Date: Mon, 24 Apr 2000 23:22:16 -0400
From: Jack <>
Subject: Re: Would Saabs be better as RWD?

I have a BMW and am loyal to the Germans. I think Saab's (arguably) bad handling is not as related to the mere fact it is FWD as you might think. I have driven some FWD cars that handle GREAT (Volkswagen GTI!!!), but I have also driven many Saabs that don't. I am not trying to be offensive (how am I doing?) but I think anyone can put a performance spin on their car (so to speak) when justifying its purchase. Saab's are great for alot of things, but they will never outperform a BMW. Sure, some Saab's have faster specs than some BMW's, but when it comes to *quality* in performance, BMW wins hands down. I drive my friend's 93 9000 almost every other day,and I love driving it, but not because it performs well. It has a lot of pickup (turbo), is smooth, comfortable, and has more gadgets and doohickeys than you can shake a stick at (I tried to shake a stick at them, but I couldn't!). Of course, the 9000 is not meant to be a sports car. It is comparable to BMW's 5 series cars. But from those I have driven, the 900's are worse! (go ahead, disagree). The 900 is comparable to the 3-series BMW's but they don't come close. The SPG, you remind me? Dont forget the SPG? OK, the SPG is the equivalent of the BMW M3. No contest. I am sorry to point out the disappointing truth. The faster Saab's rely on turbos for their speed, which in my mind is almost like cheating, and is nowhere near the reliability or quality in performance (there I go again) as a genuinely strong engine. So you don't want performance? You thik Bimmer driving pricks like me outta be kept off the road so we dont run over any more old ladies? Touche. Except, BMW makes all the nice luxury cars too, and they are even classier (albeit slightly more expensive too, but the huge cost of Saab repairs will even that out soon enough) Mr. Winston's point, well taken, about not getting in any trouble with their handling, is a further testament to their inferiority as a driver's car. Bimmers and Porsches teach you how to be a good driver, if you don't wreck it first. If you do wreck it off the bat, you go buy a Saab and feel secure, but somehow empty inside. (That was a shot below the belt.) Anyway, I welcome your respones, but please, no death threats. You can't help it if you are wrong, or that your cars depreciate faster than anything else on the road, even go carts. Jack Winston wrote: > > While RWD cars might be more fun to chuck around on a track, there are > fewer people who take their cars onto racetracks than SUV owners who go > four-wheeling in their new chromed $40k land monster. FWD is every bit as > fast in normal street driving, and given the packaging benefits of FWD, it > is also more efficient. > > Saabs are supposed to be fun, well-performing cars, but the design goal is > completely different than that of a Porsche, which is supposed to be a > performance car first and foremost. People buy Saabs because they have > great utility, are great in adverse driving conditions, are safe AND are > fun to drive. You might not be able to keep up with a BMW at 9/10ths on a > twisty road, but then again you probably shouldn't be driving that fast on > public streets anyway. > > The bottom line is that it is very tough to get yourself in trouble in a > Saab when it comes to handling dynamics. Nobody has ever gone ass-end > first into the woods in a Saab. While there is always room for > improvement, it seems like a fundimental change to RWD would not be in > keeping with the spirit of the car. > > In article <8d2dgi$29c$>, Porsche_S2 > <> wrote: > > > I do prefer RWD over FWD. I have a lot of Porsches and mercedes in the > > past and now a Saab. My only complaints are too much understeer, bad > > gauge cluster, it comes with cup-holders (blah, you wont see real cars > > (MBZ/Porsche/BMW with them), and it is front wheel drive. Maybe I have > > to get used to it, but it sure handles like crap. If only they could > > make a decent handleing car, they would do so much better. And what's > > the use of 194/fpt when it is FWD? When it is wet out I have no control > > of the car. FWD does what it wants to do, and there is no correcting it > > unless you punch-it hard. There is no "go-cart" feel to FWD cars > > either. Whats the fun of that. You drive to drive and only drive. Why > > can't cars be more like the Germans. > > > > Other than that, the car has been great (power, reliability etc...) > >

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