Date: 9 Dec 1998 04:47:33 GMT
From: morrnopsamu.caS* (Mark Orr)
Subject: Re: SAAB =low quality...HA!

Actually JD Power has rated the plants based on their initial quality, the top 4 were Big 3 plants....then Toyota and Honda. I think the big three have made some major strides, with Ford being the best quality, followed by GM and then Chryco (which I'm still a little leery off). Recent software, automantion and manufacturing techniques have really advanced the quality of manufacturing. With GM's $$ Saab can now afford to buy the best. Saab has always had a rep for high quality...except with a bit of a lapse in the early 9000's and early Opel based 900's. A friend of mine has a 1997 900SE, and he reports the car has been superb. Another friend has a 96 SE V6, and he reports the Saab was much better then his Volvo 850, and equal to his Honda Accord!!Keep your Camary's, I agree its a fine car, but its UGLY, I liked the old Camary much more. Mark In article <>, says... > >This is a multi-part message in MIME format. >--------------981E5B5A67D576F75319E005 >Content-Type: text/plain; charset=us-ascii >Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit > >Mark Orr wrote: > >> I agree that in the past it was difficult for a small manufacturer to match >> Toyota for quality, > >I would say it's still true today. > >> but people have different perceptions of quality as well, >> for some, quality is having NO warrany claims in the first year, for others its >> durebility that allows them to keep the car for 20 years, with quite a bit of >> minor work of course. > >Agreed. What I am saying, though, is that initial quality can be measured and is >measured, while "durability that allows them to keep the car for 20 years" is very >difficult to measure, is not measured, and has too many variables outside the >manufacturer's control. We know which manufacturers have the best and worst initial >quality. We do not *know* which manufacturers' cars can be driven for 20 years and >which cannot. Even more importantly, we do not *know* which manufacturers' cars can >be driven the longest *given the same level of maintainence and care*. > >In addition, I would say that since the mass majority of people do not drive the >same car for 20 years, initial quality is more important to more people than the >ability to drive a car for 20 years with frequent maintainence (and possibly >nagging "minor" problems). I would broden "initial quality" to including the length >of the warranty -- three to four years. > >> To American initial quality is the holy grail, and in the >> past Saab has had problems, but so far, my 9-3 has been perfect (8000 km and 4 >> months) so I'm quite pleased. > >Lucky you. > >> I think advancements in technology have also >> allowed smaller manufacturers to match Toyota and Honda in quality. BTW .... >> the highest quality plant in North America is..... The Ford plant in St. Thomas >> Ontario...make Crovn Vic's...The Camary plany is number 5!!! >> > >Where did you get these ratings from? I am not doubting -- I am just curious. I >live in Southeast Michigan and know more people in the auto industry (Big 3) than I >would like to :-), and the consensus is that Toyota is still the envy in terms of >manufacturing quality. > >> >> Mark >> >> In article <74j9if$icu$>, says... >> > >> >Look, there's two extra groups up there who couldn't really give a shit >> >about Swedish junk. (BMW & Mercedes) >> > >> >Saab make better aircraft than Volvo, but Volvo makes better tanks. You >> >either love the Volvo bricks or hate them. Same with the Saabs. It's what is >> >called personal preference. Personally, I'd be quite happy driving either as >> >long as it was reliable and a bit of fun. >> > >> >And anyway, There was a big hoo-ha a couple of years ago about a (mid '80s) >> >VW Passat that had done 1 million miles (normal driving, not like the >> >BMW/Mobil test) with only general servicing - NO engine or gearbox rebuilds >> >etc. >> > >> >So the next person drives a different make of car than you - Get over it and >> >get a life! >> > >> > > >--------------981E5B5A67D576F75319E005 >Content-Type: text/x-vcard; charset=us-ascii; > name="jemmie.vcf" >Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit >Content-Description: Card for Jemmie Wang >Content-Disposition: attachment; > filename="jemmie.vcf" > >begin:vcard >n:Wang;Jemmie >x-mozilla-html:FALSE >adr:;;;;;; >version:2.1 >email; >fn:Jemmie Wang >end:vcard > >--------------981E5B5A67D576F75319E005-- >

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