Date: 29 Nov 1997 22:47:33 GMT
Subject: $$ Make Lots of Money In A Short Period of Time $$

MAKE A FORTUNE-AND THIS IS THE ABSOLUTE TRUTH! IF YOU HAVE READ THIS FAR, YOU HAVE ALREADY PROVEN IT WORKS!! Would you be interested in making thousands of dollars quickly and legally using the World Wide Web? If your answer is YES, then take five minutes to read this article. It will change your life. You can make up to or more than $50,000 in 4-6 weeks, maybe sooner! I'M NOT JOKING AND THIS IS ABSOLUTELY NOT A SCAM! THIS IS A SERVICE AND IS A 100% LEGAL BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY WHICH IS COVERED IN TITLE 18, SECTION 1302 AND 1342 OF THE POSTAL AND LOTTERY LAWS. The Internet has grown tremendously and it continues to double in size every 4 months. Think about it: You see all those "' posts more and more often. That's just simply because it works!! I was browsing around my newsgroups one morning and I stumbled across this article. Since I have this burning desire to make a lot of money and this headline caught my attention, I read it. As I was surfing the net, I read all these postings on how you can make over $50,000, even $800,000. Well I believe that if all goes well, and you follow the rules EXACTLY, it will work. Just follow the instructions given in this letter, and you to can make over $800,000, perfectly legally according to USA Post Office Laws (read on for specifics). Don't look at this as a money - making scam, but rather a true-to-life Example to test the above statement. It will only cost you $5 dollars plus 5 stamps, and a few hours of your time. Thus, there is some effort involved, because nothing in life is absolutely free. Are you ready and willing to accept that you deserve to receive a fair amount of money? If so, please continue reading. It said that you send $1.00 to each of the five names on the list. You then place your own name and address stated in the article at the bottom of the list at the #5 position and post the article in at least 200 newsgroups (there are literally thousands of them, and this doesn't take as much work as you think.) At first I thought, nobody's going to do this. And then I thought, what if they DO! Besides, what's five bucks anyway? That can't even buy a decent lunch. Well, it's still hard to believe…but two weeks later I began receiving bucks in the mail! I mean a lot of money!!! It not only works for me, but it works extremely well for others as well. Mike Ochoa says he made $35,382 in one month!! Joe Chanter made $42,000 in four weeks!!! Dave Manning made an incredible $53,664 in four short weeks! And Lars Myers says he only made $21,000 (ONLY??!!) That's the article. Now do I know all these people? No. But when I read how they did it, it started to make a lot of sense to me. As a matter of fact, it made enough sense that I'm now taking a similar chance with five measly dollars of my own. Not a huge investment that I can't afford to lose, but one with incredible potential to deliver money to my mailbox. Can you imagine making $20,000 or more for less than an hour's work? What are you making now? All you ever have to spend is five bucks and postage for the envelopes. That's all Mike, Dave, Joe and Lars did and look what happened to them: They made tens of thousands of dollars in a safe, legal and completely legitimate way. Let me show you how and why this works now. Also, make sure you print a copy of this article so you get the information from it and START MAKING MONEY NOW!!! Here goes: Get 5 separate pieces of paper and write the following on each sheet of the paper, "PLEASE PUT ME ON YOUR MAILING LIST". Fold a U.S. $1 bill inside each paper (wrap the bill with the paper so the bill will not be seen through the envelope. Otherwise nosy people, who like to steal envelopes with money in them will see the bill and swipe your profits.) Put one paper inside an envelope and seal it. Do the same for all five. You should now have 5 sealed envelopes, each with a piece of paper and a U.S. dollar bill stuffed inside of the paper. You're not just sending a dollar to someone; you're actually paying for a legitimate service which is PERFECTLY LEGAL! Now, mail all 5 envelopes to the following addresses: 1. A. Curtin 24 Semton Blvd. Franklin Square, NY 11010 2. TEB 228 Wetzel Street Weirton,WV 26062 3. DAVID B. 228 Wetzel Street Weortpm. WV 26062 4. R.H. Box 320 Lamesa, Texas 79331 5. Travis Dominey 802 Briarwood St. Victoria, TX 77904 Step 2 Now remove the top name from the list that you see above and move the other names up (#5 becoming #4, #4 becoming #3, and so on) and put your name and address as the fifth on the list. Step 3 Post/send the amended article (with your name at #5 in the list) to at least 200 newsgroups. This is the REALLY IMPORTANT part, so don't try to shortcut it. I'll explain more about this under the WHY it works part. (You can also send by I.R.C. or e-mail). Post/send as many newsgroups as possible. REMEMBER THIS!!! The more groups you send/post to, the more people will see your article and send you cash. That's the real power of this business. You are now in business for yourself, and you should start seeing returns within 7 to 14 days!! HOW TO POST THIS ARTICLE: If you have Netscape 3.0 do EXACTLY the following: 1. Click on any newsgroups like normal, then click on "TO NEWS" which is on the far left when you're in the newsgroups page. This will bring up a box to type a message in. 2. Leave the newsgroup box like it is, just CHANGE the SUBJECT to something flashy, such as "NEED CASH $$$ READ HERE $$$" OR "FAST CASH"!! 3. Tab once and you should be ready to post. Cut and paste this article exactly as it appears, except insert your name at #5, and Remove #1 off the list, plus any other small changes that you might think you need to make. Keep most of it the same though. You don't want to change it too much—it's proven to work just as it is written! 4. When you're done typing the WHOLE article, click on FILE. IN THIS BOX, right above send, now where it says NETSCAPE NEWS on the first box, click and SAVE AS when you're under FILE. Save your article as a text file to your C or A drive. Do not send your article until you do this. Once saved, move on to number 5 below. 5. If you still have all of your text, send or post to this newsgroup now by clicking send, which is right below FILE, and right above cc: 6. Here's where you're going to post all 200. OK, click on any news group then click on "TO NEWS" again in the top left corner. Leave the newsgroups box alone again, put a flashy subject title in the SUBJECT BOX, hit TAB once you're in the body of the message, and then click on ATTACHMENTS. You will get another box to come up. Click on ATTACHED FILE, and then find your file that you have saved earlier; click once on the file, and then click OPEN. NOW CLICK ON. OK; if you did this right, you should be able to see your name in the attachments box and it will be shaded green. 7. That's it. Each time you do this, all you have to do is type in a different newsgroup, so that way, it posts to 200 DIFFERENT newsgroups, you see? Now you only have 199 more left to go!! (Don't worry, each one takes about 30 seconds once you get used to it) REMEMBER THE MINIMUM IS 200. You are now in the mail order business and will start receiving your envelopes from various people all over the world within days. HINT: The more newsgroups you post to, the more money you will make. Incredibly simple, isn't it? LET ME TELL YOU WHY THIS SYSTEM WORKS!! Out of every 200 postings, let's say I only receive 5 replies, which is VERY LOW. So I made $5 with my name at #5. I've already made my money back! Now then, each person who just sent me $1 makes 200 postings, now with my name at #4, WHICH IS A TOTAL OF 1000 POSTINGS, not including your own. Say 50 people send you $1 now, which again is a very low response rate; That's $50 you made! Now then, your 50 new agents post 200 listings each with YOUR NAME AT NUMBER 3, or 10,000 postings (25 X 200). That's just how the system works at its worst case. However, the average return is 500 responses at $1 each. That's $500 in your pocket. Each of your new agents makes 200 postings, which is 5,000 returns at $1 each, which is $5,000. And finally, 5,000 people make 200 postings with YOUR NAME AT #1, YOU NOW GET A RETURN OF $50,000 BEFORE YOUR NAME DROPS OFF THE LIST, AND THAT'S IF EVERYONE MAKES 200 POSTINGS ONLY, AND WITH ONLY A 5 PERSON RESPONSE RATE!!!! When your name is no longer in the list, you just take the latest posting that is appearing in the newsgroups, and send out another $1 to the five people on the list, putting your name at #5 again. And start posting again. The thing to realize is that thousands of people all over the world are joining the Internet and reading these articles everyday, just like you are right now!! So, can you afford $5 and see if it really works? Estimates are at 20,000 to 50,000 new users everyday. REMEMBER: Work this fairly and honestly and it will work! The basic idea is for everyone to make money. Good luck to all who participate.

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