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Date: Thu, 17 Dec 1998 00:07:25 GMT
From: (
Subject: Re: An irritation I need answered.

On Tue, 15 Dec 1998 17:14:32 GMT, wrote: >In article <>, > ( wrote: >> Irritating is having to look at, drive, smell, work on a Saab! >> What do you people see in these cars? Yupporama! >> No I am not a Mechanic, uneducated, nor the rest of the thoughts which >> you may be thinking. >> Yes I enjoy a mid six-figure income as President and CEO of the >> High-Tech Information Systems Company which I formed five years ago at >> age 31. I just cannot dig the look, the shitty ride, marginal >> handling, lack of power, and listening to various ICQ's, not fun to >> perform preventative maintenance or repairs on. Why I ask? You people >> obviously have not driven enough cars. >> Steph >> > >Sorry but I just had to bite! Here are some of the cars I have driven or >owned; 1) BMW M3 2) Lotus Espirit (old style) 2) Fiat Coupe 3) Rover 220 >turbo coupe 4) Saab 900 T16 (my own car) 5) Tuned MINI with over 100 bhp and >stripped interior 6) Tuned MINI with fully rose jointed suspension, poly >bushes etc. 7) Mercedes C180 I have owned or driven many other more mundane >cars but I think I have had enough of a sample to know what I am talking >about. BTW my brother is a mechanic and has driven SL600 so I have his >opinions to back me up. Here is what I think about these cars 1) BMW M3 >Bloody fast! But not that amazing, you tend to feel a little bit remote from >what is going on outside. This makes it difficult to judge just where the >limits are. BTW the handling in terms of corner speed is not really that much >higher than the others, the balance is however superb and admittedly much >better than my SAAB 2) Lotus Espirit Without doubt the most loony car I have >ever been in. The speed you can take corners at makes the M3 and any other >over-rated german cars look slow and pathetic. The accelaration from the 2ltr >engine was not that brilliant. The interior and the driving position are also >total crap. 3) Fiat Coupe The most overrated car on the planet! I will not >say more. 5) Rover turbo coupe Oh no here comes a bend! 6) My old MINI As >fast as my SAAB to 50 mph and far better handling in the wet. In the dry >however my SAAB will easilly corner as fast and has better brakes. 7) My >brothers old MINI. The only car I have ever seen that would out handle this >car was the Lotus. Even the M3 would not corner as fast and was no where near >as much fun! > >Now my own car. It handles as well as a MINI, pisses all over the Mercedes >C180 and makes the Fiat and Rover look cheap and nasty (very nasty if you try >and drive one of these fast!). Admittedly it is not as good as a BMW M3 but >then again one of these is nearly 40K pounds (UK). My SAAB cost me 1300 and I >most definetly would not swap it for any car under 20K (Maybe a Mitsubishi >Evo 5 from Holland might tempt me). On another note the real world handling >of the M3 will not give you that much advantage over a well set up SAAB 900. >People that harp on about how brilliant the handling of BMW's are have either >not driven enough cars or just can't drive in a way to use a cars potential >i.e. the idiots on the UK magazine Auto Express. The Lotus is another story. >BTW I have not mentioned any american cars since they are a total joke in >performance terms (corvette possible exception), and don't relpy with endless >boring and meaningless BHP figures. > >-----------== Posted via Deja News, The Discussion Network ==---------- > Search, Read, Discuss, or Start Your Own Rattle all the way home? No.

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