Date: Tue, 20 Aug 2002 16:04:22 -0400
From: KeithG <>
Subject: Re: Opinion sought - automatic transmission overhaul worth it?

sounds like more of an idle problem than a tranny problem. How does it shift 1-2 2-3 3-4? Does it lag getting into gear? These are common tranny issues. It sounds like an engine control/vacuum leak problem. Your car does not have a distributor, but a DI cassette, I am pretty sure. Current, oscillating idle with A/C is probably due to A/C kicking on and off. I know nothing about the air injection pump. I'm thinking a good mechanic could sort out your idle/running problems and that it is not tranny related. I may be wrong, though... KeithG andrewunix wrote: > Tue, 20 Aug 2002 15:06:37 -0400, suggested: > : > : > : this is Ari's comments on a similar question. I think it is well put. > : > : as it is now, it is probably worth a few hundred to a JY if it really > : does need a tranny. If it gets a rebuilt tranny it is worth a few > : thousand. Easy math. Take it to a dealer or saab indie shop and see what > : it really needs. It is surprising that a NA 2.3 would lunch a tranny in > : only 160kmi. It sounds like your assessment may be wrong or it may only > : need some minor work. What are the symptoms. based on your last PPh, Ari > : may have nailed it for you as well. > > Here's the history of the car since I acquired it in January: > > Early Jan.: Got it used from the local Saab dealer. Car had 154500 miles > on it, roughly. Seemed to be pretty solid; needed a few cosmetic details > on the interior that I was able to pick up at junkyards or used on > bulletin boards or ebay for next to nothing. > > Mid Jan.: I started to notice that when I first put the car into gear, the > idle would oscillate up and down for a few seconds until stabilizing. > Nothing too dramatic, but I thought I should have it looked at. > > Early Feb.: One of the idler pulleys disintegrated. AA towed it to the > dealership, and the dealer service department replaced the pulleys and > serpentine belt the next day. They said that they didn't notice anything > unusual about the way the car is running. > > Early March: I decided to take it to the local reputable independent Saab > mechanic to get an assessment of what I should worry about in the upcoming > future. The guys took note of the weird idle issue and told me that it > appeared that the dealership had opted not to perform the 150000 mile > major service because of the amount of dirt inside the intake manifold. > They performed the 150000 mile service for me and recommended I replace > the rear muffler and front brakes soon. Nothing too weird. > > Early April: Took the car back to the independent to address the idle > issue. > He inspected the AIC valve and said that it was sticky and needed to be > replaced. Replaced AIC valve, and car seems to run a little smoother, but > still has the weird oscillation. > > Early May: Car is now stalling at random. I took it into the independent > again, and he assumes that it is related to the idle problem and might be > a computer issue. He recommends that I take it into the dealership so that > they can run computer diagnostics on it. I take it to the dealership and > they tell me that the stalling is caused by a failing ignition switch. > They replace the switch and the car never dies again. > > Early June: I take the car back to the dealer since they successfully > diagnosed the stalling problem to see if they can't fix the idle. They > tell me that I need a new distributor and replace it. Now the idle no > longer oscillates unless the air conditioning is running, which I > attribute to the added load caused by the compressor. > > Early August: Car has been gradually having more and more trouble idling > up when it is put into gear. I have now put a total of less than 5,000 > miles on the car since purchasing it seven months ago. > > Early August: Secondary air injection pump fails, causing a serious load > on the engine by trying to turn it when car is initially started. I pulled > the fuse for the pump and this removed the load. I called the dealer and > they quoted me $300 for the part. I decided that I probably don't really > need it. > > Mid August: Car now occasionally stalls after struggling to idle up when > put into gear. >

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