Date: Mon, 22 Nov 2004 08:55:46 GMT
From: "Al" <>
Subject: Re: Saabs are EVIL, the devil created them ! ! ! !

"ma_twain" <> wrote in message > Dexter J wrote: > >> Salutations: >> >> On Sat, 20 Nov 2004 09:54:35 -0500, ma_twain <> wrote: >> >>>>> Dexter J wrote: >>>>> >>>>>> Let the flame-a-palooza begin .. :) .. >>>>> >>>>> >>>>> My experience with the NG 900 was all under warranty - Thank God! >>>> >>>> >>>> I've said it before and I'll say it again, whatever vintage you buy - >>>> get a good SAAB and you are smiling all the way to the bank - get a bad >>>> SAAB and it will suck the joy of life out of you and everyone you love. >>>> >>>> Anyway, what did you end up driving brother twain? You must be happier >>>> with it than your NG. >>> >>> >>> That is the problem - my other Saab is a 1993 900 Commemorative with a >>> short shift kit. It has the lowered suspension, Red Box, dual power >>> leather seats, etc. It runs great - too good. I have not been able to >>> push it to its limits yet. The passenger seat starts whining if I don't >>> slow down in the turns. No way is my daugther going to drive this car! >>> Especially with the non-synchro reverse. >>> >>> That is why I got the NG900 - it is slower. The body roll will let her >>> know she is taking the turns too fast. The nose dive will let her know >>> she is braking too hard. She will be learning to drive in the NG900. >>> >> >> Well brother twain, you'd have to admit that's kinda apples and oranges? >> A Commemorative C900 two door with an uprated suspension and SPG ignition >> (drool - drool) isn't box stock C900, or box stock NG900 4 door either. >> Its like comparing my factory '79 Z1R Kawasaki to a KZ-900 (any year). > > > It is a nice "problem" to have - a car with power AND the suspension and > transmission to fully utilize the power :-) > > >> >> I uprated the suspension on my NG900 too - but I've done that to every >> SAAB I've owned over the years. I don't trend towards lowering, but >> always put on better shocks and slightly thicker springs and frankly, my >> NG900 is as tight as the local roads will allow - no excessive nose >> dive - no excessive body roll. > > > My C900 has no body roll :-) It rides low and hard, low enough to scrape > slightly when I back out of the garage. I am will to live with this > situation, especially on the back country roads :-) > > >> >> In stock form the normally aspirated 2.3 pulls a fair bit harder than my >> C900 2.0 ever did. But then all my SAAB's are/were used rides and were >> bought on the premise that tidying them up was/is a *lot* cheaper than >> buying anything from any dealer. So far, that's been the case over time. >> Though there was a real lemon C900 we picked up in 1987 - ended up >> dropping my '79 GLE motor and 4 speed in and it went on perfectly until >> it was run over in parking lot by a 5 ton in 1991. >> >> Now, this 1993 9000 Aero may turn out badly - but that's the luck of the >> draw as I mentioned before. I like the model year so much, I'm willing to >> work on her to tidy up things. It will be *way-hey-hey* cheaper than >> *anything* off the local showroom floor over time and more fun too. >> >> But - like I said before - my particular 1994 2.3 NG900-S with bosch >> ignition and no turbo/DI has been pretty sweet. My personal take is that >> the NG900 with Trionic and/or Turbo is a bad long term choice - only >> worsted by the V6 model. Were you running a turbo NG900 or a S model and >> what year, if you don't mind me asking? >> > > It is the "worsted" engine - the 1994 GM V6. The price was right, very > right because no one wanted to buy a GM V6 Saab. I predict the life of > this car to be short, with a beginning driver behind the wheel :-( So the > engine life is not critical. > > >> -- >> >> Dexter J's fab NG900 is for sale: >> >> >> Radio Free Dexterdyne Top Tune o'be-do-da-day >> Pogues - Dirty Old Town >> >> >> all tunes - no cookies no subscription no weather no ads >> no news no phone in - RealAudio 8+ Required - all the Time > > OK I'm gonna throw my two peneth in now! I have a 96 9000, (2.3FPT :-))) and my wife has a NG900S. Frankly the 900s has been a brilliant car, certainly compared to the leaky fords she used to drive. OK so it's not super fast, and the handling can be a bit Bismarck like but the 9000 aint no two seater round the bends. As a good solid reliable car to get her to work, the kids to school and the whole family up and down the country several times a year its been great. Three MOT's straight through, no problem, and this car is eleven years old, there aren't many manufacturers who can boast that sort of record. It's not cost a fortune to run, ok so parts are a little more expensive, but in fact if you compare this with say a Ford Mundeo it's on a par. I used to run a C900, 8v normally aspirated and frankly knackered. I loved the handling, I've never known such a long car turn in such a tight circle, and she was light as a feather on the road. However, we all have real lives and mine includes two young kids, which made the two door C900 a problem. I do miss her, but the 9000 is eminently practical and I know she's as solid as a rock. My wife wants to trade her NG900s in next winter against a 93, she don't like my 9000 as it's tooooo big, (her words)

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