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9000 Survey

Survey compiled by Brett F. Martin (

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SAAB 9000 ('85-'97) SURVEY RESULTS	
January 1997
Compiled and edited by Brett F. Martin (email), San Diego CA USA

A survey questionnaire was sent via email to the 3000+ subscribers of "The
Saab Network" in late November 1996.  I received 87 responses and analyzed
the data in the hope of uncovering truths with more validity than a mere
collection of anecdotes.  Altho! ugh the sample size is smaller and the
demographic group narrower than the ideal, I believe that the resulting
information will be of value both to prospective Saab 9000 buyers as well as
current owners.

This paper is organized into three parts:

Part I: summary of the results and detailed analysis of the data including
specific mechanical failure issues for the 2.0L models

Part II:  mechanical failure issues for the 2.3L models; average fuel
economy; owners' suggestions for improvement; reasons why some current
owners won't buy a new 9000; what owners think of Saab, the company; ratings
from owners of 2.0L engine 9000 ('85! -'early '90); ratings of 2.3L cars
(late '90 - '97) which were bought new; ratings of 2.3L cars (late '90 -
'97) which were bought both as new and used cars; general survey statistics
and owner recommended tires.

Part III:  an anthology of owner comments

This paper does not attempt to familiarize the reader with the Saab 9000;
that sort of information is readily available elsewhere.

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