2004 9-3 Convertible World Premier

The new Saab 9-3 Convertible, unveiled today, March 4, at the Geneva Motor Show, brings a stylish, open top dimension to the exciting new 9-3 range and is the latest step in the biggest new product offensive in Saab's history.

Highlights include:

More than a Convertible

The new Saab 9-3 Convertible's innovative product features further develop the Saab concept that an open-top car should be 'more than a Convertible'. In addition to its functional qualities, the new Convertible offers a greatly improved driving appeal through incorporating the widely-acclaimed chassis dynamics of the Sport Sedan. By combining such sporty and functional characteristics, it symbolises the core appeal of the Saab brand.

Revealing the new car at the Geneva Motor Show, Peter Augustsson, Saab Automobile1s President and CEO says: "Saab is launching this Convertible from a position of strength, as we are already established as a market leader in the segment. This new model is well placed to open up new opportunities for us.

"It will appeal to customers who refuse to make compromises in their choice of careers, family life or challenging leisure activities. These people want some freedom and excitement, as well as practical solutions. In other words, their choice of car must satisfy both emotional wants and rational needs.

"In many ways, our Convertible's appeal goes right to the heart of the Saab brand. It expresses our brand pillars - design, performance, control, safety and versatility - in a focused package. It is a sporty, yet surprisingly practical car."

The new 9-3 Convertible is, without doubt, the biggest advance Saab has made in 20 years of designing four seater, four season, soft tops and is poised to re-affirm Saab's leading role in the premium convertible segment.

Saab engineers developed the architecture for 9-3 Convertible and Sport Sedan in parallel and from the very outset were able to feed in their demanding requirements for an open-top car. The result is a premium Convertible with a level of structural integrity, build quality and running refinement that positions it at the very top of its class.

The new 9-3 Convertible will be built in a dedicated new production facility at Magna Steyr Fahrzeugtechnik, near Graz, Austria, and is expected to go on sale from August this year.

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