Date: Wed, 27 Aug 2003 17:35:59 GMT
From: Paul Halliday <>
Subject: Re: should a buy a saab

in article, K.E. Carlson at wrote on 27/08/2003 14:03: > Hi,new here. > > " Do happy people post messages saying 'Everything is still fine,I > just thought you'd all want to know' often?" Hi. Welcome! Sometimes we do, but more often than not this kind of "forum" is a place to find free advice. How often would you expect to see what you're asking on the computer sections of Usenet? "Hi, my Windows is working fine ... Just thought I'd say ..." :) I prefer to think of Usenet as a place to share experience, rather than just take from the knowledge there is here. Unfortunately, I don't really know very much but can be helpful to others when I have experienced a problem and fixed it. I'm also not technical enough to know why some Saab models are superior to other cars, but looking at the technical innovations I can see how they have led the way in many things. > I don't tend toward "religious fervor"or irrational brand > loyalty. Nor me, nor most of us, but I doubt I'll be buying a car that isn't a Saab for a few years to come ... Oh, and I'm a Mac user as well :) > However,I've been married to my '97 900se turbo for nearly 7 > years.Wish my other marriage were so low maintenance.My "major" repairs > included fixing the power antenna and replacing the bumper.That was only > necessary as I was rearended by a Toyota Camry,which needed the entire > front end replaced.The driver,a real Einstein,simply HAD to use her cell > phone at a red light during rush hour.Were I to follow suit,it's somehow > reassuring to know I wouldn't have my spinal cord wrapped around an > engine block. "However ..." ? <--- Saab zealot :) > I get about 30 mpg in a car that can smoke most Mustangs.I feel like I > can out maneuver anything but a skateboard.Repair bills,over the span of > 7 years,amounted to 300$ US .Routine maintenance(all fluids)have > amounted to no more,or more often, than a Chevy.The air con. to this > day(I'm in Florida)makes me realize men have nipples too. > > At purchase I was unconcerned about depreciation.To me it's more > important to have peace of mind and hang on to a car long term,provided > it serves you well.It's not like you get anything from a trade in on any > kind of car,anyway. Absolutely! Owning a new car is pretty much the same across all manufacturers. Some have better reputations than others and some fair better in different parts of the world. To us in the UK, Saab has a very good reputation for being solid, strong and reliable (much like Volvo, but without the jokes about "wardrobes on wheels"), but do not suffer the stigma of other marques like BMW and Mercedes (to a lesser extent). It's an odd marque and Saab owners tend to be respected for individuality <--- if that's possible by owning a mass-produced car :) Owning an older car is a different matter altogether. This is where sheer passion for the brand can be mis-interpreted as pig-headedness or zealotism. As I said, I doubt I'll be buying a non-Saab for a few years to come. I love the classic 900 and have gone backwards from there. I had a brief lust for the 99s, but I find the late 96s and the Sonetts to be something really desireable. Now my colleague has bought a 9000 (after my recommendation), I can see myself buying one of those too soon ... I think that goes for many of us here. I suppose what I'm trying to say (and using your message as a springboard) is Saab cars attract people who are more than just owners. They attract people who want to own them. Here's an example: My parents have always owned Fords, but they were always old and knackered when I was a kid and we longed for something that didn't breakdown every time the day ended with a "y". I suppose we were a Ford family, but we wished we weren't. I'm a Saab owner and very glad of it - I would call us a Saab family. Saab cars are solid, strong and reliable and I'd always recommend anyone to buy one. I would never suggest that, say, a late 80s 900 would run like a new car though. I wouldn't say it would be in a better condition than any other car that old, but I would say there is a greater chance it has been looked after better than another car of that age ... Saabs that have been abused do take an amazing amount of punishment though. BTW, my Orca ('89 900 T8) is running fine and I really enjoy driving her. Paul 1989 900 Turbo S

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