Date: Fri, 14 Sep 2001 15:49:45 GMT
From: "Jeremy Brown" <>
Subject: Too Much Hate

As an Americans, we've seen many evil things though out history. Items such as the attack on Pearl Harbor, virulent racism, and religious violence. In the aftermath of Pearl Harbor, the United States took its wrath out on its own citizens. Japanese-Americans that were just as horrified, just as patriotic, just as outraged. We rounded them up, confiscated their possessions, and incarcerated them because of their heritage, religion, and appearance linked them with our enemies. Even worse, we did not do this to German or Italian citizens because they were like us, white and Christian. We published the worse counter intelligence information that caricatured all Japanese as savages, murderers, and evil in part to dehumanize the enemy, a unfortunate necessity. This state sponsored hatred created a backlash against those Japanese-Americans which resulted in the horrible calamity that fell upon those citizens, which in the end cost many of them their lives. I am making this statement because of the virulent hatred that is rearing its ugly head on the web and in the general public since the horrible tragedy in New York, Washington DC, and Pennsylvania. We must remember that the Islamic-Americans in the US, like their Japanese-American forbears, is just as horrified, just as patriotic, just as outraged. We must realize that the evil done to this country and the world (their are reports that more than two hundred Europeans and East Asians perished in the World Trade Center) was not done by Muslims but by men who happened to be Muslims. These men are fanatics who use God to justify their evil deeds. We must not forget that people since time immortal have twisted the teachings God, Jesus, Mohammed, and King David or the writings of the Koran, Torah, and Bible to justify their beliefs, hatred, greed, and intolerance not only the Mid-East, but in Europe (the Spanish Inquisition, The Holocaust) and here in America (The Salem Witch Trials, The KKK and Aryan Nations, the murdering of doctors who perform abortions). We must not allow ourselves to blame the billion peaceful Islamic people in this world for the acts of a few. We must expend all our energy at finding them but balance that need revenge against their need to hate. We must bring those responsible for this injustice to bear for their acts. Find them, try them, and if found guilty lock them in a hole some where. We must no execute those responsible because it will give those fanatics yet another excuse to justify their acts of terror. The trial must be just, they must get the legal counsel that all suspected criminals get . We must apply our Rule of Law and Justice fairly no matter how evil, vile, and cruel we believe these people to be. Let the Trials at Nuremberg be our guide so that the ones who callously planned and executed the murder of more than five thousand people cannot use our prosecutorial response as more fuel for their pyres of hatred. Steps must be taken to take all of their justifcations away, we must see a fair and equitable solution to the violence in Israel and the Occupied Territories. We need to help the civilans who are suffering in Iraq under their dictator and his policies that isolate them from the world. We must see that Peace is brought to the war torn countries of Africa that will help all parties. We must help to fight the horrendous treatment of all minorities in the Balkens, including the Muslims. Any military respons will need to be controlled, specific, and measured. We cannot just "Bomb them back to them back to the stone age" or "Kill them all and let god sort it out", this again would only add to their pyres of hatred. I want all of you to know that these events, while shaking all of us to the soul, are evil and that we must respond in a way that will honor those who were killed, protect those who are innocent, and punish those who are guilty. Jeremy Brown

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