High/Low Mileage Saab Registry

Welcome to the The Saab Network High/Low Mileage Saab Registry! This is where Saab owners can show how many miles/kilometers they have on their current daily driver (or weekend driver).

Note - The only rules for entries are: You must currently own the car. It should be legally roadworthy. Please use the submission/update/correction/removal link to remove vehicles that are no longer operational or owned by you.

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ID#NameHometownYearModelMileageUpdated (Mo/Yr)
1510A.R. Christensen Portland OR 1982900 328,221 milesAug-16
1232Aaro Simell Vaasa FINLAND 1986900 I 241,000 miles Mar-01
1762Aaron BrvenikChambersburg PA19999-3141,578 milesMay-16
1556Aaron Chiles Lorton VA 1989900 Turbo 368,900 miles Jan-02
1225Aaron Cleary Newmanstown PA 1986900 SPG Turbo240,000 miles Mar-02
193Aaron D. Elersich Cleveland OH 1992900 S 125,100 miles Feb-03
1482Aaron Gilbert Sumner WA 19879000 Turbo 309,602 miles May-05
1110Aaron Lubeck Chapel Hill NC 1984900 S 224,000 miles Jul-00
1322Aaron Perry Kansas City MO 19869000 Turbo 257,786 miles Sep-02
1725Aaron Smith Greenville SC 19999-5 93,480 miles Jan-04
1559Aaron Weissman Great Falls MT 19869000 S 377,194 miles Feb-01
243Abbigail Israelsen Ann Arbor MI 1992900 S 130,000 miles May-02
617Abdallah Jamal West Vancouver BC CANADA 19879000 S 172,500 miles May-03
296Ad van Eck Amsterdam NETHERLANDS 1993900 S 137,500 miles May-05
1219Ad van Eck Amsterdam NETHERLANDS 1991900 I 239,375 miles Jul-03
1437Adam Blackburn Frenchtown NJ 1986900 SPG Turbo294,492 miles May-05
824Adam Davis Boston MA 1987900 Turbo 195,000 miles Sep-01
1319Adam Davis Emmaus PA 1985900 Turbo 256,625 miles Nov-02
534Adam Freeman Arlington VA 1986900 Turbo 163,400 miles Aug-00
65Adam Lang Costa Mesa CA 20009-5 Aero 108,000 miles Dec-05
1097Adam LeRoy Miami FL 19939000 SET 222,000 miles Apr-02
341Adam MacRae Seattle WA 1989900 Turbo 141,000 miles Jan-02
1359Adam MacRae Seattle WA 19869000 Turbo 268,000 miles Jan-02
1145Adam Marshall Spokane WA 1986900 Turbo 228,030 miles Jan-04
1836Adam PotterStockton On Tees UK198199GL70,550 milesJul-16
1863Adrian Miguel Angel Reynoso OrtegaSanta Cruz CA20039-5 Aero265,289 milesOct-16
592Adrian Wallace Holland MI 1989900 Turbo 170,000 miles May-05
130Akinola Akinyemi Basildon Essex UK19999-5 SE 118,000 milesJul-16
55Akinyemi Akinola Basildon Essex UK19999-5 106,985 milesJul-16
1881Al AmatoreSan Diego CA20059-3 Arc Conv173,000 milesFeb-17
451Al Fernandez Yuba City CA 19899000 Turbo 152,170 miles Feb-03
317Al Green St. Albans ENGLAND 1986900 I 139,965 miles Oct-02
1788Al HusemanHaymarket VA1986900 SPG Turbo510,378 milesJun-16
666Al Nickolson Red Deer AB CANADA 19889000 S 177,000 miles Jan-01
936Al Thomas Lincoln NE 1985900 SPG Turbo204,694 miles Aug-00
294Alain Puttaert Zaventern BELGIUM 1990900 S 137,100 miles May-02
6Alan Au Hong Kong 19939000 CDE 100,000 miles Mar-02
591Alan Buckner Key West FL 1992900 170,000 miles Dec-05
1127Alan F. Hurstbridge Melbourne AUSTRALIA 1990900 I 225,214 miles Dec-05
1768Alan HaffSan Francisco Bay Area CA20079-3 SportCombi138,470 milesAug-16
1786Alan HaffBothell WA19969000 Aero94,500 milesAug-16
543Alan Higgins Edinburgh SCOTLAND 19919000 CDE 164,444 miles May-05
151Alan Izzo Poway CA 1995900 SE 120,128 miles Jan-04
220Alan Kwok Richmond BC CANADA 19919000 Turbo 128,125 miles Feb-01
210Alan Reilly Poulton-le-Fylde Lancashire UK19979000 Aero 127,000 milesJul-16
783Alan Schneider Maplewood NJ 1986900 Turbo 190,100 miles Jan-02
94Alan Schrenker Pittsburgh PA 1991900 S 112,433 miles Jun-01
1473Alan Stultz Annandale NJ 1984900 Turbo 306,500 miles Dec-02
968Alan Sullivan Fairfax Station VA 19909000 S 208,000 miles Jan-02
47Alan Taylor Leamington Spa UK19949000 CSE 106,000 milesJul-16
72Alan Totten Dumont NJ 19939000 S 109,000 miles Sep-00
143Alan Totten Dumont NJ 1995900 SE 119,000 miles Sep-00
1778Alex CabralCharlotte NC19969000 Aero191,152 milesJun-16
1426Alex Fisher Philadelphia PA 1986900 Turbo 288,249 miles Apr-01
1234Alex Kistler Olympia WA 1983900 Turbo 241,210 miles Feb-03
2009Alex LopezSt Charles IL20049-5 Arc Wagon240,656 milesOct-18
255Alex Nikitin Hillsboro OR 1989900 SPG Turbo131,280 miles May-05
594Alex Snook Chicago IL 1990900 SPG Turbo170,000 miles Sep-02
616Alex Stebbins Craftsbury VT 1985900 Turbo 172,480 miles May-03
1832Alex StecBerkeley CA20019-3 SE153,000 milesJul-16
1831Alex StecBerkeley CA19999-5 2.3LPT SW226,000 milesJul-16
847Alexander Rsch Dresden Sachsen GERMANY 1984900 T16 198,838 miles Jul-03
724Alexander Rsch Dresden Sachsen GERMANY 19949000 Aero 183,925 miles Jul-03
1178Alexander Sokolov Riga LATVIA 19869000 Turbo 232,000 miles Sep-02
458Alfons Denckens Massenhoven BELGIUM 1990900 I 153,125 miles Jun-01
380Alfred Siha Philadelphia PA 1990900 S 145,065 miles Jun-03
1160Ali Zalzali Dearborn MI 19889000 Turbo 230,000 miles Mar-01
1106Alice McCabe Petersburg VA 1990900 223,329 miles Oct-02
650Allan McCourt Aberdeen SCOTLAND 19909000 CD 175,456 miles May-05
928Allen Brantlinger Tampa FL 1987900 Turbo 203,800 miles Feb-01
673Allen Chen Baltimore MD 1986900 S 178,024 miles Sep-02
1711Allen Elshire Cheyenne WY 19999-3 91,616 miles Dec-02
1023Allen Gibbs Virginia Beach VA 1989900 SPG Turbo212,223 miles Apr-02
56Allen Martin Brooklyn NY 1991900 S 107,000 miles Jan-04
1230Amy Legg-Rogers Fort Collins CO 1984900 S 241,000 miles Oct-03
1241Amy Wynn Berkeley CA 1985900 Turbo 242,130 miles Apr-03
568Andr Pevny Toronto ON CANADA 1986900 168,000 miles Dec-05
124Andrea Johnson Pensacola FL 1994900 Turbo 116,500 miles May-05
371Andrea Turnbull Syracuse NY 19929000 Turbo 144,499 miles May-05
1252Andrej Marn Kranj SLOVENIA 1991900 Turbo 245,000 miles Dec-05
476Andres Teder Tallinn ESTONIA 19869000 Turbo 156,250 miles Mar-02
390Andrew Astill Birmingham ENGLAND 19899000 I 146,000 miles Nov-01
1961Andrew BoccadoroWayland MA19979000 Aero246,371 milesApr-18
1414Andrew Borger St. Joseph MO 19939000 Aero 284,000 miles May-05
1820Andrew BrownBoise ID1987900 SPG Turbo148,000 milesJul-16
86Andrew Childs Buffalo NY 19929000 Griffin 111,000 miles Oct-01
1756Andrew HartlandGilbert AZ20039-3115,000 milesApr-16
1944Andrew KellySunpraire Wi19949000 Aero200,200 milesDec-17
1237Andrew King Shoreham NY 1986900 S 242,000 miles Apr-03
638Andrew Nelmes Huddersfield ENGLAND 19949000 CSE 175,000 milesFeb-18
332Andrew Seymour Annandale NJ 19939000 CS 140,125 miles Jun-05
461Andrew Wasilow Tucson AZ 19869000 Turbo 154,000 miles Jan-01
722Andrew Williams Blackpool ENGLAND 1990900 Turbo 183,053 miles Aug-01
1123Andy Anwar Oak Park IL 19919000 Turbo 225,000 miles Apr-03
1699Andy Capes Cheshire UNITED KINGDOM 20019-3 SE 88,000 miles Dec-05
1656Andy Daglis Albany NY 1996900 SET 72,500 miles Dec-01
1500Andy Duncan Independence OR 1986900 320,000 miles May-02
1088Andy Hamilton Glenrothes Fife SCOTLAND 19939000 CSE 221,055 miles May-03
148Andy Hegedus Burlingame CA 1996900 SET 120,000 miles Jan-04
24Andy Rogers New York NY 1995900 S 101,000 miles Aug-03
1908Andy RupertPainesville OH19979000 Aero259,416 milesMar-17
698Andy Tomasetti Eastbourne ENGLAND 19919000 Turbo 180,779 miles Aug-01
1955Angus WongGold Coast, Queensland AUSTRALIA1995900 S Conv191,880 milesOct-18
1632Anissa Burton USA 20009-5 64,500 miles May-05
953Ann Guinan Niantic CT 19899000 Turbo 206,635 miles Jan-01
633Anna Shaw Mendham NJ 19889000 Turbo 174,000 miles Oct-00
1862Annie KeechSt. Joseph MI20029-5 Linear Wagon222,855 milesSep-16
432Annika Erickson Minneapolis MN 1992900 S 150,000 miles May-01
945Anthoney Drewitz Mt. Vernon IA 1984900 S 205,753 miles Dec-01
496Anthony Brayford Ashby de la Zouch ENGLAND 1988900 Turbo 158,887 miles Feb-02
1184Anthony Bruno Glendale AZ 1986 900 Turbo Conv233,000 miles Dec-02
1775Anthony Van LeuvanWethersfield CT20049-5 Arc126,841 milesJun-16
554Antonio Bravo Oslo NORWAY 1986900 Turbo 166,500 miles Oct-02
950Antonio Caminal Madrid SPAIN 1996900 I 206,250 miles Dec-05
1449April Vang Seattle WA 1985900 300,100 miles Jan-04
1031Ari Niskala Paimio FINLAND 1991900 I 213,442 miles Oct-02
1728Ariane Gipson Atlanta GA 1992900 Turbo 94,500 miles Apr-02
1266Arie Teeuw Velp (gld) THE NETHERLANDS 19959000 246,750 miles Dec-05
1631Arjan Thijssen Beek NETHERLANDS 1994900 S 64,300 miles May-05
1994Arnaldo QuagliaPadova ITALY20109-5121,167 milesSep-18
135Art Cazares Bowie MD 1994900 S V6 118,000 miles Mar-02
1486Art Fischer Stafford VA 1982900 Turbo 311,000 miles Sep-00
20Art Steinhauer Nottingham PA 20019-3 SE 100,365 miles May-05
1242Arthur Striker Richmond VA 19869000 Turbo 242,140 miles Feb-03
757Arturs Krusts LATVIA 1988900 187,500 miles Jan-01
1964Atul H. PatelMinneapolis MN20089-3 Turbo X15,500 milesMay-18
74Atul H.Patel Southfield MI 1997900 S 109,184 miles Jun-05
729Austin Paszkowski Atlanta GA 1991900 S 185,000 miles Dec-05
1680Ava Bradley Scarborough ME 1996900 S 82,324 miles Jun-02
1422Axel Axelsson Akureyri ICELAND 1986900 Turbo 288,000 miles Jan-01
752Axel Corlu Homer NY 19949000 CS 187,476 miles Dec-05
448B. John Piatek Napanoch NY 1988900 SPG Turbo152,000 miles Aug-03
1465B. Taylor Ft. Meade MD 1985900 303,867 miles Jan-02
1054Barbara Cohen Selma NC 1986900 Turbo 216,000 miles Aug-01
1499Barbara Fischer Cleveland OH 1985900 320,000 miles Dec-05
1200Barry Harvey Los Altos CA 1984900 Turbo 235,000 miles Apr-02
33Bas Stolwijk Eindhoven The NETHERLANDS 197899 L 102,500 miles Jan-04
1105Bas van Iersel Rotterdam THE NETHERLANDS 1985900 223,125 miles Apr-02
882Beau Baley Greenwood Lake NY 1989900 S 200,750 miles Sep-02
1260Ben Erdman Albuquerque NM 1985900 SPG Turbo245,692 miles Sep-01
948Ben Grant Aberdeen UK1985900 206,000 milesJul-16
739Ben Johnson Cape Coral FL 1990900 SPG Turbo186,000 miles Dec-02
530Ben Marvin Charlotte NC 19929000 Turbo 163,000 miles Dec-05
286Ben McMahon Keene NH 19919000 S 136,565 miles Sep-00
564Ben Stickney Virginia Beach VA 1991900 S 167,231 miles Jan-02
1196Ben Wadham Conway MA 1986900 Turbo 234,031 miles May-02
1453Benjamin Hill Pittsfield NH 1988900 S 301,000 miles May-02
435Benjamin Turner Westminster MD 1989900 Turbo 150,028 miles Feb-02
1803BenRKnoxville TN20039-3 Linear370,000 milesJul-16
1269Bernice Loui Sunnyvale CA19919000 Turbo 400,008 milesMay-17
860Bernie Donghue Toronto ON CANADA 1996900 SET 200,000 miles Oct-03
1946Bernie GraneyHoosick Falls NY1989900 Turbo Sedan200,231 milesFeb-18
1882Bert KiesowCumberland ME2011NG9-511,188 milesJan-19
331Bert Kiesow Saco ME 19909000 CD 140,123 miles Sep-02
311Bill Adair Stuttgart GERMANY 1995900 SET 139,000 miles Dec-05
3Bill Bartunek Lake Zurich IL 19969000 CS 100,000 miles Oct-03
38Bill Bartunek Lake Zurich IL 19929000 S 104,000 miles Oct-03
1419Bill Bolinger Leawood KS 1985900 Turbo 287,200 miles May-05
205Bill Bussey ;-) Pittsboro NC 19979000 CSE 126,600 miles Dec-05
105Bill Cranor Spotsylvania VA 19949000 Aero 114,661 miles Aug-01
828Bill Cranor Spotsylvania VA 1990900 S 196,102 miles Aug-01
1639Bill Cranor Spotsylvania VA 1997900 SE 65,897 miles Aug-01
69Bill Denvil Richmond VA 1996900 S 108,700 miles May-05
1120Bill Donohue Hackensack NJ 1991900 S 225,000 miles Jul-03
319Bill Farrell ?? 1995900 S 140,000 miles Dec-05
561Bill Ginty Brunswick ME 1996900 SET 167,000 miles Jul-03
1373Bill Harkell Pennsville NJ 19899000 CSE 271,000 miles Jan-02
1627Bill Holbert Camas WA 1979900 620,000 miles Dec-05
1689Bill Hughes Sacramento CA 1995900 SE 85,850 miles May-05
972Bill Judd Pitton Salisbury ENGLAND 19919000 XS 208,310 miles May-03
333Bill Judd Pitton Salisbury ENGLAND 19969000 CSE 140,125 miles May-03
1079Bill Klepfer Buffalo NY 1988900 S 220,226 miles Mar-02
1274Bill Lee Phoenix AZ 1991900 248,400 miles Dec-05
569Bill LeFebvre Weare NH 20009-5 SE 168,000 miles Dec-05
1215Bill Masullo Salem OR 19929000 Turbo 238,000 miles May-05
122Bill Matarazzi Portland OR 1991900 S 116,000 miles Feb-01
1207Bill Moore Pittsburgh PA 1985900 Turbo 236,523 miles Feb-04
280Bill Perryman Brodheadsville PA 1994900 S 135,300 miles Dec-02
140Bill Ross Callander ON CANADA 19969000 CS 118,750 miles Nov-02
1636Bill Smith Olympia WA 19999-5 65,000 miles Aug-03
1472Bill Wiggins Marietta GA 19939000 CSE 306,000 miles Sep-03
1303Bjrn Holmkvist Karlskorna SWEDEN 19859000 Turbo 253,125 miles Jul-03
1249Blaine Curtis Rockland MD 1988900 SPG Turbo244,432 miles Oct-01
1933Blaise MwandaWake Forest NC20009-316,003 milesSep-17
1276Blake Stovall Philadelphia PA 1984900 Turbo 249,000 miles Feb-04
12Blaz Janicijevic Ljubljana SLOVENIJA 1983900 GLS 100,125 miles Aug-03
1976Bob & Karen MusaCarol Stream IL20079-3 Aero Conv136,573 milesJul-18
718Bob Armstrong Fredericksburg VA 1991900 182,554 miles Oct-02
1682Bob Ayers Feeding Hills MA 1990900 SPG Turbo83,000 miles Mar-02
209Bob Ayers Feeding Hills MA 1991900 Turbo 127,000 miles Mar-02
907Bob Baumgartner Reston VA 19889000 Turbo 202,500 miles Jun-03
1730Bob Beckage Milton DE 19999-3 95,500 miles May-03
206Bob Bish Tucson AZ 1986900 Turbo 126,937 miles Oct-03
835Bob Brown Sussex UK 19949000 CS 197,000 miles May-01
322Bob Gant Cheyenne WY 1993900 S 140,000 miles Apr-03
1331Bob Gant Cheyenne WY 1988900 SPG Turbo260,000 miles Apr-03
758Bob Harrison San Juan Capistrano CA 1980900 Turbo 187,504 miles Oct-01
1035Bob Hubbard Charlotte NC 1986900 SPG Turbo213,700 miles Apr-02
1417Bob Kalweit York SC 1987900 Turbo 286,474 miles Aug-00
1518Bob Kobes Amstelveen HOLLAND 1986900 Turbo 331,675 miles Dec-05
368Bob Kropiewnicki Mt Pocono PA 19939000 CSET 144,200 miles Sep-02
1595Bob Ladich Lincoln RI 1986900 S 462,000 miles May-05
1405Bob Liddle Laurel MD 1986900 S 281,238 miles Jul-01
1733Bob McVea Rochester NY 1997900 S 95,750 miles Apr-01
51Bob Miller Nantucket MA 1984900 106,437 miles May-05
1179Bob Minch Bristol PA 19879000 Turbo 232,195 miles Mar-02
1498Bob Morency Center Ossipee NH 1988900 Turbo 318,726 miles Aug-03
1352Bob Stephenson Columbus IN 19889000 Turbo 266,500 miles Oct-01
1515Bob Sterner Somerset NJ 1986900 SPG Turbo330,000 miles Feb-04
1477Bob Sypek Nashua NH 1986900 S 308,000 miles Aug-03
1668Bob Talbot Oxford CT 19999-5 SE 76,500 miles May-05
1649Bob Talbot Oxford CT 19949000 CS 70,500 miles May-01
1593Bob Thomas Montville NJ 1986900 440,110 miles Feb-02
89Bob Wilson Houston TX 19999-3 111,789 miles Mar-03
1326Bobby Martens Budd Lake NJ 1985900 Turbo 258,104 miles Oct-01
1109Boerre Midtlien Oslo NORWAY 1990900 T 16 224,000 miles Aug-01
1638Boissier Olivier Paris FRANCE 1986900 Turbo 65,625 miles Mar-03
1421Bon Moorkamp Schagen THE NETHERLANDS 198699 288,000 miles Jan-02
987Bonita Volker Virginia Beach VA 1986900 210,000 miles Feb-05
444Boomer Johnson Macomb IL 1989900 S 151,071 miles Nov-01
1692Brad Fischer Emerald Isle NC 19979000 CSE 86,000 miles Jan-04
819Brad Herrick Las Vegas NV 1988900 S 194,688 miles Jan-01
892Brad M. Zahm Lancaster PA 1988900 SPG Turbo201,574 miles Aug-03
1091Brad Mayer Rivers Falls WI 19889000 Turbo 221,750 miles Sep-00
719Brad Murray Westford MA 1989900 Turbo 182,890 miles Feb-03
1012Brad Ouellet Canton MA 1984900 Turbo 211,875 miles Sep-01
1096Brad Sorenson Wauwatosa WI 1988900 SPG Turbo222,000 miles Sep-02
1782Brad SvatekIndianapolis IN20019-3SEHot 5D218,000 milesJun-16
1845Brad WallFerndale MI197899 GLE225,111 milesAug-16
230Bradley Walter Wilkes-Barre PA 1992900 S 129,895 miles Dec-01
1920Branden WeinblattOntario NY2008Turbo X131,420 milesMay-17
481Brandi Krauser Green Bay WI 1985900 Turbo 157,000 miles Feb-05
1408Brend Daigle Skowhegan ME 1990900 SPG Turbo282,328 miles Mar-03
1784Brendan GerrityCosta Mesa CA20019-3 Viggen65,341 milesJun-16
1174Brendan R. McDonald Gardner MA 1988900 S 231,450 miles May-02
2004Brennan PeaceGrayson GA20069-5162,673 milesSep-18
1603Brent Akins Fort Langley BC CANADA 1986900 S 500,362 miles Dec-05
1507Brent Christensen Layton UT 1986900 Turbo 325,994 miles Feb-03
967Brett Aldrin Moose Lake MN 1984900 S 208,000 miles Oct-02
1904Brett ZammittGrand Rapids MI20009-5 Aero Wagon139,682 milesMar-17
470Brian Epro Worcester MA 1995900 S 156,000 miles Sep-03
1299Brian Fox Boseman MT 1984900 Turbo 252,000 miles Sep-01
10Brian Honeycutt Bluemont VA 1992900 S 100,044 miles Jan-04
