Date: Fri, 23 Apr 1999 15:30:03 GMT
From: "Manic" <>
Subject: Re: BMW's are little bitch cars

Morgan: If you want real power, try going back to school. In your 23 word sentence, you made 7 spelling, grammatical, syntax and punctuation errors. That makes an average of over one error for every three words. Great job in proving yourself. Keep up the good work! Morgan mackie <> wrote in message > I'm, sorry but your both soft little girls! if you want power and Exileraton > stop being panzies and get The Subaru Impreza 22b > Regards J&J > Stuart Kunkler wrote in message <7fdltm$jud$>... > >allan -- your message contains more rational thought than this entire > string > >put together. way to go. > > > >it amazes me, the chips people carry on their shoulders when it comes to > >their cars. my post has been flamed a lot -- pretty much exclusively by bmw > >people, for some reason -- even though it was pointed at anybody who took > >offense at a negative comment on his car. the saab people were as much the > >subject of my post as the bmw guys, because when it comes to sheer > >performance numbers, bmw models have the edge. it seems ridiculous for saab > >drivers to argue for their cars on this basis. > > > >i choose saab because it is unique in the auto world. the car has styling > >that turns MY head, and i don't care about anyone else's. it has sufficient > >performance to be exhilarating for ME to drive. and it IS a blast to drive. > >it has a sound unlike anything on the road. i don't need to feel that i'm > >driving a superior automobile, because as you so rightly point out there is > >no universally superior car. > > > >it seems that many got my point backwards. it's not that people generally > >make automotive purchase decisions with a *conscious* effort to attract a > >mate. the point is this: when you make many purchase decisions, including > >cars, you are usually buying something that appeals to you. therefore it > >says something about your personality (the same personality, btw, that you > >use to attract the opposite sex.) you can't help it. even the people who > try > >NOT to make a statement with a car, end up revealing something about > >themselves with this supposed "non-statement." so when somebody criticizes > >your purchase of something that appeals to you, and if you take offense, > >you're doing so on a conscious level because it's a criticism of your > >purchase, and on a subconscious level because deep down you take it as a > >slap at your personality. why else would all the participants in this > string > >react so heatedly to comments about their cars? > > > >so with their replies, the flamers tended to prove my point because their > >first instinct was to react emotionally, not rationally. > > > >happy driving. (i also bought two vw's back in the old days and loved them. > >coincidentally, so did my girlfriends...) > > > >stuart > > > > > >Allan Williams wrote in message <7f6e0s$21c$>... > >>Then there are those of us who use our personality and looks to attract > the > >>opposite sex - the car is for going places. > >> > >>I have three aircooled VW's, one stock, one under restoration, and one > >>HIGHLY modified one. Our other car is a BMW. Any one who is attracted to > >you > >>based on what car you drive is probably either after your money, the good > >>things it can provide... > >> > >>Different parts of the world have different views of different types of > >>cars. Where I live, Volvo's are mostly owned by older people, Saabs range > >>from young up to old, as do BMW - because of the wide range of models. > >> > >>If you based your opinion of me on my cars (if you saw them) you would > >think > >>I was quite a different person to what I am... I'm a petrolhead with an > eye > >>for detail, but I like to be different. I would most probably fit you > >>stereotypical Saab driver... > >> > >>I'll take a woman who admires cars over one who doesn't - and I did. > >> > >>I don't ever say that one make of car is better than another - there are > >too > >>many different models, and too many different preferences in a car to say > >>one make is better. I enjoy driving my 3 Series BMW, but I don't think I > >>would ever own a 7 series - I'm not a big car fan. > >> > >>Perhaps everybody should stop saying this car is best because blah blah > >>blah, and find out what car would suit the person asking about them. I can > >>tell you several stories of car salesmen who tried to sell me a car I > >didn't > >>want - most of them were embarrased in front of their workmates. > >> > >>I don't know why people crosspost these questions - they NEVER get the > >>answers they want. If you want to buy a car, test drive it and see if you > >>like it... then make up your own mind. > >> > >> > >> > >>-- > >>Allan Williams > >>"Where's my Bong?" > >>----------------------------------------------------- > >> > >>Stuart Kunkler wrote in message > <7f3l3r$gsb$>... > >>>this has to be the most fascinating thread i've ever read, and the most > >>>fruitless as well. there are some people here with either (a) too much > >time > >>>on their hands, or (b) a strong need to impress. or both. > >>> > >>>here's what's really going on in this thread: a man's choice of > automobile > >>>says more about his personality than he cares to admit. (it also speaks > >>>volumes about the sexual partner he would like to attract.) if you're > >>>insulted by what another man says about your car, especially when the > >facts > >>>are in his favor, you're actually taking insult with what he's saying > >about > >>>your character and your preferences. > >>> > >>>i have owned -- and been enthusiastically happy with -- both saabs and > >>>volvos. i have friends who drive bmw's, audis and porsches. (i honestly > >>>can't say i hang with any corvette owners.) as to the point about > >>attracting > >>>a sex partner, i'll take a woman who admires a saab over any of those > >other > >>>makes -- especially bmw -- eight days a week. > >>> > >>>stuart > >>>84 240 > >>>86 900S > >>>93 850 GLT > >>>95 900SE > >>>____________________________________ > >>>"I took the initiative in creating the internet." > >>> - Al Gore, March 12, 1999 > >>> > >>> > >>> > >>> > >>> > >> > >> > > > > > >

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