car/components. But then, what else would I expect from a Saab network. READ: Ready buyers, easy transactions. RF
You worked your magic for me once again. Thanks! Thanks again for the best Saab spot on the net. GW
I just shipped the SAAB ground effects panels I had listed in the TSN parts classifieds! The buyer was the first interested person to call within 1 day after the ad first appeared. Since then, I've had 3 other serious prospective buyers and I had to turn them away. The TSN site is great! Thanks, DB
Just to let you know, the car sold the first day that it was on your site. The Saab Network is the best Saab site on the net. Keep up the good(great) work. DW
Scott, Thank you for your help and for that of I've really enjoyed the board the last 4 years, learned a lot of interesting things, and had some fun with a few contributions on the 9-3 forum. The ad I placed in the parts classifieds last week was terrific - everything has been sold and shipped, as of yesterday. I didn't have any doubts that I would reach the right audience with my ad, and I was pleased that the responses I received were knowledgable, qualified buyers. I actually had fun with the process. Thank you for your support. DG
Please mark my Saab as SOLD. It was sold to the first response on the the add I placed with you. And I had 10 more serious inquiries after that. JO
Thanks for the posting. It was your site that sold the car. JJ
Once again SaabNet came through in selling my items in less than a week for the asking price. Thanks again. This is an awesome website JJ
My Saab has sold! We received the most hits from this website! Thanks so much! JM
I sold my 88 9kt (165k miles, manual) on saabnet last December. I'm in L.A. so the car was rust free and very clean with complete service history (only driven by me). I asked $1900 because I wanted it to sell, and it did in a week. I had only 3 serious inquiries and about 6 bargain hunters who quickly disappeared. My point is that there isn't a lot of demand for these cars and the market is very price sensitive. If I'd asked $2500 for the car, I bet I'd still have it. So, you have to ask yourself how much time/money you're willing to commit to the process and how much you need to sell the car. There's a serious law of diminishing return and a steep downside if you price too high. In my case, selling my beloved car only took a week of my life and $25, which was perfect. That car was good to me right to the end. Oh, one more thing. Do not use ebay. The sale (ebay fee) will cost you more, the car will sell for less, and there's a greater chance you'll end up with buyer problems. On saabnet, all buyers are experienced saab owners and know what they're getting into: a huge advantage. John Levin Taken from the 9000 Bulletin Board (Posting #151234).
Please mark my Saab as sold. You have a great site for Saab lovers. I was overwhelmed with people interested in my car. Thanks again! JP
I sold my Saab in one day. Please let everyone know that it is sold. SS
Scott, Even though I no longer own a SAAB I will still be dropping by to have a look and see what's new. Your site should be the model for all automotive special interest sites. It is well organized and monitored and easy to navigate. Keep up the good work. Nick
Hey Saabnet - THANK YOU so much, after having my car in the local papers (print and online) for weeks without a bite, I had people lined up within a week of putting it on your site. TF
Your website is THE place to put items for sale for saabs. MH
Please put a SOLD stamp on my car- it is gone and I still am receiving 5-10 emails/day. Thanks so much and good luck! MS
I had 9 potential buyers for my item in 48 hours. This cannot be beat. I'm working on a plan to sell everything I own through Saabnet, whether it has to do with Saabs or not!! DS
I must say, I was not prepared for such an overwhelming response. I could have sold 10 cars in the 3 days it took to sell it. Saab's forever! TH
Your site was only ad I placed, and had many calls. Thanks for your help. JD
Please mark my Saab as sold. This car sold in less than two weeks and had lots of interest in it. TSN was the only place I advertised the car, and based on the quick sale and response, it's one of the best decisions I've made! Thanks! DO
Scott, Can you mark my ad as SOLD! The sooner the better...Im getting tons of response! THanks! CC
Hi Scott, Your classified is awesome. I put my wheels on the parts classified on tuesday night and yesterday alone I received more then 20 replies and still more is coming in today. I sold the wheels yesterday at about 11 am. absolutely amazing. Can you put a sold tag on my ad. Thanks. Regards, SN
My Saab has been sold! The activity and response resulting from my ad in TSN has been amazing. many thanks for maintaining your site. WR
Saab Network is incredible. The car posted one week ago is sold for exactly the price I asked!! I was inundated with calls and emails from the first day the ad appeared on your site. Thank you for your assistance and please do mark my car as sold to stop the deluge of contacts. Best Regards, BP
Can you please change the status of my classified ad to "SOLD" Many thanks. I doubt I could have sold this car for what it was worth, or to someone who would care properly for it, without your site. CD
If you have a Saab, the TSN Classifieds are the best deal around, I rec'd dozens of responses to my ad looking for the Shelby Wheels. I am thinking of going with 15x7 Panasports, when I have the cash saved up. I've gotten dozens of responses to this classified since placing it three months ago, and still get about two responses a month. I actually have a first year Datsun 240Z, but the Saab wheels have the same bolt pattern and look enough like the Minilite/Panasports. I wish the Datsun Z sites had such a following. GD
Please mark the car Sold. The car sold this morning, and I'm very pleased with the level of interest I received in the car and the relatively short amount of time to sell, particularly in light of the fact that it's rainy January! Thanks-- SS
You can put a "SOLD" banner across the ad I listed in your classsifieds. Had in offer within ~20 minutes. EL
Please put that lovely red sold sign on our car.... and THANKS ever for much. It was beyond easy. KS
Not sure how to get this info to you, but thought you should know my listing sold last weekend. Please mark it accordingly so others don't call. This was the best $25 I've spent in a long time! The car sold in a week at my asking price. I was dealing with nice Saab enthusiasts instead of uneducated buyers. And I avoided spending $40 on ebay ($80 if the car had sold). Thanks! JL
Tires sold. Thanks for helping me to accomplish it. It only took 3 days! LS
Just a short note to advise that my car has sold. I had a call that day and the first caller just paid my asking price and both of us are happy campers. What a great service from you. Thanks a million. JD
I have sold the car for which I recently submitted an ad, and sold it thanks to TSN. thanks. your listing was incredibly productive. HA
I wanted to let you know that my Saab was sold a few weeks ago. I needed to sell it because we have moved to the UK. I had tried to sell it at work and through word of mouth, and a deal fell through just before we left the US. Then someone mentioned Saabnet to me and we posted the car with you, while we left the car with friends in NJ. I received dozens of responses and eventually sold the car thanks to TSN. It was amazing that this would be possible even though we were already here in the UK, the car was in NJ and the buyer was in NY state. EW
What a great experience, I had offers the same day it was posted and sold within two weeks. Thanks again RV
I would like to have my car marked sold. It only took two days and this is after three weeks in the local paper yielded two calls and no sale. Thank you, your service is fantastic. BF
Kudos to Saabnet! This response has been unbelievable! I need to reduce the number of people calling! SD
Thank you so much for your service. I sold my car almost right away! CT
Wow, my ad appeared for only 7 hrs and I sold my car! Great work! DS
Please mark it "SOLD". I advertised in several area papers, but it was SaabNet that attracted most of the inquiries, and ultimately, the buyer. He just drove it away. I was very impressed with the quality of the people who responded to the ad, through your website. Thank you! SW
No, I thank you - that was the best 25 bucks I've spent....I priced it to sell and sell it did. Thank you!! and mark mine sold please! KB
After reading the "Classifieds Feedback" page, I decided to give your website a try. Placing the ad was very easy. The car sold in only five days. Please mark our Saab as SOLD. Thanks so much! EO
I can't express to you how satisfied I am with the response that I received from your ad. Within a matter of a couple of days, I had heard from almost twenty people interested in my car. I am scheduled to meet with one of these to sell my vehicle within two weeks. Thank you very much, JR
Hi, And thanks! You can delete my Saab ad, or mark it SOLD THROUGH SAABNET. Regards, JW
Scott, I had an excellent response to the ad for my Saab. This is the third Saab I've sold via The Saab Network. I really enjoy buying and selling via the best Saab site on the web. Thanks a lot for the great service you provide! Please mark my car sold! I'll definitely use your site again next time the need arises. MP
My Saab sold within 48 hours of placing the ad. Thanks for the great work. MB
Can you please remove my ad or note that the parts have been sold in under 24 hours. I can't believe the response I have received from placing an add in your classified section! DW
Scott: Just sold my Saab on your site after having it listed only a week. Great results. Sold the car for the asking price to a very nice individual who had owned a number of other Saabs. I also had at least 20 serious inquiries about the car from all over the east coast. Thanks again for a great service and please mark my car sold. Regards, KK
Hello, I placed an ad last Friday to sell my Saab. Well, the car sold in only five days! Please mark my ad as sold, as we are still getting a lot of calls and emails. Your website is awesome! Thanks GS
I sold my Saab this morning. Thanks for your service. It made the difference. DS
Hi Scott: Well, I'm pleased to be able to tell you that the car has been SOLD...What a successful site!...I know you're a Saab enthusiast, but have you considered creating additional web sites for other makes? Using your web site was a fast, inexpensive and efficient way of selling my Saab...Thanks for a very positive experience! JH
The Saab is SOLD! to the first person who actually saw it. Thanks for all your help, sincerely, VS
I recently placed an add with Saab net, the response was fantastic the car was sold please update the add and indicate the status as sold CC
The item sold the first full day the ad ran! This is my second experience with your classifieds, and both times I could not have asked for better results. Thanks, BB
Well the system worked wonderfully Please mark my ad for the 65 Monte as SOLD Great results in very short order Thanks GS
Thanks for the usage of TSN. Today, I sold the car to a gentleman from Maine. He flew to Orlando and is driving it back. Both of us are very pleased with the transaction. I had placed an advertisement on Auto trader and got zero bites. I should have posted here first. I received 16 solid inquiries within the first week. All together, we sold it in approximately 2 weeks. When I'm ready to sell my '93 9000 Aero, I know where I will post. Keep up the great work. KK
Thanks for your help in selling my Saab. In a matter of a few days, I had a lot of interested people. This beats trading the car to a dealer who will wholesale it out. Thanks again. DP
Scott, Could you please remove my ad from the site. I actually sold the car on the first day the ad was online, sight unseen, to a man from CA. As I was awaiting transport info and for the deal to go through, I left the ad online just in case. I was thrilled with the response I got from your site. I received 37 e-mails and over 10 phone calls from interested buyers. I would highly recommend your site to anyone looking to sell their Saab. My boyfriend wishes they had one for his Honda. He'd like the process to be as easy as mine! LV
Hi there, Wanted to let you know that I've sold my Saab in less than 24 hours, so you can mark SOLD on the ad if you'd like. This site ROCKS. Sold the car to someone "worthy" -- thanks again for providing this amazing service. BT
I was overwhelmingly satisfied with the response I got from placing my car in your classifieds. The response was ten fold of what I got form Autotrader and my local papers combined. I have sold my Saab and do not need it listed anymore. Thank you for the help and good luck SAABNET. RK
I would like to praise your site... It was highly effective. I sold all my saab parts in less than a week. And with that out of the way I would like to remove my ad from your site to stop the high numbers of calls (not complaining). Once again thank you very much. JT
When Saab Cars USA CEO Dan Chassins wanted to sell one of his Saabs, he used The Saab Network classifieds!
Wanted to let you know I sold the Saab that I have posted with you. The car was sold using your site so I am very grateful. It was actually bought by a fellow from Portland Oregaon. Talk about a long distance sale!! Again thanks alot.