836Brian Hoyle Kachmarik Charlotte NC 1988900 S 197,004 miles May-05
1475Brian J. Kern Germansville PA 19899000 Turbo 307,569 miles Feb-03
833Brian Kevitt Minneapolis MN 1985900 Turbo 197,000 miles May-05
868Brian Koenig Houston TX 1986900 S 200,016 miles Jun-02
855Brian Kubeck Meriden CT 19939000 CS 199,996 miles May-05
26Brian Madden Washington DC 1998900 SE 101,000 miles Oct-01
1834Brian McGeeJackson WY1990900 SPG Turbo131,000 milesJul-18
584Brian Milcetich Twin Peaks CA 1987900 Turbo 169,125 miles May-05
1182Brian O'Donnell Parker CO 19889000 Turbo 232,979 miles Sep-02
1770Brian O'NeillMarietta GA20029-5154,444 milesJun-16
856Brian Rink Mokena IL 19949000 CSE 200,000 miles Dec-05
1804Brian SmithMaineville OH20059-2X Aero152,000 milesJul-16
268Brian Writebol Elizabethton TN 19939000 CSE 133,000 miles Feb-05
730Brock Thomas Wichita KS 1985900 Turbo 185,000 miles Dec-05
1210Brook Porter Long Beach CA 1987900 SPG Turbo237,000 miles Jun-02
574Bruce Adams Barre VT 1988900 Turbo 168,575 miles May-01
409Bruce Dempsey Hopkinsville KY 19979000 CS 148,000 miles May-05
560Bruce Hikmet Elmont NY 19939000 CSE 167,000 miles Jan-04
1971Bruce JohnsonOlympia WA19949000 CSE255,478 milesJul-18
1000Bruce Johnson Canby OR 19879000 S 210,842 miles Apr-03
976Bruce Johnson Canby OR 19909000 CDT 209,000 miles Dec-05
1318Bruce Johnson Canby OR 19869000 Turbo 256,135 miles Dec-05
781Bruce Koris Harvey Cedars NJ 1995900 S 190,000 miles Jan-01
200Bruce Little Dartmouth NS CANADA 1994900 S 126,000 miles Jan-02
1970Bruce McLeanBelmont MI20019-3 SE132,400 milesJun-18
1033Bruce Simmons Temple Hill MD 1987900 S 213,500 miles Feb-02
1019Bruce Ticknor Kennwick WA 1979900 Turbo 212,000 miles Sep-00
1545Bruce Ticknor Kennwick WA 1980900 GLI 350,000 miles Sep-00
381Bruno Rizzacasa Milford CT 1984900 S 145,120 miles Jun-03
1609Bryan Bowes Morriston CO 1998900 SE 54,450 miles Sep-01
1685Bryan Felitto Ogdensburg NY 1992900 84,500 miles Dec-05
947Bryan Maloney Somerville MA 1990900 SPG Turbo206,000 miles Mar-02
935Bryan Thompson Aledo TX 1988900 204,500 miles May-05
607Bryan Vandersommen Dover DE 1992900 S 171,400 miles May-05
1657Bryce Biery Louisville KY 1992900 73,000 miles May-05
1633Bud Clark Torrance CA 19879000 Turbo 642,273 miles May-05
106Burkhard ObrockEsslingen GERMANY 1989900 I 195,732 milesJan-17
37C. Galanopulo Cincinnati OH 19999-5 104,000 miles Jan-04
1466C. Galanopulo Cincinnati OH 1985900 S 304,000 miles Jan-04
397Caesar & Paula Goodson Pikesville MD 19939000 CS 147,000 miles May-05
706Caesar & Paula Goodson Pikesville MD 1986900 S 182,000 miles May-05
1084Caesar & Paula Goodson Pikesville MD 19939000 CDE 221,000 miles May-05
48Caesar & Paula Goodson Pikesville MD 1991900 Turbo 106,000 miles May-05
1199Caesar & Paula Goodson Pikesville MD 1987900 8V 235,000 miles May-05
109Callan Bleechmore Western Austalia AUSTRALIA 19949000 CS 115,000 miles Aug-03
1438Calum Binnie Melbourne Victoria AUSTRALIA 1987900 SPG Turbo295,000 miles May-05
1479Carberry Manning Binghamton NY 1986900 S 308,500 miles Oct-00
1003Carl Carlson Raymond NH 1990900 SPG Turbo211,000 miles Dec-05
587Carl Hummel Woodbury CT 1987900 Turbo 169,671 miles Feb-03
15Carl Levine Stratham NH 1997900 SET 100,200 miles Apr-02
755Carl Levine Stratham NH 1993900 S 187,500 miles Apr-02
349Carl Stovall Villa Rica GA 1987900 S 141,867 miles Jan-02
852Carlin Atkins Wernersville PA 1985900 S 199,975 miles Feb-03
31Carlos Reis Montreal Quebec CANADA 19919000 CD 102,000 miles Feb-04
1231Carlos Ribas Monteiro Oporto PORTUGAL 19879000 Turbo 241,000 miles Feb-02
2016Carol A HillCanton NY20029-3 SE174,200 milesDec-18
1892Carol M BarbourWilton CT20019-3 Conv29,121 milesJan-17
736Carol Shackelford Gulf Shores AL 19879000 Turbo 185,723 miles Jun-01
546Carol Tiernan Philadelphia PA 1986900 165,000 miles Feb-02
1658Carole Courtenay Warren ME 19959000 CS 74,450 miles Jun-03
880Carolyn Rhode Pittsboro NC 1991900 S 200,500 miles Jun-03
626Carrie Click New Castle CO 1987900 S 173,213 miles Jan-01
597Cary Tom High Point NC 1989900 SPG Turbo170,000 miles Oct-01
723Casey Lawson Dedham ME 1987900 S 183,746 miles Feb-02
748Casey Lawson Dedham ME 19939000 CSE 186,792 miles May-05
1761Cask J. ThomsonGold Coast AUSTRALIA20019-3 S Conv212,508 milesJun-16
118Cassandra Paluskas Novi MI 1986900 115,689 miles Jan-01
1525Catherine Graczyk Lansing MI 1986900 S 337,050 miles May-05
156Cecil Guthrie Rosedale NY 19929000 Turbo 121,000 miles Mar-02
1180Chad Dinger Columbus OH 1986900 Turbo 232,215 miles Feb-02
545Chad Earl Sidney NY 1989900 Turbo 165,000 miles Dec-02
789Chad Louthan Northboro MA 1988900 Turbo 190,896 miles Jun-01
989Chad Yerdon Lockport NY 1986900 SPG Turbo210,000 miles May-03
1860Charles FlynnChattanooga TN19939000269,150 milesSep-16
100Charles Short Blackpool ENGLAND 19979000 CSE 113,985 miles Sep-02
123Charles Underwood Jr Anchorage AK 19909000 S 116,361 miles Jan-04
73Charlie Holton Cambridgeshire ENGLAND 20009-5 SE 109,147 miles May-03
328Cheryl Gervasi Hamden CT 1990900 140,000 miles Jun-01
1058Cheryl Pariseau South Burlington VT 1986900 S 216,896 miles Aug-01
298Chris Bell Hardwick Cambridge ENGLAND 1992900 I 137,500 miles Apr-02
867Chris Bomberger Sultan WA 1995900 SET 200,013 miles Dec-05
725Chris Borrink Wheaton IL 1988900 Turbo 184,000 miles Jan-02
1602Chris Campbell Hollis ME 19999-3 50,000 miles May-03
265Chris Campbell Hollis ME 1994900 SE 132,500 miles May-03
1314Chris Campbell Hollis ME 19879000 S 255,000 miles May-03
46Chris Carvell Ivyland PA 20019-3 SE 105,643 miles Oct-03
1148Chris Celestino Apex NC 1989900 S 229,000 miles Aug-03
361Chris Cottini Kansas City KS 1984900 Turbo 143,316 miles Jan-02
837Chris Crosby Portland OR 1987900 SPG Turbo197,200 miles May-01
627Chris Hall London ENGLAND 19919000 173,600 miles Dec-02
1812Chris HartmanChico CA1968Sonett II V471,204 milesJul-16
1213Chris Jerin Granby CT 1985900 I 237,500 miles Jun-05
287Chris Malikoff Sydney NSW AUSTRALIA 1985900 SPG Turbo136,585 miles Dec-01
1201Chris Mannozzi New Castle PA 1985900 Turbo 235,000 miles Jan-01
1645Chris Martin Athol MA 1989900 Turbo 685,741 miles Jun-03
508Chris McCardle Wheeling WV 1985900 SPG Turbo160,000 miles Nov-01
1375Chris Notaro Anacortes WA 1987900 Turbo 272,000 miles Mar-02
466Chris Olofsson Danbury CT 19939000 Turbo 155,133 miles Oct-00
438Chris Paffett Groton CT 1987900 150,444 miles May-05
1009Chris Parker Winchester Hampshire UK 19929000 CST 211,634 miles May-03
1113Chris Plourde Venice CA 1990900 Turbo 224,500 miles Sep-00
1716Chris Ratcliff Colorado Springs CO 19909000 Turbo 92,000 miles Mar-02
1186Chris Ream Woodside CA 1986900 S 233,000 miles May-01
290Chris Sankey Manchester NH 19999-3 137,000 miles Sep-02
154Chris VanEpps Albany NY 1988900 SPG Turbo121,000 miles Jun-05
859Chris Webster Boulder CO 1984900 Turbo 200,000 miles Jan-04
273Chris Webster Boulder CO 1993900 T72 134,085 miles May-05
1578Chris Wood Sante Fe NM 1985900 Turbo 401,810 miles May-03
1402Chris Wright Nr Cambridge ENGLAND 1992900 Turbo 280,000 miles Feb-01
1021Christian Johnson Minneapolis MN 1984900 Turbo 212,002 miles Oct-02
1328Christian Sparre-Hangel Frederikssund DENMARK 1982900 GL 258,550 miles Jan-02
166Christina Lorusso Webster MA 1987900 Turbo 122,000 miles Dec-05
146Christina Reiter Dallas TX 20009-3 SE 119,974 miles Dec-05
19Christine Leslie Palm Harbor FL 19999-3 100,350 miles May-05
1876Christopher BecicaCherry Hill NJ20039-3 Vector210,426 milesNov-16
763Christopher Couture East Providence RI 19899000 CDT 188,000 miles Jan-01
511Christopher Gray Missoula MT 1990900 160,000 miles Sep-00
694Chuck Connors Des Moines IA 1985900 Turbo 180,000 miles May-01
133Ciaran Guilfoyle Derby UK19979000 Turbo 118,000 milesJul-16
740Cindy Angstadt USA 19999-5 SE 186,104 miles May-05
830Cindy Talley Lantana TX 1994900 Turbo 196,500 miles Apr-02
843Claire Neeser Lakewood CO 1983900 198,200 miles Mar-01
1187Claude Nicolas Naples FL 19879000 S 233,142 miles Jan-01
1789Clay McNeelyHereford TX1991900 SPG Turbo256,604 milesJun-16
1983Cliff BradyOak Park IL20029-5 Arc Wagon125,000 milesJul-18
450Co Webb Belmont MA 1988900 Turbo 152,000 miles Sep-00
2028Coach JTownsend DE20019-3245,030 milesFeb-19
2020Cole EretMacomb MI20069-3 SportCombi Aero193,428 milesJan-19
434Colin Archard Miserton England 19939000 Aero 150,000 miles Aug-00
429Colin Harris Charlottesville VA 19939000 CS 150,000 miles Mar-02
775Conrado Ayala Pasadena CA 1989900 S 190,000 miles Feb-04
1954Corey F TuckCanton GA20069-3 Aero289,193 milesMar-18
1705Corey King USA 20019-5 Linear 90,000 miles May-05
1006Cory Molenda Niles MI 1983900 Turbo 211,097 miles Feb-03
1669CR Saunders Mint Hill NC 1995900 SE Con 77,100 miles Feb-05
665Craig Leverenz St. Paul MN 1992900 Turbo 177,000 miles May-05
344Craig McIntosh Germantown NY 19939000 CS 141,100 miles Feb-03
1811Craig RossPlainsboro NJ19939000 CS Turbo196,000 milesJul-16
1521Curt Peterson Gig Harbor WA 1984900 Turbo 335,000 miles May-02
1883D. R. (Senor Don) StevensNaples FL19969000 CS264,000 milesDec-16
1686D. Scott Hughes Claremore OK 20009-5 Aero 84,500 miles Feb-05
1216Dalbert Woodard Tujunga CA 1984900 238,000 miles Sep-02
622Dale Brugger Mukwonago WI 19949000 CSE 173,000 miles May-05
1502Dale James Pittsburgh PA 1986900 S 320,272 miles Jul-03
1763Dale SweeneyBlackpool UK20099-3100,357 milesMay-16
992Damon Perry Roselle NJ 1988900 S 210,000 miles Dec-01
91Damon Woo Campbell CA 1994900 S 111,860 miles May-05
1815Dan BurkertSeattle WA197699GL 4 Door102,000 milesJul-16
1893Dan CarlockCorona Del Mar CA19999-5 SE210,375 milesJan-19
1534Dan Cookinham Greensboro NC 1982900 344,000 miles May-05
566Dan Erick Indianapolis IN 1991900 S 167,650 miles Jun-01
212Dan Fagan Wheaton IL 1991900 S 127,000 miles Feb-02
728Dan Filkins Goshen NH 1986900 S 184,402 miles Feb-01
1776Dan GDrexel Hill PA20029-5 Aero230,000 milesJun-16
1177Dan Graff Gordonsville VA 19869000 Turbo 232,000 miles Sep-02
170Dan Haddle Jr. Dallas PA 19999-3 122,300 miles Dec-05
742Dan Johnson Norwich CT 1987900 Turbo 186,200 miles Oct-01
1315Dan Kaempff Salem OR 1986900 Turbo 255,000 miles Jun-01
1739Dan Keenan Perry NY 19899000 CDT 98,801 miles Jun-01
1821Dan LernerJericho VT1993900 Turbo Conv225,633 milesJul-16
1354Dan Llewellyn Westboro MA 19939000 CS 266,800 miles May-05
1048Dan McKay III New London CT 1984900 Turbo 215,330 miles Jan-01
1670Dan Moorhead Canon GA 1995900 SE 77,200 miles Feb-01
1662Dan Morris Flemington NJ 19989000 CSE 75,000 miles Apr-03
510Dan Parascandolo Las Vegas NV 1987900 S 160,000 miles Oct-00
1634Dan Sim Mechanicsburg PA 20019-5 Arc 65,000 miles Dec-05
1561Dan Sim Mechanicsburg PA 196896 V4 383,000 miles Dec-05
147Dan Sim Mechanicsburg PA 1998900 SET 120,000 miles Dec-05
826Dan Sim Mechanicsburg PA 197497 196,000 miles Dec-05
1519Dan Sim Mechanicsburg PA 1985900 Turbo 334,000 miles Dec-05
804Dan Stahly Bozeman MT 1988900 192,500 miles May-05
234Dana Ireland San Diego CA 19999-5 SE 130,000 miles Dec-05
1722Dana Scalere Long Island NY 1997900 S 92,786 miles May-05
933Daniel Goodling Ft Lauderdale FL 1985900 S 204,000 miles Aug-00
225Daniel Hamilton Canton GA 1993900 Turbo 129,000 miles Jun-05
1924Daniel LuenzmannSheboygan WI1993900S202,780 milesMay-17
1461Daniel Ward Cedar Crest NM 1984900 Turbo 302,500 miles Apr-02
160Danilo Gianotti Milano ITALY 19889000 CD 121,250 miles Feb-04
252Danny Cummings Louisville KY 1988900 Turbo 130,764 miles May-05
62Daren Latham Ham Lake MN 19999-5 107,518 miles Sep-02
898Darrell Hayes Merrimac MA 1989900 S 202,000 miles Jun-03
507Darrell Hayes Merrimac MA 19939000 CSE 160,000 miles Dec-02
623Darren Cobban Aberdeenshire ENGLAND 19929000 CSE 173,000 miles May-03
761Darren Wittko Middlebury CT 19959000 CDE 188,000 miles Jan-04
1175Darrik Helin Santa Monica CA 1986900 Turbo 231,975 miles Dec-01
369Darryl G. Rector Sr. Greenville SC 19899000 Turbo 144,400 miles Jun-01
711Dave & Amy Hult Omaha NE 19899000 Turbo 182,000 miles Aug-01
87Dave Ashton Abbots Langley Hertfordshire UK 1991900 111,034 miles Aug-01
1002Dave Bell Glasgow SCOTLAND 19939000 CSE 211,000 miles Dec-05
1981Dave BinehamTerrace BC CANADA1993900 Turbo Conv114,127 milesJul-18
1600Dave Burton USA 20039-5 Linear 49,000 miles May-05
208Dave Dell Southampton Hampshire UK 19919000 CD 127,000 miles Sep-02
903Dave Farrell Attleboro MA 1996900 S 202,115 miles Dec-05
613Dave Keifer Delaware City DE 19949000 CSE 172,000 miles Apr-01
1022Dave Kidney St. Albert Alberta CANADA 1991900 SPG Turbo212,100 miles Dec-05
1346Dave Meausky Belchertown MA 1985900 SPG Turbo263,564 miles Jul-03
102Dave Murray Westford MA 19979000 CS 114,000 miles Feb-03
334Dave Nattila Portland CT 19939000 Aero 140,250 miles Feb-02
410Dave Nazarek Hollywood MD 19889000 Turbo 148,000 miles Jun-02
586Dave Onions Warwick UK 19899000 I 169,580 miles Mar-01
1317Dave Puffer Laguna Beach CA 19869000 Turbo 256,000 miles May-05
1542Dave Puffer Laguna Beach CA 1986900 349,000 miles May-05
1702Dave T. Juiceman Los Angeles CA 20019-5 Linear 88,765 miles May-05
372Dave Walker Basingstoke ENGLAND 19979000 CD 144,500 miles Mar-02
132Dave Walker Maryland 20019-3 118,000 miles May-05
1307Dave Zwick Moutain View CA 19869000 Turbo 253,754 miles Sep-03
1797Dave9000TMelbourne FL20029-3 Conv127,000 milesJul-16
709David A. Rogers Hershey PA 19919000 CD 182,000 miles Feb-02
82David Berry Allentown PA 1995900 S 110,500 miles Sep-02
172David Bihl Waynesboro VA 19969000 CSE 122,671 miles May-05
1958David ChmielewskiFarmington MN19999-3283,000 milesMar-18
303David Cruz Pine Grove Mills PA 19919000 Turbo 138,000 miles Oct-01
1726David del Fresno Madrid SPAIN 19949000 CS 93,750 miles Apr-01
1390David DeVos South Kent CT 1985900 Turbo 277,500 miles Jan-01
1872David DubaSpokane WA19889000 Airflow Turbo259,000 milesOct-16
1870David DubaSpokane WA1985900 Turbo275,000 milesOct-16
1869David DubaSpokane WA1983900 Turbo410,000 milesOct-16
1871David DubaSpokane WA19899000 Turbo249,000 milesOct-16
187David Edmunds Calgary AB CANADA 19949000 Aero 125,000 miles Jan-04
264David Elsy Newcastle upon Tyne ENGLAND 19999-5 SE 132,500 miles Dec-05
1349David Favier Phoenix AZ 1985900 SPG Turbo265,230 miles Sep-00
1491David Floyd Satellite Beach FL 1985900 Turbo 313,000 miles Jan-01
1464David Green Buffalo NY 1987 900 Turbo Conv303,250 miles May-05
712David Harrison Carson City NV 1985900 182,000 miles Apr-01
902David Harrison Carson City NV 197899 EMS 202,010 miles Apr-01
1181David Heppert Stow MA 1985900 232,486 miles Jun-05
213David Hilton Santaquin UT 19999-5 SE 127,131 miles Dec-05
934David Hilton Santaquin UT 19919000 CD 204,343 miles Dec-05
272David Humeston Pine Plains NY 19859000 CS 134,051 miles Dec-05
1277David Humeston Pine Plains NY 1989900 Turbo 249,010 miles Dec-05
459David Kammeraad Holland MI 1991900 Turbo 154,000 miles Dec-05
1451David Lewis Chicopee MA 1986900 300,143 miles Jan-01
2012David LymanLake Forest Park WA19989000CSE206,055 milesDec-18
1416David Mansen Evanston IL 1986900 285,500 miles Jan-01
1560David Mapp Edgewater Park NJ 1985900 SPG Turbo377,300 miles Jul-01
975David McCloud S. Weymouth MA 1991900 208,894 miles Dec-05
581David Miller Ulverston Cumbria UK 19959000 Aero 169,010 miles May-05
279David Morgan Cardiff UNITED KINGDOM 19979000 Aero 135,150 miles Dec-05
392David Noel Maryville TN 1988900 Turbo 146,782 miles Oct-01
1623David Prantl Memphis TN 19979000 CSE 60,000 miles Jun-02
840David Prantl Memphis TN 19869000 Turbo 198,000 miles Jun-02
323David Prantl Memphis TN 19909000 S 140,000 miles Jun-02
1665David Prantl Memphis TN 196897 76,000 miles Jun-02
350David Prantl Memphis TN 19889000 S 142,000 miles Jun-02
277David Read Knoxville TN 1989900 135,000 miles Oct-01
878David Rhodes San Franciso CA 1982900 Turbo 200,447 miles Aug-03
41David Robinson St. Louis MO 1997900 S 105,000 miles Jun-03
173David Rosenkrantz Emmaus PA 19969000 CS 122,700 miles Oct-02
1787David SandsPittsburgh PA20049-3 Linear191,000 milesJun-16
1829David SandsPittsburgh PA1995900S104,750 milesJul-16
127David Scott Sugar Land TX 20009-3 Viggen 117,217 miles May-05
134David Singleton Columbus OH 1988900 S 118,000 miles Jan-04
