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Date: 27 Sep 1997 01:18:57 GMT
Subject: *** INSTANT SEXUAL ATTRACTION** HOW TO ATTRACT GIRLS  INSTANTLY....Secrets to instant sex appeal

HOW TO ATTRACT GIRLS INSTANTLY....Secrets to instant sex appeal PURE INSTINCT PHEROMONE ATTRACTANT FOR MEN WILL GIVE YOU AN UNFAIR ADVANTAGE WITH WOMEN GUARANTEED (or your money back)! Everyone knows that some men(a tiny minority) are able to instantly attract women. It used to be known as "animal magnetism". Scientists now say this natural attraction is due to pheromones - body smells that are not consciously detected, but that effect the behavior of others towards the person giving off these chemical signals. It's natures way of attracting the opposite sex. Scientists have now isolated and synthesized two natural attractants- androstenol and androstenone pheromone. Carefully controlled experiments show they work and have been widely reported on television and in both the American and British l press. Androstenone pheromone has been successfully tested on BBC TV's "TOMORROWS WORLD" and by Desmond Morris (Author of "The Naked Ape" and "Manwatching" and renowned human behaviorist) on BBC TV's "Friday Night... Saturday Morning." It also was tested on Discovery and was shown to cause positive sexaul attraction for women New improved formula Pure Instinct from ICT Research Technology contains both ANDROSTENOL and ANDROSTENONE pheromone and produces an undetectable scent that subconsciously attracts women to the wearer. Pure Instinct is the world's number one selling and the most concentrated (5 - 7 x normal active strength) pheromone spray for men - don't be misled by cheaper (or more expensive) imitations. We have spent three tears researching if pheromones work and researching the quality of pheromones products After three years of sound studing and testing we feel the miracle of Pheromones is real We have also found most pheromone products ( they will remain nameless) are either well over priced for what you get or do not have enough pheromone (Androtenone)in them to be effective. It is not Androstenone that is not effective to attract women, There is just never enough in the products sold to do the job Each on of the bottles of Pure Instinct Contains 1 MG of androstenone. Many other porducts we have tested have less then 1/10th of that. This is why with these other products you have to use haif the bottle at one time just to get a result. The results are there. If there is androstenone in the product the results WILL BE THERE but if there is not enough androstenone you can go through one bottle in 2 days. Pure Instinct is so strong just a few appliaction will get you the results half a bottle of the other pheromonee products will get you.. This is why our pheromone product is more expensive then some but cheaper then most. 1 mg of Androstenone buy it self cost around $1100 on the open chemical market plus there is packaging etc. So we feel $29.95 is a hell of a price for a product YOU KNOW will work because it has the right amount of Pheromonee to do the job without having to use up the whole bottle in one day WHAT THE PRESS SAY: * Lowell Ponte, a former consultant on exotic weapons and a Readers Digest science writer, said in an interview that "use of the recently discovered chemical Androstenone should be banned. Congress should pass a law making it a crime to use this chemical to influence voters by making politicians appear more lovable. - The San Francisco Chronicle - * "The stuff attracts women like you wouldn't believe" - Colorado Telegraph * "And now this pheromone has been marketed, we've tested it - and good grief it works" - Koave * "pheromones influence human behavior in a subtle way. Women are attracted to the smell" - The Daily Telegraph * "Pure Instinct is likely to produce a state of sexual excitement or arousal" - Men Only (Vol. #44 No. 4) Much of our sales of Pure Instinct are reorders from existing users, reports confirm success. "Pure Instinct really does seem to work! The most dramatic instances have occurred when wearing it at discos. Girls just drift towards me and start flirting." -DT Cardiff "I Knew Pure Instinct wasn't a gimmick when one of the girls at work, quite out of character, started to seduce me when we were alone in the office." -SD Nottingham Pure Instinct comes in a discreet 30ml pocket container with full instructions, Ideal for any man who wants to join that lucky few who have more than their fair share of sex appeal. 30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE If you are not 100% delighted with the results from using Pure Instinct simply return remainder within 30 days for a full refund- No questions asked! C O N F I D E N T I A L I T Y Note: We do not sell our database to any other company, all of our order processing is done by our company alone, and orders are sent in plain, nondescript packaging. The confidentiality of our customers is maintained above all. To order the " Pure Instinct Pheromone Sex Attractant" please fill out the following form and mail it to the address below. (Feel free to write out the order form by hand, All funds must equal US dollars. OVERSEAS ORDERS WELCOME BUT MUST PAY WITH US CASH INTERNATIONAL MONEY ORDER OR TRAVELLERS CHECK _________________________________________ Yes! I want to attract more women please send me _______ bottles of Pure Instinct Price $29.95(U.S.) + $4.00 S/H U.S. OVERSEAS $8.00 S/H. Please allow 1-2 WEEKS FOR DELIVERY. I understand that if I'm not 100% delighted, simply return remainder within 30 days for a full refund. I have enclosed check, cash or money-order for ___________ (U.S.) Name (Please use block letters) _______________________________________________ Address: _________________________________ City, St.: _________________________________ Zip: __________________ Country________________________________________________________ E-Mail : ______________________ Please Mail to: ICT Inc 12319 S. Orange Blossom Trail Orlando Fl. 32837

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