My Saab has been sold. Thanks for your help. No doubt that you do reach the target audience. CL
Thanks a lot for the advert, the car sold today at my price... IN LESS THAN A WEEK! Great turn around! And I'm glad I used saab net exclusively you can slap a sold banner on the advert now; thanks, MV
I wasn't certain where to enter feedback regarding my ad. My Saab sold within a week of my ad appearing! and to the first inquiry! What a great site for Saab enthusiasts. I love knowing that my car went to someone who not only wanted a Saab, but to someone who will take good care of this great car! Thanks! DD
The response from advertising on has been unbelievable! Better mark my ad SOLD! I sold the parts for the advertised price to the first caller within hours of the posting. I've already had two more offers to purchase - both also at the asking price! Thanks! SB
I would like to report the good news that I sold my white Saab, thanks entirely to your ad. Thanks for your help and for a great website. best regards, EA
I sold most of the parts in the first 8 hours! DM
Please mark my Saab as sold...I'm receiving a ton of calls. Thanks. CG
I would like you to remove (or place "sold" banner on) the ad I placed in May for my Saab. I sold the car to the very first person who called...and then was inundated with at least 2-3 calls/day for several weeks! Your web site is incredible and the power of your classifieds is impressive to say the least. Thank you for your help. MS
Please remove my ad, car is sold. Got a ton of calls, thanks! JA
Please remove my classified from the website. I have successfully sold my item at a very nice price. Thanks for being there. JE
I am getting an average of one phone call a day for the Saab, so a "sold" sign needs to be put in the classified ad and on the banner ad. Tx, DM
Just want to let you know that my Saab is sold, thanks so much. Please mark it as sold or remove it as the calls are still coming in! Thanks. PH
Thanks to your web page, you made selling the car a snap. CP
Please remove the following ad (We sold the car in 2 days, thanks to you!!!!) KS
Can you add a SOLD (in one day) to my ad please? I am waiting on payment, but just so I don't keep getting emails and calls. EM
Thanks to your site, my 95' Saab 9000 AERO sold for full price to a buyer 250 miles away who deposited funds by wire into my account without having seen the vehicle. Interest was very high from California, Oregon, Minnesota, Washington. Great work! As I'm still getting calls and e-mails, would appreciate removing ad. Thanks again. DR
Thanks to your great website, the car sold in 3 days for asking price. JH
Please mark my item as "SOLD" as I have accepted an offer. Thanks to you, as I doubt I would have sold them so quickly and gotten my asking price if it I had done this any place else. Thanks again. MS
I sold my parts. I couldn't believe the response from your service. I could have sold 10 sets. I was able to sell them to a local Saab enthusiast. No hassles with shipping. You have a great service. Thanks. GD
Thanks again for the service and the excellent resource that is -- this is the second car I've sold via, and I've used the archives numerous times to be better informed and save myself a trip to the shop. I've also taken advantage of the parts suppliers who advertise on the site, and I recently replaced my '93 Aero with a '94 Aero that was advertised on the site -- it's been a 'one-stop shopping' site! DN
We have sold the Saab, to the first person who responded to the ad from your site. Thank you for your service! BC
My Saab was sold on Friday. Could you please post the sold notice to the web site. Thank you very much for the great service. Your site is OUTSTANDING. My Saab had three competing offerors and sold within 48 hours. MC
Wow!! That was fast! One day since it was posted and I've had 7 calls / emails. As of now, the car has been sold. A deposit is on the way. PR
I wanted to let you know that I sold my 1995 Saab 900 S yesterday to a man who saw the listing on The Saab Network. I want to thank you for your excellent customer service and for maintaining such a site. I had the car listed with Autotrader and TheBigLot for months without any bites, and I got three messages from my listing on your site in about a week! Thanks a lot, JP
I got so many responses, I'm going to fix up the car and keep it. With so much interest, the car will justify putting some money into maintaining it. Thanks for your fine service. HD
I was very happy with the interest that SaabNet generated and highly recommend placing Saabs for sale on your service. MP
My vehicle has sold, please mark my ad as such. WOW WOW WOW! Three buyers with cash in hand within 2 days! Two of them willing to pay more than my asking price. I never expected in a million years to sell my car this quick. Thanks so much. GR
Please make note on my ad that I have sold the sonett. I am very impressed with the easy and quick sale of the sonett. Thanks again. OW
I wanted to let you know I sold the Saab. I also wanted to tell you how fast it sold on your site, I had recieved an e-mail Monday saying it was posted and as I was continuing to check my mail I had 3 e-mails from people interested. If I ever have another Saab to sell I will definatly use your site. JS
Scott, please mark car as sold. Sold it from your site. Thanks. JF
Your service was great -- sold my car in under a week! CR
I have sold my Saab. The uncanny thing was that someone from my own home town bought the car after seeing it on your site. Thanx OB
Scott, The car has sold! Can you please take the ad down as I am getting bombarded with emails still. Thank you kindly. AD
I should give you a testimonial, this car sold only 4 days after placing the ad, before the photograph was posted! A highly qualified buyer two hours away contacted me, made arrangements to come see the car, and, drove it home. . . thanks for providing a great service to Saab owners. Please note that the car has sold on the ad. . . .thanks! BB
Please mark my ad "SOLD". Thanks again. It sold in two days from the time it listed. CH
My add was placed just one week ago - it was sold and drove to its new home yesterday. Its replacement, snuggled down in my garage, was found via your classifieds 3 months ago. How effective can you get? Thanks. JG
Since I put an ad on TSN I've had countless offers. I took the first one. Since then until final lease transfer I've had people calling and so I needed to create a waiting list! I signed the lease transfer yesterday to the nicest buyer I've ever had. I have no complaints. I had the car adverstised in other online websites with no luck. JC
My Saab was sold within 24 hours of being posted. KC
Thanks for the 3 hour showing of my rims in your classifieds. I sold them already! Thank you! CD
Please remove my ad. I sold the Parts The number of inquires and offers exceeded 40 in a 24 hour period which was amazing. Thanks for the opportunity. TE
Scott: Please remove my add for the model 96 that I had posted last week. I sold the vehicle to one of your subscribers. I do not think I have ever sold an automobile so quickly. Thanks to you and your website. I am very impressed. Jim
Hi Scott My Saab was sold today. The buyer saw the listing on your site. He was the second person to contact us, the first also was from your site. We got the asking price and the people were great to deal with. They appreciate Saabs. I had placed an ad in the Boston Globe and received no calls from it. Good value with TSN! Keep up the good work. Brian
Please mark my Sonett as sold. Thanks for your site. It provided a captive market for our Sonett with many responses. JL
Scott, Please take my ad down, or at least the contact info, I have taken a deposit on my car. The website was great, I got a ton of calls and emails from it. Thanks! JS
I has a great response from educated Saab buyers. The car sold quickly. Please remove the ad for my Saab. TR
Thanks Scott... I actually didn't have to DONATE this Saab to charity to get rid of it. TD
Please remove my ad - It is SOLD! Well, what can I say, saabnet came through with a tremendous response to my ad and I was able to make a sale fast. BM
I am happy to say I have sold my Saab through the use of the Saabnet classified listing. Please remove the listing, and thank you for providing such a great service. SB
Hello Scott, I would like to thank you for providing an outlet for people to sell their Saabs (hard to sell to begin with). I have SOLD my Saab and saabnet had everything to do with it. I got no responses on paper classifieds, but I got a zillion responses when I put it here. Thanks, DC
Scott, Our Saab sold to the first caller! The new owner lives only 2 hrs from our home. We actually received many inquiries, but had to turn them all away! Will use your site again when it comes time to sell our current Saab! Thanks again for a wonderful service! Regards, MB
Thank you for your helped me sell my car!!! EW
Just a note to tell you folks that my Saab that's been in your classifieds has been sold. Traded, actually, for the Aero that I have been fantasizing about for a long time. And all because of The Saab Net Classifieds. I drove from Vt to Topeka Kansas and traded with a fellow from LA California. (Topeka was the halfway point.) Just got home with my new Aero at 2:00 A.M. this morning. Tired but satisfied. Many thanks for your excellent services. EK
the guy to whom I sold the car saw it here first! JN
Greetings, the Saab that I advertised is SOLD. I would appreciate if you would update the website to reflect that the car is no longer available. I had great response! Thanks. Dan Chasins, President, Saab USA
I want to thank you for yourHelp in selling my car, The classified add generated over 15 interested parties. The car was sold over the weekend to a guy that drove 14 hours to pick it up( that's 28 hours both ways). Thank you Peter
thank you for the use of your classifieds, i could'nt have sold my Saab anywhere else and gotten half of what it's worth. KB
Thanks for the support, the site sold my car in less than a week! I had more hits than I ever expected. My only problem was that I had to sell the car. CD
Thanks Saab net! Selling a car hasn't been easier. Todd
Dear Saabnet, Had 15 inquiries during the 7 days you ran my ad - and not even one inquiry from my ad the local newspaper. It went off to it's new home yesterday. So it is SOLD! Thanks for a great service. CC
Many thanks for the listing, please mark the car sold. It went to the first caller, I don't think the ad had been up more than 3 days. Great response. Had several other responses waiting in line. Very impressed with the whole operation. Keemo Saabee is off to a new home! Regards, SM
She sold already! I can hardly believe it, and on the very first night! Please post a "sold" sign over the picture and thank you so much! Sincerely, PL
The wheels I listed on saabnet sold in one day, please mark them as such. thanks! LE
I want to thank you all at TSN for helping me sell my 9-5. The local paper was useless, as was Not a single legit inquiry from either. The buyer through TSN was serious, qualified, and a pleasure to business with. Next time I sell a Saab TSN gets my business exclusively! Please mark my Saab SOLD and add me to your list of satisfied customers. Best regards, GW
Sold my car via Saabnet in one week! JD
Your site was the best and within days of posting, the car was sold. Thanks again. PY
Scott, please mark my strg whl ad as SOLD! In less than 24 hrs no less! Dang, I love TSN. SM
Sold the Saab today. The response from the ad was incredible and was very pleased with the outcome. ST
Dear Saabnet, I want to thank you very much. I sold my saab in less than 24 hours after posting an ad on your site. I have had to turn down 5 other offers. Thanks again. RL
I wanted to let you know that I sold my Saab today to a visitor to your site. I sold it for my asking price and wanted to thank you for the service this site provides to both sellers and buyers alike, in addition to lovers of the automobiles such as ourselves. Thank you again, JF
The Saab I listed for sale on your website is sold. I got the $ I was asking. Thank you for having this amazing Saab resource available for all of us to enjoy. RT