1991David SpringerWinters CA1973Sonett III29,500 milesSep-18
969David Stone Stratford upon Avon GB 19929000 CDE 208,000 miles Jan-01
927David Thompson Devon UNITED KINGDOM 19929000 SET 203,756 miles May-05
1850David WrightWales MA1997900S129,285 milesSep-16
735David Yeary Knoxville TN 19939000 CS 185,460 miles Jan-02
1170David Young Seattle WA 197899 Turbo 231,111 miles Dec-05
1509David Zweifel Lake Miles1993 900 S327,587 milesJan-01
1925Davin JohnsonBellingham WA19919000241,008 milesJun-17
1674Dawn Hall Akron OH 1995900 S 79,528 miles Sep-01
98Dawn Peyton Tampa FL 1987900 S 113,398 miles Mar-03
1622Dean & Amy Connelly Ridgewood NJ 19999-5 SE 60,000 miles Oct-03
790Dean Boivin Freeland MI 1987900 S 191,000 miles Feb-03
22Dean Kinzer Chicago IL 1998900 S 100,702 miles Dec-05
1430Dean Laatt Mead CO 20049-3 SS 29,782 miles May-05
1462Dean Richards Amesbury MA 1992900 S 302,544 miles May-05
80Deborah Wade Cambridge ENGLAND 1997900 XS 110,000 miles Dec-01
241DeForest Hamilton Colorado Springs CO 1994900 SE 130,000 miles Jul-03
1598Degn Andi Farre Hammel DENMARK 1987900 I 476,592 miles Feb-02
117Demeter Hejj Budapest Hungary 1985900 Aero 115,625 miles Sep-00
869Denis Kelly ?? 19939000 CDE 200,070 miles Feb-03
1625Denise Hamilton Canton GA 20009-5 GF 61,000 miles Jun-05
959Dennis A. Mitchell New Castle PA 1990900 207,150 miles Mar-03
289Dennis Burke Hanson MA 1998900 SE 136,850 miles Jan-04
1222Dennis Dowd Berlin CT 19899000 S 239,800 miles Mar-02
606Dennis Dura Trenton NJ 19929000S 171,171 miles Jan-04
478Dennis FitzGerald Brockville ON CANADA 1987900 S 156,727 miles May-05
512Dennis Kwan Corona NY 19929000 160,234 miles Oct-01
446Dennis Kwasnycia Chatham ON CANADA 1989900 SPG Turbo151,563 miles May-05
1424Dennis May Napa CA 19899000 Turbo 288,026 miles May-05
270Dennis May Napa CA 1990900 Turbo 133,711 miles Aug-00
784Dennis Strause Rio Rancho NM 19879000 Turbo 190,257 miles Sep-02
1397Dennis Turner Downs IL 1986900 S 279,222 miles May-03
175Derek Coffrin Burlington VT 19889000 S 122,943 miles Apr-01
1522Derek Muller Davenport IA 1986900 Turbo 336,800 miles Oct-02
1227Derek Pinkham Riverton NJ 1996900 Turbo 240,223 miles Mar-02
1205Desmond Prins Epe HOLLAND 19939000 CSE 236,250 miles Feb-03
1298Diane & Pete Jansen Englewood NJ 1991900 Turbo 252,000 miles May-05
1036Dick Chan Richmond BC CANANA 1988900 Turbo 214,000 miles Feb-03
1581Dino Puccio Milwaukee WI 1993900 S 407,322 miles Jan-04
960Dirk Feather Easton CT 1989900 SPG Turbo207,500 miles May-05
807DJ Morse Pasdena MD 1992900 S 192,897 miles May-03
1330DJ Morse Pasdena MD 1986900 S 259,653 miles May-03
1647Domek Neves Porto PORTUGAL 19989-5 69,281 miles Jun-05
1261Dominik Merkle Tuebingen GERMANY 1987900 Turbo 245,750 miles Feb-03
453Don Bechtel Reading PA 19879000 Turbo 152,500 miles Dec-02
1880Don BessetteSouth Of Boston MA20089-3 Aero Vert49,885 milesNov-16
1650Don Crim North Chelmsford MA 20009-5 Aero 71,000 miles May-05
351Don Davis West Boylston MA 1996900 S 142,300 miles Mar-03
1411Don Fatzinger Reinholds PA 1984900 Turbo 282,800 miles Mar-02
1435Don Fortier North Attleboro MA 1986900 S 293,101 miles Mar-01
1228Don Phillips Florence SC 1985900 SPG Turbo240,357 miles Mar-03
787Don Roberts Newport News VA 1985900 Turbo 190,654 miles May-02
195Don Schmitz Caledonia MN 1995900 S 125,345 miles Jan-01
1585Don Wollum Hillsborough NC 197099 416,556 miles Jun-05
593Donald Haradem Avon OH 1990900 170,000 miles Nov-02
58Doug Ehmann Baltimore MD 1988900 Turbo 107,000 miles Mar-02
1718Doug Harris Watlington ENGLAND 19999-5 Wagon 92,200 miles Jan-04
743Doug Macrae Saco ME 19929000 Turbo 186,230 miles Apr-02
144Doug Majka Lorain OH 197399 EMS 119,075 miles May-05
1875Doug PrytulaClinton Township MI19999-3401,000 milesMay-18
1197Doug Reed Marble Falls TX 1985900 234,600 miles Jun-05
1538Doug Reppa Wilmington DE 1986900 SPG Turbo346,000 miles Dec-02
524Doug Rigterink Silver Spring MD 1995900 SE 161,454 miles May-05
978Doug Schmidt Orlando FL 1990900 SPG Turbo209,000 miles Nov-01
1492Doug Stewart Charlotte NC 19889000 Turbo 314,002 miles Jun-02
1975Doug WrightCleveland OH20049-5 Aero SportCombi192,000 milesJul-18
1574Douglas Snyder Leavenworth KS 1983900 Turbo 398,000 miles May-05
1506Dre' de Man Hoorn NETHERLANDS 19909000 CS 325,020 miles May-02
395Drew Woolery Thornton CO 1996900 S 146,982 miles Apr-03
1396Duane Jackson Huntington WV 19949000 CDE 279,010 miles May-05
1551Duane McGlone Marquette MI 1987900 Turbo 360,000 miles Dec-02
108Dux Denver Castle Rock CO 19919000 Turbo 115,000 miles Feb-04
1164Earl Woolery III Toronto Ontario 1986900 Turbo 230,564 miles Aug-00
708Ed Christianson Arlington TX 19889000 S 182,000 miles Mar-02
141Ed Hamme Lancaster PA 1985900 119,000 miles Jan-02
1957Ed KokosaFort Wayne IN20079-5 Aero SportCombi148,750 milesMar-18
95Ed Perez Fairfield CT 19999-5 113,000 miles Feb-04
1300Ed Schaffer Baltimore MD 196995 252,137 miles Nov-01
321Ed Springer Chicago IL 19939000 CSE 140,000 miles Jun-03
849Ed Stokes Tucson AZ 1985900 Turbo 199,000 miles Dec-02
1069Ed Taleb Calgary AB CANADA 1985900 219,209 miles Jan-04
516Eddie Warren Orlando FL 1995900 S 161,000 miles Aug-03
2011Edgar UlmerPequea PA20039-3 Arc300,033 milesNov-18
558Eduardo Vidot Barceloneta PR 19999-5 SE 167,000 miles Dec-05
674Edward Fahrenkrug Jr. San Antonio TX 1992900 S 178,100 miles Aug-01
5Edward Gervasi Hamden CT 1998900 S 100,000 miles Mar-02
218Edward Lorenz Oneonta NY 1974Sonnett III 128,000 miles Apr-03
242Edward Lorenz Oneonta NY 19959000 CDE 130,000 miles Apr-03
609Edward Lorenz Oneonta NY 197399 LE 172,000 miles Apr-03
158Edward Pitcavage Washington DC 1991900 121,000 miles Apr-01
1758Edward WardellOakland NJ1990900 SPG Turbo276,000 milesJul-16
1379Ehud Falkowitz Tel Aviv ISRAEL 1994900 S 275,000 miles May-05
1163Elaine Morrison McHenry IL 19929000 Turbo 230,275 miles Jun-03
858Elizabeth De Smet Westford MA 1986900 S 200,000 miles May-05
1094Elizabeth EJ Munson Meriden CT 19889000 Turbo 221,927 miles Aug-03
157Elliot Stevenson Tappan NY 19969000 CSE 121,000 miles Jun-01
691Elliott T. Sweetser Vernon NJ 1992900 180,000 miles Feb-03
389Eloe Gile Bridport VT 1992900 145,700 miles May-05
1604Emanuel Lundberg Sodertalje SWEDEN 1985900 Turbo 504,000 miles May-05
1162Emily MacDonald York PA 1991900 S 230,225 miles Jan-04
179Emrys Lewis Orlando FL 1995900 SE 124,115 miles Dec-01
2024Eric JamesNorth Palm Beach FL19979000 CSE88,643 milesFeb-19
866Eric Allen Portland ME 19909000 Turbo 200,001 miles Sep-02
1606Eric Ansay Boulder CO 20009-3 Viggen 53,000 miles May-05
469Eric Ansay Boulder CO 1994900 S 156,000 miles May-05
1149Eric Atchinson Belchertown MA 1985900 S 229,234 miles Feb-04
1594Eric Davidson Port Orchard WA 197095 460,000 miles Mar-01
76Eric Delsaer Frelighsburg QC CANANA 20019-3 110,000 miles May-05
659Eric FitzGerald Hanover MA 19929000 S 176,080 miles Jun-05
999Eric Harlow Russell MA 19919000 CD 210,669 miles Dec-01
1321Eric Heyse Silver Spring MD 1985900 Turbo 257,300 miles Oct-01
785Eric Heyse Silver Spring MD 1986900 S 190,400 miles Jan-01
1037Eric Hoffland Washington DC 1984900 214,578 miles Jan-01
2025Eric JamesNorth Palm Beach FL19949000 Aero77,688 milesFeb-19
891Eric McGin Arundel MD 1986900 201,365 miles Jun-02
327Eric Mullaley Halifax NS CANADA 1996900 S T 140,000 miles Aug-01
1719Eric Pascolini Mougins FRANCE 1995900 S 92,500 miles May-03
1986Eric RichardNorth Kingstown RI20019-3 Viggen203,000 milesJul-18
1384Eric Rohrbach Burlington VT 19879000 Turbo 276,000 miles May-03
952Eric Romppanen Duvall WA 1989900 S 206,500 miles May-05
131Eric Romppanen Duvall WA 19999-5 118,000 miles May-05
1440Eric Smith Newtown PA 1986900 297,300 miles Oct-03
521Eric Thon Berlin GERMANY 19929000 CD 161,556 miles May-05
413Eric Tonnel Dijon FRANCE 1988900 T16 148,200 miles Feb-04
631Eric Zimmerman New York NY 1984900 Turbo 174,000 miles May-01
202Erica Wheelan Washington DC 1989900 Turbo 126,000 miles Jan-01
820Erik Bjorkner New Orleans LA 19939000 CS 194,826 miles May-05
1568Erin Dolan Kent CT 1985900 S 391,600 miles Feb-01
310Erin Epp Indianapolis IN 1986900 S 138,997 miles Oct-01
293Erin Hackett Thomaston CT 1991900 S 137,050 miles Oct-01
1224Erin Hescock Wardsboro VT 1994900 S 240,000 miles May-02
1075Erkan Cebecioglu ?? 19879000 S 220,000 miles Sep-02
1441Erlend Tronsmoen Baerum NORWAY 198399 GL 298,000 miles Oct-01
1366Ernest Rumney Dorset VT 1986900 S 270,000 miles May-05
1144Esko Haapaniemi Salo FINLAND 1986900 GL 228,000 miles Oct-02
1886Eugene CarneyLa Quinta CA20012001 9-3 SE Conv134,696 milesMar-17
23Eugene Koh Studio City CA 19999-5 100,800 miles May-05
800Eugene Parise Washington PA 1991900 192,133 miles Dec-05
771Evan Finch Waukesha WI 19909000 S 189,995 miles Oct-02
731Evan Miller Philadelphia PA 1991900 185,000 miles Dec-05
683Evan Spence Calagary AB CANADA 1986900 179,000 miles Aug-01
201Eyal Akler Great Neck NY 1994900 S 126,000 miles Mar-01
7Fedor Rosocha Kosice SLOVAKIA 19969000 CSE 100,000 miles Mar-02
540Floyd Feather Jr. Port Washington NY 1987900 S 164,217 miles Oct-01
1736Fran Henty Charleston SC 1989900 Turbo 96,109 miles Dec-05
1078Francesca PoloRochester NY1985900433,018 milesMar-18
1485Francis Anthony Herefordhire UNITED KINGDOM 1990900 Turbo 310,002 miles Feb-04
400Francis Hall San Antonio TX 1985900 SPG Turbo147,214 miles May-05
1481Francis Hoven Cleveland OH 19879000 Turbo 309,200 miles May-03
1624Francisco Taveras Rio Grande PR 1990900 SPG Turbo60,000 miles Jul-01
1704Frank Lindstrom Birmingham AL 19999-3 SE 90,000 miles May-05
1169Frank Sroka Salem CT 1990900 SPG Turbo231,018 miles Nov-02
1301Frank Young Butler PA 1984900 252,400 miles Feb-04
1463Fred Anlyan Mill Valley CA 1985900 SPG Turbo303,000 miles Apr-02
1264Fred Dieffenbach Bethel VT 19939000 CSE 246,372 miles Aug-03
379Fred Hiken Baltimore MD 1988900 SPG Turbo145,000 miles Aug-01
1028Fred Kosiewski Worcester MA 1992900 S 213,000 miles Dec-05
1805Fred LadnerWayzata20049-5 Aero Wagon191,000 milesJul-16
1903Fred OakesBirmingham MI20049-5 Aero Wagon240,361 milesMar-17
1902Fred OakesBirmingham MI1991900 SPG Turbo267,547 milesMar-17
1678Fred Terezo West Chester PA 19999-5 81,379 miles Feb-04
1172Frederic Lormier Marseille FRANCE 19889000 Turbo 231,250 miles Feb-02
570Frederick P. Korkosz East Greenbush NY 1990900 SPG Turbo168,000 miles Nov-02
1896Frits Van WervenDoorwerth THE NETHERLANDS199790086,992 milesFeb-17
1280G. Coolen Limburg NETHERLANDS 197396 250,000 miles May-05
1005G.L.Singer Erie PA 1996900 S 211,000 miles Jan-02
1192Gabriel Conlon Jacksonville FL 1987900 Turbo 233,825 miles Mar-02
1487Gabriel Conlon Jacksonville FL 1983900 Turbo 312,091 miles Nov-01
1171Gabriel Jeronimo Naugatuck CT 19889000 S 231,162 miles Dec-02
440Gabriel Reis Arlington VA 1991900 SPG Turbo150,720 miles Dec-02
2003Gage McgarrigleCuster SD19991999 9-3 Base205,000 milesSep-18
2Galanti Indianapolis IN 1994900 NG 100,000 miles May-05
1208Gary Garner Peoria AZ 1992900 SPG Turbo236,641 miles Dec-05
2027Gary HubertCarrabassett Valley ME20019-5200,165 milesFeb-19
710Gary Lueck Los Angeles CA 1988900 S 182,000 miles Dec-01
1474Gary Patterson Gastonia NC 1989900 Turbo 307,410 miles Feb-04
1666Gary Ralph East Lansing MI 19999-5 SE 76,127 miles Jan-02
523Gary Trent Huntington WV 19919000 Turbo 161,916 miles Dec-05
798Gene Schlaman Charlotte NC 1995900 S 192,000 miles Jan-04
1635Geoff Rice Ottawa ON CANADA 19999-3 65,000 miles Jan-04
1293Geoff Warlen The Woodlands TX 1985900 Turbo 250,600 miles Mar-02
8Geoff Waters Glendale CA 1996900 SET 100,013 miles Jan-04
1348Geoffrey Warten San Antonio TX 1985900 Turbo 264,000 miles Feb-04
853George Abel West Trenton NJ 19869000 Turbo 199,980 miles Feb-03
792George Filchak Norwood NJ 19899000 Turbo 191,000 miles Mar-02
1720George Holmer Nr Leuven BELGIUM 19929000 CSI 92,500 miles Dec-01
1729George Holmer Leuven BELGIUM 19919000 CS 95,000 miles Jan-02
1777George KroetschTonawanda NY20009-3 SE Conv160,000 milesOct-18
1312George Latyszonek Kendall Park NJ 1992900 254,750 miles Jan-01
818George Lemire Huntsville AL 19889000 Turbo 194,487 miles Dec-02
701George McElhinney Larchmont NY 1986900 SPG Turbo181,176 miles Jul-00
864George McElhinney Larchmont NY 1992 900 Turbo Conv200,000 miles Oct-02
291George Schnellman Canandaigua NY 1994900 SET 137,000 miles Apr-02
1713George Taylor Buckinghamshire ENGLAND 19989-5 91,750 miles Jul-03
1243Gerald Gold Roslyn Heights NY 1985900 Turbo 242,700 miles Dec-05
895Gery Petrof Willowick OH 1993900 Turbo 202,000 miles Dec-05
1907Gilbert PriceMcDonough GA20059-3 Aero222,266 milesMar-17
2015GinedAlmería SPAIN20079-3 tid Conv120,546 milesDec-18
1681Gleason Verduzco Murrietta CA 1997900 SET 83,000 miles Dec-05
1246Glen Tipton North Branch MN 1984900 S 244,000 miles Apr-02
552Glenn LeBrasseur Portland OR 1988900 Turbo 166,350 miles Dec-02
702Glenn Schroeder Antioch IL 19939000 CSE 181,200 miles Feb-04
1365Glenn Shook Cheshire CT 1987900 S 269,945 miles Apr-02
1020Glenn Toth Allentown PA 1986900 212,000 miles Aug-00
373Gloria Plucinski Barberton OH 1989900 S 144,590 miles May-05
499Gordon Cooper Glossop Derbyshire ENGLAND 19919000 S 159,200 miles Oct-03
345Gordon Kachuk Vancouver BC CANADA 1994900 Turbo 141,300 miles Dec-05
686Grace Beckett West Hartford CT 1986900 S 179,600 miles Aug-00
1071Graham Duke Potton UK 1985900 I 219,587 miles Jan-02
1010Graham Duke Portsmouth ENGLAND 1987900 211,657 miles Sep-01
456Greg Abbott Minneapolis MN 19889000 Turbo 153,000 miles Jan-04
1403Greg Isaac Moline IL 19889000 S 280,114 miles Oct-01
786Greg Losik Dresser WI 19929000 S 190,650 miles Jan-04
253Greg Reilly Saratoga NY 1992900 Turbo 131,000 miles Jun-05
1734Greg Taylor USA 1995900 SET 96,000 miles May-05
773Greg Taylor USA 1983900 Turbo 190,000 miles May-05
168Greg Weiss Santa Fe NM 1988900 Turbo 122,000 miles May-01
403Gregers Juul-Pedersen Copenhagen DENMARK 1994900 S 147,500 miles Mar-02
1945Gregg JohnPalmyra VA20049-5 Arc Wagon230,500 milesJan-18
385Gregory Andres Branchville NJ 1989 900 Turbo Conv145,500 miles Aug-00
1324Gregory J. Smith Snellville GA 1989900 SPG Turbo258,000 miles Feb-03
535Gregory Smith Syracuse NY 1989900 163,500 miles May-03
1679Guido van der Werf Annapolis MD 19999-3 82,100 miles Jun-02
604Guy N. Wade Willingboro NJ 19939000 CS 170,825 miles Dec-02
601H. Robert Jacobs III Boston MA 1992900 170,408 miles Feb-03
1677Hans Persson Lund SWEDEN 19969000 CST 80,812 miles Jan-01
996Harry Slife Edgewood MD 1983900 CIS 210,000 miles Jan-01
1503Heather Halverson Greeley CO 1986900 Turbo 321,200 miles Apr-03
1111Heather Thompson Scotch Plains NJ 19869000 Turbo 224,125 miles Aug-01
1490Henk Kaan Haarlem THE NETHERLANDS 1988900 I 313,000 miles May-03
128Hennik Vetter Anholt GERMANY 1991900 I 117,500 miles Jun-02
1133Henri Formenoy Lieshout NETHERLANDS 1987900 I 226,000 miles Nov-02
1664Henrik Nilsson Enkoping SWEDEN 20029-5 Aero 76,000 miles Dec-05
1652Henry Botelho Austin TX 19999-3 71,000 miles Apr-03
1007Henry Emil Notland ? ? 19879000 Turbo 211,266 miles May-05
354Henry Emil Notland ? ? 19939000 CS 142,915 miles May-05
1738Henry Geha ?? 19969000 CS 97,000 miles Feb-03
1963Henry ReaMableton GA20069-3175,234 milesApr-18
714Herb Bloser Newport News VA 19919000 Turbo 182,500 miles May-05
1263Herb Hirsch South Brunswick NJ 20009-5 Aero 246,346 miles May-05
1629Herman Davis Douglasville GA 1990900 634,568 miles Jun-05
295Herman Isaza Long Island NY 1995900 S 137,256 miles May-05
1457Howard Rose Sunderland MA 1986900 Turbo 301,666 miles Feb-04
247Hugh Henry Elkins Park PA 1988900 SPG Turbo130,345 miles Jan-02
427Hugo Oliveira Coimbra PORTUGAL 19929000 CS 150,000 miles Dec-02
608Hung Chang Santa Clara CA 1997900 SE 171,605 miles Jul-03
1032Ian Carlyle Brown Leeds W. Yorks England 19909000 I 213,459 miles Feb-03
1706Ian Clark Newmarket/Suffolk UK 1997900 S 91,022 miles Dec-01
614Ian Dinsmor Detroit MI 1988900 172,365 miles Oct-01
699Ian Harris ?? 1990900 I 181,000 miles Dec-02
897Ian Jones Brooklyn NY 19899000 Turbo 202,000 miles May-05
677Ian McLaughlin Burdett NY 19879000 S 178,524 miles Apr-02
1190Ian Scott Fleetwood PA 1984900 233,544 miles Jan-01
