To All Saab Dealers #1

TO: All Saab Dealers

RE: Road Test Magazine Tests Saab 900 and Chevy Citation and BMW 3201


You can't win everything...

Road Test magazine, comparing the Chevy Citation X-ll vs. Saab 900 Turbo vs. BMW 320i, does not -- like most other testers -- pick the Saab as the winner. As a matter of fact, if any car can be judged the winner in the enclosed, very complete comparison, it must be the Chevy -- and then because of its far lower price.

However, the Saab fares well against the tough car testers at Road Test, as evidenced by just one quote:

"The result of Saab's perserverance is an ultra-refined, highperformance five-seater with real zip. A Swedish BMW, you could say.'

As usual, we are sending you the entire Road Test report, including a brief piece on the 1981 Saab Turbo, for your use with salespeople, prospects, customers... and for insertion into your Saab Printed Word road test binders.


Lennart Lonnegren \ Public Relations

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