To All Saab Dealers #2

TO: All Saab Dealers

RE: San Diego Union Tests 1981 Turbo

Gentl ernen:

"Saab 900 is a Diamond for Driving in the Rough."

That's the judgment of Auto Editor Dick Applegate of the San Diego

Union who was one of the participants in the Saab/Baja 900 press trips to Baja California.

As evidenced in the attached article, the dirt roads of Baja are not exactly the type of roads that everyday American drivers use, but they sure put the cars to a real test. And both cars and drivers escaped practically unscathed.

Of course, all of the writers and editors participating will soon be publishing their stories, and we will continue to send copies to you for inclusion into your Saab Printed Word road test binders.


Lennart Lonnegren Public Relations

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