1061Ian Whelan Ridgewood NJ 1986900 SPG Turbo218,000 miles May-05
474Ignacio & Emily Cabezudo Phoenix AZ 1990900 Turbo 156,212 miles Dec-02
1923Ike PackHinton WV1993900 Turbo Conv293,876 milesMay-17
1874Ilan BrownDenver CO19979000 Aero62,000 milesOct-16
703Ingo Pfannkuchen Stuttgart GERMANY 1987900 Turbo 181,250 miles Jan-04
1661Inuuteq Olsen Nuuk GREENLAND 19989-5 75,000 miles Jan-04
1764Iris FiallosMiami FL20019-5 SE222,580 milesOct-17
1810J. Kent EcklesOlathe20019-3 Viggen Conv251,000 milesJul-16
988J. P. Fiorella Turnersville NJ 1988900 SPG Turbo210,000 miles Jul-03
905J. Scot Kirkpatrick Atlanta GA 1986900 Turbo 202,379 miles Dec-02
256J.L. Johnson Norton Shores MI 1995900 SE 131,285 miles May-05
1927J.M. BrownCole Harbour1993900 Turbo139,517 milesJul-17
1582Jacco Veldhuizen Vianen HOLLAND 1990900 I 16 407,500 miles Dec-05
452Jack Downing Sutton MA 19979000 CS 152,500 miles May-05
113Jack Exter Wyoming PA 1994900 S 115,096 miles Dec-05
1687Jack Griffin Denver CO 1991900 Turbo 84,500 miles Oct-01
1413Jack Sams Gastonia NC 1985900 Turbo 283,882 miles Dec-01
149Jack Sotherland Jacksonville FL 19999-5 120,000 miles Jan-04
1483Jack Sotherland Jacksonville FL 20029-3 Conv31,500 milesJun-16
1531Jack Strong Spokane WA 1982900 343,000 miles Oct-00
816Jack van Beek Klazienaveen NETHERLANDS 1983900 Turbo 193,900 miles Oct-01
917Jack Yezbak Traverse City MI 1985900 S 203,076 miles Dec-02
774Jacques Meinsma Zaltbommel NETHERLANDS 1992900 I 190,000 miles May-05
640Jacques Mitchell Mannheim GERMANY 19899000 S 175,000 miles May-03
1926Jakob JorgensenBoston MA2011NG9-587,000 milesJun-17
1083James Aiu Marshfield MA 19919000 220,800 miles Feb-04
1597James Archer Churchtown PA 1983900 S 465,000 miles Dec-05
887James Baran Roswell GA 1987900 S 201,000 miles Sep-00
1357James Butts Jacksonville FL 1987900 267,494 miles May-03
1960James ClarkeWhite Hall MD20029-5 Aero Wagon242,500 milesMar-18
954James Denoncourt Methuen MA 19919000 CD 206,659 miles Oct-02
1189James Diefenderfer Missoula MT 1992900 233,300 miles May-05
549James Goodman Burntisland Fife SCOTLAND 1986900 I 165,500 miles Feb-02
219James Harper UNITED KINGDOM 1997900 128,000 miles Nov-02
1530James M. Hutchings Hubbardsville NY 1986900 S 342,742 miles May-05
1873James NewellBrisbane Queensland AUSTRALIA2011NG9-523,000 milesOct-16
889James Osaedebiri Parsippany NJ 1994900 S 201,278 miles Jul-03
1484James Petrila Gilbertville MA 1988900 Turbo 310,000 miles Dec-05
2034James PoppletonUK20109-572,000 milesMar-19
1853James ReganRidgewood NY1997900SE174,400 milesSep-16
1861James RichardsonWest Hartford CT1997900 SE Turbo202,479 milesSep-16
68James Rutledge Lexington KY 1985900 108,500 miles Mar-02
766James T. Kim Midland MI 1990900 SPG Turbo189,000 miles May-05
1972James Vander PoelNorthborough MA20039-5 Aero102,000 milesJul-18
1589James Wood New York NY 19909000 CDT 432,278 miles Feb-03
754James Woodside Fredericksburg VA 1995900 SET 187,500 miles Dec-02
1371Jan Hagen-Fredericksen Harrisburg PA 1985900 SPG Turbo271,000 miles Aug-03
1469Jan Parthemer San Diego CA 1987900 S 305,122 miles Feb-02
1941Jan PetrusPardubice CZECH REPUBLIC20069-5187,033 milesNov-17
394Jan Wagner Sumrakov CZECH REPUBLIC 1985900 146,900 miles Dec-02
488Jane S. Tait Rocky Hill CT 1993900 S 157,400 miles Aug-01
997Janet Fox Hendersonville NC 1984900 Turbo 210,400 miles Mar-02
1824Jann-RMosjøen NORWAY19879000 i88,856 milesJul-16
1271Jari Hirsimaki Turku FINLAND 1990900 S LPT 248,000 miles Feb-04
178Jari Hirsimaki Turku FINLAND 19989-5 124,000 miles Feb-04
741Jarkko Priha Anjalankoski FINLAND 19889000 CC 186,110 miles Oct-01
1601Jarrald Woodcock Palm City FL 19999-5 SE 50,000 miles Aug-03
544Jarrald Woodcock Palm City FL 1994900 S 165,000 miles Jul-03
1565Jarrod Richardson Fort Thomas KY 1987900 388,352 miles Jan-04
1698Jason Birkel Bangor ME 1996900 S 87,200 miles Jun-03
1995Jason ClarkWrentham MA19989000437,125 milesSep-18
330Jason Griffith Waldorf MD 19999-3 SE 140,102 miles Jan-04
1076Jason Kralic Chapel Hill NC 1987 900 Turbo Conv220,000 miles Apr-01
1613Jason Martin Lindale GA 1997900 SE 57,000 miles Feb-04
275Jason Martin Lindale GA 1988900 S 134,500 miles Jan-04
1202Jason Martin Lindale GA 1988900 S 235,200 miles Feb-04
652Jason McCarthy Tamworth Staffs UK 19929000 CD 175,993 miles Dec-02
984Jason Moellinger Birmingham AL 1986900 Turbo 209,900 miles Sep-03
1395Jason Mueller Northridge CA 19869000 Turbo 278,885 miles Apr-03
162Jason Musiak Somerville MA 19919000 121,500 miles Jul-03
649Jason Oram Basingstoke ENGLAND 19959000 CDE 175,423 miles May-05
525Jason Poniatowski Erie PA 1994900 S 162,000 miles Dec-05
1364Jason Russell Abilene TX 1986900 S 269,690 miles Jan-01
1254Jason Simonds Norfolk VA 197499 245,000 miles Oct-03
1887Jason WhippleFeeding Hills MA19999-3208,358 milesDec-16
551Jay Anderson Ashburn VA 1995900 S 166,204 miles Jun-05
1347Jay Fernandez Avon CT 1989900 SPG Turbo263,917 miles Jul-01
1374Jay Howard Burtonsville MD 19889000 Turbo 271,422 miles Jan-01
965Jay Sweet Middletown RI 1985900 SPG Turbo208,000 miles Jul-03
635Jean Jerome Queens NY 1989900 Turbo 174,240 miles Aug-01
602Jean Jerome Queens NY 19889000 Turbo 170,577 miles Aug-01
61Jean Noel Francois Abbeville FRANCE 19979000 CSE 107,500 miles Jan-04
174Jean Pascal Coudeneau Saint Palais FRANCE 1988900 Turbo 122,875 miles May-02
1278Jean Vangel Sterling MA 19879000 Turbo 249,500 miles May-05
75Jeanne Peppard Southern CA 1993900 S 109,200 miles Jan-04
1401Jed Becher St.Paul MN 1985900 Turbo 280,000 miles Mar-02
1297Jeff Baggett Heber Springs AR 1987900 SPG Turbo251,967 miles May-05
1080Jeff Bakewell Warrenton VA 19889000 S 220,243 miles May-05
1527Jeff Benson Sandia Park NM 1986900 S 339,000 miles May-05
2023Jeff DavisPlymouth ENGLAND20069-3 Tid179,033 milesMar-19
167Jeff Holmes Crestview FL 1993900 Turbo 122,000 miles Feb-03
1095Jeff Lee Butler NJ 1996900 222,000 miles May-05
1386Jeff Mackler Northampton MA 19869000 Turbo 276,000 miles Oct-00
536Jeff Moore Bridgeport CT 1984900 Turbo 163,622 miles Jan-01
306Jeff Nelson North Stonington CT 19979000 CS 138,600 miles May-05
320Jeff Rouch Williamsville NY 1994900 SE 140,000 miles May-05
1283Jeff Schneider Yorktown Heights NY 19959000 CS 250,000 miles Dec-02
297Jeff Schroeder Arvada CO 1987 900 Turbo Conv137,500 miles Dec-02
1378Jeff Shore Jenkintown PA 19879000 Turbo 273,459 miles Jan-04
1996Jeff SmithEl Cajon CA20059-5 Linear Wagon109,860 milesSep-18
1936Jeff SmithSan Diego CA 20039-3 Vector159,975 milesJan-19
84Jeff Steltz Chippewa Falls WI 19999-5 SE 111,000 miles Dec-05
423Jeff Steltz Chippewa Falls WI 1990900 Turbo 150,000 miles Dec-05
402Jeff Taylor Rindge NH 1984900 147,358 miles Sep-03
1198Jeff Trull St. Petersburg FL 1987900 234,850 miles May-03
245Jeff Young Murrysville PA 19929000 Turbo 130,001 miles Jun-02
863Jeffrey Blais 1985900 Turbo 200,000 miles Oct-02
893Jeffrey Cueto East Montpelier VT 19939000 CSE 201,750 miles Feb-04
398Jeffrey Defonseka Mt. Laurel NJ 1991900 S 147,000 miles Jan-04
1848Jeffrey DunhamOrange1993900 Turbo275,085 milesSep-16
404Jeffrey Harding Clearwater FL 1995900 SE 147,740 miles May-05
1948Jeffrey HuangCastro Valley CA20009-3 Conv205,000 milesOct-18
231Jeffrey Luther Clearwater FL 1992900 CV 129,897 miles May-05
356Jen Rosensteel Hagerstown MD 1995900 SE 143,000 miles Dec-02
1721Jeni Hackbush Ft. Wayne IN 1990900 S 92,545 miles Oct-02
909Jeni Roosen Cincinnati OH 1988900 Turbo 202,867 miles Mar-03
1562Jennifer Cleaton Charlotte NC 1986900 S 384,612 miles Sep-00
1968Jennifer DanielsNiles MI20069-3 Aero Conv121,980 milesMay-18
822Jennifer Davis Albany NY 1986900 Turbo 195,000 miles Sep-02
1268Jennifer Healey Danville NH 19909000 Turbo 246,819 miles May-05
1136Jens Haudel Dresden GERMANY 1990900I 227,000 miles Jun-05
1074Jeremy Mantle Ludlow United Kingdom 1989900 SE 220,000 miles Feb-03
240Jeroen Billiet Gent BELGIUM 1997900 S 130,000 miles Aug-03
815Jeroen de Jong Delft THE NETHERLANDS 1988900 C 193,750 miles May-05
1630Jerry Baley Greenwood Lake NY 19999-5 64,000 miles Sep-02
1409Jerry Baustian San Diego CA 1984900 Turbo 282,410 miles Oct-03
1392Jerry Fletcher Charlotte NC 1986900 277,863 miles Apr-01
244Jerry Goff Billings MT 19939000 Aero 130,000 miles Jan-01
1570Jerry King Camano Island WA 1987900 395,000 miles Dec-05
1735Jerry Marzin Burnaby BC CANADA 1995900 S 96,000 miles Sep-02
227Jerry Nelson Casper WY 1989 900 Turbo Conv129,030 miles Dec-05
192Jerry Sanders Sautee-Nacoochee GA 19919000 125,000 miles Jul-01
737Jerry Wyrick Marshall IL 1991900 Turbo 186,000 miles Dec-05
1380Jerry Yahna Port Townsend WA 1986900 Turbo 275,087 miles Sep-00
1612Jesse Strack Johnstown CO 197899 GL 563,391 miles Dec-05
1284Jessica Bowers Warden WA 1982900 250,000 miles May-02
171Jesus Mendez Algorta Vizcaya SPAIN 19949000 Aero 122,357 miles Dec-01
1220Jim Ahearne Freeport ME 19919000 Turbo 239,600 miles Apr-03
119Jim Bussen Johnson City TN 1991900 Turbo 116,000 miles Aug-03
1605Jim Carollo San Clemente CA 1980900 Turbo 518,200 miles Aug-03
415Jim Dillon Boulder CO 1986900 148,500 miles Jun-01
388Jim Epple Seymour CT 19979000 Aero 145,650 miles May-03
943Jim Epple Seymour IN 1986900 SPG Turbo205,600 miles May-03
152Jim Fairchild Sacramento CA 1993900 S 120,355 miles May-05
1949Jim FischerHuber Heights OH20009-5 Aero266,125 milesMar-18
912Jim Ford Elkton MD 1990900 203,000 miles Dec-05
1557Jim Halloran Princeton MA 1993900 S 373,190 miles Oct-03
884Jim Hodgdon Jr. Uncasville CT 1988900 S 201,000 miles May-05
557Jim Kerr New Haven CT 19939000 CSE 166,800 miles Apr-02
1101Jim Morse Roanoke VA 1986900 Turbo 222,222 miles May-01
1977Jim MotavalliFairfield CT1992900 Turbo Conv161,000 milesJul-18
426Jim Neal Hawthorne NY 1996900 S 150,000 miles Feb-04
442Jim Obert Cincinnati OH 1991900 151,000 miles May-05
1066Jim OgulFrederick MD 1987900 Turbo 218,531 milesJun-16
509Jim Onesios Allendale NJ 1989900 S 160,000 miles Oct-01
1434Jim Scott Fleetwood PA 1985900 S 292,565 miles Nov-01
879Jim Sourbeck Grand Rapids MI 19909000 Turbo 200,470 miles Sep-01
1851Jim WalshWestern Springs IL1992900 Turbo Conv131,000 milesSep-16
1407Jim Wilson Elizabethtown PA 1987900 281,300 miles Aug-01
1427Jimmie Hackett Charlotte NC 19889000 Turbo 288,673 miles Feb-02
838Joachim Blaabjerg Oslo NORWAY 1985900 T16 197,321 miles Sep-03
1779Job TollJamestown RI20009-3139,985 milesJul-18
1369Joe Armstrong Gatlinburg TN 1988900 270,145 miles May-05
40Joe Balistreri Rochester MI 1994900 S 105,000 miles Jan-04
817Joe Capobianco Scotia NY 1985900 194,113 miles Feb-04
1122Joe Chickvary Lakeland FL 19909000 Turbo 225,000 miles May-03
1159Joe Christensen Eagle Mountain UT 1990900 Turbo 230,000 miles Nov-01
1339Joe Glessner Bridgeton NJ 1987900 S 262,000 miles Apr-01
1011Joe Hamilton Worthington OH 19909000 S 211,750 miles Dec-02
487Joe Harris Virginia Beach VA 19999-3 157,254 miles Dec-05
355Joe Johnson Windsor CO 19939000 CSE 143,000 miles Oct-03
1218Joe Krepps York PA 19879000 Turbo 239,347 miles Mar-02
1226Joe Kudry Armonk NY 19899000 Turbo 240,000 miles Sep-01
1320Joe Napoli Waldwick NJ 1985900 Turbo 257,000 miles Dec-05
803Joe Napoli Waldwick NJ 1985900 SPG Turbo192,500 miles Dec-05
1825Joe ParsonsWorthing West Sussex UK19989000 2.0t Anniversar98,666 milesJul-16
1918Joe PisulaSpringboro OH20089-7X 5.387,500 milesApr-17
1917Joe PisulaSpringboro OH20089-3 Aero105,000 milesApr-17
1916Joe PisulaSpringboro OH20049-3128,000 milesApr-17
300Joe Ranch Lakeville MN 19969000 CSE 137,895 miles May-05
1879Joe RiggsMarietta OH20079-3 SS44,056 milesNov-16
645Joe Weihs Baldwin MD 1986900 S 175,000 miles Sep-00
462Joe Zlomek Pottstown PA 19899000 S 154,119 miles May-05
894Joel Gabriel San Diego CA 1993900 S 201,943 miles Oct-02
52Joel Rosenfeld Ridgefield Park NJ 19999-5 SE 106,500 miles Feb-03
1520Johan Boeder Kesteren NETHERLANDS 1986900 I 335,000 miles Oct-03
1267John ? Gardner MA 1987900 Turbo 246,798 miles Jan-01
1640John Backus Harrison OH 20009-5 Aero 66,122 miles Dec-05
471John Baines Plymouth MI 19939000 CSE 156,000 miles Sep-01
1999John BarilArvada CO20019-5179,888 milesSep-18
1043John Boquet Hinesburg VT 1982900 S 215,000 miles Jan-01
399John Boquet Hinesburg VT 1988900 Turbo 147,000 miles Jan-01
658John Boquet Hinesburg VT 1985900 S 176,000 miles Jan-01
384John Brughelli Mechanicsburg PA 1989900 Turbo 145,477 miles Jun-02
1147John Burgess Cheshire CT 19949000 CSE 228,785 miles Mar-03
1053John Daw Longmont CO 1990900 Turbo 215,985 miles May-02
1055John De Canio Sandy Hook CT 1989900 S 216,630 miles Jan-01
970John Ernst Atlanta GA 19909000 CDT 208,157 miles Nov-01
1412John Ernst Atlanta GA 1985900 Turbo 283,500 miles Nov-00
1959John EvansWiltshire ENGLAND1997900S400,000 milesMar-18
1978John FitzgeraldBurlington WI19989000 CSE246,000 milesJul-18
1974John FitzgeraldBurlington WI19979000 Aero 305,800 milesJul-18
662John Folks Tulsa OK 1987900 S 176,711 miles Aug-00
1468John Francis Rolla MO 1984900 Turbo 305,000 miles Sep-03
1590John G. Collins Jefferson OR 197599 433,000 miles Feb-05
1737John Hancock Nottinghamshire UNITED KINGDOM 1997900 XS 97,000 miles Jun-03
35John Hanes Crawfordsville IN 19969000 CSE 103,000 miles Nov-01
605John Haydon Jr. West Milwaukee WI 1985900 SPG Turbo171,000 miles Jun-01
750John Hine Selinsgrove PA 1989900 187,345 miles Dec-01
418John J. Giardino Vancouver BC CANADA 1985900 SPG Turbo149,375 miles Feb-02
901John Jones Dover ENGLAND 19909000 S 202,000 miles May-01
1137John Jorgensen Apache Junction AZ 1982900 Turbo 227,000 miles May-05
2013John JoynerCarmel CA20039-5 Arc Wagon309,000 milesDec-18
1389John K. Oswald Greenwich NY 1991900 277,093 miles May-05
1418John Kipp Stillwater MN 19889000 Turbo 287,000 miles Jun-02
1391John Kosmatka Milwaulkee WI 19939000 CSE 277,834 miles Dec-05
145John L'Etoile La Mesa CA 19919000 119,106 miles Dec-01
644John Lairson Philadelphia PA 1989900 Turbo 175,000 miles Jan-01
1355John Lashnits West Simsbury CT 1989900 Turbo 267,000 miles Feb-04
2018John LeeserNorthumberland PA20089-3220,564 milesJan-19
183John Libby Littleton CO 1997900 S 124,825 miles Jul-03
406John Major Horsham Sussex UK 19919000 I 147,780 miles Mar-02
99John Marzo Redwood City CA 19979000 CS 113,400 miles Jan-04
374John McClay Oakville ON CANADA 19939000 CS 144,687 miles Feb-05
1155John Mierzwa Bethlehem PA 1987900 Turbo 230,000 miles May-02
1591John Moffitt Elko NV 19909000 CD 435,600 miles May-01
1238John Odell Southampton UNITED KINGDOM 19869000 I 242,000 miles Mar-03
342John P. McAlpin Newtown PA 1992900 S 141,000 miles Aug-01
1265John Pappanikou Gardner MA 1985900 246,673 miles Jan-01
923John Patchett Syacuse NY 1990900 203,357 miles Sep-00
1928John R. JakimetzLitchfield CT20029-3 Conv19,443 milesAug-17
886John Rayl Westerville OH 1985900 S 201,000 miles Dec-01
107John Regan Exeter ENGLAND 1986900 Turbo 114,786 miles Apr-01
142John Roberts Montreal Quebec CANADA 1991900 SPG Turbo119,000 miles Jan-01
813John Robinson Greensboro NC 19939000 CDT 193,422 miles Aug-01
1041John S. Scott Leeds UNITED KINGDOM 1987900 Turbo 215,000 miles Feb-02
191John S. Scott Yorkshire UNITED KINGDOM 1993900 SE 125,000 miles Feb-02
532John S. Scott Leeds UNITED KINGDOM 1988900 Turbo 163,000 miles Aug-01
1188John Silsby Gorham ME 1988900 SPG Turbo233,255 miles Jul-00
2005John SnelgroveRedondo Beach CA1994900 CE Conv44,000 milesOct-18
36John Stoltenborg Delaware 1992900 S 103,000 miles Jul-00
1404John Sullivan Leroy NY 19919000 280,782 miles Oct-02
563John T. Camper Lowell MA 1996900 S 167,017 miles May-05
186John Tunis Irvington NY 19879000 S 125,000 miles May-05
194John Van de Kamer Kitchener ON CANADA 1988 900 Turbo Conv125,120 miles May-05
232John Visconti Westport CT 1988900 SIS 129,975 miles Jun-01
1819John WainwrightWinnipeg MANITOBA CANADA20049-5 Arc81,983 milesJul-16
1688Johnny Chapman Denver CO 20009-5 Wagon 85,050 miles Dec-05
1940Jon AxelssonGimli Mb. CANADA20039-5203,370 milesNov-17
753Jon Hochstetter Kenosha WI 1986900 S 187,500 miles Jun-03
1138Jon Hochstetter Kenosha WI 1985900 Turbo 227,000 miles Jun-03
1642Jon Kestle Belleville ON CANADA 1994900 S 664,000 miles Nov-02
1335Jon Kosh Montrose CO 1990900 Turbo 261,000 miles Dec-05
