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How do I post links or photos on the BB?

MarkJ wrote a nice BB Primer to answer these questions which can be found here.

Where can I find the Technical FAQs?

Follow this link to the FAQs: The Saab Network FAQs. Model specific FAQs can be found there as well as general ones.

Posting Guideline

This is a moderated bulletin board - Posting is a privilege, not a right. If you abuse that privilege in any way, you will lose that privilege. This is not an anything goes forum (go to Usenet for that). Unsolicited commercial postings are not allowed (no Spam). Please, no For Sale or Wanted postings, seriously. Classifieds are to be listed in The Saab Network Classifieds pages. If you post an ad on the BB, you will lose your posting privileges. This is a problem solving forum for nearly 200,000 Saab owners, so expect to see problems discussed here even though our cars are generally very reliable. For a very detailed explanation of the purpose, spirit, and rules for usage of this site, see the Mission page.

Can I put html tags anywhere in my posts?

No. You cannot use HTML tags for server security reasons. You may list an http address as text or use the Option link and Image boxes. To put links to sites or graphics in the body of your message, see the green insructions under the posting box/area.

Why can't I post classified ads here?

The Saab Network consumes over 100GB of bandwidth every single month and there are no mandatory subscription fees of any kind, however, you can bet that TSN gets charged for every last byte of bandwidth it consumes. Paid classifieds support the existence of this site. You can find and post classifieds here: The Saab Network Classifieds

Why did a posting get deleted?

There are many reasons why postings get deleted. See the Site Mission for more information.

Why don't you use UBB/phpBB? While those formats may look pretty and are easy to install (every site looks the same these days), TSN uses a custom BB architecture that supports 200,000 users and will be able to support one million users. In addition, the silly graphics of a UBB/phpBB site are not desired here.
How do I use Gravatar (Members Only)? Once signed up, just ensure that the email address you use on the Gravatar site matches your 'public' email address in your Member Profile.
I want to support TSN.

Many people have offered, but I do not accept direct contributions. If you really want to support the site, you can do any of the following: