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Date: 15 Oct 1997 18:05:07 GMT
From: (zhreiy)
Subject: S U C C E S S Is Just Around The Corner!

But You'll Need A Map To Know Which Corner To Turn! Allow me to introduce myself; my name is Al Johnson. I volunteered to answer some of the faxes we received because, I know what itís like to call on adds in USA Today and never hear back. Iím faxing back as a courtesy to you, and because, I thought you might be interested in what we discovered from the hundreds of faxes, and what the group has decided to do. We were looking for something truly outstanding, and different. Something with fast growth potential. Something that would last. Something that would cost next to nothing to join. Would help every one of us build large groups easily. No regulatory problems. Something that would keep us enthusiastic. No books, tapes, or videos to purchase. No training required. Something that would attract virtually anyone. Something that could really help build DownLines bigger, faster, and automatically! Something that virtually everyone in our group would say Yes!, Fantastic!, Wow!, Count me in!, Lets do it!, or something to that effect. I felt we were being a little unrealistic here, remember, we have over a thousand upset, not interested, never again, die hard, not on your life, No Noís! on our hands. To keep them all together we needed a Network Miracle, a Dream Machine! If this sounds like the program you submitted to us, I want to personally thank you now. If not, you may want to thank us, because your program is on the map! We can submit your program on your behalf to a new plan, and reserve you as the lead sponsor. What this means is that thousands of us will be joining after you. In all conscience we couldnít scoop your deal. If I havenít already lost you by now, I probably should tell you what the heck this is all about! As best I can, here it is in a nutshell. The program we are so excited about is called the Network Road Map. Few have heard of it, because it hasnít launched yet. When it does, itíll go nuts! They have compiled an Internet database of hundreds of Networking opportunities from all over the world. Each program has a lead sponsor that represents each program on the Network Road Map, and any Road Map members interested in joining a particular program are given the Sponsoring ID and information automatically. As other Road Map members under your new recruits wish to join your program, the Road Map system identifies your new downline recruits as the new sponsor, and automatically gives the coresponding Sponsoring information and ID number. Simply put, the Network Road Map will recruit people to your downline automatically. Through the power of the Internet hundreds could join a program in a matter of minutes all at the same time with this system! Not only can we make money and build our downlines in our chosen program, but the Road Map comes with its own 3X8 forced matrix plan that could build us a feeder group of 6,500 members or more and pays us up to $49,635 a year! Iím personally going to use it as a low cost (membership is only $21.95 a year) feeder program for my Tel 3 program. Hereís the best part! At this time the Network Road Map is not yet available for Networkers to join. They are still entering programs to the database and only lead Sponsors, sponsoring a Network Marketing Program are allowed in now. When I submitted my program to the Network Road Map they reserved me a position as the lead sponsor on the Road Map for Tel 3. At the time I submitted it for entry, my program was placed in the top 100 of the matrix! Youíre in there too! We took the liberty of submitting your program on your behalf, but youíll have to hurry if you want to keep it! It cost me just one time $100 out of pocket (1 year membership included), to get my program entered into the Road Map as the lead sponsor for the Tel 3 program, and locking in my position in their 3X8 forced matrix, but if I didnít, the lead Sponsorship would have gone to someone else. Theyíll also link my program description page in the Road Map, to Tel 3ís Web site. Plus, I get a chat room where I can chat with anyone in my entire downline and chat through the Internet for as long as I want, or anyone else thatís interested for that matter. The entire downline can participate from anywhere in the world and with no long distance charges! This will really make long distance recruiting and support a breeze. Even if Iím travelling and donít have access to a computer, I can set up meeting times in the Chat room, and then visit the local city library to log on at those times, or better yet, I could find a local Internet cafť. The way I see it, and the group too, for that matter, is that there are now roughly 70 million people on the Internet world wide, and by the year 2,000 there will be over 268 million! We believe to secure our long term success we need to be on the Network Road Map. We feel that once the Road Map is up and running, the long term safety is in the system, in that maintenance and delivery cost is minimal, coupled with instant delivery other programs just canít compare. So, it should be around down the road so to speak. Short term, being first on the map is even better. Weíve got a few thousand that are ready to join right away, and Iím sure you probably know a few too. Thereís a ton of other features I donít have room for now, but you can find out later when you decide to become a lead Sponsor. You can reach me if you must, at (905) 279-8094. The best times are late in the evening after 9, or before noon Eastern Standard Time. Secure your position right away, just send a one time $100 Money Order to: NRM, 734 Cayuga St., Lewiston, NY 14092 I recommend you Fedex it, or send it Priority Post. Theyíre going to launch in the next few weeks, so donít let someone else get your spot. Make sure NRM knows who you are! Print your name, the company you represent, and your ID# on the Money Order. Also, fax me a short note with your Name, Address, Phone & Fax #ís, E- mail address, if you have it, the name of the Company (Web Site?) you are sponsoring and your ID #. I will personally check up on your entry and make sure everything is done right. If there is anything you feel may be missing from the information you faxed us thatís what we gave to the them - like marketing plan, product information, or advertising material, fax that to me as well. Fax it to Abandoned, attention: Al Johnson, Fax # (905) 281-2506 and Iíll make sure your information is entered correctly. Best Regards, AJ

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