1504Jon Ripple Kalamazoo MI 1987900 Turbo 322,872 miles Jul-03
420Jon West Manchester VT 19939000 CS 149,749 miles Jan-01
1052Jonah Tristman Berkeley CA 1988900 Turbo 215,925 miles Jun-01
302Jonathan Frankel Commerce Twp. MI 1995900 S 138,000 miles Apr-02
485Jonathan Gemski Bloomingdale NJ 1989900 SPG Turbo157,000 miles May-01
111Jonathan Gibson Sydney NSW AUSTRALIA 1998900 SET 115,000 miles Dec-02
338Jonathan Glenn Northampton UK 1997900 SET 140,791 miles Feb-03
619Jonathan Griner Hope Mills NC 1988900 Turbo 172,500 miles May-02
707Jonathan Kleinwaks Reston VA 1990900 S 182,000 miles May-03
1029Jonathan Lucas Lafayette CO 19889000 Turbo 213,007 miles Feb-03
1816Jonathan MauldinBoone NC20119-4X45,300 milesJul-16
1350Jonathan Mc Cuiston Dayton TN 1986900 Turbo 266,000 miles Sep-00
1947Jonathan MillerGreensboro NC20039-3261,000 milesFeb-18
1337Jonathan Parrish Abilene TX 1985900 Turbo 261,600 miles Sep-02
1288Jonathan Rossall Somerville MA 1988900 250,061 miles May-05
765Jonathan Spears Gadsden AL 1989900 188,900 miles May-02
93Jonathan Sweet Highland MI 1996900 S 112,300 miles Oct-03
900Jonathan Woods Winchester VA 1987900 T 16 202,000 miles May-02
1134Jonny Slumpff Woodland Park CO 1991900 S 226,500 miles Dec-05
120Jos Giroldi Eindhoven The NETHERLANDS 19989-5 116,000 miles Jun-02
1979Jose B GonzalezCanoga Park CA20119-5110,600 milesJul-18
489Joseph Achmetov Bridgewater NJ 1991900 Turbo 157,440 miles Apr-02
1796Joseph F. CliftSan Dimas CA1972Sonett III457,800 milesJul-18
1715Joseph Farrell Charlestown RI 20009-5 92,000 miles May-05
1684Joseph Farrell Charlestown RI 19999-3 84,150 miles Sep-03
1081Joseph Gerace Northfield NJ 19889000 S 220,250 miles Dec-01
770Joseph Ko San Diego CA 1989900 S 189,700 miles Apr-01
1894Joseph LaughlinGunnison CO1988900 SPG329,435 milesJan-17
480Joseph Lodwick New Orleans LA 19889000 Turbo 156,989 miles Oct-01
1344Joseph Morton Palm Desert CA 1983900 Turbo 263,228 miles Jan-02
559Joseph Smith DuBois PA 19899000 CD 167,000 miles Feb-05
779Josh Kaplan Stephens City VA 1989900 190,000 miles May-01
504Josh Royse USA 1988900 S 160,000 miles May-05
1843Josh TRandolph MA20029-5 Aero254,356 milesAug-16
764Joshua Kennon Kennett Square PA 19919000 188,666 miles Sep-03
472Joshua Lockey Cedar Rapids IA 1986900 156,000 miles Mar-01
43Joshua Pillock Tampa FL 1991900 S CV 105,000 miles Sep-01
1157Joshua T. Fischer Ridgefield CT 1987900 Turbo 230,000 miles Mar-02
1323Jouni Ruottinen Hyvinkaa FINLAND 19939000 CD 258,000 miles May-05
271Juan Carlos Diaz La Coruna SPAIN 1994900 S 133,750 miles Jan-04
60Juan Carlos Jodar Boblingen GERMANY 1994900 107,365 miles Oct-01
27Juan Coronil Madrid SPAIN 1991900 I 101,000 miles Mar-01
883Judy Poole Carlsbad CA 1985900 Turbo 200,900 miles Jul-03
1311Juhani Laitala Oulainen FINLAND 19899000 CD 254,590 miles May-02
1772Julian Hardiman Exeter UK20029-588,000 milesJun-16
697Julian Webb Newmarket Suffolk UK 19899000 Turbo 180,100 miles Jan-01
492Julie Conger Jacksonville FL 19889000 Turbo 157,856 miles Nov-01
359Justin Beach Bend OR 197399 L 143,245 miles Feb-02
921Justin Beach Bend OR 1985900 Turbo 203,201 miles Oct-03
814Justin Beach Bend OR 19889000 Turbo 193,456 miles Feb-02
416Justin Beach Bend OR 1979900 Turbo 148,584 miles Feb-02
576Justin Coleman Salt Lake City UT 19929000 CD 168,724 miles Jan-04
1086Justin Dickinson Charlottesville VA 19929000 CD 221,000 miles Dec-01
1488Justin Duthie Palm Beach FL 19919000 Turbo 312,500 miles Dec-05
680Justin Duthie Palm Beach FL 1991900 S 178,900 miles Dec-05
979Justin Lackner Madison WI 19899000 Turbo 209,004 miles Feb-03
636Justin Van Tromp Bridgeport WV 1986900 Turbo 174,351 miles Sep-00
942Kae Clauson Corvallis OR 1982900 Turbo 205,300 miles Jan-01
339Kaia P. Turner Seattle WA 1988900 140,982 miles Jan-02
1304Karel Van de Walle Middelkerke BELGIUM 19899000 CD 253,188 miles Nov-01
1696Karen Cannice Phoenix AZ 1985900 16V 87,000 miles Nov-02
580Karen Doucette Hastings MN 1991900 S 169,000 miles Mar-01
1410Karen Van Campenhout Green Bay WI 1990900 S 282,500 miles Jan-02
850Karl Bonde Minneapolis MN 1987900 SPG Turbo199,721 miles Mar-01
862Karl Lotze Munster GERMANY 197896 200,000 miles Nov-02
262Karl Lotze Munster GERMANY 19899000 Turbo 132,000 miles Nov-02
955Katherine Nelson North Stonington CT 1992900 Turbo 206,700 miles Jan-04
479Kathy A. Kron Lewisburg PA 1989900 Turbo 156,802 miles Dec-05
772Kathy A. Reno New Lenox IL 1992900 S 190,000 miles Dec-05
1191Kathy Kinev Atlanta GA 1985900 Turbo 233,615 miles Nov-01
313Kathy Naymola Plainsboro NJ 19939000 CST 139,000 miles May-05
257Katreena Lewis Midlothian VA 1996900 S 131,300 miles May-03
1341Kaya Wilcox-Johnson Madison WI 1987900 S 262,583 miles Feb-04
1653Keith Petty Mansfield MA 20009-5 SE 72,000 miles Dec-05
34Keith Roberts Southbury CT 19999-3 103,000 miles Dec-05
1027Keith Roberts Southbury CT 19939000 CSE 213,000 miles Dec-05
1514Keith Roberts Southbury CT 1986900 330,000 miles Dec-05
1953Kelly ConatyVestavia AL19949000 CSE54,700 milesMar-18
88Kelly Gwozdz Acushnet MA 1996900 S 111,106 miles Jun-02
1385Kelly O'Dell Abita Springs LA 1986900 S 276,000 miles May-02
408Kelly Scott Boston MA 1991900 S 148,000 miles Dec-05
4Kelly Sharman Victoria BC CANADA 19939000 CSET 100,000 miles Mar-03
1823KenTampa FL1991900SE178,063 milesJul-16
1460Ken Bowers Savannah GA 19929000 CD 302,130 miles May-05
994Ken Brown Salinas CA 1979900 EMS 210,000 miles Feb-01
1183Ken Goessling St. Louis MO 19879000 Turbo 233,000 miles Jan-04
641Ken Holden Milford CT 1984900 Turbo 175,000 miles Feb-02
1501Ken Jones Leicester ENGLAND 19899000 T 16 320,269 miles Feb-02
1302Ken Kroeger Costa Mesa CA 19969000 CS 253,104 miles Dec-05
1891Ken Langenbach JrBath PA20099-3 SS70,125 milesJan-17
1583Ken Madison Colorado Springs CO 1983900 S 409,194 miles May-05
1129Ken Marshlain Chelan WA 1985900 Turbo 225,560 miles May-05
941Ken Ormes Greenland NH 19949000 Turbo 205,125 miles Mar-02
1854Ken RichGrand Rapids MI20049-5 Arc23,889 milesSep-16
285Ken Roos Culver City CA 1983900 Turbo 136,400 miles Mar-02
1695Ken Rubin Bowie MD 1997900 SE 86,500 miles Feb-01
598Kenn DeShane Galena MO 19899000 Turbo 170,021 miles Jan-02
13Kenn DeShane Galena MO 1997900 S 100,126 miles Jan-02
1911Kennedy WeberRogers MN19999-5 24,700 milesMar-17
139Kenneth Kuo Vancouver BC CANADA 19939000 CSET 118,681 miles Aug-03
414Kenneth L. Brown Atlanta GA 19899000 CD 148,296 miles Oct-03
1558Kenneth M. Kambara ?? 1996900 S 375,000 miles Dec-05
841Kennth Geddes Dunnon SCOTLAND 19919000 SE 198,101 miles Aug-01
1962Kent AndersonPark Ridge IL20089-3 Aero XWD66,000 milesApr-18
2001Kent J. KrizikSan Marcos CA19999-5 Wagon170,555 milesSep-18
1428Kent Lundell Huntsville UT 1985900 SPG Turbo289,769 miles May-05
944Keri Moffat Coquitlarn BC CANADA 19869000 Turbo 205,625 miles Apr-02
2002KevinSan Francisco CA20119-5 Turbo93,134 milesSep-18
1250Kevin Bradley Ashburn VA 1986900 S 244,435 miles Dec-01
1914Kevin BrownPhiladelphia PA1991900 Turbo Conv127,700 milesOct-18
305Kevin Dwyer Avon CT 19969000 CS 138,521 miles Aug-03
1125Kevin Greene Inman SC 1990900 S 225,000 miles Apr-01
1247Kevin Grover Chicago IL 1986900 S 244,095 miles Jan-01
1937Kevin H JonesCulver City CA19999-3176,992 milesOct-17
1524Kevin J. Rooney Providence RI 1990900 S 337,000 miles Jun-02
1563Kevin Karl Norwalk CT 1985900 Turbo 387,000 miles Dec-05
1017Kevin Kelleher Churchville PA 1989900 Turbo 212,000 miles Oct-03
1139Kevin Lynch Pittsburgh PA 19879000 Turbo 227,000 miles Feb-03
733Kevin Marsh Dartford ENGLAND 19889000 CDE 185,000 miles Apr-03
467Kevin McCarthy Guilford CT 1995900 S 155,500 miles Dec-05
588Kevin Stumpe Altoona WI 1988900 S 169,674 miles Jan-01
250Kevin Stumpe Altoona WI 19949000 Aero 130,528 miles Jan-01
1025Kevin Suderman Grande Prairie AB CANADA 19889000 Turbo 212,500 miles Oct-01
1128Kilian Strauss The Hague NETHERLANDS 19919000 225,500 miles Oct-02
70Kimberlie McCammon Carmel IN 19879000 Turbo 109,000 miles Dec-05
520Kimberly Garson Silver Spring MD 1988900 161,187 miles Jan-01
324Kimberly Winder Parker CO 19919000 Turbo 140,000 miles May-02
1433Kimmo Suorsa Kouvola FINLAND 19929000 Turbo 292,000 miles May-05
1450Kimmo Suorsa Kouvola FINLAND 1988900 T16 300,122 miles May-05
949Kirk Edlund Las Cruces NM 1986900 S 206,000 miles Oct-01
1610Kjell Karlsson Sodertalje SWEDEN 1986900 I 552,000 miles Oct-01
1798Kjetil RødSandefjord NORWAY198099 Turbo110,605 milesJul-16
1535Korin Eagles Alton NH 1988900 Turbo 345,000 miles May-03
939Kristian Steve Jensen Tromso NORWAY 19889000 I 205,096 miles Oct-03
971Kristin Dubrowski Denver CO 1985900 S 208,300 miles Jun-03
553Kristin Stark Sodus NY 1992900 S 166,397 miles May-02
951Krzysztof Kowalczyk Warsaw POLAND 19899000 I 206,250 miles Dec-05
1059Kurt Hoffmann Redding CA 197899 Turbo 217,000 miles Dec-05
906Kyle Crisman Amherst NH 1985900 Turbo 202,432 miles Jun-01
1898Kyle RetamaLos Angeles CA2008Turbo X89,100 milesFeb-17
1550L.U. Mrke Wolfenbttel SWITZERLAND 1990900 359,375 miles Jan-01
222Lam Nguyen Kissimmee FL 1994900 SE 128,642 miles Jun-05
1884Lance LerumTownsend MT198099 GLi196,000 milesDec-16
661Landon Freeman Kentwood MI 1988900 SPG Turbo176,363 miles May-05
1808LarrySomerset20109-3 Conv18,421 milesJul-16
114Larry Brown Newton MA 19909000 S 115,223 miles Apr-01
1580Larry Washington West Palm Beach FL 1986900 Turbo 405,500 miles Aug-01
1423Larry Zacker Pismo Beach CA 1984900 Turbo 288,000 miles Oct-00
1838Lars EkeloefKristianstad SWEDEN20119-4X Aero31,816 milesAug-16
1801Lars EkeloefSWEDEN20099-3 Cabrio39,146 milesJul-16
412Lars Langhans Prescott AZ 19889000 Turbo 148,000 miles Jan-01
1516Laura Adams Santa Monica CA 1982900 330,000 miles Jul-03
846Laurence Evans Bristol ENGLAND 19939000 CSE 198,684 miles Jan-04
808Laurent Modestil Warwick RI 1992900 Turbo 193,000 miles Jun-02
71Laurie Mills York ENGLAND 1998900 SE 109,000 miles Sep-02
1016Lawrence Bailey Cape Cod MA 19899000 Turbo 212,000 miles Dec-05
1310Lawrence Petitfrere Boston MA 1989900 SPG Turbo254,331 miles May-05
1121LD Rumney Dorset VT 1986900 S 225,000 miles Jun-03
1990Leah ZammitMarietta GA20089-3 Aero34,900 milesAug-18
1376Lee Saltzman Kalamazoo MI 1985900 272,000 miles Jan-01
1353Lee Smith Forest Grove OR 19919000 S 266,777 miles Feb-04
357Leo J. Turer Brattleboro VT 19939000 CSE 143,000 miles Oct-02
1732Leon Murphy Herts ENGLAND 19999-5 95,750 miles Apr-02
9Leon Zar Northbrook IL 1996900 SET 100,014 miles Feb-04
916Leonard Avant Littleton CO 1992900 S 203,068 miles Mar-02
589Leroy Phillips Garland TX 1984900 Turbo 169,708 miles Nov-01
161Les Brand Phoenix AZ 1986900 S 121,250 miles Nov-01
1912Leslie WeberRogers MN1989900 SE242,000 milesMar-17
1910Leslie WeberRogers MN20079-7X148,000 milesMar-17
1329Leslie Wells Anaheim CA 1991900 S 259,503 miles Dec-05
50Lester Ewing Shreveport LA 19969000 Aero 106,312 miles Mar-02
1835Levi GarciaGermantown MD1991900 S275,000 milesJul-16
1289Lian van Holten Gorinchem NETHERLANDS 1985900 250,070 miles May-05
411Lil Pare St. Albans VT 1988900 S 148,000 miles Jan-01
1586Linda Cope Carmel Valley CA 1984900 419,000 miles Jul-01
548Linda J. Oswald Greenwich NY 1987900 S 165,452 miles Jun-01
1308Linda Whitehouse Anderson IN 19879000 Turbo 253,953 miles Nov-01
1579Lindsey Levenson S. Lake Tahoe CA 1986900 Turbo 403,311 miles Jan-01
873Linnea Krajewski Newton NH 1995900 SET 200,230 miles Dec-02
92Linnea Krajewski Newton NH 197899 112,000 miles Mar-02
457Lionel G. Campos Midlothian VA 19939000 CDE 153,000 miles Feb-03
1038Lisa Furr Locust NC 19929000 CDT 214,634 miles May-05
1707Lisa Votta Saunderstown RI 1996900 S 91,246 miles Apr-02
165Lloyd McGregor Orlando FL 19909000 Turbo 121,887 miles Jun-03
1731Lou Rinaldi Meriden CT 1996900 SET 95,500 miles Mar-02
1708Louis Daigneault Sherbrooke QC CANADA 19969000 CS 91,250 miles Dec-05
1671Louis Lisboa New York NY 20019-3 SE 77,300 miles Dec-05
1965Lowell WilliamsNashua NH20019-5 Aero190,000 milesMay-18
30Lubomir Tokar Bratislava SLOVAKIA 1994900 S 101,875 miles May-02
116Luc Bonachera Strasbourg FRANCE 1986900 I 115,600 miles May-01
1673Luc Denissen Andwerp BELGIUM 20019-5 78,560 miles May-05
1279Lucy Hunley Orlando FL 19889000 Turbo 250,000 miles May-05
1989Luis PintassilgoCarcavelos PORTUGAL20029-3 SE231,250 milesAug-18
796Luke Maddux Glenview IL 1986900 S 191,784 miles Oct-01
1931Luke MeadowcroftEpsom UNITED KINGDOM1996Nordic 900 Turbo0 milesAug-17
1929Luke MeadowcroftEpsom UNITED KINGDOM1990900 Carlsson136,000 milesAug-17
1930Luke MeadowcroftEpsom UNITED KINGDOM1983900 GLI 5-Dr. Metall200,003 milesAug-17
1117Lyle Parthemer San Diego CA 19929000 CD 224,890 miles Jun-02
717Lyndon Ross Bradford UNITED KINGDOM 1994900 SET 182,553 miles Jun-03
1546Lynn Ball Sunset Beach NC 19949000 CSE 350,188 miles May-05
1305Lynn Trottier Fishkill NY 19949000 Aero 253,342 miles Dec-05
1077M. Peck Clatsop County OR 1988900 SPG Turbo220,069 miles Apr-01
224Mac Carroll Loudonville NY 19939000 CSE 128,839 miles May-01
533Maciej Solski Linz AUSTRIA 1993900 S 163,076 miles Oct-03
682Maciek Gomolka Cracow POLAND 19939000 CS 179,000 miles Dec-02
1206Magnus Alm Gothenburg SWEDEN 19889000 CDT 236,400 miles Aug-01
21Mahesh Krishnamoorthy Royston GA 19959000 CDE 100,400 miles Sep-02
1913Maksim VasilevskyCroton Falls NY1989900 S165,665 milesMar-17
656Malc Vie SCOTLAND 1988900 176,000 miles Apr-02
515Malcolm Williams Bangkok THAILAND 19939000 CD 160,625 miles Feb-03
1444Mandy Naylor Dayville CT 1994900 S 300,000 miles May-05
612Manny Fontno 19919000 S 172,000 miles May-02
749Marc & Diane Fails Hershey PA 1986900 SPG Turbo187,000 miles Aug-01
1541Marc Fails Hershey PA 1990900 S 348,000 miles Dec-02
14Marc Furtado Amesbury MA 19999-3 Con 100,150 miles Feb-04
267Marc Zbinden Ashburn VA 1995900 S 132,756 miles Nov-01
197Marcel Reynolds Brooklyn NY 1993900 S 125,500 miles Dec-05
1039Marcin Suszczewski Warsaw POLAND 19919000 215,000 miles Dec-05
938Marcos Virdo Woodbridge NJ 1989900 Turbo 205,000 miles Oct-01
376Margaret Murray Westford MA 1987 900 Turbo Conv145,000 miles Feb-03
1984Mark AndersonCary NC20009-3230,000 milesJul-18
1135Mark Andrews Reno NV 1985900 Turbo 227,000 miles Dec-05
229Mark Ashley Pereira Leeming W.A. AUSTRALIA 19919000 CD 129,687 miles Feb-04
83Mark Cheong Singapore SINGAPORE 19929000 CDI 110,873 miles Apr-02
97Mark Epstein Salem MA 1997900 S 113,000 miles Apr-01
1253Mark Gerber Fort Collins CO 1987900 245,000 miles May-05
705Mark Hankins Berkeley CA 1985900 Turbo 181,850 miles Oct-01
958Mark Hernandez Charlotte NC 1991900 SPG Turbo207,000 miles Jun-05
1651Mark Holland Canton MI 20029-5 Linear 71,000 miles May-05
1755Mark HouseWilton, NY19969000 Aero200,000 milesApr-16
314Mark Johns Webster MA 1995900 S 139,000 miles Dec-02
1295Mark Lower Belvidere IL 1986900 S 251,100 miles Jun-01
1998Mark McfaddenGlendale CA1987900 Turbo Conv121,883 milesSep-18
1223Mark Mitchell Solihull West Midlands ENGLAND 19899000 240,000 miles Sep-02
1628Mark N. Pearson Shropshire ENGLAND 19999-5 63,000 miles Apr-03
137Mark Roupas Stafford VA 19919000 118,125 miles Sep-00
675Mark Sampson Rochester NY 1989900 Turbo 178,118 miles Mar-02
422Mark Thompson Lancashire England 19999-5 149,876 miles Feb-03
1818Mark TribuzioFoxboro MA20029-5 Aero144,399 milesJul-16
1817Mark TribuzioFoxboro MA20019-5 Areo193,999 milesJul-16
926Mark Tucker Chadwicks NY 19919000 S 203,564 miles May-02
1952Mark WelkerBuford GA20009-3 Viggen162,768 milesMar-18
1951Mark WelkerBuford GA19959000 CS128,586 milesMar-18
1950Mark WelkerBuford GA19959000247,315 milesMar-18
788Mark Winchester Nampa ID 19889000 Turbo 190,832 miles Jul-03
115Markes & Julia Wilson Wilder VT 1995900 SET 115,263 miles May-05
1694Marlon Melville Cambridge MA 1995900 S 86,221 miles Mar-02
439Maro Murphy Oakland CA 19929000 CD 150,487 miles Aug-03
1655Martien van Seeters Oosterhout NETHERLANDS 197096 V4 72,094 miles May-05
1494Martijin Manders Utrecht THE NETHERLANDS 1990900 I1 6V 315,750 miles Aug-01
1495Martin Ageson Huntington Beach CA 19869000 Turbo 315,891 miles Feb-04
834Martin Allen Cambridge ENGLAND 1985900 Turbo 197,000 miles Aug-03
1050Martin Bouchard Montreal Quebec CANADA 1993900 S 215,750 miles Oct-03
