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Date: Tue, 30 Dec 1997 17:26:58 -0800
From: Justin VanAbrahams <jvanabranopsamnet>
Subject: Re: Saab 9-3 any othewr news

mark_orr wrote: > > Apparently the 900 will be replaced by the evolutionary 9-3 this spring. > Turbo engines will be standard. I was looking at a 1998 900 S...but I will > now wait for the 9-3. Does anyone have any pricing info?? I thought I'd try > a 3 year lease and buy the car if I liked the experience. Initially I think > its an incredibly well thought out car....Are parts about the same as a Honda > or Toyota....also, is teh maintainence schedule exhaustive???? I'm a bit of > a nut when it comes to oil changes and the like.......but I have no time > for major maintainenece....and I use synthetic oils exclusively. > > Mark I would not necessarily wait for the new 9-3, but I would definitely look at nothing "slower" than a 900 Turbo S, which is only a couple grand more than a regular S. The non-turbo models are, IMHO, quite underpowered... The repair bills on my five Saabs have been, overall, average. On the one hand, I have lots of small repair bills (switch here, valve there) but nothing really major, like engine or transmission. The most expensive job I've ever had done is on my '88 900, when I had the power steering rack, brake pads & rotors, turbo bypass valve, springs & shocks, and 130,000 mile service done - cost me almost $1400. Next to that, the single largest repair bill was just over $360 which was at the dealer for the 100,000 mile service on another 900 Turbo. Mile-for-mile, my dad's Accord costs more to maintain than ANY of my Saabs ... BUT, I am SURE than I am an exception, because I do a lot of the little fixes myself, and anything that doesn't require a lift or some sort of special tool I at least attempt before turning it over to my mechanic... :) Parts themselves are in line with most other imports, UNLESS you need high-tech electronics, such as a computer or similar device - these can be quite pricey. General consumables, like brakes, filters, etc. are usually within 5%-10% of any other car. The maintenance schedules are pretty average... I haven't noticed anything that seems excessive, and comparing my schedules to a friend's Mitsubishi Galant and another's Honda CRX I'd say Saabs are average - far less rigorous than one of my client's Lexus LS400 or Mercedes S500! Um... getting a turbo model (which again, I STRONGLY recommend) means more frequent than average oil changes, but since changing your oil every 3,000 miles is a good idea anyway, it's not too bad... I have found keeping the oil filter clean and using a high-quality synthetic makes a lot of sense, and can help extend oil change intervals... General rule for Saab ownership: Don't put off repairs, take very good care of your car, and it will last forever. On average, I would say a Saab is more expensive to maintain than many other makes, but the little bit extra you pay in the short run will pay off big time in the long run - My two current Saabs have well over 100,000 miles each; my dad's ANCIENT '83 had close to 200,000, and I know people closing in on 300,000! If you are planning on keeping the car only a couple years, it will seem expensive. But, when you compare the repairs of a 100,000 mile Saab to a 100,000 mile Toyota, it's you with the big smile! -Justin '84 900T (sold Return to Main Index
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