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EXH Light

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EXH Light
> Okay folks, I admit I could not do the simple thing of being able
> to turn off my EXH light (service warning).  Someone had once told
> me off that in his 1981 900, there was a 3"x3"x1" black 
> box under the dash with a button on it.  I could not find it on
> my 1984 900.

That was me.  Assuming that it is the same in a 1984, it is way up under
the dash behind the instrument panel, but you can reach it by sticking
your hand up under the dash.  First look for it with a flashlight.  When
I work on the dash I usually end up with my shoulders on the drivers
floor mat and my feet over the top of the drivers seat.  Make sure you
have your flashlight within reach before you get into that position...

The EXH light comes on whenever a separate (from the one in the
speedometer) odometer reaches 30,000 miles.  It is located behind the
instrument panel, beneath the speedometer, near the fusebox.  There is
a short stretch of cable running from the speedometer to this thing
that is linked inside to the cable coming from the drivetrain (that
rotates with the left front wheel).

The procedure in the Saab manual says to remove the dashboard padding,
then reach up from underneath, push the reset button.  Then replace
the padding.  I've done it this way once.  It takes about 20 minutes.

My procedure is to remove the left speaker assembly, reach
in and follow the short stretch of cable from the speedometer to the
little box, feel around for the reset button and push it.  Then
replace the speaker assembly.  I've done it this way several times.
It takes about 3 minutes.

Your choice!

Jonathan Freidin
Thanks for your postings on how to get rid of that pesky EXH light.  Using
Jonathan's suggestion of going through the dash speaker panel, I could turn
off the light easily enough.  However, since the reset button/box was a 
foot or two down, it seemed that it would be easy enough to do from 
underneath too, IF you had enough practice putting your hand in exactly
the right place.

The location of the EXH light in 900s is to the left of the
steering wheel behind the knee bolster.  One can reset it
without taking anything apart but until you've done it once,
you may get frustrated.

If you kneel in front of the driver's side door and reach your
left hand up behind the knee bolster (in a gap in the sponge
insulation material that is between the bolster and firewall)
you're on your way.  The button you're looking for is on a small
box mounted on a shelf that is at the height of the top of the
knee bolster.  Now you know where you have to wander.

Feel for something that feels like
a speedometer cable that ends at a small metal box.  On
that box is a button.  Press the button and you're done.
The button is very obvious once you feel it so you can't
mistake it for something else.

When the car is started next, the EXH light should be extinguished.

Steve Carrellas
NJ Saab Club
Regarding the EXH light, this is a tough one to describe.
One can get their hand under the dash, even with the sponge
and cardboard insulation there to get at the button.
It's on the left side of the steering wheel, behind the
knee bolster.  Follow a speedometer-type cable up to a small
box.  On one of the sides of the box is the button you
push to reset the light and "counter."  It will have a very
positive click when you push it.

Attempting this can be frustrating.  At least the way
I did it, I knelt in front of the driver side door
and cranked my arm in weird positions to get my
hand up and over.  If you are close to your dealer,
stop by the service department and grab someone
who does this for a living to do it for you.
They've done it a few times before and they know
how to do it without taking apart the car.

Steve Carrellas
it's right where the shop manual says it is, and nearly impossible
to find for the first time; you will stick yourself with the exposed
screw tip many times trying to find the button.

Take out the left front speaker grill.
Reach down and follow the cable that runs from the speedometer to the
little box below.
Feel around on the back of that box until you find the button.
Push the button.
Should take five minutes.

Jonathan Freidin               
When the EXH light comes on it means its time for the oxygen sensor at
the exhaust manifold to be replaced, presumably to maintain the integrity
of the pollution control system.

Resetting can be a trick because the box under the dash that counts the
mileage is hard to reach unless you know where to find it.  I've posted a
previous message on how to do this (archive retrieval time!) but I would
suggest you do a stop and go at a dealer or Saab mechanic you trust and
let them take the 10 seconds to do the reset.

Steve Carrellas
The "EXH" light indicates it's time to replace the oxygen sensor in the
exhaust manifold. It's a simple procedure, needing only a 22mm wrench,
and a new O2 sensor. Unplug the old sensor, remove it, install the new
one (be careful of the anti-sieze on the threads), and (here's the
catch-) reset the EXH counter.

You didn't mention wether you have a 900 or 99.

900-the counter is about in front of your left knee, behind the pad. To
reset, you need to get your hand up behind the dash pad. Feel about for a
cable, like a bicycle brake or shift cable. Follow it downward, and it
will end in a small relay box. There'll be a button next to where the
wire enters. Press this, and the counter will be reset. Don't pull on
anything down there, as it'll require removing the dash pad to set it

99-remove the driver's underdash panel. On the left wheelwell, there asre
a couple relays. One has a cable coming out of it, and to the speedo.
There's a small rectangular block next to where the wire is. Using a
small phillips screwdriver, remove the cover, and press the button,
resetting the counter.
Resetting can be done a) by the dealer or b) by reaching your hand up
under the dash on the driver's side. Just below the lower dash panel,
near the carpeted side panel, there is a small opening. Push the
soundproofing out of the way, and feel your way toward the steering
wheel. SOmewhere in there you'll feel a cable like a bicycle brake cable.
Follow this down until it ends. Right next to it is a small button. Press
this button, and you're all set for another 60,000 miles.

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