1377Martin Bruil Den Haag THE NETHERLANDS 1986900 I 272,250 miles May-02
1710Martin Dlugosz Warsaw POLAND 19979000 CSE 91,560 miles Apr-03
715Martin Fridholm Uppsala SWEDEN 1990900 S 182,500 miles Apr-02
832Martin Hilvers Tolbert THE NETHERLANDS 197996 GL 196,975 miles Feb-02
1167Martin Hilvers Tolbert NETHERLANDS 1987900 T8 231,000 miles May-05
249Martin Lowe Nottingham ENGLAND 20009-3 130,378 miles May-05
805Martin Meyer Hohentengen Germany 19929000 CSE 192,625 miles Feb-03
32Martin Milkovits Amherst NH 20009-3 102,021 miles May-05
1573Martin O'Connell Brunswick MD 1984900 S 397,480 miles Sep-02
1332Martin Rudolph Frankfort (Oder) GERMANY 1984900 Turbo 260,000 miles Feb-03
153Martin Sejda Radnor PA 20009-5 Aero 120,753 miles Feb-04
1555Marty Grapp Adel IA 1984900 368,453 miles Dec-05
768Marty Mclaughlin Williamtown NJ 1984900 189,235 miles Aug-00
1618Marty Milkovits Amherst NH 20009-3 59,298 miles Mar-03
110Martyn Buckley Selkirk SCOTLAND 19949000 CSE 115,000 miles May-03
874Martyn Russell Stockton-on-Tees ENGLAND 19899000 Turbo 200,250 miles Oct-02
875Martyn Russell Stockton-on-Tees ENGLAND 19899000 200,254 miles Oct-02
188Mathew Symonds Fayetteville NY 1989900 Turbo 125,000 miles Feb-03
1212Mats Berndtson Grandalen SWEDEN 197495 237,000 miles Jun-01
1439Matt Cunningham Auburn ME 19899000 S 297,262 miles Oct-01
269Matt Dahman Denver CO 1991900 SPG Turbo133,000 miles May-01
911Matt Daul Matthews NC 1989900 SPG Turbo202,950 miles Sep-03
881Matt Degruttola Southbury CT 19939000 CS 200,586 miles Oct-01
522Matt Entwistle Tonbridge Kent ENGLAND 19919000 CD 161,750 miles May-05
221Matt Gullam Glamorgan Wales UK 19909000 S 128,400 miles Jun-03
236Matt Hickman St. Petersburg FL 1986900 S 130,000 miles May-05
1085Matt Hickman Kingsport TN 1988900 221,000 miles Feb-03
1956Matt HutzellDubois PA19999-3198,037 milesMar-18
628Matt Macsek Easton PA 1983900 173,924 miles Dec-01
126Matt Nichols Concord NH 19939000 CSET 117,000 miles Feb-03
776Matt Payne Toronto ON CANADA 19959000 CSE 190,000 miles Jan-04
1292Matt Rhea Oakland CA 1988900 Turbo 250,518 miles Feb-04
1161Matt Wilson Sagamore MA 1985900 Turbo 230,200 miles Aug-00
924Matthew Bickford Saranac Lake NY 1984900 Turbo 203,444 miles Apr-03
112Matthew Bowcock Fairhaven MA 1988900 Turbo 115,000 miles Mar-01
983Matthew Chou Seattle WA 1985900 Turbo 209,569 miles May-05
998Matthew Franz Boston MA 1986900 Turbo 210,554 miles Jan-02
1497Matthew Megarres Middlebury VT 1994900 S 318,105 miles Feb-02
1489Matthew Weir Greene NY 1988900 Turbo 312,815 miles Feb-02
964Matthew Weir Rochester NY 19949000 Aero 208,000 miles Jun-05
335Meajozain Jackson Chicago IL 1988900 140,275 miles Sep-01
1571Mel Arndt Toledo OH 1991900 S 396,260 miles May-05
346Melanie Allard Lyndon VT 19929000 Turbo 141,400 miles Mar-03
1072Melody Fretschl Buzzards Bay MA 19919000 219,887 miles May-03
1211Michael Andersson Halden NORWAY 1985900 237,000 miles Jun-01
1648Michael Bukavich Hillsborough NJ 20019-3 SE 70,000 miles Jan-04
430Michael Compton Seattle WA 19929000 Turbo 150,000 miles Jan-02
53Michael Crossfield Stourbridge ENGLAND 19989000 CSE 106,680 miles May-02
810Michael Crowley Rochester NY 19889000 Turbo 193,000 miles Dec-01
762Michael Crowley Rochester NY 19889000 Turbo 188,000 miles May-01
1248Michael Crumpton ? ? 1986900 244,120 miles May-05
1773Michael DillonBartlesville OKlahoma20069-3221,000 milesJun-16
1452Michael Firczuk Durham NH 1987900 Turbo 300,734 miles Jan-01
226Michael Goldstein Sharon MA 19949000 CS 129,000 miles Feb-02
632Michael Gottlieb North Potomac MD 1988900 SPG Turbo174,000 miles Apr-01
839Michael Hipp Lynnwood WA 1986900 Turbo 197,689 miles Jun-02
861Michael Kilmartin Matunuck RI 1985900 S 200,000 miles Jul-03
263Michael Mangino Clifton Park NY 1991900 S 132,000 miles Apr-01
493Michael Mitchell Buxton ME 19999-3 158,000 miles Dec-05
1476Michael Moedjio South Carolina 1987900 S 16 307,690 miles Nov-01
428Michael Morgan Sterling MA 1996900 SE 150,000 miles Dec-02
738Michael O'Brien Santa Barbara CA 19879000 Turbo 186,000 miles Feb-04
1607Michael Ooms Geel BELGIUM 20039-3 Vector 53,000 miles May-05
562Michael Otto Columbus OH 19909000 CDT 167,000 miles Sep-02
1852Michael PetersPuyallup WA20069-3 Aero Sedan147,877 milesSep-16
930Michael Prout Blue Springs MO 1988900 S 204,000 miles Dec-05
16Michael R. Laskowski Wilkes-Barre PA 1995900 SET 100,235 miles Apr-03
1119Michael Reid Alma CO 1988900 Turbo 225,000 miles Feb-04
1063Michael Renner St. Louis MO 1994900 S 218,000 miles Oct-02
1988Michael SchulteLebanon MO1995900 SE Conv41,250 milesAug-18
1493Michael Sims Springfield VA 19889000 Turbo 315,000 miles Aug-03
1368Michael Sisko Los Angeles CA 1982900 270,000 miles Jan-01
125Michael Stack Ravenna OH 20009-3 SE 117,000 miles Dec-05
425Michael Tobin Gladstone OR 1996900 SET 150,000 miles May-05
1194Michael Totin Baltimore MD 1985900 S 234,000 miles May-03
1104Michael Walker Nottingham ENGLAND 1986900 I 222,357 miles Mar-02
198Michael Wargo East Windsor NJ 19959000 Aero 125,600 miles May-02
744Michael Yonko Chesapeake City MD 1986900 S 186,356 miles May-01
329Michael Younts Grand Haven MI 19919000 CD 140,000 miles Apr-01
827Michael ZelaznyPalo Alto CA1992900 SPG Turbo100,250 milesJul-16
1544Micheal A Quaranto Dix Hills NJ 19979000 Turbo 350,000 miles Feb-04
579Michel Maignaut Grenoble FRANCE 1986900 Turbo 169,000 miles Aug-01
1275Michelle Baxter Atlanta GA 19889000 Turbo 248,900 miles Feb-03
1165Michelle D'Vali Leeds ENGLAND 1985900 I 230,689 miles Oct-03
1Michelle Wittko Middlebury CT 19999-5 100,000 miles May-05
1166Michiel Kraak Aerdenhout NETHERLANDS 1986900 T16 231,000 miles May-05
104Miguel Moniz Providence RI 1986900 114,600 miles Feb-03
1193Mika Karkkainen Vantaa FINLAND 1989900 I 233,989 miles May-02
1547Mika Piirto Tampere FINLAND 1981900 GLS 351,250 miles Mar-01
734Mika Viitanen Hyvinkaa FINLAND 1983900 GLS 185,000 miles Dec-02
1098Mike Rainier OR 1987900 SPG Turbo222,000 miles Apr-02
1616Mike Blake Monroe CT 20019-3 58,700 miles Dec-05
465Mike Caldwell Colorado Springs CO 19929000 Turbo 154,505 miles Dec-02
1093Mike Caravello Collingswood NJ 1985900 Turbo 221,800 miles May-05
915Mike Corti New Egypt NJ 1990900 S 203,000 miles May-01
599Mike Cyr Sabattus ME 1989900 Turbo 170,030 miles Sep-02
782Mike Faraldi Mahwah NJ 1986900 S 190,012 miles Aug-00
1888Mike FullertonCastle Pines CO20019-3 Viggen Conv38,000 milesOct-18
1073Mike Gibson Bloomfield IN 1991900 S 219,899 miles Oct-00
495Mike Heyse Washington DC 1988900 SPG Turbo158,000 miles Jan-01
258Mike Houghtaling South Bend IN 1993900 TCV 131,555 miles May-05
746Mike Johnson Shelburne VT 1989900 S 186,698 miles Mar-02
2031Mike KennedyFalls Church VA89900 SPG Turbo235,900 milesFeb-19
1456Mike Kerswell Orem UT 1995900 S 301,376 miles May-03
185Mike Kornely Granville MA 20039-5 Aero 125,000 miles Dec-05
483Mike Kosche Toronto ON CANADA 1991900 SPG Turbo157,000 miles May-02
760Mike Linn Stony Stratford ENGLAND 1986900 Turbo 187,615 miles Oct-01
985Mike LoPera White Plains NY 19929000 S 210,000 miles Dec-05
1523Mike Mandeville Burrilville RI 1987900 337,000 miles Apr-03
654Mike Mozier Brattleboro VT 19949000 SET 176,000 miles Oct-03
797Mike O'Connor Syracuse NY 19949000 Aero 192,000 miles May-05
1844Mike QHorseheads NY19991999 9-3 Conv164,500 milesMar-17
1513Mike Reingold Scarsdale NY 19879000 Turbo 329,858 miles Dec-02
751Mike Riley Glenville NY 1987900 Turbo 187,355 miles Feb-03
1381Mike Rodgers Raleigh NC 1986900 S 275,490 miles Jan-02
1693Mike Salsburg Seneca SC 19949000 CSE 86,000 miles Nov-02
1343Mike Silvestri Wilmington DE 1987900 Turbo 263,000 miles Oct-00
780Mike Szoskiewicz Panama City FL 1984900 Turbo 190,000 miles Feb-01
670Mike Villers Jay VT 1995900 SE 178,000 miles Jan-04
1334Mike Woods Woodinville WA 1986900 Turbo 260,366 miles Jan-01
1619Mike Zilinski Montrose MI 19999-3 59,397 miles Jun-01
1358Mitch Groder Wilton ME 1985900 Turbo 268,000 miles Oct-02
1244Mitch Stirling Stanwood WA 197599 EMS 243,000 miles Apr-02
1967Mitchell SummersCastle Hayne NC20029-3 Viggen 197,432 milesMay-18
1654Mo Amin Ottawa ON CANADA 19999-5 SE 72,000 miles Dec-05
274Monte Kropp Raleigh NC 1985900 Turbo 134,165 miles Feb-04
1842Monty GoodwinSpring City PA1993900 S44,400 milesAug-16
1841Monty GoodwinSpring City PA20019-3 Viggen19,646 milesAug-16
486Morris P. Henderson Largo MD 1991900 Turbo 157,000 miles Jan-01
364Morten Frederiksen Malmoe SWEDEN 19889000 CS 143,750 miles May-05
1909Mujdat OlcarGerarrads Cross Buckinghameshire UNITED KINGDOM20009-5 Estate Wagon148,547 milesMar-17
769Murray K. Lilley Owings Mills MD 19899000 CD 189,640 miles Jun-01
1195Mustafa Hussain Greenacres FL 19879000 234,000 miles Mar-02
1577N. Winterhalter Oakland CA 197899 Turbo 400,000 miles Jun-05
326Nancy Clodfelter Avon IN 1995900 140,000 miles Mar-02
211Nancy L. Rogers Hershey PA 19939000 CSE 127,000 miles Feb-02
352Nancy Watson-Tansey Santa Rosa CA 19959000 142,683 miles Jun-02
1496Nat Runge Yarmouth ME 1985900 317,075 miles Mar-01
199Nate Buchanan Ann Arbor MI 1991900 S 125,742 miles May-03
1700Nate Methot South Burlington VT 1993900 S 88,000 miles Feb-03
1935NathanCharlotte NC1997900 S133,000 milesSep-17
1901Nathan BlackmoreDevon UNITED KINGDOM20089-3 Turbo X45,000 milesFeb-17
1442Nathan Butcher Atlanta GA 1985900 299,105 miles Jan-01
1270Nathan Pflaum Warrenton VA 1990900 SPG Turbo247,824 miles Nov-01
1620Nathan Wagner Cheyenne WY 19999-5 SE 59,600 miles Dec-05
1001Nathanael Matthiesen Eugene OR 1989900 S 210,956 miles May-05
655Nathanial Gedney Sudbury MA 1993900 S 176,000 miles Aug-03
365Nathaniel McCrary Greenville SC 19949000 Aero 144,000 miles Oct-02
1425Nathaniel Thorne Renton WA 1986900 288,029 miles Aug-00
1905Ned DusablonPalmdale CA20069-3 SportCombi140,415 milesMar-17
1906Ned DusablonPalmdale CA20109-3 SS130,740 milesMar-17
312Nedzad Mehic Salt Lake City UT 19949000 Aero 139,000 miles Dec-05
163Neil Giliker Telford Shropshire UK 19919000 CDE 121,500 miles Jan-01
177Neil O'Brien USA 19999000 Griffin 124,000 miles May-05
844Nichola Wilson Oneonta NY 1987900 S 198,472 miles Sep-00
806Nicholas Olson St Louis Park MN 19899000 S 192,675 miles Aug-00
842Nick Beers Dixmont ME 19889000 Turbo 198,127 miles Jan-02
1857Nick CaseySaratoga Springs NY20059-3195,000 milesSep-16
1856Nick CaseySaratoga Springs NY19999-5276,000 milesSep-16
18Nick Dainton Howden ENGLAND 19989-5 100,321 miles Feb-03
1793Nick KohnBelting MI20109-5182,548 milesJun-16
468Nick Kohn Belding MI 19999-5 156,000 miles May-05
1062Nick Light Fredericksburg PA 1988900 SPG Turbo218,000 miles Dec-02
1141Nick Viola Austintown OH 19879000 S 227,000 miles Aug-00
801Nicole Leger Boston MA 19929000 S 192,284 miles Apr-02
1847Niels A. Van't HoffRotterdam THE NETHERLANDS1988900 Turbo Special66,784 milesAug-16
890Niels Frees Helsinge DENMARK 1984900 T16 201,300 miles Mar-02
1296Niels Wiggers Rotterdam THE NETHERLANDS 1984900 GLE 251,787 miles Jul-01
1564Nigel Goodship Warlingham Surrey UK 19889000 Turbo 388,000 miles May-03
1345Nigel L. Ottman LeRoy NY 1985900 SPG Turbo263,500 miles Feb-01
503Nikitas Filippas Athens GREECE 1998900 SET 160,000 miles May-05
537Nils Gustavson Lompoc CA 1987900 Turbo 163,754 miles May-05
596Nilsa Duran Ft. Lauderdale FL 1990900 Turbo 170,000 miles Nov-01
500Noel Ward Amherst NH 1984900 159,300 miles Apr-03
246Norma Bennett Warwick NY 19999-5 130,279 miles Feb-03
223Olaf Tromsdorf GERMANY 19879000 I 128,750 miles Jun-03
1282Olaf Tromsdorf GERMANY 19889000 I 250,000 miles Jun-03
1443Oren Kipnis Tel Aviv ISRAEL 197599 LE 434,000 milesJul-16
1087Oscar Lima Richmond VA 1987900 S 221,054 miles Nov-01
1360Owen Berklund Seward AK 1987900 Turbo 268,453 miles Dec-05
1051P. Weesie-Hoeks ?? 198499 GL 215,797 miles Sep-02
1382Pal Aasegg Namsos NORWAY 1987900 Turbo 275,937 miles Dec-02
1262Pamela Hoodsdon Auburn ME 19929000 CD 246,328 miles Jun-05
1617Pascal Ledermann Paris FRANCE 1994900 SE 59,000 miles Apr-02
526Pascal Ledermann Paris FRANCE 1989900 Turbo 162,000 miles Nov-02
821Pascal Ledermann Paris France 1985900 Turbo 195,000 miles Nov-02
527Pascal Ledermann Sausalito CA 1989900 Turbo 162,000 miles May-02
713Pat Conway Salem OH 1984900 Turbo 182,275 miles Dec-05
1340Patricia Gribble Canby OR 19909000 Turbo 262,342 miles Dec-05
1281Patrick Boyle Brookline NH 19929000 CD 250,000 miles Jul-03
799Patrick Doran Tilston ENGLAND 1987900 I 192,045 miles Sep-02
217Patrick Foo San Diego CA 1993900 Turbo 128,000 miles Jan-04
1554Patrick McGowan Sacramento CA 1988900 Turbo 365,176 miles May-05
690Patrick McKone Tuttle OK 1990900 S 180,000 miles Mar-03
1131Patrick Sutphen Glens Falls NY 19949000 CS 225,678 miles Dec-02
421Patrik Michalak Winter Park FL 1993900 S 149,753 miles Sep-01
1388Patrik Stender Essen GERMANY 1988900 I 277,000 miles Apr-02
825Paul Burrow Stalybridge Cheshire ENGLAND 1995900 SE V6 195,500 miles Aug-01
182Paul Dexter Costa Mesa CA 1992900 Turbo 124,300 miles Apr-03
538Paul Drew Wick Vale of Glamorgan UK 19919000 S 163,855 miles Jan-01
63Paul Drover Peabody MA 19919000 S 107,564 miles Jun-01
391Paul Druxerman Toronto ON CANADA 198099 GLE 146,414 miles May-02
1608Paul Ellis Des Moines IA 20019-5 Aero 53,700 miles Jun-03
681Paul Flynn Wilmington MA 1996900 SET 179,000 miles Dec-05
417Paul Halliday Bradford UK 1988900 Turbo 149,154 miles Mar-01
624Paul Havranek Wallkill NY 1984900 S 173,000 miles Dec-01
299Paul Henderson Far Hills NJ 1991900 137,500 miles Mar-02
630Paul Keenan Stratford CT 1994900 SE 174,000 miles Dec-01
908Paul Lorenzini South Barre VT 19879000 202,587 miles Oct-01
555Paul Lorenzini South Barre VT 1989900 SPG Turbo166,596 miles Jan-02
1646Paul Macintyre Scotland UNITED KINGDOM 20039-5 Aero 69,000 miles Dec-05
1899Paul MorrisHampshire UNITED KINGDOM19909000 SE Turbo166,300 milesFeb-17
261Paul Murphy Sunnyvale CA 19979000 Aero 132,000 miles May-05
386Paul R. Bruno Port Charlotte FL 1980900 Turbo 145,563 miles Jan-01
1727Paul Ruchtie Canfield OH 1996900 SE 94,500 miles Aug-03
1826Paul RushWest Sussex UK19949000 CDE163,252 milesJul-16
498Paul Russotto Red Bank NJ 19919000 CD 159,000 miles Oct-02
150Paul Siskind Williamstown MA 1990900 SPG Turbo120,000 miles Sep-00
81Paul Taylor Mt. Ephraim NJ 1992900 110,468 miles Feb-04
1217Paul Townley Portsmouth ENGLAND 1993900 238,459 miles Jan-04
419Paul Webb Cambridge Ont 1988900 S 149,675 miles Sep-00
90Paulo Domingos Arruda-dos-Vinhos Lisbon PORTUGAL 19939000 Turbo 111,846 miles Dec-02
1406Peder Andersen Svarta SWEDEN 1984900 EMS 281,250 miles Aug-00
1528Peder Andersen Svarta SWEDEN 1983900 GLS 340,625 miles Aug-00
1511Pekka Hkkinen Kuopio FINLAND 19999-5 SE 328,243 miles May-05
647Pete & Alison Duvall Silver Spring MD 1985900 Turbo 175,400 miles Apr-01
1367Pete Kelly Mount Kisco NY 1985900 Turbo 329,000 milesJun-16
693Pete Larson Punta Gorda FL 1994900 SE 180,000 miles Oct-01
1833Peter CannattaSpringfield VT1992900 Turbo274,000 milesJul-16
1837Peter CannattaSpringfield VT197899 Turbo125,000 milesAug-16
1018Peter Cunningham Toronto ON CANADA 1986900 SPG Turbo212,000 miles Dec-01
2014Peter D MiddletonSkillman NJ20009-5132,923 milesDec-18
812Peter Dufault Pepperell MA 19939000 CSE 193,300 miles May-05
1806Peter EidenWhite Plains NY20039-5 Arc (V6)280,000 milesAug-18
1765Peter EllisBrisbane AUSTRALIIA19979000 Aero85,749 milesJun-16
77Peter Ephland Phoenix AZ 1994900 S 110,000 miles May-05
802Peter Eriksson Sundbyberg SWEDEN 1991900 S 192,322 miles Dec-05
1313Peter Fahlstrom Lidingo SWEDEN 19899000 Turbo 255,000 miles Jul-03
1714Peter G. GilbertGlendale WI 1989900 SPG Turbo1,001,385 milesDec-18
1156Peter Hagen Norwich CT 1992900 S 230,000 miles Apr-02
572Peter Homick Seymour CT 19989000 CSE 168,499 miles Dec-05
1919Peter HoustonOttawa Ont CANADA19869000 Turbo167,000 milesApr-17
1203Peter Karlsen Stafford Heights QLD AUSTRALIA 1985900 I 235,800 miles Jan-04
316Peter Klimczak Sunrise FL 1982900 Turbo 139,936 miles Aug-01
621Peter Maxfield Bethel CT 1986900 S 172,880 miles Jan-01
590Peter McGregor Orlando FL 1988900 Turbo 169,887 miles Jun-03
672Peter Nicholson Somerset England 19939000 CSE 178,000 miles Mar-01
