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Date: Sun, 05 Aug 2001 18:52:33 GMT
From: Marc Escuro <>
Subject: Re: 9-5?

On 8/3/01 4:57 AM, in article Bkwa7.16097$, "Nutmegger" <> wrote: > I have so many problems posting to you!! > Just now, right in the middle of my post, we had an electrical surge or > something.... > Everything shut down. > Weird. > How are the electrical problems in CA? First it's Windows... Now it's your power grid. HAHA They must be running windows. Haha CA electrical problems are pretty bad. My electricity bill has pretty much quadrupled in a couple of months. $200+... That's normal these days. I'm never home when the rolling blackouts hit; I'm always at work, and the company has a deal with PG&E to keep power on. I mean... If power goes down, so does the internet portal side of the business. IT's a no-no. But in turn... There aren't any lights on in the buildings all day. So it's fairly dark/ >> HAHAH!!!! MacOS X is the only way to go!!! > I was thinking more along the lines of Unix. MacOS X is Unix. :) Been using it since it's Beta last November. > Yesterday as I was heading home from the city on a back road that had two > lanes, > I got stuck behind a camper going about 35mph. He wouldn't move over! So, I > pulled out and passed him and a few others on the right (I know!) and pulled > in > front of a dodge shadow. The guy driving was so pissed, he was flipping me > off > and for some reason thought he could stay right on my ass. > He found out! HAHAHAHA....At least it wasn't a trailer of horses. :) >> We were doing some >> tight curves at some hefty speeds (not recommended for most people) and I >> noticed his car somewhat lose traction. Assuming that I was going the same >> speed as he was, the Aero will out corner the S-Type 4.0. > Saabs out corner many cars, that is the fun part - cornering. OH yeah it is!!!! I love the Aero. It looks so understated.... No one really expects it to do much... And then "BAM" >> Got back to his place... And I was screaming at him.. "What the F**k >> were you trying to do!!!" He responds, "I just wanted to see what your car >> was made of." I should have ripped him a new one. > Yeah, and if I were you I'd be leary of letting him drive it. He has as much chance of getting behind the wheel of my Aero as I have of getting behind his S-Type. > The female ego too! Like yesterday..... > I mean WTF?! > So? I'm a jerk, I passed on the right - get over it! HAHAHA >> What do you mean by "Standard?" > Verses automatic, transmission. Automatic. I chose the auto because I thought the Manual was a little hokey. The auto's the smoothest that I've found in a while. Plus have a manual tranny in SF is ridiculous. You go through a transmission in about year. >> OH YEAH!!!! It looks like an impressive sport sedan. I wonder how much >> HP Cadillac decided to put in that thing. And hopefully, it feels as solid >> as comparable European makes. > Anything new like that really needs to work the bugs out - there is always > something. Well.... We shall see about that. :) I give GM more credit with quality controil than I would Ford and Chrysler. >> He passed away when I was 2 yrs old. But my aunts and my parents taught >> me how to cook. I have a natural knack for cooking. I love cooking. > That's great! I do too, the Italian thing. Ditto too. >> What's really weird tho is that all my buddies from college enjoyed cooking. >> I thought (and still think) that's pretty uncommon. > Yes, I agree. It's usually Kraft Macroni & cheese, and hotdogs and chili out > of > a can. I love MacNCheese. You should try, it's got some interesting recipes. >> I mean.. We were more >> than just cracking open a can or something. Flat out fresh ingredients to >> cook. I mean some of the meal we ended up doing... I remember one of the >> last meals I did was lamb in a zinfandel marinade. > Oh yum! Did you guys read Bon Apetite or something?! :) :-P Ha Ha >> nite -- right before FOX Sunday nite (Simpsons, X-Files, etc). We'd cook >> something and polish off a case of beer. HAHA > Ah, but with good food, you need good beer. I don't drink Macrobrews. I'd rather drink water. -- Marc Escuro "...when all hope is gone, you know sad songs say so much..."

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