Date: 15 Feb 1999 18:40:16 GMT
From: morrnopsamu.caS* (Mark Orr)
Subject: Re: SAAB 9-5 or Charysler 300M ?

Well I for one can spot a 9-5 or 9-3 MILES away. Its really quite hard to ignore the shiney new grilles that Saab designed. As for the 9-3, its really still quite a unique car. The only reason the old Saab stood out so much is that they were styled in the late 60's !!! Sure the 9-3 and 9-5 don't stand out as much as those, but I still LOVE the subtle Saab lines. I think the next 9-3 will probably build on this, the current one being an interim, though superb, cab. BTW when I say "snob appeal" I really mean uniqueness and individuality....ok,ok...its snobbery, plain and simple, I admit it!!! But I do feel good to be in a Saab in a sea of beemers. Mark In article <36C3D569.D4092807nopsamamp.Net>, Ra137nopsamamp.Net says... > >The newer Saabs (9-5 & 9-3) don't have as much 'snob' appeal; let me >explain. The main reason, as someone stated before, is it looks like a >generic sedan. I find it difficult to spot a 9-5 or a 9-3 from a >distance. But rest assured I can pick out a pre 95 Saab from miles >away. Saabs used to be unique, and in a way the 900 & 9000 are still, a >bit. I only wonder what the cars would look like today, had GM not >slipped it's grip into Saab. I hope that Saab goes back to the original >body style, even for an anniversary, or LTD Edition type promo. Oh >well, one can dream, right? > >"Lloyd R. Parker" wrote: >> >> Mark Orr (morrnopsamu.caS*) wrote: >> : A couple of things to say on this, the LHS and its brethren are all very >> : impressive designs, Chrysler leads auto design right now. Chryco has always had >> : a poor (and deserved) reputation for manufactring quality. I also wager you >> : will get better service from a Saab dealer then a Chrysler dealer. The 300 M is >> : a bigger car though. While the styling is excellent, my guess is that it will >> : start to look "old" well before the classic lines of the 9-5. >> >> In the way a 63 Chevy's styling is classic? Put a 9-5 side by side with >> most any sedan from the past 30 years and get people to tell them apart. >> The Saab says "generic sedan" from all angles. At least the 9-3 has some >> unique styling cues. GM seems to homogenize everything these days. >> >> : The 9-5 is >> : particularly good looking in light colours that bring out its subtle lines. I >> : think the Saab will be the more satisfying car in the longer term, regardless >> : of your initial instincts. Besides, its much cooler to say "I drive a Saab" >> : then "I drive a Chrysler", so I think the Saab wins on snob appeal. >> >> I'd guess 80% of the public has no real idea of what "sob" means except >> "to cry." OTOH, Chrysler is a recognized, somewhat prestigious nameplate. >> Face it, the only foreign nameplates the public perceives as prestigious >> are Mercedes, BMW, Ferrari, Porsche, Jaguar, and Rolls-Royce. Maybe you >> can add Lexus to the list. > >-- >William T. Brown III _\\|//_ <> >| ///|\\\ | >----------------------------oOO--(_)---OOo--------------------------- >---* Always forgive your enemies - nothing annoys them as much *---

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