Date: Wed, 05 Jul 2006 03:19:36 GMT
From: Jeremy <jerem43nospamnet>
Subject: Re: Saab 900 Intercooler Questions

>>Intercooler questions for the Fourth of July: >>1. I was considering upgrading mine to a larger one later this year or >>early next year. > > > Well, not all stock intercoolers are the same. The later cars had a plastic > capped 9 row cooler which is more efficient than either the metal capped 9 > row or the 15 row. It does still heat soak, but I have an idea which > involves moving the oil cooler ... See below. > I have one of the metal capped 15-row and one plastic capped 9-row, the cars has the metal capped 9-row. Should I go with the Plastic 9-row? > >> 1a. Anyone seen aftermarket intercoolers for the Classic 900t? (Group >>9 had some, but Mr. Dale has closed up shop and sold the company. I do >>not know what the new owner will be doing with the site/store.) > > > Abbott Racing make a "chargecooler" which will fit into the stock location. > Theirs is further cooled by water. Do you know the approximate cost, or the part #? >> 1b. If you have, are there any that will fit in the OEM location with >>minimal custom work? > > > It would be better to provide increased airflow (or a fan) to the stock > intercooler. A mate of mine cooked up an intercooler fogging system, but he > already has a FMIC from a Volvo. > > My thought is to move (or replace) the oil cooler to a more central location > in front of the radiator and install a scoop and pipe up to the stock > intercooler. My other thought it to cut into the bonnet and install a scoop > to force air down over the intercooler where that little plastic air dam > usually sits. I was thinking along the scoop idea with two channels, one short one for the intercooler an the other for the air intake. >> 1c. Any thoughts about keeping it in the stock location verses putting >>a larger one below the bumper, behind the air dam? I know this would be >>an expensive option. > > > Unless you have the Airflow/Carlsson bumper skins, you'll almost certainly > have to remove/cut the lower airdam or grind off the towing lugs if you go > for a FMIC. Volvo 760 or SAAB 9000 intercoolers seem popular, but they are > not very efficient. Going for a FMIC will certainly involve custom pipe work > and perhaps "clocking" the turbocharger. > > One of the cleanest installations I've seen is by Aussie Alex Reid: > <> That was just an idea investigating the feasibility of putting a FMIC. Just throwing it out there for others to opine on. >>2. I already have one of each style of the OEM intercoolers in my parts >>bin at home. Is there any difference between the two? > > > There was a plastic capped 9 row and a plastic capped 15 row, as well as a > metal capped 9 row. I rate the plastic capped 9 row the most, but have no > empirical evidence :) Does anyone have an idea of the performance of the various 900 intercoolers? Is there any difference or is it a case of who Saab could get to supply intercoolers that month? >>3. Any one ever upgrade the hose/pipes so that there is a uniform >>3"/7.62 cm pipe/adapters throughout the system? Would there be any >>advantages to this? > > > Custom job ... Yes, there are advantages if you have a high flow charger. > There will be increased lag as well. It depends what you want ... Long > sustained top boost or fast spooling for short bursts? I am inclined to go for the long sustained boost. The push you back into the seat as you press the pedal is fun, but I like to cruise the Interstate at 90 mph. Radar/Laser detector on of course. >>4. I have a small cooling fan (6"/15.24 cm) that I am conteplating >>installing to get better airflow over it. Help or hurt? Any thoughts on >>this? > > > Great! Fit it behind the intercooler to pull air through it. Have it > actuated by boost, or if you're a little daring, drill and tap in a > thermostat (like on the radiator). How would you tie it to the boost? Vacuum powered solenoid? This one needs further investigation/explanation. >>5. In an OEM install, does the litle metal/plastic deflector piece make >>a major difference in the performance of the intercooler? Mine is >>missing, but I have located two in a junk yard. > > > Send me the other one will ya :) You want the black powder-coated one or the painted one? Cause you ain't getting the powder coated one. ;) > > It's there for a reason, so I suppose SAAB must have found it makes a > difference. I've never had one on my current turbo and it's not on my > immediate list for procuring, but if I did get one, I'd put it on. Why not? > If you can get one easily, fit it. > > Paul > > 1989 900 Turbo S > > Great Tips, Thanx JB

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