Date: Sun, 16 Sep 2001 06:54:53 GMT
From: Marc Escuro <>
Subject: Re: Saab SUV

On 9/14/01 8:16 PM, in article TJzo7.471$, "Nutmegger" <> wrote: >> The seats aren't that bad. GM has always had very good seats. > Not in the Jimmy I had, they were awful, after an hour driving it bothered my > back. Hmmm.... I've never had a problem in my friend's Blazer. What year was the Jimmy? They don't make them anymore, tho. :) >> I would too. But Land Rovers are top heavy. Not as stable as one would >> like. And the quality is still iffy. > They are all top heavy and handle terrible (after driving a Saab) Yeah. Land Rovers are very notorious for being top heavy. >> You're saying that if Jaguar built cars of pre-1994 quality, they would >> still be around??? > Sure, why not? Just because it has the name "Jaguar" means it has to come > with > a big price tag? I don't think so. Jaguar would have been laughed out of the US market, if they didn't build high quality cars worth their price tag. Lexus and Infiniti brought a lot of spark back into the market, spurring MB and BMW to kick it into high gear and build better cars. >> Luxury brands that command the $50K+ price tags are HIGH quality, precision >> driving cars, offer all the technology in the world, plus the kitchen sink, >> and offer the comfort of a living room recliner. > Is that what Jaguar is striving for? I mean what is the difference between > 1993 > and now that is so-o-o important to the average consumer? That's what everyone is striving for. To be the ultimate in engineering and not to "look and feel" cheap at $50K per car. How many consumers would be happy spending $50K+ on a car that broke down every 3000 miles, had motorized seats that didn't work half the time, had fog lights that refused to go off, had rear windows that would "lock" without the lock button being depressed. That's just a sample of the stupid problems my family's faced with the Jaguar. The car runs fine. Lost the A/C one, but that's it. But the car is so "unstable" that you just don't know what's gonna happen to it. Stuff like that should happen in a Kia.... NOT a Jaguar. >>> Well, the economy is turning too. >> The economy is a MESS. > Not that bad, not like 1987. I was 12 in 1987. I don't remember. ;) >> The tragedy of 09/11/01 has sealed the coffin. >> We are in recession. Yes, the G7 is trying to prevent that, but it's not >> enough. > I kind of thought we have been in a recession for a while now, it just isn't > being talked about much. Some signs pointed that way. Some signs said otherwise. Analysts will NEVER be the first one to say that "we're in a recession." Because once they do... They will be held "responsible" for plunging the economy into one. But the economic contraction really began late in 1999/early 2000. >> They already are. And you know what?? Cadillac and SAAB are now linked >> to the hip in Europe. > What do you mean "linked?" Cadillac and SAAB are working together. > I don't know Marc, I can't think like a European. :) > Seriously, what does product overlap matter? You are referring to GM & Saab? > Where would it overlap? I'm referring to Cadillac and SAAB. Cadillac will use SAAB's distribution infrastructure to sell their cars -- STS, ETC, CTS, Escalade, etc. So, you go to a SAAB Dealership, and you will see a 9-5, sitting next to a CTS, or an STS, or an ETC. There really is no overlap, since Cadillac doesn't have a car that competes directly with the 9-3 or 9-5, and SAAB doesn't have a car that competes directly with the STS, ETC, CTS, Escalade, XLT. So, for example, if someone walks in looking at a 9-5, but wants something larger and more luxurious, then the salesperson, can direct him/her to the STS. GM needs to expand Cadillac's presence in Europe, and instead of spending hundreds of millions to create an infrastructure for Caddy to use, they feed off of SAAB. >> Prowlers are UGLY. > I can hear it coming a long way off. ICK.... Prowlers are loud and ugly. >> But I know people who's families own them (2 >> Ferarri's and 3 Rolls-Royces). Italians make prestige automobiles. They're >> built for display and to be driven every now and then. > Sounds like their shoes too. That's true. I've used my Italian loafers maybe 10 times since I bought them about 5 years ago. HAHAHAHA. I don't think I'd ever buy a Ferrari or Lamborghini. I buy cars to drive 'em. Oh yeah, I have a friend in Florida, who owns a Lamborghini Countach. (He's my age and has waaaaaay too much $$$$.) He was driving to Miami at a normal highway speed, and he got flanked by some of Florida's finest. They motioned him to "floor it," since it was a Sunday morning, and no one was on the road. So, my friend just let the car go, and he had a high speed escort into Miami. I believe he took the Countach up to 170 or so, and the cops never caught him. HAHAH -- Marc Escuro "...when all hope is gone, you know sad songs say so much..."

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