I sold my car through your classified ads! I had over a dozen inquiries within the first few days of placing the ad -- all from interesting, friendly Saab folks. Thank you for making it so easy for me! I would also like to tell you what a delight it was to deal with you at saabnet. Every inquiry I had was answered more promptly than I could have imagined. If only every web site was as capable and efficient as you are! Thanks again, AN
I have sold the car. Thank you... I recieved over 20 emails in the first 24hrs GS
Hello : Please remove my ad from your website. I recieved tremendous response from the ad and was very happy with your service, I wouldn't have gotten nearly as many calls from the local paper here in Boston. My SPG has found a happy home and I hope the new owner enjoys it as much as I did!† Thanks again! SR
Thanks gentlemen.I had several serious inquiries and was able to transfer my lease very smoothly. I think your home page works well because you are efficient in the placement of ads and people who subscribe to your site all speak the same Saab language! VMP
My car sold the very first day it was advertised to the very first person†that called.† If I knew it would have been†this easy, I would have advertised with you years ago--Thanks! CD
I had my Saab listed with you, and then I renewed it. We'll the renewal did the trick, as I got several e-quirerys, and then it sold last month. Thanks for the service, and please remove my old ad. HZ
Please mark my ad for the Saab as SOLD. I received a tremendous number of inquires from the advertisement. Thank you for providing this service! Regards, SM
Thank You Very Much! I was very very very impressed with the response from people - almost overwhelming. SS
i have a ad with you. would it be possible to remove the wheels from this. ( your site worked too good ( 2 days 100 + hits ) they were sold the first hour. thank you. hope to use the site lots more . a+++++++++ CC
I had three responses on the car through the Saab Network ad. One from Arizona; one from Arkansas; and one from Marquette Michigan. The individual from Marquette bought the car. Thanks, TAC
Once again, I'm amazed at the effectiveness of the TSN classifieds. I had a call just hours after the ad was posted and the buyer was at my door shortly thereafter. Please mark my ad 'Sold'. Best regards, JT
Sold Saab. Thanks - without you it would have taken a lot longer & a lot more effort. CL
My SAAB has sold. The interest in my vehicle was tremendous and I would highly recommend your service to other Saabophiles. Please remove my add in your usual fashion. Thank You, KL
The Saab ad I placed a week ago can now be marked as SOLD. I accepted an offer yesterday and delivered the car today. I never thought it would sell this fast. I received 10 inquiries with at least 3 of them being truly interested. Thanks for your help. JS
Car is sold - please cancel ad, I received a great response and the sale was the result of the ad. Thank you. BW
My Saab sold to the first buyer for the asking price with the second buyer offering the same! Thanks! MK
Thanks. I received so many replies, I could barely keep up. The guy I sold it to has been inquiring about it since just a few days after it was posted. This is a great forum for SAAB sellers and buyers. Best $25 I ever spent. Sincerely, JB
You can mark my ad as "sold". You have created a real winner of a web site. I had my first call around 8am on the first day and the e-mails and phone calls have been coming in since then. Thanks for meeting a real need. MB
The SAAB has been SOLD! Thanks to TSN for the wide range of inquiries I received. JP
hello and thanks for this web site. i am writing to inform u that my saab has been sold. thanks again. i had over 30 emails the same day the ad went on and 9 people called me. i never placed an ad that has gotten such a response. to be honest i sold the car to the first guy who called and he came right out from ohio to get the car. thanks again. JB
Thank you Saab Net. All items in ad that began 3pm, sold and picked up by 2PM the next day. RK
Your ads work too well. Please mark my ad sold. RO
My lease taken over. Thanks, SAABnet really worked. I also listed the car on Bloomberg's listing service (the financial data network for traders--owned by the new mayor of NY) and got no responses. Saabnet on the other hand generated a lot of serious inquiry. SG
I have sold my Saab. I recieved many inquiries and find your classifieds very effective. Thank you very much. GR
Target marketing always wins! My car sold the day it was listed on TSN to the very first inquirer. I arrived at work on the first listing day to find a phone message and an e-mail from a gentleman three states away interested in the car. Three days later this individual had flown to where I live, payed full asking price in cash and proceeded to drive the 1,000+ miles home. A perfect transaction from one enthusiast to another, thanks to a great network. Regards, KO
Hi, I sold my car, thanks to TSN. RW
thank you for all of your help. someone came up & got the snows last night-5 hours after the ad was posted. talk about results! if you cold mark them as sold I would appreciate it, I keep getting e-mails on them. Money well spent, chris
Sold the car that I had up on TSN. Sold it within 5 days of posting the ad! Thanks again! MH
You may remove my ad. I received over 30 offers and I have sold the parts. Great response! GM
Saabnet rocks, the ad has been in for just a little over 2 days, the website I put in the ad had over 150 hits and I have sold the car for my asking price. Please post the change to my add. thanks, CC
Thanks for the terrific website and your exceptional customer service--your ads WORK! LN
I actually sold my Saab within two weeks of running the ad on Qualified and educated potential buyer seem to be the ones that responded. Thank you for all of your help. JK
Please tag our ad for our Saab as "sold." Thank you, JH The first person who looked at it, purchased it.
First your site rocks...just sold both Saabs in less than 24 hours to Saab new cult members. I will be posting 2 more, I cannot believe the response from your listing service. I have request for 6 other SAABs now with serious buyers. Thanks Thanks Thanks RH
I sold my saab yesterday. This network really is great place to advertise. I must of got 10 calls, and I sold it to the first kid who was interested. Thanks again. SB
Scott : Sold the above car. You did it again !!! Thanks, JI
Please remove my ad from the site. They have been sold and I have had an outstanding response. I'm still getting e-mails! Thanks, DK
My Saab has sold. Thanks for this website. I have posted this car in the Palm Beach Post twice for less money and I got no calls. SL
The response rate for both ads was terrific, and I had buyers within a day. I was waiting to finalize the details before notifying you to mark the ads 'Sold'. I can't imagine a better resource for buying and selling all things Saab. Thanks again. Regards, JT
I just sold my Saab that was posted just 1 week ago, on 10-15. Sold the car and all parts. Thanks for the great service. Best place to sell saab stuff. DS
Classified Department, My saab has been sold, very good response to the ad. There appears to be a Saab underground that I didn't know about. JW
Thanks for the ad that sold my Saab. It sold yestrday for the asking price. It went to an enthusiastic owner who saw the ad in the Netherlands. Thanks, JE
My Saab is listed on TSN. Thanks to your ad, it was sold almost immediately. JC
I have sold my SAAB that is listed on your site. Would you please place the sold sign on my car so I no longer get calls and emails. Thanks, your site worked great. AG
The best way in theUSA to sell Saab stuff to Saab people, a professional service. MB
Wow, 200+ emails in regards to the parts & I believe I finally sold about everything! Could you please put sold on the entire listing thanks GM
I just wanted to let you know after only 10 days listed on your website I sold my Saab to an out-of-state buyer! I had zero inquires from local paper ad in 30 days and 12 inquires from within 10 days! I've always known this being a saab owner for 13+ years and now it's even more evident, YOU HAVE A SUPERB WEB SITE! Thanks for your assistance! Mark it 'SOLD'! TH
Please mark my car as SOLD. Response to the ad was incredible. I had over 75 responses in less than two weeks. Very impressive following on your site. Thanks again - great site!! Jared
I have sold my Saab. I received several inquiries from my ad here, and, in fact sold it to someone who found in on Saabnet. Thanks, KR
You can remove my ad from the parts classified. I found a buyer very quickly. Cheers, W A
Have sold my Saab through Saab Net, for full price I might add, and rec'd many inquiries. Please remove it. Thank you. J M
Just wanted to let you know my Saab was sold - thanks much for listing it, your site did the trick! Best Regards, -DP
The Saab is in the hands of its new owner - The Saabnet ad worked great - I got a 50x better response from Saabnet than Ebay. Thanks! - Joe
Sold the car today. Thanks to Saabnet. JS
This is unbelievable. Car has been sold minutes after your post on Saabnet. I'm speechless. Please put sold sign on my ad. DM
Please mark my Saab as sold--thanks to saabnet. MO
I posted an ad for tan leather head rests for my 92 900 a while ago and I have found a nice pair. The wanted section on your web sight has worked well, I have had a ton of responces. Now that I have the head rests please remove my add so I stop recieving e-mails; I would appreciate it. Keep up the great site. Satisfied Customer JG
Just a note to let you know my Saab sold yesterday - 2 weeks to the day! I had over 20 interested Saabnet surfers contact me from the ad I ran. This is the only place I advertised my car - this is truly a great service! I will be surfing myself in search of the perfect 9000. Thanks! SG
My car has been sold thanks to your web-site!!! Thanks again. CC
I owe your site alot of credit in helping me find a shelby rim. I had 3 calls and 4 emails within a week of posting the ad on TSN. DP
Wanted to let you know that my car has been sold. Thanks, the buyer saw it on your website. MK
Just a note to ask to have the Thule rack ad removed, it has been sold. Thanks, I had a half dozen responses in less than a week! KL
Scott, My car is sold, I got 4 offers on the first day you really cant ask for much more. thanks for the help, Adam
Car has sold thanks to your website. Please mark as sold. regards! Kyle
I sold my 9-5 thanks to your service! BM
Thank you very much, I sold my Saab in a week. TS
Scott, please remove our ad as we have sold the car! Thanks to your website, it took less than one week to sell our car to another enthusiast! Thanks, SD
I have sold my Saab, so please remove the ad or mark as sold. I received about a dozen inquiries and three offers! LT
Good morning Saab Network, Well the news is that a gentleman paid the asking price and thus the car is sold and delivered. Thank for your srevice it made a difference. With many best regards, and safe driving. Robert.
Dear saabnet Please put my ad into the sold cars. response from your ad was overwelming. Sold in two weeks after placing ad and Iam still getting inquirys. Thanks. VJ
Thank you for the ad and the quick sale...I had many offers the first week advertised. CK
Thanks so much, the ad worked wonders - Would you please mark the ad as sold. Thanks again. SM
Please remove my ad I placed in mid-June of this year. I have been overwhelmed by the response it has drawn, including respondents from New Mexico to northern California to Rhode Island to my home state of Florida. As it turned out, my car actually found a new home only a few miles from here. I couldn't be more pleased. Thanks for offering a terrific means of bringing together "barely broken in" Saabs and those who can appreciate their long term value. WW
Please mark my car as sold !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for the great response. SR
This car has been sold, Thank you; it took less then 24 and was advertised exclusively on the SAAB net. KK
Dear TSN, Thanks to you and your staff I have sold my car yesterday. You folks made it all happen and I am very grateful. We never received a phone call from the local papers or even from being in the Autotrader. Once on your network, I was receiving inquiries almost daily until the final sale. I am a fan of TSN forever. Thanks again, TM
My car has been sold (through placing the ad). MD
The Saab I advertised on the Saab network classifieds has been sold. It took about 10 days to complete the deal. Thanks for your help. - Robert.