1966Peter RobsonHampton Bays NY20079-5208,126 milesMay-18
913Peter Rogers Hanover NH 1990900 203,000 miles May-05
1236Peter Wirtoft Lulea Sweden 19919000 Aero 241,875 miles Aug-00
1537Peter Wittko Middlebury CT 1984900 S 345,500 miles Jan-04
1575Phil Billbe Lompoc CA 1982900 399,000 miles Feb-01
66Phil Bubin Fenton MI 19999-5 108,000 miles Dec-02
1659Phil Humbert Wilmington NC 20009-5 Wagon 74,500 miles May-05
1235Phil Lacefield Middletown OH 19959000 CS 241,365 miles Sep-03
449Phil Munschauer Cincinnati OH 19939000 Aero 152,000 miles Sep-02
1420Philip Clark Montgomery AL 1989900 Turbo 287,356 miles Dec-05
603Philippe Bardet Le Plessis Robinson FRANCE 19889000 I 170,700 miles Dec-05
1985Phillip J AdamusMancheter MI20019-3 Viggen 5 Door293,000 milesJul-18
531Phillip Viscito New London PA 1986900 S 163,000 miles Mar-02
393Pierre Ferre Toulouse FRANCE 1990900 I 16 146,800 miles Oct-01
343Pierre Sirois Grand Rapids MI 19929000 Turbo 141,000 miles Mar-01
325Pieter Kuipers Eindhoven The NETHERLANDS 19919000 I 140,000 miles Mar-02
528Pip Crowhurst Braintree UK 1994900 SE 162,000 miles Jan-01
876Quinn Kurz Brooklyn NY 1989900 Turbo 200,300 miles Sep-02
2000Quintin Sukop Von MarkoBartow FL1992900 Turbo 16V Conv284,500 milesSep-18
405Quinton Seamons Orem UT 1985900 Turbo 147,746 miles Nov-02
914R.L. Milchak Tucson AZ 1986900 203,000 miles Sep-03
464Rachel Hale Rocky Hill CT 19889000 S 154,400 miles Jun-03
925Rachel Short Harrowbarrow Cornwall UK 1989900 S 203,500 miles Nov-01
1922RainundVilnius LITHUANIA20009-5207,538 milesMay-17
1830Ralf SmetsPleasant Hill CA20019-3 SE Conv68,000 milesJul-16
896Ralph Melone Wilkes-Barre PA 1985900 S 202,000 miles May-05
1143Ramon Veloso Irvine CA 19899000 Turbo 228,000 miles Feb-04
1415Randall Scaggs Madill OK 19879000 Turbo 285,000 miles Jul-03
1859Randolph BlasingProvidence RI20009-5111,600 milesSep-16
1672Randy Larroco Seattle WA 20009-3 78,000 miles Jun-05
260Ray Stallwood Wokingham England 19889000 SET 131,956 miles Oct-00
571Ray Tapio Brewster NY 19939000 CS 168,293 miles May-01
1973Raymond AnselmiFarmington20029-5 3.0V6 Wagom267,200 milesJul-18
1799RdebetsHoensbroek NETHERLANDS20009-5500,000 milesSep-18
1800RdebetsHoensbroek NETHERLANDS19959000300,031 milesSep-18
1431Rebecca Kelly Brooklyn NY 1984900 S 290,101 miles Feb-04
696Rebecca Kelly Brooklyn NY 1994900 S 180,005 miles Feb-04
1676Reggie Hubbert Winter Springs FL 20019-5 80,000 miles Feb-04
1103Remco Boogaard Heiloo NETHERLANDS 1991900 222,286 miles Dec-05
595Rhonda Howard Pasco WA 1989900 Turbo 170,000 miles May-02
1026Ric White West Palm Beach FL 1986900 S 212,606 miles Aug-03
228Rich Bishop Oxford PA 1991900 S 129,230 miles May-05
946Rich Clinton Creswell OR 197899 EMS 206,000 miles May-05
2026Rich HaskellTollan CT19999-3 Viggen200,004 milesFeb-19
1044Richard Bancroft Greenwich ENGLAND 1985900 Turbo 215,064 miles Apr-01
1387Richard Beasley Roanoke VA 1987900 SPG Turbo276,400 miles Jun-05
1060Richard Bennett Denver CO 1985900 217,000 miles Jan-01
1774Richard BrutskiSacramento CA20029-3 Viggen Conv138,000 milesJun-16
981Richard Ciochetto Deep River CT 19909000 Turbo 209,351 miles Jan-02
1108Richard Crate Point Pleasant Beach NJ 1983900 224,000 miles Oct-02
301Richard Crate Point Pleasant Beach NJ 1991900 SPG Turbo138,000 miles Oct-02
1356Richard Crate Amelia Island FL 1986900 Turbo 267,424 miles Jan-04
1327Richard Crate Point Pleasant Beach NJ 1985900 Turbo 258,338 miles Oct-02
1290Richard Croog Boulder County CO 1987900 S 250,152 miles Jun-05
1794Richard CrowleyOakland CA20019-5232,750 milesMar-17
547Richard Drew Whippany NJ 20009-5 SE 165,230 miles Dec-05
663Richard Hardy Auburn ME 19869000 Turbo 176,715 miles Jun-05
443Richard Jon Ruzila East Rutherford NJ 1992900 S 151,000 miles Apr-01
11Richard Jones Wrexham UNITED KINGDOM 1994900 S 100,114 miles May-05
1536Richard Lesight New Freedom PA 1986900 Turbo 345,187 miles May-03
383Richard Machilda Fairbanks AK 1987900 S 145,300 miles Aug-01
1287Richard Manning Lockport NY 1983900 250,050 miles Mar-01
1372Richard McCollum Loyalton CA 1988900 Turbo 271,000 miles May-03
1132Richard McKenna Reston VA 1986900 226,000 miles Feb-03
494Richard Oliveira Greenfield IN 1993900 S 158,000 miles Jan-02
1846Richard SteinPhiladelphia PA1990900 Turbo Conv35,000 milesOct-18
664Richard Stempson Tehachapi CA 19999-5 177,000 miles May-05
1008Richard Taws Rougham UK 1988900 Turbo 211,378 miles Jul-01
1168Richard Taylor Derbyshire ENGLAND 19899000 S 231,000 miles Oct-01
1209Rick Byrd Upper Darby PA 1993900 Turbo 236,993 miles Dec-05
304Rick Ellis Hobart IN 1989900 S 138,027 miles Apr-03
1070Rick Enos Cranston RI 1988900 SPG Turbo219,378 miles Dec-01
347Rick Fenstermaker Hammond WI 1989900 Turbo 141,540 miles Jan-01
704Rick Granlund Virginia Beach VA 1988900 Turbo 181,617 miles Feb-01
1569Rick Harrington Ann Arbor MI 1985900 Turbo 394,667 miles Apr-02
1158Rick Kottke Harrisburg PA 19869000 Turbo 230,000 miles Mar-02
1256Rick Leary Blacksburg VA 1984900 Turbo 245,000 miles Jun-03
1480Rick Rogers Harrisburg PA 19919000 S 308,775 miles Aug-03
455Rick Tapp Greenville TX 20009-3 153,000 miles Jun-05
684Rick Zulkiewicz Chelmsford MA 1986900 S 179,473 miles Jul-00
1885RicksabyReno NV19999-5313,489 milesDec-16
463Rien Harper Tulsa OK 1987900 S 154,324 miles Dec-01
618Rob Alward Granby CT 19909000 S 172,500 miles Jun-02
1667Rob Alward Granby CT 19939000 CSE 76,150 miles Jun-01
1090Rob Bousquet Kittery ME 1998900 S 221,646 miles Dec-05
1592Rob Garver Charlottesville VA 1984900 S 438,000 miles Apr-02
1126Rob Gordon Columbus OH 1989900 Turbo 225,006 miles Feb-04
1915Rob GordonDayton OH1999-5 2.3LPT SportsWago256,638 milesMar-18
431Rob Lichtefeld Lawrenceville GA 19929000 Turbo 150,000 miles Aug-01
169Rob Morton Encinitas CA 19899000 S 122,123 miles May-05
1827Rob R.Sebastopol CA19979000CSE53,570 milesJan-19
1118Rob Rathbun Incline Village NV 19909000 Turbo 225,000 miles May-05
491Rob Wills Rockford MI 19919000 CDT 157,834 miles Dec-01
1982Robert AllenTelluride CO1986900 Turbo7,270 milesJul-18
1140Robert Ayers Feeding Hills MA 1984900 227,000 miles Mar-02
600Robert Bass Delhi CA 1985900 Turbo 170,365 miles Apr-03
336Robert Bowden Northamptonshire UK 19989-3 140,376 miles May-05
1362Robert Coleman Lucas OH 1989900 SPG Turbo269,000 miles May-05
1233Robert Coluccio Wilmington NC 1984900 S 241,114 miles Jun-02
1116Robert Cornwell Shaftsbury VT 19889000 Turbo 224,853 miles May-05
1897Robert DonovanNorton MA20039-3 ARC242,054 milesFeb-17
248Robert Dykman Livingston NJ 19999-3 Conv130,350 milesJun-16
1150Robert G. Vanderpool Cohassett MA 1986900 S 229,536 miles Mar-01
477Robert Gerard San Francisco CA 1989900 S 156,278 miles Jan-01
1034Robert Hadley Scottsdale AZ 1985900 Turbo 213,507 miles Jun-01
367Robert Johnson Mountain Top PA 19929000 Turbo 144,100 miles Feb-03
669Robert Jones Bucyrus OH 19879000 Turbo 178,000 miles May-05
348Robert Judge Roanoke VA 1988900 SPG Turbo141,800 miles Aug-03
505Robert Junkins Coden AL 19959000 CSE 160,000 miles May-05
501Robert Martin Albuquerque NM 19929000 S 159,464 miles May-05
460Robert McGee Carlisle PA 1987900 S 154,000 miles Mar-01
1781Robert N StephensonHawthorndene South AUSTRALIA1996900089,828 milesJun-16
1932Robert ParedesMiami Gardens Fl20079-5 SportCombi179,600 milesSep-18
1697Robert Picart Cincinnati OH 1987900 S 87,049 miles Mar-01
1015Robert Rathbun II Manchester NH 1985900 Turbo 211,988 miles May-05
1508Robert Roedts II Williamsport PA 1992900 Turbo 326,902 miles Dec-01
620Robert Snopek Lancaster PA 1991900 172,700 miles Feb-02
1939Robert SweeneyFL200495 Arc Wagon104,000 milesNov-17
1709Robert Thomson Thousand Oaks CA 1998900 S 91,500 miles Mar-02
237Robert West Berkshire UNITED KINGDOM 19979000 CS 130,000 miles May-05
1114Roberta Powers Wallingford CT 1991900 S 224,628 miles Mar-02
276Roberto Brunelli Cesena ITALY 1996900 SE 134,750 miles Feb-04
1024Robin & Carolyn Smith College Station TX 1985900 212,350 miles Jun-05
360Robin Blankenship Louisville KY 1994900 S 143,290 miles May-03
1663Rod Pritchett Toronto ON CANADA 19999-5 75,688 miles Jul-03
885Roderick Ustanik Seattle WA 1985900 S 201,000 miles Apr-02
877Rodney Haywood Austell GA 1984900 Turbo 200,325 miles Sep-02
1064Roel Pandelaers Zuiddorpe NETHERLANDS 19889000 16 218,035 miles Mar-02
1771Roger CookYpsilanti MI20009-3 Viggen Conv75,715 milesNov-16
39Roger Haefele Offenback/Main GERMANY 1993900 105,000 miles May-05
281Roger McKInley Townville SC 19999-5 SE 136,000 miles May-05
377Roger Podob Lexington Park MD 198099 GLI 145,000 miles Mar-02
932Roger Podob Lexington Park MD 1986900 Turbo 204,000 miles Mar-02
288Roger Scott Bartlett IL 1992900 S 136,800 miles Jan-04
963Roland Teichmann Weisbaden GERMANY 1989900 I 207,500 miles Mar-01
25Ron Franks South Riding VA 1995900 SE V6 101,000 miles Oct-02
136Ron Hernadez New Orleans LA 1994900 SET 118,000 miles May-01
518Ron Lowe Woodstock NY 19949000 Aero 161,000 miles Feb-03
215Ron Maxwell Woodland Park CO 19939000 Aero 127,321 miles Jan-01
1152Ron Randall Haverhill MA 19939000 CDE 230,000 miles May-05
1445Ron Wyckoff Hampton VA 1988900 Turbo 300,000 miles Jun-03
482Ronald A. Goodspeed Exeter NH 1990900 157,000 miles Jan-04
1614Ronald Bieri Ortonville TX 1998900 Turbo 57,200 miles Oct-00
1102Ronald E. Greigg Bethesda MD 1988900 Turbo 222,250 miles Apr-02
1533Ronald Hasler Los Angeles CA 1984900 343,463 miles Nov-01
668Ronald Sonnenberg Middleport NY 1988900 S 177,565 miles Oct-00
888Ronnie Tucker Norwich CT 19949000 CSE 201,084 miles Feb-04
1361Ronny Andersen Sarpsborg NORWAY 1984900 GLI 268,800 miles Jan-01
611Rose Brown Wichita KS 19869000 Turbo 172,000 miles May-02
871Rose Cristobal Santa Clara CA 1985900 Turbo 200,180 miles Jan-01
176Ross Carter-Wingrove Ontario CANADA 19999-5 124,000 miles May-05
490Ross Smith Kariong NSW AUSTRALIA 1993900 I 157,500 miles Jun-02
1459Roy Caro Garnerville NY 1984900 Turbo 302,000 miles May-03
629Russ Brodeur Franklin MA 1994900 S 174,000 miles Dec-01
1675Russ Cullivan Plymouth MA 20049-3 8,300 miles Jun-05
1240Russ Dalton Elizabethtown KY 1994900 242,000 miles Nov-01
973Russ Eramian Cranston RI 1989900 S 208,400 miles Nov-01
1839Russ GoodmanVerona NJ20009-3177,500 milesAug-16
920Russ McKissick Fallbrook CA 197295 203,190 miles Feb-03
1572Russ McKissick Fallbrook CA 197396 396,383 miles Feb-03
1259Russell Shackelford Gulf Shores AL 19879000 Turbo 245,631 miles Jun-01
1383Ruth Rykowski Warwick NY 19929000 S 276,000 miles Dec-05
831Ryan Baller Noank CT 1988900 Turbo 196,775 miles Dec-05
1637Ryan Bradshaw London ENGLAND 19999-5 65,354 miles Sep-02
1429Ryan Brown Stevens Point WI 1984900 Turbo 289,986 miles Oct-03
363Ryan Edwards Stowe VT 1992900 143,700 miles Mar-03
1791Ryan EnglerWilmington DE19979000 Aero269,037 milesJun-16
396Ryan Haagensen Jupiter FL 1992900 Turbo 147,000 miles May-05
203Ryan Heffner Rockton PA 1997900 SE 126,007 miles Dec-05
129Ryan Hobbs Spartanburg SC 1992900 Turbo 117,776 miles Aug-03
990Ryan Knutson Volga SD 19929000 Turbo 210,000 miles Mar-02
1285Ryan Salkewicz Toms River NJ 1986900 Turbo 250,000 miles Nov-01
851Ryan Somerfield Cape Cod MA 1995900 S 199,854 miles Dec-05
1723Ryan Stenson Ithaca NY 1994900 S 93,000 miles Jan-01
2033Ryan StitesHighland Park IL20029-3 SE Sedan231,000 milesMar-19
1068Ryan Tansey Santa Rosa CA 19869000 219,005 miles Jun-02
565Ryan Walsh Setauket NY 19879000 Turbo 167,600 miles Sep-00
811S. Woodards Bull Head City AZ 1984900 Turbo 193,000 miles Jan-01
475Sabra Weeks Indianapolis IN 1992900 Turbo 156,250 miles Feb-04
657Sachin Raje Scottsdale AZ 19939000 CSE 176,000 miles Apr-02
337Safdar Iqbal Sydney NSW AUSTRALIA 19899000 140,625 miles Apr-01
17Sally Kennard Sarasota FL 1996900 S 100,300 miles Aug-03
1809Sam CarlsonMedford MA1990900 S62,877 milesJul-16
732Sam Frost Wiltshire UNITED KINGDOM 19989-5 185,000 miles Feb-04
550Sam Henning Toronto Ontario 1994900 S 165,625 miles Jan-01
1780Sam JacksonToronto ON CANADA19959000 Aero282,723 milesJun-16
1336Sam Morris Jr. Bailey CO 1989900 Turbo 261,231 miles May-05
514Sam Presley Springfield MO 1984900 S 160,564 miles Mar-01
506Sam Ramnarine Jr. Brandon FL 19949000 Aero 160,000 miles Jun-03
308Sam Robinson USA 1995900 SE 138,756 miles May-05
1151Sandor Fodor Congers NY 1992900 S 230,000 miles Dec-05
233Sandor Fodor Congers NY 1998900 S 130,000 miles Dec-05
502Sandra Fischbacher Baeretswil ZH SWITZERLAND 19919000 S 160,000 miles May-05
1795Sandy SchanemanTorrance CA1973Sonett III482,000 milesJul-16
1214Sarah Dooley Granby CT 1984900 Turbo 237,751 miles Jun-02
1701Sarah Gammans Grand Rapids MI 19939000 Aero 88,500 miles Jan-04
687Sarah Phillips Newton MA 1991900 Turbo 179,882 miles Feb-05
956Sareth Neak Greenwich CT 1988900 Turbo 206,854 miles Jan-01
307Sasha Ackler Portland OR 1989900 SPG Turbo138,700 miles Oct-02
190Scot Sakelarios Hampton NH 1997900 SET 125,000 miles Mar-02
1107Scott Baker Palos Verdes Estates CA 19949000 Aero 224,000 miles Jun-03
1239Scott Bempkins Groton MA 1990900 242,000 miles Feb-03
42Scott Brown Orange CA 1994900 SE 105,000 miles Dec-01
791Scott Dellasanta Framingham MA 1989900 SPG Turbo191,000 miles Mar-02
541Scott Ferguson Monroe NY 19959000 CS 164,326 miles Dec-05
2029Scott GoforthEndicott MA19999-3 Base67,000 milesFeb-19
1013Scott Kephart Madison WI 19999-3 SE 211,876 miles May-05
1745Scott PatersonSan Francisco Bay Area CA1973Sonett III120,000 milesMar-16
2006Scott PatersonSan Francisco Bay Area CA20059-2X Aero71,000 milesOct-18
2008Scott PatersonSan Francisco Bay Area CA20109-3X Wagon60,000 milesOct-18
1204Scott Shevey Watertown WI 1990900 S 236,192 miles Jan-04
138Scott Sigel Edgartown Martha's Vinyard MA 1989900 S 118,500 miles Aug-01
1333Scott Simmans Willoughby OH 1987900 Turbo 260,150 miles Oct-01
872Scott Storey Arlington VA 1986900 SPG Turbo200,206 miles Sep-01
189Scott Sutton Monroe NY 1996900 S 125,000 miles May-02
809Scott Swann Framingham MA 1989900 SPG Turbo193,000 miles Apr-02
238Scott Swanson Galesburg IL 1991900 S 130,000 miles Feb-04
1146Scott Tougas East Greenwich RI 1992900 S 228,587 miles Dec-05
1470Scott Woody Windson WI 1988900 S 305,251 miles Nov-02
1067Sean Conley Brattleboro VT 1984900 Turbo 219,000 miles Mar-02
1432Sean Corcoran Sumner ME 1988900 Turbo 291,805 miles Dec-02
315Sean Darcy Brick NJ 1995900 SE 139,500 miles Dec-05
282Sean Nolan Northampton MA 1997900 SET 136,000 miles Sep-03
1272Sean Salsbury NY 1992900 Turbo 248,000 miles May-03
542Security Boston MA 19979000 S 164,388 miles Jan-04
251Sergey Dudnikov St. Petersburg RUSSIA 19959000 Aero 130,625 miles Jan-02
1552Serna Martyushov Moscow RUSSIA 197599 360,000 miles Jan-02
1099Seth Bengelsdorf Port Chester NY 1987 900 Turbo Conv222,000 miles Apr-01
1942Seth CohenDeerfield Beach FL20089-3147,000 milesDec-17
1448Seth Day Marshfield MO 1985900 Turbo 300,010 miles May-05
1785Seth EvansFuquay Varina NC20009-3 Viggen251,700 milesJun-16
436Seth Hosko Bangor PA 1994900 SET 150,080 miles May-05
1273Seth Jaramus Denver CO 1992900 S 248,297 miles Dec-05
1611Seth Poingnant North Palm Beach FL 1988900 Turbo 562,000 miles May-02
582Seth Stern Granby CO 1986900 S 169,054 miles Aug-01
353Shahn Kariger Wausau WI 1988900 S 142,698 miles Jan-01
382Shane Signorino Windham CT 19889000 Turbo 145,151 miles Apr-02
101Sharon Kessler St. Paul MN 1995900 S 114,000 miles Jan-04
747Shawn Bassett Swansea MA 1989900 S 186,783 miles Jan-01
519Shawn Daly Watertown MA 1988900 S 161,000 miles Jan-01
1866Shawn HolwegnerReno NV20019-3 Conv105,964 milesOct-16
1867Shawn HolwegnerReno NV20009-5 Aero156,356 milesOct-16
1865Shawn HolwegnerReno NV20089-3 Turbo X49,104 milesOct-16
1864Shawn HolwegnerReno NV20089-516,013 milesOct-16
1291Shayne R. Woodward White River Junction VT 1988900 SPG Turbo250,517 miles Jan-01
648Sherry Marx Newport RI 1990900 175,403 miles Jun-02
424Sid Barnes Azle TX 1991900 C 150,000 miles Dec-05
1549Sid Young Anderson SC 1985900 358,000 miles Sep-00
1532Silas Denyer Kent ENGLAND 19889000 I 343,200 miles Apr-02
1724Simon Allen Melbourne AUSTRALIA 19979-5 S 93,200 miles Dec-05
1766Simon ChenBangkok THAILAND19959000 CSE311,045 milesJun-16
