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Acronyms FAQ

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Generously provided by Luc TINTILLIER.

@ = at
# = number
4WD = Four Wheel Drive
8V = 8-Valve engine
9K = 9000
16V = 16-Valve engine
ABS = Anti-lock Braking System
AC or A/C = Air Conditioning
ACC = Automatic Climate Control
AFAIK = As Far As I Know
AIC = Automatic Idle Control
AMM = Air Mass Meter
APC = Automatic Performance Control
ARM = Accelerated Response Motoring
ASAP = As Soon As Possible
ATC = Automatic Traction Control
ATKOT = All That Kind Of Things
AWD = All Wheel Drive
BB = Bulletin Board
BBS = Bulletin Board Service
BOV = Blow Off Valve
BS = BullSh*t
BTW = By The Way
C900 = Classic 900, also called Old (or Original) Generation 900 (1979-1993)
CIS = Continuous Injection System
CV = Constant Velocity
DI = Direct Ignition
DICE = Dashboard Integrated Central Electronics
DIY = Do It Yourself
DOHC = Double OverHead Cams
EAG = Exclusive Appointment Group (OG900 central console)
EBD = Electronic Brake force Distribution
ECLD = Evaporation Loss Control Device
ECM = Electronic Control Module
ECU = Electronic Control Unit
EDU = Electronic Display Unit
EFI = Electronic Fuel Injection
EGR = Exhaust Gas Recirculation
EMS = Electronic (*) Manual Special
FAQ = Frequently Asked Questions
FI = Fuel Injection
FPR = Fuel Pressure Regulator
FPT = Full Pressure Turbo
FTPOV = From That Point Of View
FWD = Front Wheel Drive
FYI = For Your Information
G6 = Group Six
GL = Grand Luxe
GLE = Grand Luxe Executive
GLI = Grand Luxe Injection
GM = General Motors
HID = High Intensity Discharge
HOT = High Output Turbo
HQ = HeadQuarter
HT = High Tension
HTH = Hope This Helps
I = Injection
IC = InterCooler
IDS = International and Diplomat Sales
IMHO = In My Humble Opinion
IMO = In My Opinion
LCD = Liquid Cristal Display
LED = Light Emitting Diode
LHD = Left Hand Drive
LPG = Liquid Petroleum Gas
LPT = Light Pressure Turbo
LSD = Limited Slip Differential
MAF = Mass Air Flow
NG900 = New (or Next) Generation 900 (1994-1998)
NM or N/M = No Message
O2 = Oxygen
OEM = Original Equipment Manufacturer
OG900 = Old (or Original) Generation 900, also called Classic 900 (1979-1993)
PS = Post Scriptum
RHD = Right Hand Drive
RRFPR = Rising Rate Fuel Pressure Regulator
RWD = Rear Wheel Drive
S = Special
SE = Special Edition
SET = Special Edition Turbo
SAAB = Svenska Aeroplan AktieBolaget
SAAB = Saab Automobile AktieBolaget (SAAB/GM car division since 1990)
SAHR = Saab Active Head Restraints
SID = Saab Information Display
SPG = Special Performance Group
SRS = Supplemental Restraint System
SSM = Saab Soul Mate
SUV = Sport Utility Vehicle
SVO = Special Vehicle Operations (the Saab department that developed the Viggen)
T = Turbo
TB = Throttle Body
TCS = Traction Control System
TSB = Technical Service Bulletin
TSL = Theft Security Lock = The Saab Network
TWICE = Theft Warning Integrated Central Electronics
TWR = Tom Walkinshaw Racing
ULEV = Ultra Low Emission Vehicle
Viggen = name of a Saab airplane model (Swedish word for "Thunderbolt")
VIN = Vehicle Identification Number
VS = VerSus
W/ = With
YMMV = Your Mileage May Vary

(*) "E" can also mean "Einspritz" or "Einspritzsystem"
("Injection" or "Injection system" in German), often used in the '70s

07/20/1999 Luc TINTILLIER

Special thanks to Andrew, ~bc, Chris H, Dany SCHWARZ, David R, Franz, Jim,
Jim BARON, Mark J, Nick W, Rick D and Robert DAVIS

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