This is a great service: you've helped me sell two nice Saabs! JC
I received great response from the ad. Thanks for the service that you provided. JT
I sold this car within about 2 weeks of posting through Saabnet. I was very surprised at the number of very local inquiries I received. Thank you very much. KS
Please list car as sold, I am still getting emails. Thanks for everything!!! Deb
Please mark my Saab car ad "SOLD" I had many phone and e-mails inquiring about the car. Several from out of state wanted to BUY the car. I have an agreement to sell the car so please mark my ad as sold. Thanks, Jeff
You may remove the ad placed by me. Thanks for the awesome resource! Selling my car was a piece of cake with saabnet. Keep up the good work. Cheers, WA
I placed a classified for parts, PLEASE mark them as sold. Just as when I sold my Saab through Saab net the phone won't stop ringing. SS
The response to my ad at the Saab Network website has been fantastic. I have not been able to keep up with all the inquiries I have received about my car!!! It is the best way to advertise, because it targets the right audience. It has been $25 well spent! Thank you very much. MW
I have sold the car that I placed on your site. After three months of local paper ads and autotrader listings I sold my car via Saabnet in less than a month. In fact I am still getting calls from people who want to buy the car so it is time to put that SOLD sign on it. Thanks - it was money well spent. RH
Two Sold SAABS! Your Site ROCKS! AS
Hi Scott, thanks for the ad placement. My 900 hatchback louver has sold. It was very interesting communicating with people from all over the country (and the world). I ended up selling it to a guy in Japan with a beautiful 1989 black 900 Aero (SPG). It was expensive shipping and kind of a hassle, but a very interesting language and correspondence lesson. Regards, BM
The car in the listing below has been sold. Would you pls show a 'SOLD' status on the ad. Thank you very much for this wonderful service. The car sold in two days to the very first caller. TC
Please note that the car that I listed for sale in the classified has been sold. Thank you for a great service. DW
Saab listed several months ago was sold w/in a week of being listed. SH
I would like my add marked sold or removed. As I had hoped it sold the first day it was on the net. Thank you CH
My Saab sold this am to a very happy customer. Please place as sold on the classifieds. I was very happy with Saabnet. SS
Have sold the Saab we posted on your site, because of your site. Buyer contacted me the day we placed the ad - finally flew in to drive the car 1600 miles back to Nevada! CP
hello could you mark my ad for the car SOLD. Thanks a lot for everything, I dont feel happy for some odd reason because my car is beautiful and I will miss it, but its sold and selling through the city paper was a lot harder so the Saab Network really works. thanks KB
Please remove my ad for the Saab. The car has been sold. Thanks to the ad, I sold it to another Saab enthusiast in my region and it will have a good home. Kevin R
Thanks! I have sold my Saab thanks to the classified ad on this site. I have been getting about 2 interested responses per day from my ad here - outstanding! PK
Could you remove my ad please. I just sold it yesterday. Thanks a lot. Obviously, this is the clear choice for buying and selling Saabs. Thank-you, EB
Obviously, your ads work very well. My Saab has been for sale locally for 3 years with no lookers, but it sold within a month through TSN.
I cant believe the car was sold within hours of you listing it!! MD
I just wanted to thank you so very much for your fantastic website! I got THREE calls on the very first day you posted my car, and I'm happy to report that it not only SOLD but also sold at MORE than I was originally asking! The ad cost was well worth it! Thanks again, Mark
Thanks, much. I have spent nearly every waking hour responding to e-mail and voice mail since I placed my car for sale on your site, and sold it yesterday. Please place a "SOLD" sign on my ad. CS
I have sold the parts posted last week. Should have advertised for more, much response. TD
Hi, Thank you for your invaluable help in selling my Saab. My ad got lots of prospects to call from a 1,000 mi. radius! My beloved Saab was picked up this afternoon by a fellow TSN follower, and I trust that it has found a good home, and that he has found a good Saab. RA
just writing to let you know i sold my 9000 aero Thanks a lot, the respose was amazing. PL
Hi the part is now sold, it sold in an hour of the Ad being posted, thanks. PW
My Saab sold today to a fellow from MN, that flew out to see it. Loved the car and a real Saab aficionado. Thanks for the site. I believe without your site I wouldn't have got the best price, for it was truly a great car. SH
Please cancel my classified ad in the Wanted section. Because of the ad, a person contacted me and I purchased what I wanted. Thanks. CC
Hi Saab Network, Well the add worked great! I sold my Saab today. Please mark my ad as sold. Thanks, AN
I sold my Saab, so please note that on the site so people will stop contacting me! I received a ton of response to the ad, and sold it to a guy 250 miles away, site unseen. He came and picked it up, and loves the car! Thanks again for putting me in touch with someone who will give my old Saab a good home!
I placed a classified ad to sell some parts in the SN last month. I sold them two days later. MM
Could you please indicate on my ad that the car has been sold!!! The ad I ran through you had great results, and I had the car sold in 3 days from the posting of my ad!!! PA
Got great response from the ad. Car was sold at the asking price to the first person who looked at it and drove it and I know it is still in a Saab-loving home. Please mark my ad as sold. Now I can start restoration on the neglected 1994 900 turbo convertible I rescued from a local car lot. Thanks, MW
I just got another offer had about 13 people at various interests, and got a commitment from a guy in wis close by so at this point I think it is a done deal. Bill
I want to let you know that I have sold my Saab. Thank you for providing the network through which I was able to get a large volume of interested people. KC
I sold my Saab due to the posting on your site. Thanks. KW
The Saab was just picked up, a buyer from Phila. PA saw the ad on SaabNet! Thanks ! TH
I need to ask someone the following: -How is it that I have been able to sell EVERYTHING through the Saab Network, but I cannot sell anything anywhere else in the internet ?- And I can't sell anything more through the Saab Network because I ran out of Saab stuff, everything SOLD!! Can I place Ads for Non-Saab Stuff ?? (I'm sure not). JM
My classified ad has been very effective. I posted the ad on Monday night. I sold the car on it's first showing on Saturday morning at the asking price. JF
Saabnet, Please mark my vehicle as sold! I appreciate the audience your website attracts; I had over 15 people contact me during the first 3 days! Thanks again! MG
Please remove my wanted ad. I found the perfect 900 convertible at the right price through saabnet. Many thanks. VS
please list my Saab as sold. I recieved 7-10 calls in the week it was on your site, and was sold to the first person who was able to come and look at it. thank you. JG
Please remove my ad for our Saab. Sold last week thanks to your website. Jeff
I've just posted my Saab for sale on your site. Please mark it as sold and/or remove it from the site. The car sold within a week. Thanks for the great results! JS
I have sold my car and ask if you would please mark it as sold. You have very successful site! A great following of Saab enthusiasts. Although I did not sell my car to a buyer from your site, it generated more than a dozen seriouse calls in 2 weeks! DY
The classified worked great! I found a buyer for my Saab in less than 24 hours. Please list the car as sold. SA
I am happy to report that this car has been sold. Thank you so much for the forum provided to sell my SAAB. It was very easy, and I received full price. BDG
I had 15 calls the very first day my Saab was listed and that was on a Sunday. Needless to say, the car is sold. Please mark it as such. WW
This car was sold. I had a wonderful response so thank you for your site! PS
My ad just appeared, I got a call within minutes and sold the part. Can you mark the ad SOLD? Thanks for the excellent service and results! DT
I'm glad to inform you that both of my parts sold within two day of placing the ad. CP
Please remove my ad or mark as sold. Actually I sold the car the next day! ZB
The ad response was fantastic, 9 emails. I sold them in 3 days!!! LL
My car has been sold. Thanks for the tremendous response your site generated! aa
Thank you for the service you provide, my car has sold through you site. Please remove my posting at your earliest convenience. Thanks Kindly Scott K
I just wanted to let you know that I have sold the Saab that I had listed with you. I was very impressed with the response and sold the car to the first person that e-mailed. Thank you very much. JP
I sold the roof rack (through your ad). Thanks you. MR
Please cancel my ad for my Saab. I sold it to the 2nd person who called...the 1st person was stuck in a snow storm and couldn't drive the 5 hours to look at it. I tried and Ebay, with no real action. (waste of time and money) The couple that bought mine drove up in a '97 900, and loved my car so much they bought it at first glance, literally. I will recommend your site to others, proudly. SB
Please remove the ad for my Saab. I sold it the other day to a very nice Saab enthusiast from Calif. thanks to my ad. That's the second Saab I sold using your classifieds, they're terrific. SS
I had over 50 responses and sold my parts in the first week. RC
We have sold our car tonight to friends of the family. Our response from our Saabnet ad was amazing, though and I would encourage anyone selling a Saab to use your valuable service. Tim S
Hey Scott, My Saab has sold! Thanks for all your help and keep up the good work THE BEST INTERNET SITE EVER (i've looked at all of them!) Liam
Thanks to the Saab Network and its Classifieds, I have sold my Saab Lou H
I received many inquires on my car. I was truly amazed at this response TR
Dear Saabnet, I love your site, and thanks to your classifieds I was able to sell = my item within two days, and I am still getting calls on it. Which = brings me to the question, how do I get the ad off your site or put = "sold" on the ad? NG
Just wanted to let you know that this car is now sold. The buyer told me he saw the ad on Saabnet so I wanted to let you know that out of three paid listings on this car (and two free ones) your site sold the car. Thanks! Chuck M
Our Saab sold after only one day on your site!!! Please remove it from your site or mark it sold...thanks so very much and we will use your services again. Andy F.
Thanks to the saabnet, sold my Saab which I just placed on the saabnet classifieds 2 weeks ago. Please remove the classified ad. thanks, cj
I'm writing with the great news that I have sold my Saab through your bulletin to the head of the Vintage Saab Driving Club of Japan. Please do the honors of stamping "SOLD" on my listing. Thanks for making it possible, Greg R
I have sold my car. Please mark it as such. Thanks! I got the most inquiries off of your site. CD
We sold our car today to someone who noticed the ad on your website. Thanks for your help. RC
I want to thank the Saab Network, I just sold my Saab 900 for my asking price today--very quick turn around!! I love the power of the Internet! Thanks again, please mark my ad as sold. EM
Thanks to your ad I sold my Saab to a guy in Sweden. DH
We have successfully sold our Saab. We received about a dozen calls in the first week from all over the place. Interestingly we ended up selling it to some old friends just up the road. Thanks a lot...Great service. NG
We've sold our car thanks to your listing to the first person who looked = at it! Please remove our listing from the website. Thanks! DB
Please mark the ad, 'SOLD'. I had great response, over 20 e-mails and/or calls. Ron S
Thanks Saabnet, I sold my Saab within two weeks of placing the ad, to the first person who contacted me. Please mark my ad "SOLD" so people will stop being disappointed when they e-mail me about the car! (I have received over 30 emails about my car) Thanks again! Michael H
You can list the car as 'sold', but please don't pull it down from the site. If the primary buyer decides to pass for some reason when he comes to pick up the car in a week, I'll email the 8 other interested guys and you can then change it back to 'unsold'. JF
WOW! You have super-impressed me with the power of the internet by selling my snow tires in Florida within 45 minutes of placing the ad with you by phone to a man in Montana! I received his payment yesterday and will ship the tires today - - so please remove my ad asap because people continue to call! I have had 7 calls that I know of in the past six days. You are very responsible and prompt at posting ads! I want to get into the internet business since experiencing this impressive result. I am particularly happy that they are going to a nice person and being put to good use. Thanks so much; now I need to ship these tires and rims back west where they started! -Susan
Dear SaabNet, Thank you very much for the wonderful site, I just recently sold my Saab to a couple that had seen it on the site. You're a wonderful resource, and keep up all the good work. Sincerely, Corrado D
I sold my Saab. Thanks to saabnet! You can mark it sold now! John S.
We sold our car and I want to inform you to take it off your web site. Thank you. Thanks to your website we sold it much faster and for a better price than if we had just listed it locally. SN
We sold our 1980 900 EMS as a result of the ad on your network. Peter M
Please remove my Saab from the advertising list. It has been sold. Thanks for all your help. I sold it to a nice family in VT. who travelled 5 hrs to come and see the car. All the best. DW
Just wanted to let you know that I sold the car. Saabnet was terrific--I got emails from all over the country! Thanks for your help. JK
Please remove my classified ad from saabnet. The car sold to the first caller. Ron C
This is really a great service. I actually sold my car to someone who lived over 400 miles away! Thank you, Brian R
Great website - I check out things all the time. I recently sold my car as a result of advertising through you. AT
my car was just sold for the asking price to the first person who drove it. Please remove my ad from the classified list. Thank you. -Daven J
MANY THANKS... for the TSN and for a place to post my ad. The car has been sold for the original asking price. I did get a # of calls from folks in the area and the car was sold to the first one to test drive it. Clearly, the targeted market for SAABs through the SAABNET is a terrific way to address those who are smart enough to know exactly what they want. This was a win-win outcome. He got a great car with warranty leftover. And I have more room in the garage for my 2000 9-5. B J P
I have sold my car. I sold it within a week from the ad on TSN! Morgan L
Thanks for connecting me with a buyer for my car. The first contact from my Saab Network classified ad was the ultimate buyer. Although a long distance purchase was a challenge, everyone was happy in the end. Rob P.
