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Date: 13 Oct 1997 19:01:51 GMT
From: (zpvndh)
Subject: An Attorney Verifies This Is Legal - M a k e Mega $$$,s

****************************************************************** * EVALUATION COPY OF POSTIT! * * This Message was Mass Posted By PostIt! * * http://WWW.POSTIT.MNET1.COM * ****************************************************************** This is your NEW HOUSE, or BOAT, or ROLLS ROYCE THIS CAN BE YOUR BEST OF DREAMS... TRY IT! THIS MAY BE THE MOST SIGNIFICANT LETTER YOU WILL RECEIVE THIS YEAR!! -------------------------------------------------------------------- ***Please, Follow The Instructions Of This Letter Very Carefully. Immediately Make A Copy, And Read It Twice.*** Subject: It's Only a Game, But You Win Big Money! Greetings, Hopefully my name is still on the list below. I am a retired attorney, and about two years ago a man came to me with a letter. The letter he brought me is basically the same as the letter in front of you now. He asked me to verify the fact that this letter was legal. I told him that I would review it and get back to him. When I first read the letter I thought it was some off-the-wall idea to make money. A week later I met again with my client to discuss the issue. I told him that the letter originally brought to me was not 100% legal. My client asked me to alter the letter to make it 100% legal. I advised him to make a small change in the letter and it would be alright. I was curious about the letter, so he told me how it works. I thought it was a long shot, so I decided against participating. Before my client left, I asked him to keep me updated as to his results. About two months later he called to tell me that he had received over $800,000 in cash! I didn't believe him so he asked me to try the plan and see for myself. I thought about it for a couple of days and decided that there was not much to lose. I followed the instructions exactly and mailed out 1500 letters. Sure enough, the money started coming! It came slowly at first, but after three weeks I was getting more than I could open in a day. After about three months the money stopped coming. I kept a precise record of my earnings and at the end it totaled $868,439.00. I was earning a good living as a lawyer, but as anyone in the legal profession will tell you, there is a lot of stress that comes with the job. I told myself if things worked out I would retire from practice and play golf. I decided to try the letter again, but this time I sent 3000 letters out. Well, three months later I had totaled $2,344,178.00!!! I just couldn't believe it. I met my old client for lunch to find out how this exactly works. He told me that there were a few similar letters going around. What made this one different is the fact that there are six names on the letter, not five like most others. That fact alone resulted in far more returns. The other factor was the advice I gavehim in making sure the whole thing was perfectly legal, since no onewants to risk doing anything illegal. I bet by now you are curious about what little change I told him to make. Well, if you send a letter like this out, to be legal, you must sell something if you expect to receive a dollar. I told him that anyone sending a dollar out must receive something in return. So when you send a dollar to each of the six names on the list, you must include a slip of paper saying, "Please put me on your mailing list" and include your name, mailing address, and email address. This is the key to the program! The item you will receive for a dollar you send to the six names below, is this letter and the right to earn thousands. We will be working together to improve each others lives! Follow the simple instructions below exactly, and in less than three months you will receive over $800,000.00 GUARANTEED!!!!!! A) Immediately send $1.00 to each of the six people on the list below. Wrap the dollar in a note (type written or handwritten) saying "Please add me to your mailing list" and include your name, mailing address, and email address. ------------------------------------------------------------------ 1) Tammy Millikan 89 Keener Lane, Attalla, Al. 35954 2) Lidia Zoring 3500 Data dr. # 147 Rancho Cordova, CA 95670 3) Cindy Mehling Rt.#1 Box 1067 Hardin, Mt. 59034 4) Serge Xamoyski 52 Avenue V, Brooklyn NY 11223 5) Billy, PO Box 263, Shatin Central Postal Office, Hong Kong 6) David Drennan 4163 Melia Drive Mississauga, ON L5C 4J2 Canada ------------------------------------------------------------------- B) Remove the name next to #1 on the list and move the rest of the names up one position. Then place your name in the #6 spot. This is best done by typing a new list and taping or gluing it over the old one. Or by saving this to a text file and editing it yourself and saving the new edited copy. C) When you have completed the above instructions, you have an option of mailing your new letter out in two ways: 1) Through the U.S. Postal Service or 2) through e-mail. This letter has been proven perfectly legal for both ways as long as you follow the above instructions, because you're purchasing membership in an exclusive mailing list. To mail this out over the internet, you can browse through areas and find people to send this to all the time. All you have to do is cut and paste email addresses wherever you are on the Internet. Remember, it doesn't cost anything to mail on the Internet Or you can get a Mass Mail Network to mail it out in large volumes for you. One that we recommend is: ***Be sure to ask for "Opportunity Seekers" and request a list less than 30 days old*** If you need email lists -you can buy them here: To find more email services type "bulk email services" in any search engine. ***Keep in mind- there is no limit to the amount of names you can send out. The more names you send, the more money you'll make.*** D) Be sure to send out at least 1500. Within 90 days, you will receive over $800,000. E) Keep a copy of this letter and all the names you receive. Mail it out again in about 6 months. But mail it to the addresses you received with each dollar. It will work again, only much better. THIS IS A SERVICE AND IS 100% LEGAL ! (Refer to title 18, Section 1302 & 1342 of the U.S. Postal and Lottery Laws) Assume for example you get a 1% return rate. My first attempt was about 3% and my second time was over 5%. 1)When you mail out 1500 letters, 15 people will send you $1.00. 2)Those 15 mail out 1500 letters, and 225 people will send you $1.00 3)Those 225 mail out 1500 letters, and 3,375 will send you $1.00 4)Those 3,375 mail out 1500 letters, and 50,625 will send you $1.00 5)Those 50,625 mail out 1500 letters, and 759,375 will send you $1.00 At this point your name drops off the list, but so far you have received $813,615.00!!!!! It works every time, but how well depends on how many letters you send out. In the example above, you mailed out 1500 letters, if you mailed out 3000 letters, you would have received $24,300,000!! Check the math yourself, I want you to, but I guarantee it is correct! With this kind of return, you've got to try it. Try it once and you will do it again!!! Just make sure you send a dollar to each of the six names on the list with a note to be added to their mailing list. Together we will all prosper!!!! PS You've read this far, so let me ask you one simple question: Q. What do you have to lose?? A. Only $ 6.00 What you can gain is an income, like the example in this letter. Small Risk, Small Expense, HUGE Potential Return!!! What do you have to loose? I invite you to join our mailing list today!!! Don't throw this away. Keep it, think about it, and in several months you will try it! I looked at it for over two months and then I said "it's only $6" I have to be nuts not to try it.

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