Date: Tue, 02 Dec 2003 18:47:23 GMT
From: "Dave" <>
Subject: Re: rough engine, no power

Did this happen "all at once"? Car ran great, parked it overnight, ran like crap the next morning and ever since? Or is it more "car has been harder and harder to start lately, doesn't idle right, now it stalls sometimes at stoplights..."? Could be any of about 4,000 things. Replacing the fuel and air filters is a good place to start if they haven't been done in awhile. Fuel filter is mounted on the drivers' side of the engine compartment right beside the wheel well, can't miss it. Air filter is forward of and below the fuel distributor, drivers side of engine compartment. The fuel distributor has lines which run to each injector. The fuel filter for mine was about $20 I think. Replacing the air filter is kind of a bitch... do a search of this newsgroup for my email address, I recently posted instructions and don't feel like repeating myself. If you haven't replaced plugs/wires/cap/rotor do that too, cost maybe $40. If the car has >100K miles and hasn't had the injectors replaced, they might need it. Dirty/worn/clogged injectors are a common source of rough idle and/or poor performance. You can check the spray pattern; find a helper and use a trouble light to brightly illuminate the injectors... the helper makes things go a lot easier and faster. If you don't know how to do this, consider buying the Bentley manual, about $70 MONEY WELL SPENT. If it was an "all-at-once" thing, think air leak, or more accurately, vacuum leak. There is a diagram of all vacuum lines on top of the drivers' side wheel well just aft of the fuse box... check 'em all, replace any that are worn or brittle. It's cheap to replace them all and believe me it is well worth the hour or so it takes. I have read that a "non-performing" ECD (evaporative control device, takes vapors from the fuel tank, runs 'em through a charcoal canister filter, then injects into throttle body) can cause rough idle. Apparently you can replace the filter, although I have never done it on my car. It's located at the very front driver's side corner of the engine compartment directly in front of the wheel well... make sure and check the vacuum line on this guy too, lots of people miss it. Non-functional EGR valve (stays open) can cause rough idle/poor performance as well, bastard of a location to check, it's underneath the throttle body. Good luck. Remember, eliminate the simple and inexpensive things first. Dave "Derrick 'dman' Hudson" <> wrote in message > Tonight my friend's '87 900 started running really rough. I went an > listened to it, and it sounds like my BroncoII has been doing lately. > For my BII I'm told it's most likely the fuel filter (and will find > out in the morning!). My friend said the car also has no power. It > sounds as if a cylinder isn't firing or some (or all) have not enough > fuel or something like that. In the few seconds I listened to it, it > was a steady roar; not surging like my BII does. It was idling ok, > not threatening to stall, like my BII. (Similar symptons, but > slightly different) What about for the Saab? What are the key points > to check? I plan on taking my dad's spark plug socket and taking a > look at the plugs and also checking the distributor cap and rotor. (I > just replaced those two weeks ago on my BII - first time for that job. > I'm learning at the School of Hard Knocks until class starts at the > local community college at the end of January) Is there a way to > check the fuel filter, or should I just go ahead and replace it > anyways? How much do Saab filters run? ($7 USD for my Ford :-)) > Where is it located? > > TIA, > -D > > -- > Contrary to popular belief, Unix is user friendly. > It just happens to be selective about who it makes friends with. > -- Dave Parnas > > www: jabber:

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