I hope you receive this message, as I hope you will learn of my satisfaction with the services the Saab Network provides. I am a Saab enthusiast who owns several special edition Saabs (an '88 SPG we bought new is the oldest and a 9-5 Aero is the newest) and decided to sell our '91 9000 Turbo. I placed the ad with you on Wednesday afternoon - it was posted some time that night. By the morning, I had an email from the buyer and sold it to him as soon as he saw it the next day. I was amazed at how quickly it was sold - literally a buyer was found within a few hours of it being listed! I believe that it isn't as much a testament to the "power of the internet" as it is the quality of this site. I thank you for all of your efforts to make it a quality resource for anyone who owns or has interests in Saab vehicles. -Frank
My "classic black beauty" turbo was sold to the first person who saw it on the Saab Network, then drove it. And he seems to love it for the all the right reasons -- for at least another 200,000 miles I hope! Thanks. M.V.
Have had an unbelievable response to my ads with you. Thanks so much. The cars have been sold. Please remove so that my phone will stop ringing. Pete & Jeanne C
SAABNET,Thank you for selling my SPG! Aaron P
I finally sold my car, to one of the first folks who inquired. I know my ad has expired but just wanted to let you know that I sold it thanks to TSN. Steve M
Please remove my ad 900 parts ad. The response was exceptional. Thanks Brent M
I have sold the following car to a nice gentleman from Georgia who plans to restore it. Thank you for providing a place where Saabs can be sold to people who will restore them and not trash them or do other unthinkable things to these great old cars. EE
The car has been sold. In fact it was taken eventually by someone who called the very first day the ad was on. Thanks. DB
Sold my car to someone who saw the ad. Thanks! RG
The car that I posted was just sold yesterday. I have the SaabNet to thank. Please remove/stamp SOLD on my ad. Thanks, -SK
Thanks to your website, I was able to sell all of my parts! GC
The response to my ad was overwhelming. Car sold in three days. I was most impressed. RB
The car listed below has now been Sold (thanks to the ad). Would it be possible to get a Sold sign put on the ad? RR
We got a great price, from someone who saw the car on your site. Out of all the media's we used to sell the car, Saabnet got us by far the most interest, and ultimately a great price. Thanks CS
Thank you for posting the add for my Saab. I'm pleased to say that I had a great many inquiries and that the car has now been sold - at very near the asking price. There seems to be quite a strong market for this car throughout the world. Thank you, Phil J
Your web site was a great help in selling my car. Thanks. Ken
Our buyer from Utah spotted the car on your site and flew down to L.A. yesterday to pick it up. Terrific experience. Wonderful buyer. My wife has found a good home for her baby. Thanks. Wayne L
After placing my ad the car sold three days later. Thank you. The person who bought my car had bought and sold through SaabNet five times. Craig
Thank you again for helping me sell another Saab. Best regards, Chris
Dear Sirs, Please cancel my ad. The car sold back in May for the asking price. The ad worked wonders. I got answers from all over the world! Anders
I sold my SAAB!!! Good job guys I got tons of responses. Please post my ad as SOLD. Thanks. -Al B
I just sold the exhaust system I was advertising to a gentleman who saw the ad on Saabnet. Thank you, too, for providing such a great service and a terrific forum for all that is Saab! Regards, Aaron M
My car sold in a week. You can cancel my ad at any time. Thanks Ted
Good god, please take my ad off the classifieds! I have sold my wheels and am getting more inquiries than I can respond to. Thanks for all the help. MR
I've sold the car and would like to remove the ad. Thanks! By the way, I listed with both SaabNet and, both for the same price ($25). This ad generated about 6 inquiries and one very serious buyer (though he ended up buying a new Saab 9-3). (which advertises heavily in the Twin Cities market) generated no inquiries what so ever. Ultimately though, a simple For Sale sign in the window did the trick and the car only moved a half- block from my house to a good home. Undoubtedly, next time I need to sell (or buy) a SAAB, I will be coming back! Thanks! Bryce
Please list my ad as 'SOLD'. Terrific site for specific-interests type autos. Many solid responses from real buyers! DI
The the car is sold thanks to your web. MB
Please remove my ad from the parts classifieds section. The TSN classifieds really work! Thanks! Rob
I sold my Saab today to a couple from Seattle. He's driving it back now! Thanks. Please remove my info ASAP, I'm still getting calls. LJ
My car is sold and the man came all the way from Alaska to buy it. Thank you for your site so that it could enable me sell this very unique car. John
Please remove my ad for the wheels; they indeed found a good home. The response from the ad was great. I got my first call within 24 hours after posting, and had enough seriously interested parties that I could have sold the wheels several times over. In fact, one potential buyer wanted to start a bidding war after I had committed to a sale. Thanks for a great experience. James
We sold our Saab -- please remove the listing. Thank you for having this web site -- we would not have been able to sell our Saab otherwise! Katharine and Matt T
Please mark my Saab sold. She sold within 24 hours of listing sight unseen. Thank you! Lori R
My car was sold on Sunday for the full asking price. Thanks, Rod D
I sold the car today. The saabnet did a good job: I got a huge number of responses and my car was sold within two weeks of posting. Bill B
Please remove the ad I placed on saabnet. Car sold right away. Thanks much, T A M
I've sold the wheels (local buyer and got my asking price - and I've had 10 inquiries and four other offers :-) Thanks!! Andy D
thanks again for helping me sell another car. the turbo sold on sunday. rolf f
Thanks, The car has been sold, lots of lookers and of course the all important buyer. Tim S
Could you please mark our car as SOLD. Thanks very much, your site did the trick. NeilM
Thank you all so much for posting our car on the Saabnet. We live in the boonies of Pennsylvania and would have had a long wait to find a buyer if we had used the traditional advertising methods. Within 24 hours of the posting we had three interested parties. After a week we have completed the sale. We were able to sell the car to the first serious buyer. Thank you again. Please remove our ad, we are still getting phone calls! Gratefully, Dave and Liz B
Hi, the car is sold. Thanks a lot, got a lot of responses from your classified. Peter M
TSN STRIKES AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My Saab just drove off with it's new owner. TSN is FANTASTIC for SAAB loyalists. Thanks Again, Patrick S
I just wanted to let you know that my Saab sold yesterday. The guy saw the car on your website! He flew to Charlotte from Baltimore and drove it home. Thanks for your assistance with my ad. Rob
I just sold my Saab, thanks to the ad I placed on Saabnet. Please remove my ad -- I won't be needing it any longer. Myra C
Once again you did it! After you posted the ad for me, I had a firm deal settled six days later and finalized the sale the next day. Brian
All of the advertised items have been sold via this ad online. Thanks for the opportunity to sell these used items. Roger W
Today I sold the Saab that I had placed an ad for earlier in the week. This is a great service! I know my car is getting a good home. Thanks! -Stephanie
Thanks to, my car was sold in THREE DAYS to a local SAAB aficionado. Will H
hello there, we have sold our car so please remove it from the classified ads. we want to thank you for this site. it was a great help in selling our car . we recieved lots of inquiries about our vehical via email, and all that replied seen our ad on your pages. and in case your wondering we did sell to someone who responded to our ad on your pages. thank you very much, jack b
Thanks, I sold my saab to the first person who came to see it. It was so easy. A friend of theirs saw it on the saab network. Thanks so much. I bought another saab from your site also! Jan
Thanks for posting the photo. Wanted to let you know that you can mark the car as SOLD! I just completed the transaction selling the car to a couple from Seattle. I advertised the car in three different places (, The Mercury News, and TSN) and the only place that generated any leads was The Saab Network. Now if I could just convince the Mercury News to give me my $90 back . . . Take it easy, Ryan
You can put a "sold" sign across my car now. It was sold to someone who found it on the webpage. Thanks! Eric H
Thanks for posting my ad for wheels. They have sold rather quickly, and I couldn't have done it without TSN. Josh B
Could you please remove my ad. Believe it or not, the parts sold in 24 hours, well above asking. Another testament to the power of this website. Thanks, Tom
Sold my parts. Dozens of responses in 2 days! Please update page indicating "sold", thanks. Boy, does this website ever work! Bill H
I have sold my car which is listed on your site. Please mark it as "sold." Thank you for offering this service. The inquiries began within hours of the posting. I received inquiries from around the country which is helpful for a place like Pittsburgh. The person who bought the car actually lives in another town four hours away. I would not have had as many inquiries with the local paper. James M
SOLD it, thanks to your service--Thanks, az
Well, I wasn't in work on Friday to send you this e-mail you because I took the day off to SELL my Saab. Yup, that's right--mark my car SOLD in two weeks. (Actually, I had a deposit within a week and the new owner flew in last Friday, to pick up Sven and drive him home to Chicago.) We are both thrilled! The buyer was happy to get such a classic car in great shape and I'm happy because I know that my baby will be loved and taken care of. Thanks again for the help and for having such a great resource for us quirky Saab owners! Regards, Stacy S
My car has been sold (after four days on placing the ad) Tony C
THANK YOU SOOO MUCH I RECIEVED DOZENS of e-mails about my car. You guys made it so easy to sell it ...I cannot thank you enough. I sold it in faster than i ever thought i would!!! Thank you! Michael K
Hello! Just wanted to let you know that I sold my part, got about a dozen responses in the first few days. Ross K
Please remove my parts classified. It went in two days with 5 individuals vieing for it. Ron G
thanks again for your great services! I appreciate the response your page has generated, and I will be using it again as soon as I am ready to sell. Thanks again, Terry H
Please remove my classified ad (see below) from your site, I sold the car last weekend. I was very pleased with the response from your readership. Thank you for your help! Matthew N
Thanks Saabnet sold my car yesterday. Sold to another Saab enthusiast who drove 6 hours to see it! Peter M
Your service was instrumental in selling my saab. Mike S
It was through the Saab Network that the buyer found me and the car he wanted. I appreciate your assistance. Ron W
Our car went to a good home in three days! The first viewer loved it and drove it home an hour later. My wife and I went out that same day and brought home a shiny frost gray '99 9-3 SE. We'll definitely use Saabnet again - although it'll probably be 10 years down the road. Thanks! Godfrey C
Thanks so much for your assistance in selling my car. I got a TON of leads from Saabnet. Please mark this puppy S O L D !! Best regards, Mark E
SAAB SOLD BY SAABNET CLASSIFIED AD Please note that my car was sold. Regards, David B
Could you please list my 3 car's as sold please. They all sold quick. Thanks again............Dominic
Please remove my ad. I sold the car today less than three days after my ad appeared. Thank you. Ashley B did a great job with more than 100 global responses... Ed B
Thanks for your excellent services. My car has been sold in less than 2 hours after your posting. Could you please put a sold sign on my listing. Thank you on your wonderful job and I' m looking forward to supporting saabnet in future. Dan M
thank you very much, your service was excellent!!! the best $35 i spent in the last few years! rodney h
I sold my wheels with tires two hours after they hit the net. Thanks TSN for the great ad. Sincerely, Geoffrey W
My items were both sold yesterday PM. What a fast response! = Thanks!=20 Gene K
Please remove the classified ad for my Saab. I sold it within 2 weeks of posting. This is a great service and I thank you! Greg M
Please mark my add sold. I thank you for placing my add and helping me sell my saab. Thanks Craig C
Please be advised my car has been sold. Although I sold the car locally the response from the ad was exeptional. What a great concept! Thanks, Joshua B
I want to let you know that my Saab was sold yesterday thanks to the ad that was run on The Saab Network. So, 1) thanks and 2) you can take the ad off now. Scott N
Thanks so very much for offering this service. I could not keep track of the number of inquiries, it was great. The car is sold. Thanks again, Tony S
Great venue for selling Saabs. I figured mine would be a little slower, but I believe this was the fastest way to sell. You have a great site for the Saab enthusiast. I use it quite often and appreciate all that you do to provide this for us. Keep up the great work! Dave R.
