Date: Sun, 20 Feb 2000 04:00:40 GMT
From: kzildjian <>
Subject: Re: PLEASE READ AND FORWARD: PepBoys' and their shoddy service

Those kind of things are inexcuseable. I hate Pep Boys as well. Their customer service is shit, and they don't care about anyone. I would still talk to the district manager. You would be surprised what you can accomplish. Tim Gentleman-X wrote: > > I ask that everyone forward a copy of this to friends and family in the > name > of customer service. Please feel free to read about my experience. > > I want to voice my experience with PepBoys, who you may know is a retail > > store which deals in automobile services such as car parts and car > services. > > I walked into my nearest PepBoys shop on Friday, January 28th, 2000 at > about 5:30pm. I had wanted to order a left hand side directional lamp > cover that goes over the light bulb for my car. The gentleman at the > counter had checked the catalog from the parts warehouse they order > from, > looked it up and said that it would be $16.00, a pretty good price, I > thought. However, I was told that since the warehouse shop where the > parts are ordered is closed, it would be best if I had done the ordering > > during the day, so, I said "fine", and I had left. > > I wasn't able to call PepBoys until Wednesday, February 2, 2000. I had > planned on calling in a credit card number to order the left hand side > directional lamp cover. However, I was told that I could not order the > part over the phone with a credit card number, but I had to bring the > card > in because they needed an imprint of the card. Boy, I wish they had > told > me that on the previous Friday. So, I asked to talk with the manager on > > duty at the time, and explained the situation to him that I had needed > to > order the part, but was told the previous Friday that I should order it > during the day. But, I went on to say, I couldn't order it during the > day > because I had to be at work, so what should I do if I can't leave a > credit > card number? The manager said to come in at night, and they would just > place the order the next day. Gee, I wish they told me that during my > visit to them last Friday. > > Unfortunately, I wasn't able to make it into PepBoys until Friday, > February 4, 2000. However, at least I gave PepBoys my money, and > confirmed with them that they had what I was looking for, the left hand > side directional lamp for my car. They confirmed that they did, as they > > had a catalog number for it, which they entered into my order on their > computer. I was told I would get it in one to two business days, > Tuesday > being the latest it would be in at the PepBoys shop. > > On the following Wednesday, February 9, 2000, I had called the PepBoys > shop to make sure that my part had come in. When the representative > answered the phone, after typing into his computer, he had said to "call > > back tomorrow" rather abruptly, making me wonder if they had in fact > ordered the part yet. I asked them, "did you order the part?". The > representative had said "yes, we ordered it, but call me first thing > tomorrow". So I said to myself, "fine". > > I called PepBoys the next day on February 10, 2000, to confirm that my > part had in fact come in. The representative had said "yes". So, I had > > mentioned to them that I would be picking it up that evening at about > 8pm. > > After getting home a little later, I decided to take a look at my new > purchase that would go on the left hand side of my car, only to discover > > that it was the lamp directional for the *right* side of the car. How > could this be, I thought? As I know the gentleman I talked to at > PepBoys > when I ordered the part on February 4th mentioned they had the left hand > > side directional lamp cover, and even put the catalog number into the > computer. I decided that I would call PepBoys the very next morning to > exchange the part as they were closed by the time I had gotten home on > Thursday night. > > On Friday, February 11th, I had called PepBoys first thing in the > morning > to explain to a staff member there that I had ordered the left hand side > > directional lamp cover and got a right hand side one. The gentleman I > spoke with on the phone let out an abrupt "we don't have the left hand > side". I had said that the gentleman I spoke with at PepBoys originally > > told me that he did and even put the order number into my order. I got > responded with another "we don't have the left hand side piece". I had > questioned to him that how can the parts warehouse have a right hand > side > directional lamp cover and not a left hand side? To me, that sounded > absurd. After getting met with a third abrupt "we don't have that > piece", > I asked that I talk to a manager. > > I had gone over my whole saga of ordering this piece through the > manager, > and once again was met with "well, we don't have that part, go to a > dealer". He didn't even offer to check the catalog, or to call the > warehouse parts store to confirm/not confirm that they didn't have it, > and > basically just brushed me off, not wanting to be bothered by my problem. > > I found this extremely disturbing and rude, and if PepBoys never did in > fact have the piece, they should have told me that they didn't when I > had > originally gone in to order the part on Friday, January 28th, 2000. > > So, from there, I asked the managers name and asked him who I should > report > him to. He gave me his name and told me to call 1-800-PEPBOYS. I > immediately > called the number. > > Finally getting in touch with a customer relations representative, I > once again voiced > my complaint that Friday morning and was told that I would a district > manager would call > me within 24 hours. Not a business day, but 24 hours. > > By Saturday at noon, I had still not received a call from a district > manager at PepBoys. So, I left another message on Sunday as the > customer relations office was closed. I called *again* on Monday > morning, and by Tuesday afternoon, had still not received a call from > the district manager within 24 hours, as the customer service > representative had originally promised. So, I called one more time on > Tuesday, and had told the rep that they can also let the district > manager know that I will be reporting PepBoys to the Better Business > Bureau. > > And like that, I *finally* got a call from the district manager > literally five minutes later. How about that? However, at that point, > it was too late. I basically told the manager I will be dealing with > another business to order the part that I had originally needed, as I > refuse to deal with PepBoys anymore. I also told the district manager > that I would be reporting PepBoys to the Better Business Bureau and that > I would contact as many people as I could to tell them about the > inexcusable experience I had. I ask that you make this information > known to as many people as possible. Excellent customer service is rare > these days, and hopefully, making poor customer services like this known > to the general public may make businesses think twice about what is most > important. So what I ask is that everyone forward this message to their > friends, families…anyone they can think of. I want the word spread > about PepBoys.

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