900 Basic Specs

                              1983 SAAB 900, 900S
                              BASIC SPECIFICATIONS


Overall Length                     187.6 inches
Overall Width                      66.5 inches
Overall Height                     55.9 inches
Wheelbase                          99.1 inches
Track Front/Rear                   56.3/56.7 inches
Curb Weight              3-Door    2,600-2,760 lbs.
                         4-Door    2,640-2,810 lbs.
Headroom Front/Rear                36.8/37.4 inches (with sunroof)
Legroom Front/Rear                 41.7/36.2 inches
Front Shoulder Room      3-Door    52.2 inches
                         4-Door    53.0 inches
Rear Shoulder Room       3-Door    53.3 inches
                         4-Door    54.5 inches
Luggage Compartment Volume
                         3-Door    21.3 cubic ft. (parcel shelf in)
                                   27.2 cubic ft. (parcel shelf removed)
                                   56.5 cubic ft. (back seat folded)
                         4-Door    21.8 cubic ft.
                                   53.0 cubic ft. (back seat folded)


Cylinders                          4, in-line
Displacement                       121.1 cubic inches (1985 cc)
Bore                               3.54 inches
Stroke                             3.07 inches
Compression Ratio                  9.25:1
Maximum Horsepower (SAE Net)       llO @ 5,250 rpm
Maximum Torque (ft/lbs)            119 @ 3,500 rpm
Camshaft                           Single overhead, 5 bearings
Fuel System                        Bosch Continuous Fuel Injection
                                        with Lambda Control
Emissions Controls                 3-way catalyst, decel dashpot (automatic)
                                        decel fuel shutoff (manual)
Fuel Requirements                  Unleaded, 87 minimum octane (pump rating)
Fuel Tank Capacity                 16.6 gallons
Cooling System Capacity            10.5 gallons
Engine Oil Capacity                4.0 quarts

EPA Fuel Economy Values, MPG - Manual Transmission:    23 EPA Est., 36 Est. Hwy.
                             - Automatic Transmission: 22 EPA Est., 29 Est. Hwy.


                                           Manual             Automatic

Front Wheel Drive                            Yes                 Yes
Single Dry Plate Clutch              Yes, front mounted          ---
Primary Gear Ratio                         0.78:1              0.97:1

Number of Forward Gears                       5                   3

Overall Ratios:      1st Gear            12.99:1         1st   9.06:1
                     2nd Gear            7.34:1          2nd   5.49:1
                     3rd Gear            4.93:1          3rd   3.79:1
                     4th Gear            3.54:1
                     5th Gear            2.86:1
                     Reverse             14.28:1     Reverse   7.92:1

Final Drive Ratio                        3.67:1                3.67:1


Diagonally divided, two-circuit foot brake system
Vacuum power assist

Wheel Brakes, Front                                    Discs
Wheel Brakes, Rear                                     Discs
Handbrake                                         On front wheels (mechanically
                                                       operated discs)
Rack and pinion steering gear
Power steering on all models
Steering wheel turns, lock to lock                3.6

Independent front wheel suspension
Transverse arms with pivot mounted coil springs
Rigid rear axle, tubular

Rims 900:                                         Steel, 5 1/2J x 15 FHA
                                       900S:      Aluminum alloy, 5 1/2J x 15 H2

Tires                                             185/65 SR 15

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