Thanks to your site I sold my car. Please mark it sold. I have received over 40 contacts, including Denmark. I am recommending your site to friends. Thanks again. Catherine C
Thank you very much!! I have a new appreciation for the power of the internet. Also your service here was great, I sold my car the first weekend after it was listed here and I had more than one person wanting it at my asking price. Thanks again! Curtis
Your classified section has been very impressive!! As you know, I placed a couple of ads there. The results have been great. Inquiries within a day of the placement with some pretty knowledgeable consumers. It reaffirms why I bought my Saabs way back when...Saabers have a real passion for this car. Tony C
I'm very impressed with the results of my ad on Saabnet. I wondered if anyone would really travel to buy my car in Phoenix. Well guess what, the first call I got was from northern Calif. the gentleman was very knowledgeable about my car, he flew into town and gave me full price for it after checking. Although I'll miss my Saab, I'm glad it went to a good home. Thanks again. Steve S PS. Your results where far superior to the local advertizing I also tried.
Once again your site proves how powerful it is as a tool to join together buyers and sellers. I just sold my 99 Turbo today -- as you know the Saab Network also help me sell my 99 EMS. I purchase my future Saabs with the confidence knowing your site will always be there to help me enjoy these unique vehicles with countless information and contacts. Jim M
Just wanted to let you know that my car has been sold. This has been the best experience I've ever had selling a car-- the only calls I got were SAAB enthusiasts, people who knew exactly what to expect and exactly what they were looking for. Nick E
Just wanted to let you know that my car sold and that you can add my comments to your testimonials. I listed it less than a week ago and the first person who looked at it bought it. Wish I hadn't even bothered with the newspaper ad. Could have saved over $60 in advertising had I tried your service first. Mike Z.
The Saab Network was my first experience doing business through the Internet, being new to it; I want to say that you people have been very responsive towards my ads, and it shows that SOMEONE is indeed "minding the store". I wish I could say the same about other sites I have TRIED to do business through, but, no way Jose
The majority of my parts were sold within 24hrs. Please mark the following items as SOLD on my parts classified. Thank you. Clifford Q
Thanks to you I sold my Saab. I received twice as many serious calls = (including the one that bought , and will appreciate our baby) from = saabnet than from $100 worth of local and regional newspaper ads. = Please switch it to sold and thanks again Matthew H
The car sold within 48 hours of listing. The Saab Network is terrific. Steve S
HI, I would like to inform you that I have sold my car. I received = over 30 responses to my add with you. Although I will miss my car, I want you to know that selling my car = through Saab net really was a great experience. Thank You, David C
Hello: This is proof positive your site works. I listed with you, and = within 12 hours I got a call; and within 24 hours I sold subject SAAB. = Please remove my SAAB from your network, and credit me any monies that I = may be allowed. Many thanks, Larry G
Success !!!!! After running an ad in the local newspaper on 2 sundays to sell 4 steel wheels with no luck, I placed an ad on Saabnet. A local buyer called me within 12 hours. The wheels are gone now. Thanks. David S
My car has sold due to an inquiry from my ad, please cancel my ad, and thank you. John H
The day my snow tire ad hit the web site I got an e-mail and after a few exchanges they were sold with pick-up this Saturday. What an interesting luck of timing. A college student in Rochester who was coming home to Pennsylvania this weekend was able to drive an hour from home and meet me (20 minutes from my place) to pick them up. Steve C
Both items listed in my ad have been sold. I have only one regret, and that is that I do not have anything else to sell on SaabNet! My ad got quick responses, and I had at least four offers within one week This was easily the best money I ever spent on an advertisement. So, please mark both the snows and the rack as "Sold" and mark me as one satisfied SaabNet customer. Thanks! Dennis S
Wow! I sold this one today! To a very good Saab home in my area - who saw the ad, we even use the same mechanic - but never have met. Your service is great I am impressed. Please mark it sold. If any wants a reference about your ad space feel free to have them contact me. Dean C
The car I advertised with you sold via your service. Thanks. JK
Please be advised that the add submitted for my parts have been SOLD within 18 hrs of the add being submitted.......... Thanx SAABNET..................... Regards, Fred F
Please remove my car from the classified section. It was sold today through your website. Thanks very much for your help. Bob S
All the items that were in my ad for the various SAAB Wheels have been sold. My response was overwhelming. The SAAB Network is really great! Keep up the good work. Stan L
Please mark the car sold. Thank you for your site, it was really helpful in selling the car! MT
Thank you for your great service. I just sold my car, got a fair price and only had serious SAABers contacting me. The guy who bought it e-mailed me within 48 hours of posting and we agreed on a deal fairly quickly. Please mark my car as sold on your site. Regards, Bryan
Please remove my ad or mark it sold. I sold the car to the first looker, who responded to the TSN ad within 24 hours and drove 600 miles to pick it. This is the second SAAB I have sold on TSN in the past 3 years - great service, too bad there are not similar ones for other makes (SAAB owners are in a class by themselves). Craig R
Thank you for your service, I have sold our '89 Saab 900 (Cedarburg WI). Please take it off of the classifieds so that I do not get any more calls. The service was excellent! Thank You Again, John C
Thanks to my ad on your site, I sold my car. Please mark it sold or remove ad. Jeremy B
I had my car listed a couple of weeks ago, and I sold it last Friday. Thank you very much for your work in listing the car. I had the car listed in two papers in Denver for three weeks with only one call. In two weeks, I had four people interested and sold the car. Results were outstanding. Thanks again. Dane H
Dear Saabnet, I got tremendous responses from my ad placed in your site; the car was sold as of yesterday. Lenny E
hello I sent you a check for this listing and I sold the car almost immed. I think your site is fantastic an I will list my other saabs on it when I the time comes to aprt with them(hopefully never!) thanks for a wonderful place to visit. and again you can mark sold on my add! Dennis g
Saab Network, Thanks to your site, I have sold my 99 Saab 9-3. Please mark it as sold = in the classifieds. I only put the car for sale on your site, in the AutoTrader online site, = and in my own Internet Service Provider's classifieds. I got the most = inquiries and eventually the buyer through my ad on your site. It was = worth every penny. Thanks again, Paul K
just wanted to let you know that i sold my SAAB 95. thanks, your site did it. kurt s
My 1990 900 has sold recently. I found that the Saab Network Classifieds attracted and intelligent, well educated and informed consumer. The ad got a much greater response than I ever expected and it was a relatively painless way to sell my car. Thank you. Kris K
Thanks so much for this great service. I sold my car for the asking price after a few weeks and received many inquiries. I also made a friend in the process. Please mark my ad as sold. Chris B
Just wanted to let you know that my car has been sold. I sold it to a guy in Washington DC who seen the ad on your site. Good job!! Thanks a lot. Regards, Tim
Please mark my car as sold. The car was sold through your listing to a Saab lover from Vermont. SL
Thank you for the use of your very effective service! Scott D.
i have sold my 1978 99 turbo. thank you for your help ,the response was overwhelming. Matt S
I got an overwhelming response to my "Parts Wanted" ad! Now that I have the part I need, can you remove the ad before I get a million more e-mails? Kevin G
Your WEB SITE IS GREAT, for both buying and selling SAABs (I've done both and the response for selling my SPG was unbelievable)> Once again, thanks so much, it was quick and easy, but please remove my add before I receive ten more calls and twenty more e-mails, a day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks and keep SAABing, Patrick S
Mr. Saab, Please cancel my ad. Car was sold via your web page for the asking price. = This is an excellent service. Thanks for the help. Dale M
The car has been sold and the ad can be marked as such. The site was a = big help. I even had a serious offer from the Netherlands. Thanks, Mark M
Thanks for great service.Car has been sold. Dan M
This car has been sold in less than 2 weeks at the asking proce. Great service!! John D
I have sold my '88 Black SPG that was put on TSN. This was a really great experience. I had seven serious inquiries and three offers. I sold it to another true Saab fanatic and was very pleased with the final offer. Thanks again and I would not hesitate to tell anyone about advertising their Saab on TSN. Hank W
Sold my Saab. You should know that the ONLY place I advertised the car was on the Saab site. I received inquiries from far and wide. Finally, someone in my town called and bought it. Bob J
I just wanted to let you you know that I have, thanks to your ad, sold my Sonett. Nick S
I'm pleased to report that I've sold my 9-5 as a result of the listing on the site. Tom M
Scott, will you please stamp my car "SOLD". I was amazed at the rapid response, the car sold in hours. This is a great service! I'm convinced the car is going to someone that will put it back on the road, something I wanted to do but have not managed. Thanks for the quick service to keep these cars going. Jim A
Thanks for the ad.......sold to the first person who contacted me from TSN! Thor A.
Within the last 1.5 years I have sold an '86 SPG, four '86 wheels and tires, four '87 SPG wheels and a Hanes manual. Thanks again for your service. Sincerely, David N
Thanks to the SAABnet, my 88 SAAB 9000 Turbo has been sold. Most appreciative of the best method to sell cars. John K.
FYI - I received numerous inquiries to my classified posting. I got 4 phone calls and 15+ e-mails. This was definitely worth $10. I had posted the items at my local Saab repair shop for 2 months and got no interest. Thanks. Grady H
The car is now sold. Thanks for all your help! Our was the 1993 900 Turbo Convertible with 101k on the clock. I got exactly what I asked for! Your site is the best. Travis M.
Can you believe it? Sold in four days right off of the Saab Network.... A nice gentleman from Richmond came up with his wife and got it done, so you can mark "sold" on my ad... Paul G.
