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Date: 5 Sep 1997 16:12:52 GMT
From: (poppy)
Subject: Re: Cadillac Catera - A Fine Euro-Sedan

In article <>, says... > > >> >> Have you ever driven a Catera? Why don,t you try it and respond back. >> Would you >> rather I do pornographic postings? >> >> Why do you feel the need to call me names like "clown"? Can I help you >> in some >> way? Your tone indicates you are distrustful. Is it related to your >> past. Do >> you find it hard to trust people. Have you thought about Buddism? You >> seem to >> be reaching out and revealing your tormented soul. Can you not trust >> others >> because you are not trustworthy? >> >> If I can help I will. What facts do you want from me to assist you in >> understanding I am telling the truth? >> >> To me it is not what you eat for lunch, but who you have lunch with. >> It is not >> where you wind up, it is the journey. I am sorry you had such a bad >> journey >> that you can not trust people. >> >> I feel sad for you. >> >> poppy > > >If you feel sad, then send lots of money! :-) > >Obviously Poppy is your last name, as it appears that Opium is your >first. Nice try Mr. GM, but the Steven Segal personna doesn't cut it. >It's still a poor attempt at SPAM. > >You're a clown alright, but the "Cum-by-ya Yo-Yo" was the better >description of the two listed. Happy Motoring in your new Super Saturn, >Dude! BattleStar Cadilliactica Forever, Man! I'll stick with my >dependable old Beemers, thank you. > >Roswell > >ps: May peace and tranquility be yours GrassHopper! You assumed I worked for GM. You assumed I was a clown. You have something against clowns? Your constant desire to be negative will not travel well. Your words to me below are meaningless because you, yourself, find no value in them. Reread your initial response to my first postings. And still today, you continue to slander me, my name, and my Catera. You never stated if you test drove one! When I encounter people by whatever means, I give them the benefit of the doubt and assume they are truthful. It takes no effort to trust people. It takes a lot of effort to be distrustful. I hope you can find the right way. I was serious when I referenced Buddhism. To develop positive team skills you should read "The Fifth Discipline", Peter M. Senge - ISBN 0-385-26095-4. I don't assume to know if this distrust fulness carries over into your job. If it does there is plenty of information about "Learning Organizations" on the web. I hope you also have an opportunity to encounter the Four Noble Truths and the Eight Fold Path. Life is to short to call people names the way you did when you encountered something you did not fully understand. Test drive a Catera and you will understand my posts were pure unadulterated honest enthusiasm. Not the scandalous picture you try to paint with your repetitive unfounded assaults. When you can be trusted, you will see others can be trusted. What we are is often how we see others. You tossed the first stone. Instead of throwing a stone back I tossed a show of compassion by trying to enlighten you to yourself. No thanks necessary or wanted. It is a way of life. It is the path I choose to travel. The destination is not important. It is the journey. You have added greatly to my journey. I am better for having crossed your path. I feel you are an excellent person who has not yet found the way. You have assisted me in my training. Thank you. I sit still beneath the tree armed only with my peacefulness, waiting, it is a calm day, wondering who next will come down the path, it creates great anticipation ............ Farewell on your journey, poppy National Aero Safety wrote: > poppy wrote: > > > You really should seek some professional help. > > Poppy my Man, > > Now that I've stopped laughing. On a more serious note, surely by now, > you have discovered that one cannot assume who they are conversing with > over the internet?? > > To suggest anything of such a personal nature as shown above, without > all the facts in hand, is pure folly and insultive. But then I'm sure > you knew that already. I'm fairly confident that It would be fruitless > to reference the "Glass Houses thing" in your case. Best wishes, and > good luck with your new "Big" Saturn. > > Roswell > -- ************************************************** face piles of trials with smiles, it riles them to believe that you perceive the web they weave .... ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ..................................................

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