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Date: Sun, 08 Jul 2007 09:28:08 GMT
From: Paul Halliday <>
Subject: Re: JT Superflow 3" Exhaust

> Paul Halliday wrote: >> MY LORD! HOW MUCH FUN ARE THESE EXHAUSTS? >> >> My JT Superflow 3" exhaust arrived from Sweden the other day and it's been >> fitted today. It's 3" from the turbo back, no cat and one rear silencer. I >> say silencer, but it might as well not be there :) >> >> I picked the car up tonight, grinned at how loud and grumbly it was when I >> fired up the car and then turned into rush hour traffic for an hour, or so. >> Enjoying the 1st and 2ng gear overrun every now and again, I finally got a >> left turn and some foot down ... BOY! WHAT A NOISE! Ours engines sound >> awesome! Flying through second gear was just astounding! I cannot believe it >> took me this long to buy one. >> >> I'd like to hear from other people about fitting issues. I have a slight >> rattle on the gearstick when dropping to second. I'll run it around for a >> day, or so, and pop it back on the ramps for a re-jigging. >> >> Al - What were your immediate fitting issues? How do you like it long term? >> I don't think I'll ever get fed up of it. Best 200 quid I've spent ... And I >> said that about the 100 quid I spend on't dump valve :) >> >> Paul >> >> 1989 900 Turbo S >> >> in article pFYji.293569$, Jeremy at jerem43nospamnet wrote on 08/07/2007 04:15: > Hey Paul, > That thing wouldn't pass inspection in the US, you'd get a critical > violation on your emissions test (an annual thing). In Massachusetts, > that means you have 14 days to get a cat fitted onto your car or your > registration would be seized, you'd get a $250 fine and 2 points added > to your license for 6 years ($50 per point). In the UK only cars registered after July 1993 require a cat. This was a manufacturing requirement, so even then, you can remove the cat so long as your emissions tests are satisfactory (they are a little more strict than for pre-07/1993 cars). Emissions-wise, my car has always had very good hydrocarbon results - much better than more modern cars with cats (I made a blind bet at work, once surprised even myself how well my old tank did). I've even removed my failed EGR system and the last emissions test (done in March) "ruled" :) I think it's a fair test, given that the results are the important part. My car has never had a cat, but this exhaust has really opened it up - throttle response is much better, turbo lag dramatically reduced and it's still not _that_ loud at part throttle ... Compared to the standard system. I don't know if that is the increased bore (2.25" to 3") or losing the middle silencer. The exhaust is from Sweden, where their emissions and noise requirements for cars are more strict than in the UK and it's definitely a popular exhaust on classic 900s over there. [Posting re-jigged to compensate for top-posting] Paul 1989 900 Turbo S

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