Date: Sat, 26 Jun 1999 10:30:05 GMT
From: (Goran Larsson)
Subject: Re: '88 9000T A/C Question

In article <7l0v80$gpu$>, Jason Hill <> wrote: > I went to the fuse-box, and everything looked fine except for that in the > #4 fuse holder there was only one connector. I took the glove compartment > out and removed the fuse holder and found a few lines loose with That is not normal. > connectors, and a few even connected to sockets marked "empty." Very That is normal as some parts of the wireing is common between different models. The fuses involved with the ACC are: 17 ACC electronics 1 ACC electronics 6 Ventilation fan 18 Heated rear window and mirrors 20 Compressor (and extra cooling fan if mounted) 23 Cooling fan > confusing. On the right of the #4 fuse holder is a green wire which runs > to the fuse holder directly below it (#5, APC). There's nothing on the > left side at all. That is normal for a car with ACC as that fuse is only used for cars with AC. > 1) What is the circuit containing the #4 fuse actually responsible for (I > notice that the A/C compressor is on another circuit altogether?). Fuse #4 is for AC recirculation motor (not used on cars with ACC). > 2) What wires should be running to and from the #4 fuse? The loose wires > I have are numbered, so it may be as simple as plugging one of them back > in. Fuse #4 should have a green (2.5 mm2) cable connecting it to fuse #5 to get +54 (12V while ignition on, but not while starting). For AC (not ACC) cars the other side of the #4 fuse should have a blue (0.5 mm2) cable connecting it with the recirculation switch. The only consumers conencted to the #4 fuse is the recirculation motor and the small lamp in the recirculation switch. What happens if you run the selftest in the ACC? Press AUTO and VENT at the same time to start the selftest. The display starts blinking 88 and after 40 seconds the number of errors are displayed. If not 0, then press VENT repeatedly to display all error codes. Press AUTO to get out of the selftest. The error codes are listed in the workshop manual. :-) Have you checked the wireing between the ACC electronics and the compressor? ACC pin 23 ------- yellow/white (0.5 mm2) ---------- - - - - --+---- pin 2 pressure guard pin 1 ---- green/white (0.5 mm2) --- - - +---- pin 4 pressure guard pin 3 ---- yellow (0.5 mm2) - - ----- freezing thermostat ---- green/white (0.5 mm2) ---- - - fuse 20 -- yellow (2.5 mm2) --- pin 30 timer relay - - ------------------------------- pin 86 timer relay pin 87B ---- - - - - - ---- blue (1.5 mm2) ------- connector -------- compressor Set the ACC to low and then follow the signal and find out where the 12V disappears. The pressure guard is mounted on the accumulator/drier to the right below the windscreen. Between pin 2 and 1 are two safety switches. One opens if the freon temperature is below 0 degrees C (32 degrees F) (pressure of freon is 2 bar) and the other opens when the pressure is over 27 bar. Both switches must be closed for normal operation. The yellow wire controls a cooling fan relay. The freezing thermostat is mounted on the evaporator to the right below the windscreen. It opens when the temperature of the evaporator is below 6 degrees C (43 degrees F). The timer relay is mounted in the fuse box (position E) and it delays the compressor to allow the engine control system to increase the idle before the compressor loads the engine. > day, and the public libraries out here in rural MN don't carry many > foreign repair manuals with wiring diagrams. I appreciate your help. I have a complete workshop manual for the 9000 (all cars until 1990) for sale as I sold the '88 9000T and bought a '99 9-5. There are two problems though, it is located in Sweden and is written in Swedish. :-) -- Goran Larsson hoh AT approve DOT se I was an atheist, http://home DOT swipnet DOT se/hoh/ until I found out I was God.

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