Because of the ad in SAABNET I sold the 78 Turbo. I closed on the sale yesterday and the buyer is driving it north to Minnesota. Thanks for your service! Brand
Thanks to TSN, I have sold my '91 9K listed in your classifieds. Robert D
Please remove my classified ad for Saab SPG and 9000 parts as I have sold everything. I had a great response. It was well worth it. Chad S
Please remove my advertisement from the 900 listings. My ad is for a 95 900S five door. The car has sold due to a response from this ad. Thank You! Brian C
I sold my '92 9000T on Friday evening to a guy who just listed his 1984 900S on your site and already has 4 calls inquiring about it. Your site generated much more traffic than the newspaper and the buyers were all educated about the vehicle. DaveM
I sold my car to the first local person who saw it, thus I'd like to have my ad marked "sold". Thanks, Will P
Hi Scott My SAAB 99 Has been sold!! I received responses from near and far and the car was sold to a TSN reader in Maryland. Thanks a lot .Its a great service. Susan N
We sold the 1990 SAAB SPG for $8,500. Please mark the ad accordingly. Your website was great as we received over 30 interested contacts. thanks, kevin
I just sold my 90 900 S listed in your clasified section. Thanks for the listing, the response was better than I expected! Mark N
Scott, the car is sold!!! TSN is awesome! had a great time responding to saablunatics from around the country, canada, and serbia??? Now the search begins.......... JeffS
Thanks much for the classified listing of the round spoke wheels. I sold them yesterday..pretty quick. Ron C
Scott -- could you please remove the Bentley manual portion of the ad, as it sold within 24 hours . . . . . Thanks! David N
I have sold my 9000CSE. Sale price was close to the asking. FYI, I received approximately 20 inquiries all but one were e-mail inquiries. Four people were serious enough to contact me via telephone. Car was shown to three folks, last one looked at the car and made offer in lessa than an hour. Thanks, Jon H
I have sold my 9000 CDE Turbo. Please change the post. Thanks for having the classified section of Saabnet. It proved to be a better way to attract buyers than the Washington Post! Jim B
I have sold my 900 turbo for full asking price thank you for the service it took less than a week. Would you please mark it as SOLD to stop the flood of calls. Mitch H
I have sold my 95 SE Turbo just a little bit ago. I would like to thank = the Saab Net for making this possible, as this is the tool that = ultimately sold a car that was a slow mover. Rick S
It took some time, but I finally sold my '94 900S. I had ads in the Sunday New York Times, the local automotive paper and local newspaper classifieds. None of them came close to the response I got from Saabnet. In fact, the buyer only lives a few blocks from me! Thanks again for your help. I just got my new 9-5 Wagon. WOW! What a car! Regards, Steve W
Hi, please remove my classified ad from the "900 Parts" listing - I have sold all items - thanks! Your site was a great help in getting rid of this stuff! Thanks again. John W
Thanks for providing the site and the ad service. I certainly received many calls from the ad. Adios. David N
Your service and readership is really incredible! Thank you so much, Mike T
It's nice to have informed buyers. Dan N
All my Saabs sold through your service the 89 Spg went to Washington, D.C, the 91 Spg went to Texas, and the 900T conv. is living the good life in CA. Barbara L.
I would like to have my ad removed because I just sold my 1988 SPG through TSN. TSN is such an invaluable source of information and resource for Saab owners, Saab enthusiasts, and people just interested in Saabs. I found that advertising through TSN put me in contact with true Saab enthusiasts! What better way to sell one of your most beloved cars?! Thanks for putting together such a great web site!! Sincerely, Clifford W
Please remove my ad for '93 900 S as I sold it today. Thanks for such a = good website! I had much better responses than my only one call from the = local papers. K. B
I posted a classified ad for my 9000 CSE. This car was sold today as a result of the ad. The TSN classified brought several qualified buyers who could appreciate the car being offered and was the only advertising I did. Thanks for the service, keep up the good work. Robert L
Just wanted to let you know the response to my ad was overwhelming. The aero wheels sold in a day - there were 20 responses in one day! Anyway, they're sold, and thanks. Bob L
Thanks for carrying my ad. I sold my 900 yesterday. Please mark it sold. The buyer flew in from Connecticut and is driving it back. Now I'm learning about my '95 9000T. -- David N
The following Saab was sold. Thanks so much for this excellent service. It provided me with a forum to obtain the true value of the car I was selling and provided a new owner a great vehicle. Thanks! Kenneth H
Please put SOLD in big red letters over my ad. I got great response and sold it to a local subscriber for asking price. I will miss it though. Thanks Saab Network. Shane A
The response from your site was great. There were 10-15 inquires with half of them being really serious. It was the best $15 spent to sell a car. Thanks -Don
The engine/trans has found a new home...ALREADY. One day. One day! A lousy (but good) 8V motor/trans. Amazing. Duane D
Please remove the ad for this Sonett or mark "sold" ! I received many responses almost immediately and for a couple of weeks after. A classified targeted at SAAB/Sonett fans ( or is that fanatics!) is the way to go. Most of the respondees were familiar with Sonetts and knew the joy of owning one compensates for the inconveniences. Thanks again Phil Z
Hi I don't know how to inform your page my car is sold, wow what a great response, 1990 saab spg, Maybe I should have kept it. Thanks. Please make as sold. Joseph B
This site is amazing. I had so many responses to my ad and have sold the car. Could you please post a sold sign on the site next to my ad? Many Thanks, Aisha L
I have an ad rumming crrrently with you guys for the above described saab. It sold yesterday, so you can take it off your listing if you like. I was very pleased with the results of your ad, you seem to have a large following. thanks. Tim B
Thank you for running our Saab "for sale" classified ad. Thanks to the interest from our ad, we were able to sell our car quickly and for a good price. As the car has been sold, please remove the ad from your site or otherwise mark it as SOLD!! Frank F
You can mark my car as sold. I received quite a few inquiries regarding my TSN ad. Scott L
I really appreciate the amount of intrest that my Sonett III for sale has generated. I was amazed at the quick response to my ad the network has generated, and that was just from the List messages. Hopefully the new owner will finish restoring it to its proper glory. Mark W
I sold my Saab thanks to you website. Please eliminate my ad. MarieT
Can you please mark my car as SOLD. Thanks for the great job and the hard work to keep up the site. Thanks to you I sold the Saab. Bill U
I just wanted to drop you a line to tell you you can mark "SOLD" on my car. I sold it in less than a week due to my ad on The Saab Network. Thanks a lot. Tori Y
I just wanted to thank you for your great service to Saab lovers. I've had many calls on my '98 model 900 Saab and have just sold it to someone who saw it on the Saab Classifieds. Thanks again! Marie R
Please mark my classified as SOLD. I have sold it in less than 5 days from someone who saw it on TSN. Altogether I got at least 15 e-mails and 5 phone calls in the short time I had it for sale. Milton S
I sold it to someone who saw it on the saab network. It was a very smooth sale. Thanks for your help. Angelo M
I got more responses from TSN than any other source (including Trader Online, Classified2000, etc). Lucian
Hey, this ad was great, my classified was not even on your website for 24 hours and my car is sold. Please put a sold sign on the ad. Thanks a lot. Betsy M
Please note as "Sold" the white 1990 900S posted on 11/13/98 by me, = Sarah Raube. Thanks. I did find a buyer through the Saabnet = classifieds. Sarah
Please mark my ad SOLD. I guess we finally got the price right, I've had 15 eMails in the last two weeks! Thanks for your help. Dave M
Please take my SPG off the web site. It has been sold. Thanks for having this site. I could not have sold it without your web site. Thanks, John L. B.
I have sold my car as a direct result of TSN advertisement. I received a tremen dous response from all over the country and one from the Netherlands. I receive d 36 inquires beginning the day after the ad was posted and an offer below my as king price within two days of the posting. I sold the car for my asking price t o gentleman who lives about 600 miles from me and bought the car sight unseen. I took the deposit on the car within 4 days of the posting and completed the tra nsaction within 11 days of the posting. The car was shipped by Intercity Lines who I would highly recommend to other Saab owners. The comment I received from those who missed the opportunity was they wished they had been checking TSN more frequently. My guess is that you now have 35 more people who will visit TSN ev eryday! Thanks for supporting the Saab community with TSN. Sincerely, Guy M
I sold my car over your web site to a guy in texas. thanks and please put "sold" over picture. Rolf F
I'm writing to let you know that I sold my 1984 900 that I advertized on TSN so you can change the status. I had the most inquiries from this ad and a couple of serious long-distance offers. While I sold it based on the referral of a non-TSN friend to someone who owned a 1985 4-door 900S with higher mileage than my car (rear suspension damage totaled it), one of the TSN-related offers was for the asking price. TSN really works but I was amazed at the long-distance offers and willingness to get themselves to my locale to pick up the car. I suspect I'll be posting a snow tire for sale ad next! Thanks for the service, Steve
I have sold my 1987 Saab 900 Turbo. Thank you very much for having this site as an avenue to sell my car. danielle s
Great response to my ad -- numerous phone calls and several e-mails -- The rear window for the Sonett69 SOLD as of noon yesterday!! Thanks for your help!! I'll use you again!
thank you very much. i sold my Saab 9000 aero last week. your classified section is a boon to saabers all over. i expect to place an ad for asst parts within the next week or so. please mark the 9000 ad as "sold": regard george r
Hey -- I sold my Sonett today! Posted with you on 12/17, so that's not too bad. It's been in Hemmings since 12/1 and I've had a few nibbles, but TSN sold the car! Thanks. --John
Please delete my add for 1991 Saab 9000CD. Car sold on Dec. 12, 1998 as result of your ad. Thank you. Mike C
Thanks to you I sold my 900S in less then a month for only $15 in advertising costs. Please update my classified ad to 'SOLD' when you get the chance... Thanks again, Timm
This is to inform you that my 90 SPG posted on 12/3 is sold as of today 12/5. I am very pleased to have gotten this done in only 2 days. The car was sold to a real nice guy from Maryland and he assures me he will provide a good home for my beloved SPG. You guys are the best. Thanks. Bill M
This e-mail is to inform you that my car has been sold. I would appreciate it if you would remove my ad so I no longer recieve calls or e-mails. I liked your ad service and will recommend it to friends as needed. Thanks Lou
I've never had such positive response from any classifed ad as this one on TSN! Paul D.
Your site worked well, I have now sold my sonett. Thanks, Svante
I sold my Saab today. You can mark the ad sold. Good $15 investment. Mike
Scott, My SPG has gone, it achieved asking price. Thank you the service seemed to really reach a lot of interested parties, I wish I had found it earlier. Michael B
Hi Scott, The Headlight Assembley I had placed in TSN Classifieds 'Parts For Sale' have been SOLD! Thanks much it worked again. Parts sold in six days with many inquries. The ad was for Headlight Assembley 1987-1990 900. Clifford Q
Sold my saab in 2 weeks thru saab net. Thanks Please remove my listing or list as sold Mark B
Scott, I sold my car on Friday. Although I didn't sell it through the ad on the SAAB, it was very useful as a place to tell people to go find out more about it. And, of course, I have had several inquiries from the ad after I sold it. Thanks, Tim D
I sold my car on Friday to a woman in Cleveland who saw my ad on TSN. Please pt a "SOLD" sign on my ad. Thanks for all your hard work! Ellen C
Scott, thanks for the use of your BBS. My car finally sold and it was solely due to your web site. Mike P.
Dear Scott, I have sold my 91 Turbo! I got exactly what I wanted for it. No haggling. I also got exactly what I wanted from your service. I love it. It is the most cost effective way of advertising a used Saab that I know. Keep up the good work! Boris L
Scott: My thanks to you and the Saabnet website. Not only did I find dedicated new owners for my 1978 99 EMS, I also made new lifelong friends in Boston! Thank you. Radim K
Scott- My 1974 green Sonett III currently classified on your network has now been sold. Please post A.S.A.P. and thanks. I did sell the car as a result of the Saabnet. Great job!! Seth G.