700Simon Miller New York NY 1984900 181,000 miles Dec-01
254Simon Putz Bad Reichenhall GERMANY 19899000 I 131,165 miles Nov-02
720Simon Shapiro Deming WA 1987900 SPG Turbo183,000 miles May-03
848Simone Harris Brooklyn NY 1991900 S 198,866 miles Aug-03
646Skip Gleichman Pewaukee WI 19959000 Aero 175,088 miles Feb-05
2019Son MaiLake Charles LA20049-3 Linear177,000 milesJan-19
726Sonja Benner Warren ME 1985900 Turbo 184,002 miles Dec-02
59Spencer ?? 19989-5 107,000 miles Jan-02
2030Stacy BledsoeCartersville GA20049-3 Aero428,653 milesFeb-19
79Stan Alexander Boulder Creek CA 1997900 S 110,000 miles Mar-03
1342Stan Goodman Wyckoff NJ 1987900 263,000 miles Aug-03
28Stan Petrosky Mountaintop PA 20009-5 Aero 101,433 miles Jan-04
918Stefan Faucher Olympia WA 1985900 SPG Turbo203,115 miles Mar-02
829Stefan Schaefer Los Gatos CA 19939000 CSE 196,500 miles Apr-03
1997Stefan ZungoliRosendale NY20049-5 Aero Wagon99,000 milesSep-18
29Stefano Isani Bologna ITALY 19879000 Turbo 101,687 miles Nov-01
667Stephen Butler Norwich CT 1986900 S 177,200 miles Dec-05
1690Stephen Davis Wilton ME 1996900 NG 86,000 miles May-05
155Stephen Smith Colchester VT 19959000 CS 121,000 miles Jul-03
401Stephen Smith Colchester VT 1990900 147,243 miles Jul-03
1790Stephen WhitehouseChristchurch NEW ZEALAND1983900 Turbo Sedan180,000 milesJun-16
745Steve Adams Dacula GA 1995900 S 186,500 miles Dec-05
1399Steve Berg Marly SWITZERLAND 19889000 Turbo 279,625 miles Feb-02
340Steve Brezina Kitchener ON CANADA 1988900 141,000 miles Mar-02
1621Steve Bruder North Myrtle Beach SC 1985900 SPG Turbo596,784 miles May-05
961Steve Carr Aylesbury Bucks United Kingdom 19959000 Turbo 207,500 miles Aug-03
845Steve Conger Jacksonville FL 19879000 Turbo 198,568 miles Nov-01
1641Steve Daley Seattle WA 19999-5 66,572 miles Sep-02
1757Steve DavisMount Morris NY2001Base178,252 milesMay-16
1478Steve Doty Indianapolis IN 1990900 SPG Turbo308,247 miles Jun-05
870Steve Eckberg Concord NH 1993900 S 200,100 miles Jun-03
214Steve Haas Simsbury CT 1992900 S 127,255 miles Feb-02
78Steve Hallas Somerville MA 1996900 S 110,000 miles May-03
957Steve Kelava Vancouver BC CANADA 1988900 SPG Turbo206,875 miles Jan-01
1185Steve Konieczki Denver CO 1985900 SPG Turbo233,000 miles Sep-02
184Steve Lemanski Stafford Springs CT 19939000 CSET 124,900 miles Aug-00
1526Steve Lundy Rochester MN 19939000 CSE 337,077 miles May-05
1046Steve Maltez San Gabriel CA 1987900 Turbo 215,100 miles Jun-02
96Steve McClure Mableton GA 19939000 Aero 113,000 miles May-02
1529Steve Muther West Bend WI 1985900 342,000 miles Jun-05
497Steve Puma Concord CA 1987900 S 158,900 miles Dec-05
1849Steve RichGrand Rapids20099-5 Griffin17,135 milesSep-16
1057Steve Schwan Clifton Park NY 1988900 SPG Turbo216,786 miles May-03
904Steve Smith Franklin TN 19939000 CDE 202,235 miles Jan-04
1251Steve Thrun Oshkosh WI 1986900 S 244,755 miles Jul-03
370Steve Trautman Indianapolis IN 19929000 CD 144,440 miles Jun-01
1258Steve Wilkes Santa Barbara CA 1986900 S 245,231 miles Feb-04
993Steve Wilson Fayetteville NC 1986900 SPG Turbo210,000 miles Apr-01
1286Steve Yardan Branford CT 1985900 SPG Turbo250,008 miles Oct-01
1877Steven FogleOoltewah TN1990900 Turbo Conv10,321 milesNov-16
1040Steven J. Schlecht Rocky Point NC 1986900 SPG Turbo215,000 miles Jun-02
1992Steven SchweersMarietta GA20039-3 Linear245,964 milesSep-18
854Steven Thompson Chicago IL 1988900 SPG Turbo199,986 miles Jan-04
676Steven Thompson Chicago IL 1986900 Turbo 178,483 miles Jan-04
679Stian Raknes Porsgrunn NORWAY 1987900 C 178,750 miles Dec-02
433Stuart Kunkler Cincinnati OH 1995900 SE 150,000 miles Jan-01
1934Stuart SchreiberEmerson NJ20069-3 Conv150,000 milesSep-17
1660Stuart Trent Palm City FL 20019-5 SE 75,000 miles May-05
57Stuart Williams Bristol UNITED KINGDOM 1998900 Turbo 107,000 miles Sep-02
899Stuart Williams Bristol UNITED KINGDOM 1996900 D 202,000 miles Sep-02
1436Susan Ford Charlottesville VA 1987900 S 294,000 miles Feb-05
1505Susan York Harbor City CA 1986900 SPG Turbo323,000 miles Nov-01
778Sven Jung & Lars Jung Bavaria GERMANY 1985900 Turbo 190,000 miles Aug-01
1042T.J. Jackson Mt. Tabor NJ 1989900 SPG Turbo215,000 miles Jan-02
1878Tad GilliamGrand Rapids MI20019-5 Wagon LPT300,111 milesNov-18
1596Tal McBride Arlington VA 1988900 Turbo 464,878 miles Feb-04
121Taylor Welden Hershey PA 1990900 SPG Turbo116,000 miles Apr-02
653Ted Sharpe West Seattle WA 1991900 Turbo 176,000 miles May-05
1539Ted/Judy Scheidt Dayton OH 1983900 347,000 miles Apr-02
982Teemu Aaltonen Turku FINLAND 198690 209,375 miles Jun-01
625Teemu Aaltonen Turku FINLAND 1986900 I 173,125 miles Apr-02
1943Terence HughesUpminster UK19979000 CSE127,000 milesDec-17
1245Tero Wiherikoski Helsinki FINLAND 19879000 Turbo 243,750 miles Sep-01
318Terry Dansey Kent ENGLAND 19959000 Aero 140,000 miles Dec-05
1567Terry Mallon Parkdale OR 19919000 S 391,068 miles Jun-05
610Terry Meitz Fort Lauderdale FL 1985900 S 172,000 miles May-02
795Terry Price Springfield TN 1994900 S 191,500 miles Dec-05
721Terry Reed Orange MA 1995900 SE 183,000 miles Nov-02
1142Terry Rice Miami FL 1995900 S 227,613 miles May-05
1045Terry Sheehan Richmond VA 19899000 S 215,081 miles May-05
688Terry Withers Melbourne Victoria AUSTRALIA 1988900 Turbo 179,998 miles Oct-01
484Teshome Haile Ft. Lauderdale FL 1991900 Turbo 157,000 miles Mar-02
556Thaddeus Scheffel Springfield OH 1996900 SET 166,661 miles Feb-04
1471The Turtle Knoxville MD 1986900 T 16 305,300 miles Mar-02
204Theo Kalentzis Toronto ON CANADA 1994900 S 126,250 miles Feb-01
441Thierry Hoebeke Brussels BELGIUM 20019-5 SE 151,000 miles Jun-05
1858Thilo StolpeChemnitz GERMANY20059-5123,039 milesJan-19
2017Thilo StolpeChemnitz GERMANY2011NG9-5 Vector TTiD99,505 milesJan-19
1548Thom van der Wiel Gelderland NETHERLANDS 198299 GL 354,000 miles Jul-03
1553Thomas Austin Hugo MN 1986900 Turbo 364,055 miles Dec-05
1394Thomas E. Robinson San Jose CA 19879000 Turbo 278,300 miles Nov-01
1644Thomas Heineman Chicago IL 19989000 CSE 67,775 miles Jun-02
1540Thomas Lindner Lake Geneva WI 19869000 Turbo 347,300 miles Feb-02
1173Thomas Nygren Arboga Sweden 1984900 GLI 231,260 miles Sep-00
1683Thomas Olsen Ledyard CT 20009-5 Aero 83,300 miles Oct-03
660Thomas Ophardt Oakland CA 1994900 S 176,128 miles Feb-02
977Thomas Palmer Dover NH 1988900 Turbo 209,000 miles Feb-03
1014Thomas Rice Rochester NY 1985900 Turbo 211,986 miles Dec-01
1543Thomas Spencer Brentwood NH 19959000 Aero 350,000 miles Dec-05
1802Thomas ZiebaDillon CO20069-2X Aero65,450 milesJul-16
995Thor Holth Lyme CT 1988900 SPG Turbo210,000 miles Jan-01
375Tien Nguyen Penfield NY 1989900 S 144,720 miles Mar-02
1400Tiffany Levernier Woodstock IL 1985900 S 279,865 miles Jan-04
454Tim & Val Douglas Katy TX 1986900 Turbo 152,688 miles May-05
1393Tim Condon Waltham MA 19919000 S 278,000 miles Feb-04
929Tim Dominick Portland ME 1990900 SPG Turbo203,896 miles Apr-02
181Tim Erickson Chicago IL 1995900 SET 124,134 miles Dec-05
1921Tim FreundPalm Bay FL20029-5173,000 milesMay-17
777Tim Groom Wellington KS 1988900 SPG Turbo190,000 miles Feb-03
407Tim Keyes West Redding CT 1988900 S 147,800 miles Sep-00
447Tim Knight Alexandria VA 19929000 Turbo 152,000 miles Oct-03
216Tim Knight Alexandria VA 1989900 Turbo 127,500 miles Oct-03
1255Tim Lieber Edmonton AB CANADA 19879000 Turbo 245,000 miles Aug-03
266Tim Longo Thamesford Ontario 1983900 132,650 miles Aug-00
1130Tim Mayer Rutland VT 19929000 225,613 miles Sep-03
940Tim McCormick Grand Rapids MI 1989900 S 205,117 miles Dec-05
865Tim Morgan Panama City FL 1985900 Turbo 200,000 miles Sep-00
1049Tim O'Sullivan Kerry IRELAND 1998900 SE 215,384 miles Feb-05
1325Tim Salazar VA 1986900 S 258,067 miles Oct-01
974Timothy Smith Asbury Park NJ 19899000 Turbo 208,633 miles May-03
284Timothy Solomon Princeton NJ 1994900 S 136,100 miles May-05
1100Tina Scheidt Scheuller Brandon WI 1984900 Turbo 222,200 miles Apr-02
937Tiziano Zampollo Padova ITALY 19959000 CSE 205,000 miles May-05
387Tobias Gebauer Bottrop GERMANY 1986900 Turbo 145,625 miles May-01
539Toby Field Eastborne United Kingdom 19939000 CSE 164,000 miles Jun-03
1004Todd & Cheryl Remsburg Derry NH 19889000 Turbo 211,000 miles Sep-02
292Todd Abare 1995900 SE 137,000 miles Mar-02
756Todd Bertrand Stevens Point WI 19899000 CD 187,500 miles Apr-02
578Todd Hoitsma Bozeman MT 1991900 Turbo 169,000 miles Oct-02
651Todd Leiphart Jacobus PA 19939000 CSE 175,480 miles May-05
1257Todd Meerdink Waupaca WI 1987900 SPG Turbo245,000 miles Feb-02
1691Todd Tofferi Grand Rapids MI 19999-3 86,000 miles Feb-04
1351Todd Warren Manhasset NY 1983900 Turbo 266,500 miles Oct-03
767Todd Wiseman Parkersburg WV 1986900 SPG Turbo189,000 miles Jun-02
366Tom Bak Johnsburg IL 19939000 CSE 144,000 miles May-01
671Tom Bak Johnsburg IL 1986900 S 178,000 miles May-01
309Tom Bethea Madison WI 19969000 CS 138,850 miles Feb-03
1512Tom Cassell Ventura CA 1983900 S 329,142 miles May-01
1112Tom Connor Kingston NY 1992900 Turbo 224,450 miles May-02
1316Tom Curley New Milford CT 1987900 S 255,000 miles Jul-00
1115Tom Easter Winona Lake IN 1992900 224,823 miles Mar-03
1626Tom Farrell Lakewood WA 19979000 Aero 61,583 miles Jul-00
1759Tom GustafssonLompoc CA1985900 Aero21,021 milesMay-16
931Tom Holt Walla Walla WA 19969000 Aero 204,000 miles May-05
239Tom Jozwiak Pittsburgh PA 1990900 SPG Turbo130,000 miles Jan-04
1294Tom Lansing Webster NY 19919000 Turbo 250,649 miles Feb-04
759Tom Liddington Cleveland OH 1991900 Turbo 187,600 miles May-05
567Tom Locascio Sun City AZ 19919000 Turbo 167,816 miles Dec-05
1814Tom LooFairhaven MA1992900 Conv248,420 milesJul-16
1813Tom LooFairhaven MA1990900 SPG Turbo430,113 milesJul-16
1517Tom Loo Fairhaven MA 1987900 Turbo 330,000 miles Mar-02
529Tom Loo Fairhaven MA 1992900 Turbo 162,261 miles Oct-01
1446Tom Loo Fairhaven MA 1990900 SPG Turbo300,000 miles Mar-02
642Tom Lowe Newburgh IN 1990900 S 175,000 miles Oct-01
1447Tom Mackelvie Salida CO 1985900 Turbo 300,006 miles Mar-03
585Tom Panas Chicago IL 19929000 Turbo 169,452 miles Dec-02
1717Tom Reingold Edison NJ 19959000 CS 92,000 miles Jun-01
2010Tom RuzzoMedfield MA1991900151,000 milesOct-18
991Tom Shirey Kingston NY 1986900 SPG Turbo210,000 miles Feb-02
689Tom Simon Havertown PA 1991900 S 180,000 miles Dec-05
685Tom Watson Jr. Kingston ON CANADA 1987900 S 179,573 miles Jan-01
1599Tom Watson Sr. Kingston ON CANADA 19889000 S 487,328 miles Jun-03
727Tom Watson Sr. Kingston ON CANADA 1986900 S 184,325 miles Jan-01
1703Tomas Hausner ?? 19999-5 S 90,000 miles Dec-05
207Tomas Muehlhoff Aachen GERMANY 1992900 I 127,000 miles Jun-05
1154Tony Derenthal Marstons Mills MA 1987900 Turbo 230,000 miles Sep-02
910Tony Karwowski Tahoe City CA 1990900 Turbo 202,904 miles May-05
695Tony Kodra Murphy NC 19919000 Turbo 180,000 miles Apr-01
583Tony Mee Leicestershire UK 19939000 Griffin 169,056 miles Mar-01
1221Tony Millward Swaffham Norfolk United Kingdom 1991900 Turbo 239,667 miles Feb-03
1615Tony Perenchio Chicago IL 1993900 S 58,000 miles Jan-04
378Tony Valenti Agawam MA 1988900 SPG Turbo145,000 miles Jan-02
1030Torben Thisted Vanlose DENMARK 1984900 213,125 miles Sep-02
358Travis Floyd Ann Arbor MI 19929000 Turbo 143,000 miles Sep-01
794Travis Lawrence Westminster VT 19899000 Turbo 191,300 miles Aug-01
1455Trent Scovell Hainesport NJ 1986900 Turbo 301,203 miles Feb-04
634Trevor Farrington Morpeth NSW AUSTRALIA 1987900 GLS 174,139 miles Dec-02
1124Trevor Halperin Morrisville VT 1986900 S 225,000 miles Sep-02
1938Trevor KehoeOshkosh WI20019-5 Wagon262,879 milesOct-17
1587Trip Lee Basking Ridge NJ 1984900 430,000 miles Jan-04
64Trip Wuellner Columbus OH 1990900 S 107,598 miles Jun-03
1065Tristan & Gabrielle Sapp Cambridge MA 1986900 SPG Turbo218,150 miles Apr-02
1576Trond-Arve Hjelle NORWAY 1991900 T16 40,625 miles Nov-02
962Tuukka Haapaniemi Salo FINLAND 1986900 GL 207,500 miles Jun-02
1712Ty Chamberlain Albuquerque NM 19979000 CSE 91,644 miles Feb-03
45Ty Chamberlain Albuquerque NM 19979000 CSE 105,466 miles Sep-03
180Ty Rachel Randolph MA 19929000 S 124,127 miles Dec-05
283Tyler Arvig Billings MT 1990900 Turbo 136,000 miles Jan-01
639Tyler Horn New Hope PA 1986900 Turbo 175,000 miles Jun-03
1363Tyler Horn New Hope PA 1985900 Turbo 269,000 miles Jun-03
2022Tyler SaddingtonMelbourne, Victoria AUSTRALIA1993900i Aero Special Ed188,275 milesFeb-19
1398Ulf Thornqvist Wichita KS 19889000 Turbo 279,231 miles Dec-05
1338Ulysse Cugat Grenoble Alpes FRANCE 1989900 Turbo 262,000 miles Dec-05
1047Uri Feiner Warren VT 1992900 215,233 miles Mar-02
103Uri Papukchiev Oceanside CA 19989-5 114,123 miles Jun-05
473Val Wolfe Sandy Hook CT 19949000 Aero 156,210 miles Jan-02
1370Val Wolfe Sandy Hook CT 19899000 Turbo 270,635 miles Sep-02
1306Vanessa Bopp Silver Spring MD 1988900 Turbo 253,494 miles May-05
980Vanessa Timmermans York PA 19949000 CSE 209,005 miles Aug-03
922Vely Daleus Bloomfield NJ 1988900 Turbo 203,276 miles May-05
44Vernon Starling Madison AL 1996900 SET 105,200 miles Jan-02
49Vicky Zaniewski Auburn AL 19919000 106,000 miles May-03
1584Vikas Saksena Toronto ON CANADA 19999-3 41,000 miles Jun-03
575Viktor Shluharchuk Mechanicsburg PA 19899000 CDT 168,700 miles May-05
615Viktor Shluharchuk Mechanicsburg PA 19899000 CDT 172,400 miles May-05
643Vince Barnhart Melbourne FL 1988900 S 175,000 miles Sep-01
1895Vincent LevingerFort Collins CO1991900S65,000 milesJan-17
692Vincent Willems Leuven BELGIUM 1992900 S 180,000 miles Mar-02
54Vytis Bulvydavicius Vilnius LITHUANIA 19989-5 SE 106,878 miles Jun-05
1890Wade CoutyLouisville KT19919000151,880 milesJan-17
1229Wade Devon Vancouver WA 1985900 SPG Turbo240,394 miles Jul-01
2032Wade L TaylorLas Cruces NM1987900 Turbo197,894 milesMar-19
577Waleed Shindy Duarte CA 19929000 CD 168,827 miles Apr-02
1454Wally Booher Dublin OH 1989900 Turbo 301,035 miles Dec-05
637Walter A. Pluas Jr. New York NY 19929000 Turbo 174,657 miles Mar-02
437Walter Bennett Pine Island NY 19919000 150,400 miles May-03
278Walter Cronin Providence RI 19939000 CSET 135,123 miles Sep-00
1566Wayne Miller Wallingford CT 20029-5 Arc 39,000 miles May-05
513Wayne Thaemert Manassas VA 1989900 Turbo 160,522 miles Oct-01
1089Wayne Tucker Dungannon Onatario 1985900 221,472 miles Feb-04
716Wes Welch Springfield VA 1983900 Turbo 182,524 miles Sep-03
1828Wes ZartmanGlen Ellyn IL1992900 S Conv48,300 milesJul-16
919Wesley Swanson Vancouver BC CANADA 1988900 S 203,125 miles Feb-02
1868Will CruttendenRed Bank NJ20019-360,538 milesOct-16
1056Will Kusch Madison WI 1985900 SPG Turbo216,714 miles Apr-01
793Willem van Essen Maarseen THE NETHERLANDS 1992900 I 191,250 miles Dec-05
966William "Ahab"Ahern South Bend IN 1987900 208,000 miles Jun-03
1840William BurrowsLees Summit MO20049-3 Linear169,580 milesAug-16
1467William Janovich Cordova TN 1984900 Turbo 305,000 miles May-05
67William Mattox Madison WI 1985900 S 108,000 miles Jan-01
573William P. Tait Rocky Hill CT 19959000 CDE 168,500 miles Aug-01
823William Pouwels Losser HOLLAND 1988900 Turbo 195,000 miles Dec-01
1900William StilwellAlexandria VA1991900 SE Conv140,500 milesFeb-17
1458William Stones Methwoldhythe Norfolk ENGLAND 19949000 Aero 302,000 miles May-03
857William Thompson Durham NC 1988900 SPG Turbo200,000 miles Dec-05
517Willie Sadler El Cajon CA 1993900 S 161,000 miles Apr-03
1176Willie Sadler Santee CA 1993900 SC 232,000 miles Dec-05
159Wlodek Surdacki Lublin Poland 19919000 S 121,000 miles Aug-00
1153Woody Lee Bryan TX 1986900 Turbo 230,000 miles Feb-03
1588Woody Rockwood San Clemente CA 19869000 Turbo 430,500 miles Jan-01
164Yoshikazu Tanibata Hyogo pref. JAPAN 1987900 Turbo 121,875 miles Jan-01
445Zach Blumhagen Portland OR 1985900 SPG Turbo151,100 miles May-01
986Zach Wallace Claremont NH 1990900 Turbo 210,000 miles May-05
362Zachary Lynch Newton MA 19959000 CSE 143,435 miles Dec-01
1092Zak Billmeier Atlanta GA 1989900 221,792 miles Sep-00
196Zeynel Yinesor Istanbul TURKEY 19929000 CDT 125,400 miles Oct-01
85Zoran Jankovic Paris FRANCE 1993900 I 111,000 miles Jun-02
1783ŠarūnasHanover NH20119-3 SS Turbo4 XWD16,602 milesJun-16

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