Date: Sat, 15 Sep 2001 03:16:03 GMT
From: Nutmegger<>
Subject: Re: Saab SUV

Marc Escuro says... >> He'd better really check out the seats, so many of them are very uncomfortable >> for distance driving. > > The seats aren't that bad. GM has always had very good seats. Not in the Jimmy I had, they were awful, after an hour driving it bothered my back. > >> I'd go with the Land Rover over Lexus, they just have more background in that >> area. > > I would too. But Land Rovers are top heavy. Not as stable as one would >like. And the quality is still iffy. They are all top heavy and handle terrible (after driving a Saab) > >> Companies seem more for a buck than for safety and they cut corners too much >> to >> save $$ under the guise of popular public opinion. > > OH I don't think so. GM's put a lot of technology into their cars to >make sure that they have cutting edge safety. I don't want to get into it, all I know if figures don't lie. >>> Personally, I think Jaguar should never have developed the X-Type... >>> It's looks the Volvo S40, with Jaguar headlamps. But do you think if Jaguar >>> built cars of 1994's quality, they would still be around with the onslaught >>> of Lexus and Infiniti and the resurgence of BMW and Mercedes? Not on your >>> life. >> It can be done, I'm sure of it. > > You're saying that if Jaguar built cars of pre-1994 quality, they would >still be around??? Sure, why not? Just because it has the name "Jaguar" means it has to come with a big price tag? >They would be the laughing stock of the auto industry. I wouldn't know, I'm not in the auto industry. >Luxury brands that command the $50K+ price tags are HIGH quality, precision >driving cars, offer all the technology in the world, plus the kitchen sink, >and offer the comfort of a living room recliner. Is that what Jaguar is striving for? I mean what is the difference between 1993 and now that is so-o-o important to the average consumer? > >> Well, the economy is turning too. > > The economy is a MESS. Not that bad, not like 1987. >The tragedy of 09/11/01 has sealed the coffin. >We are in recession. Yes, the G7 is trying to prevent that, but it's not >enough. I kind of thought we have been in a recession for a while now, it just isn't being talked about much. > >>> Cadillac's got the "Art & Science" design theme coming. CTS was >>> launched. A super-CTS is on the way. LAV is just about ready. Escalade >>> was launched. STS is being launched with an IMPRESSIVE 425 HP!!! XLR is >>> set blow the XK8 and SC430 out of the market. >> You know, there are just so many people in the world who just don't care one >> bit >> about vehicles. They just put gas in them and drive them. So, lots is lost >> on >> them. > > That's why companies have marketing departments. If they dind't, I'd >own a Toyota Corolla, loafing my way to work every day. Well....I don't know much about marketing, never did, but I just lump it in with advertising, and the best really is word of mouth - still! >>> So.... I think the 3 are really spreading their wings and being allowed >>> to do so. >> I'd like to see them spread their wings, and fly. But, done wisely. > > They already are. And you know what?? Cadillac and SAAB are now linked >to the hip in Europe. What do you mean "linked?" >GM is combining their distribution in Europe, since >there really is no product overlap between the two, both brands should >complement each other. I don't know Marc, I can't think like a European. :) Seriously, what does product overlap matter? You are referring to GM & Saab? Where would it overlap? > >> I was VERY surprised to see them. Also a Prowler, but it hasn't been around >> in >> a while. > >Prowlers are UGLY. I can hear it coming a long way off. > >> Ferrari Huh? >> Someone told me once Italians don't know how to make cars! > > I've never been in one. Nor have I. >But I know people who's families own them (2 >Ferarri's and 3 Rolls-Royces). Italians make prestige automobiles. They're >built for display and to be driven every now and then. Sounds like their shoes too. ~J~

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