The 16" 3-spoke wheels sold within 2 weeks! I wanted to wait to see that the buyer was completely satisfied before letting you know the wheels were sold. I had 3 or 4 additional inquiries after they sold. Thanks for your efforts! Sincerely, Doug J
Wow, your network works great becuase I have already sold my car. I would appreciate it if you could now mar the car as sold. It is a 1990 9000 CD Turbo. Thanks again, Greg R
Hi Scott, thank you for the help selling my Saab. I have had over 35 inquiries on my SPG in the last three weeks. I sold the car last week Saturday to a gentleman in Menasha WI....go figure. I know some short months from now I will kick myself for selling my SPG....but an attractive business opportunity persuaded me to sell...Thanks again you and the saabnet site were a great help. All the Best Mark D
Scott, I sold the Sonett (will be living in Virginia) and the Convertible (now = lives in Chicago) - mark them accordingly. Thanks for your work on the = network. Have a good one. Jay I
Please mark the listing for my 1980 Saab 900 as Sold. I got the price I wanted and sold it very quickly. Thank you, Andrew M
Please remove or mark sold the add for the four saab Sonetts placed by me in early august. Thanks for the great service. I amazingly found a guy just 6 miles away who saw the add and was delighted that he could get this project so inexpensively and so close to home. Harry A
Your website worked great. I sold my '73 Sonett last night after listing it just five days ago. You can mark my ad " SOLD". Thanks a lot. Peter T
Hi Scott. My 1993 900T is sold. Not to a TSN member, but only because a few people saw it in the local paper and were able to visit me first. I got a lot of great responses and have no doubt that I could have sold it through TSN. Please mark my ad as "SOLD" Thank you. Peter H
Please mark our ad as SOLD. I am referring to our 1991 SAAB 900 Turbo = Convertible. We sold it to someone who contacted us the day the ad was = posted. The deal has now closed. We had over a dozen contacts, = inlcuding one from Europe. Chalk us up as a satisfied customer. Cindy H
I have an ad on TSN Parts Classifieds. The wind deflector has sold so please remove my ad. Rims and wind deflector sold in about 1.5 weeks, great! The system does work, thanks! Clifford Q
The car was sold only a few days after the posting, so thank you. David B
Hi Scott. Thanks for the use of your classified system. I sold my 1984 = Saab 900 Turbo after about three weeks. Please mark it as such, or = remove it from your "For Sale" listings. =20 Lloyd
I recently put an ad in the Saab Network for a 1993 900 Turbo Commemorative Edition. I'm pleased to say that the car has sold. Ultimately it did not sell to someone over TSN, but it generated a lot of interest, and there were lots of serious offers who were in line.
Scott, please remove or mark "sold" my previous ad for the whale tail and intercooler. Thanks, I got a great response to these items .
Scott, My 91 SPG just sold. I did have 7 inquiries from TSN people. BTW, Scott, you're doing a GREAT job! -Tom
Wow, what a response! Could you please mark SPG parts SOLD! I can not = believe the response I had in less then a week. 40 inquiries, 38 of them = by E-Mail, and two by phone. I had numerous offers, and was able to sell = the items at a price that was good for me. I will highly recommend this = to other friends, as it is the only place to buy/sell SAAB stuff. People = using this service really appreciate what is being sold, so response's = are automatically qualified.=20 Thank you, and keep up the great work. Tom L
My 1992 convertible has been sold By the way, if you go to the sold cars page, you will see that I bought this car from Wayne Egan in Montana through your site about two years ago!!
After less than 24 hours on your web site, the response has been incredible so far. one young man is going to FLY from CA to see the car this weekend. Thanks, Barbara
Scott: Our 1990 9000T that had been advertised on TSN Classifieds has been sold to a buyer who saw and learned about the car on TSN. Many thanks. David H.
Scott, you have a very satified client! the 89 SPG sold today; it was like a bidding war in my driveway. OK, now sell the 91 for me. SERIOUS thanks. Barbara L.
Please remove the classified ad for my ex-'87 900 Turbo. It sold within a few days of being posted on your website. Thanks for the venue!
Thanks to you! Along with your message, I find there are already 8 responses to the AD!! What a great help! Again, Thanks!! Lisa
I sold my Saab 9000 manual (thanks to you!) so please indicate 'sold' on the ad. Tom
the Saab 900S converbible, monte carlo yellow that I posted in the 900 Classified section on May 13, 1998, is sold to a person who contacted me from Hanoi, Vietnam (of all places). He is a German who will return to Germany in July. A friend of his has volunteered to make the purchase for him. I am very happy with the way this worked, and the price I got for the car. Karl S.
Hi Scott,Can you please take my ad off your site. I sold my wheels 2 weeks ago and I have dozens of inquiries everyday.Thanks,Sergio B.
Can you make a note on my ad that the car was sold. The car was sold last week. It was amazing how many people actually responded to the ad. Over 15 responses and still counting. It really works! Thanks a million! josh
Dear Scott all my parts that were advertised on tsn are sold,thanks to the tsn all my parts sold within 9 day's wow .Please put sold on my ad (I get 3 -5 e-mails a day) Thanks again Mike P.
Scott: Thanks very much for providing this excellent service. I have received more inquiries in the first day than I did after two and a half months of advertising in the Los Angeles Times, the Orange County REgister, and the Auto Trader combined! Nice people that contacted me, too. Please take the ad off the site now; I have sold it. It was a pleasure dealing with you; you were prompt and did everything I asked you to. Paul W.
Greetings and many thanks for a professional presentation of my ad in the classified section. My 1976 99 EMS was just sold and it was all due to your classified section. I can not begin to describe the numerous inquiries I have received due to your site. It was a kick to see the interest level every day - it was that busy! I would definitely recommend your site to others and hopefully I use you again in the near future. Jim M.
Scott - TSN did the job again. We received approx. 15 to 20 inquiries on the two cars, about equal interest, and ending up selling them as a package deal to a guy in Aspen, CO. His deposit check is in the mail to me and should arrive Thursday, so I feel confident in saying you can call them both sold. Most of the inquiries came from university addresses, all over the US, including Vanderbuilt, UNC at Chapel Hill, Kansas, Montana, AF Academy, etc. Thanx for your fine service. Tom and Avis N - Evergreen, CO
I should have notified you a long time ago regarding my 91 convertible that was placed in the classifieds last January. The car has been sold and now lives in Arizona. I received tons of inquiries, mainly because I had it priced very reasonable and because of this network. If you'd mark it sold, I'd appreciate it. Thanks. Jay I
I was able to sell my car through your classifieds on Saabnet. I'm enclosing a check for $15 as a token of my appreciation, since I've always enjoyed your site! Thank you for your help with the ad. Claude C.
Believe it or not, a man from Jackson Hole, WY flew in the very next day (after posting) and bought my 90 900 at the asking price! Brian K. Tempe, AZ
I found a great Sonett through your web site that I purchased! I drive it every day now! Keep up the great Saab work. Robert P.
Many thanks--your page generated many more leads than the paper.
The ad worked very well and perhaps a dozen people were interested. An individual in Denver has arranged to buy the car, so it would be appropriate to mark the ad sold or whatever you do. It is certainly OK to leave the picture in place for a time. Glenn
I post the ad on Miami Herald, but got only 2 response. However, I got 6 responses via the TSN. This is great, and the Saab Conv is sold. Thanks. Will
Scott, My advertisement on your website generated a lot of interest in my car. More importantly, I sold my Saab to someone who contacted me through your website. Thank you very much, I appreciated your service. Yours truly, Noel R
Thank you for the cancel notification on my ad and your advertising services. I will need to have my ad canceled, since I sold my car with in 1 day of it's initial posting. I highly recommend your advertising services to any one selling a Saab, my ad received over 20 responses over the term of the ad. Sincerely, Jim F
Scott, my '93 saab 9000 aero sold in 10 days after being posted on the saab network. Although I will greatly miss the car, I am overwhelmed by the success of this medium as a place to sell it. Thanks for the assistance. Karl S, Tampa
I sold the car yesterday to a guy who found out about it from the Network. Thank you! Willa
My 1988 Saab 900T SPG was sold this past weekend. You can mark the advertisement as such. The buyer was a relatively local guy (40 miles away) but he found it on your web site. It took awhile but it worked out well. Thanks for your help. - Brian R
My 1990 Saab 900 sold Saturday to someone who read your ad. Thank you for your service. John C. Essig
My 91 900 Turbo was sold this week thanks to your service. It was purchased by a Chrysler engineer from Detroit! I only had two lookers from my ads in local (Milwaukee) papers, but serious inquiries from Detroit, Portland Oregon and Marquette Michigan thanks to you. Thanks, Jack C
Well, it took a while, but thanks to your classifieds, I successfully sold the Sonett a week or so ago. Thanks for your help. -:- Don L
Just wanted to let you know that I sold my Saab this weekend. I really had my doubts about the potential for success of selling via your web page, but I'm thrilled. I got my asking price and did better than I would have in trade. If you ever need reference or "testimonial" feel free to call on me! Thanks! Dana H
Your classifieds are great. I was able to find a really nice 1992 900S for $6700. I bought it through your site! Thanks, Elle C.
I placed an ad a couple of weeks ago for misc. Saab parts for an 86 9000 turbo. Could you put "Sold" on everything. Thank you for this medium. It has worked too well. I have been flooded with emails on all of this stuff. Thanks. Jim
My posting of 8/9/97 for a pair of alloy wheels has resulted in a sale. Thanks for your help, Jeff
Your web page is incredible! Just days after I placed my ad for my 1968 Sonnet, s/n 920, I received many serious inquires. I hapopy to report the Olde number 920 has now been sold. Please indicate that it has been sold. Thanks again. Ed B
I'd like to thank you for the service you provided in helping me find a buyer for my 1991 9000 Saab Turbo. I have just sold the car through a contact provided by your web page. Thanks again. Emil A
Sold my 1985 900 posted on the SAAB classifieds. Thanks for the great advertising--it hooked me up with a very interested buyer who bought it for the asking price. George
As a side note, I just wanted to say how pleased I was at the response I got from the want ad. Feel free to place this in the comments near the Want Ad info. I was asking for something very specific, and got several offers of exactly what I needed at exactly the price I wanted. The offer I wound up taking was from someone right here in my own state! I could inspect the items before I bought them. I can't recall a better use of $5. Keep up the great work!
Thank you very much for providing an excellent web page. I was successful in selling my 1987 900 SPG. With this page I was able to reach thousands of potential buyers. Please update my ad to indicate this. Again thank you very much. Michael A
I should thank you and the Saab Network for the unbelievable response I've had to my ad. Almost as soon as I pressed the "send" button on Eudora, I was swamped with tens of messages, and have already sold a sizeable part of my 20+ year parts accumulation. I am beginning to reclaim my long lost basement... Regards, Bernie
Thanks for the quick processing of the classified ad for Dennis P last week. He's my boss' boss. The e-mail appeared on Saturday and he got calls on Sunday and it sold immediately. His official shop manuals may be up for sale if the new owner of the car doesn't want them. Steve
The response to my ad has been excellent, I have had more than a dozen serious E-Mails and a number just inquiring about parts. The Cars were sold to Jay I, of Cedar Rapids, Iowa on December 12. Your service is very good and seems to be reaching the right people. Thanks Fritz
The 1991 Saab Turbo convertibe listed in early Jan. has been sold. This was done entirely through the ad in the Saab network. Thanks!! Bill S
I was running a classified ad for my 1988 SAAB 900 8V, white. I have just sold it to someone who saw it on The SAAB Network. Any way, could you mark it as sold so I will not get any more calls for the car. Thanks for providing a great service to all us SAAB lovers, Jassen S
No problems, Scott. Thanks for providing the classifieds beneath The Saab Network's web page. I've already received a number of calls, and have two serious takers attempting to round up the bucks -- one in SF and the other in Oakland. But -- as I'm sure you've experienced -- until the money's in my hands and the registration's signed, nothing's a done deal. Keep up the *tremendous* work with The Saab Network! Brad
Scott ... please mark my 9000 Aero as SOLD ... This definitely is the best way to sell a SAAB, I had MANY more inquiries from TSN than from all other placements combined. thanks for your help! David R

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