Date: Fri, 12 Feb 1999 22:40:27 +0100
From: "Simon Watkins" <>
Subject: Re: SAAB 9-5 or Charysler 300M ?

The 900 looks different to the 9-3? Have you been to an opticians lately? <g> The 9-5 definitely does not look generic! It is a beautiful car that grows on you with time. When I first got mine, I wasn't too impressed with its looks. The first, in Embassy Blue won me over with its driving appeal, the second (in metallic silver) seduced me with its looks. The third (to be collected in a couple of weeks), is a result of a long term seduction. Each to their own I say. I am a former 5 time Alfa Owner. Now I am about to be on my 3rd Saab. To be sure, the Alfa looks seduce me, but then practicality and a superb drive have kept me loyal to Saab. I would never choose another car. I have driven and owned also 3 BMWs. The saab is by far the better built car. Test drove a C class Mercedes when I was shopping around for my Alfa replacement. Sorry, but build quality was nowhere near the hype and certainly nowhere near the build of the Saab. I put my money where my mouth was - 3 times with the Saab. Tell me I'm wrong if you like. However, this was MY money. Not a company car. Not a lease. But MY car. I never buy on impulse, never buy on a whim. I like a driver's car - hence the Alfas. However, the Saab gives me all I want in spades. And more. Sorry, but I have tried the others, and I like the Saab the best. Best ergonomics. Best Build. Best drive. Best torque. Loyal? Well I AM a fickle buyer, but 3 times the Saab, and hopefully my last car for another 10 years indicates my appreciation of the engineering inside. I am an honours Engineering Graduate if that helps... Simon -- Spammers, here's some for you: ucenopsamgov William T. Brown III wrote in message <36C3D569.D4092807nopsamamp.Net>... >The newer Saabs (9-5 & 9-3) don't have as much 'snob' appeal; let me >explain. The main reason, as someone stated before, is it looks like a >generic sedan. I find it difficult to spot a 9-5 or a 9-3 from a >distance. But rest assured I can pick out a pre 95 Saab from miles >away. Saabs used to be unique, and in a way the 900 & 9000 are still, a >bit. I only wonder what the cars would look like today, had GM not >slipped it's grip into Saab. I hope that Saab goes back to the original >body style, even for an anniversary, or LTD Edition type promo. Oh >well, one can dream, right? > >"Lloyd R. Parker" wrote: >> >> Mark Orr (morrnopsamu.caS*) wrote: >> : A couple of things to say on this, the LHS and its brethren are all very >> : impressive designs, Chrysler leads auto design right now. Chryco has always had >> : a poor (and deserved) reputation for manufactring quality. I also wager you >> : will get better service from a Saab dealer then a Chrysler dealer. The 300 M is >> : a bigger car though. While the styling is excellent, my guess is that it will >> : start to look "old" well before the classic lines of the 9-5. >> >> In the way a 63 Chevy's styling is classic? Put a 9-5 side by side with >> most any sedan from the past 30 years and get people to tell them apart. >> The Saab says "generic sedan" from all angles. At least the 9-3 has some >> unique styling cues. GM seems to homogenize everything these days. >> >> : The 9-5 is >> : particularly good looking in light colours that bring out its subtle lines. I >> : think the Saab will be the more satisfying car in the longer term, regardless >> : of your initial instincts. Besides, its much cooler to say "I drive a Saab" >> : then "I drive a Chrysler", so I think the Saab wins on snob appeal. >> >> I'd guess 80% of the public has no real idea of what "sob" means except >> "to cry." OTOH, Chrysler is a recognized, somewhat prestigious nameplate. >> Face it, the only foreign nameplates the public perceives as prestigious >> are Mercedes, BMW, Ferrari, Porsche, Jaguar, and Rolls-Royce. Maybe you >> can add Lexus to the list. > >-- >William T. Brown III _\\|//_ <> >| ///|\\\ | >----------------------------oOO--(_)---OOo--------------------------- >---* Always forgive your enemies - nothing annoys them as much *---

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