Date: 3 Dec 1998 17:21:15 GMT
From: morrnopsamu.caS* (Mark Orr)
Subject: Re: 9-5 V6 is here!!

I agree, my 9-3 cost abit more then an Accord or Camary V6. A friend of mine bought the Camary 'cos he felt the Saab had a bit of turbo lag of the line. I agree with this, but I think it makes for smoother launches, and if you really want a rocket sled launch, you can still get it with a bit of finesse. The thing I like MOST about my Saab is that its different, not another BMW, Audi (I do think the A4 is a beaut though) Lexus yada yada. Yet it asks so few comprimises. I also LOVE the rear wiper....on a day with light snow...its just great. Mark In article <7433pu$9oh$>, says... > >I have to disagree with you guys. What went on prior to the '90s what that >Saab, even though it was a much smaller company, out-innovated its larger >competitors. In the '90s, the Germans are no longer asleep at the wheel and >are using their larger size to invest more dollars in product development >than Saab can (GM could invest funds to make Saab superior to MB and BMW, but >GM is clueless...). > >Regardless, it is important to keep in mind that Saab still delivers on >innovation. Considering that its competitors are so much larger, isn't it >interesting that Saab still builds the safest cars (based on actual insurance >company accident records as well as recent euro NCAP best-ever score by 9-5)? >Or that Saab is the first to introduce the active head restraint to prevent >whiplash, the most common injury in a car accident? Or that Saab's turbo >engines provide real-world performance (acceleration, low-end torque, fuel >economy) that most of it's competitors can't match? Compare a 9-5 2.0T in >Europe to BMW 520i or A6 1.8T and you'll see what I mean. Compare the 9-5 >3.0T to the BMW 528i or A6 2.8 in the U.S. and again, you'll see what I mean. >Compare versatility of a Saab to almost any other car and you'll find Saab to >be superior. Finally, look at the new 9-5 Wagon. Already it is winning >head-to- head comparison tests with Volvo V70, BMW 5-Touring and A6 Avant. > >The fact that Saab delivers superior performance and safety at a lower price >means greater VALUE -- something the company can be proud of. > >Finally, take a look at sales for 1998. Saab sales in Europe are up nearly >40% compared to 1997. Why? Germans, Brits, French, Italians, Swedes and >others are looking at Saab again and they like what they see. Unfortunately >for Saab, the U.S. consumer (I am one) is less adventurous. If it's not an >Accord, Camry, I30 or ES300, they're not likely to be interested. > > > >In article <740cjb$g9$>, > wrote: >> In article <01be1ca3$d8ff2780$987c86c2nopsam8140>, >> "Harrie van Dijk" <> wrote: >> > Who are you calling old I'm 34 years and I like a car that a is safe b lets >> > you drive long distance without breaking your back C sticks out in a car >> > park and d is easy to maintain. >> > >> > I'm very sorry but if I ever should run out of 99's or 900's I would leave >> > my beloved Saab. >> > >> > Your statement is absolutely correct; Saab delivers what the market wants. >> > In the old days it was the other way around the build a good car and >> > astonished the car world. The 99 was a sensation in 1967 whem marketed and >> > the 99 Turbo set standards in the car world that weren't achieved by other >> > manufacturers for years. >> > >> > If your happy in one of the new models so be it. But Saab is losing his >> > identity and his real fans really fast. The old ones get in your blood, the >> > new owners usually only brag about the price the paid, not knowing anything >> > about Saab or their cars. >> > >> > Harrie >> > >> > PS feel free to reply, this is a very nice discussion >> > >> >> I agree to a certain extent but in real engineering terms the classic 900 and >> 99 where both departures from SAAB's previous cars i.e. strong light cars >> with small engines replaced by big heavy cars with big engines. I think you >> would also agree that in terms of refinement the 900 was alot better than the >> 99. However in terms of how these cars compared to their competitors the >> situation is very different now to 15 yrs ago. Back then SAAB made cars that >> where safer faster and maybe even more desirable than their competitors. >> Compare my own car 84 900T16 to any BMW or Mercedes available back then, and >> then compare the current 9-3 to the BMW and Mercedes available now. The >> situation is indeed a sad one and it would appear that SAAB's only selling >> point now is that they are cheaper than the German cars. >> >> -----------== Posted via Deja News, The Discussion Network ==---------- >> Search, Read, Discuss, or Start Your Own >> > >-----------== Posted via Deja News, The Discussion Network ==---------- > Search, Read, Discuss, or Start Your Own

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