Date: Mon, 10 Sep 2001 14:32:49 GMT
From: Nutmegger<>
Subject: Re: Saab SUV

Marc Escuro says... > My dad's looking in an SUV. He wants to do some distance driving and >wants something larger than a car... But not a van or wagon. He'd better really check out the seats, so many of them are very uncomfortable for distance driving. He's been >looking at that awful Acura MDX. He likes the Escalade a lot, but it's too >large for his needs. The X5 is not worth the money you're going to shell >out. The M-Class looks like a van (to him). That leaves him with Land >Rover and Lexus. I'd go with the Land Rover over Lexus, they just have more background in that area. >If I can only stall him another 6-8 months, Cadillac will >announce the LAV.... And I can steer him that way. LAV will be the basis >for the SAAB "9-7". > I would be very happy with another SAAB. My dad still laughs at the >ignition switch though. I did too at first, I also laughed at how they looked (those old 99's) >>> Ummm... "influenced by public opinion." If the public doesn't like your >>> car.... The public isn't going to buy your car... And your company goes out >>> of business. >> There is a point Marc, where a company should stand it's ground - especially >> where safety is concerned. Consumers just need to be better educated about >> why >> they are doing something a certain way instead of being spoon fed stupid >> advertising info, I often feel like it is an insult to my intelligence. > > I donžt' quite follow you here. Companies seem more for a buck than for safety and they cut corners too much to save $$ under the guise of popular public opinion. > >>> Why can't a "big car company" keep the car's "status" all the while >>> taking advantage of economies of scale?? >>> Ford's doing a fine job with Jaguar. >> It hasn't seemed to work so far in my opinion, something gets lost and/or >> compromised. > > Possibly. Sorry. Sorry for what? Did you hear about Ford's latest recall on the Windstar? My family has a 1994 Jaguar XJ6. It is fraught with >the STUPIDEST problems. The build quality is AWFUL!!! However.... 1995 was >the first Jaguar with Ford Influence... And it was a HUGE improvement!!! My >friend's parent's 1995 Jaguar is considerably more refined, and it's gotten >better since then. Jags look very nice, I've never rode in one or have known any person who owned one. > Personally, I think Jaguar should never have developed the X-Type... >It's looks the Volvo S40, with Jaguar headlamps. But do you think if Jaguar >built cars of 1994's quality, they would still be around with the onslaught >of Lexus and Infiniti and the resurgence of BMW and Mercedes? Not on your >life. It can be done, I'm sure of it. > Can you tell the Lincoln LS and the S-Type are sisters? Nope. Totally >different handling characteristics, etc. > Cadillac and Saturn fought tooth and nail to remain independent entities >within GM as GM began its consolidation. > Saturn's been stuck in neutral for a while, but they're introducing the >VUE and have an interesting convertible concept car out. And they've got >some "GM-first" technologies coming. Like GM"s continuously variable >tranny. Yes. I know the A6 has the first mass marketed one out. But I'm >sure more people will buy the $20K Saturn SUV instead of the $40K+ Audi. Well, the economy is turning too. > Cadillac's got the "Art & Science" design theme coming. CTS was >launched. A super-CTS is on the way. LAV is just about ready. Escalade >was launched. STS is being launched with an IMPRESSIVE 425 HP!!! XLR is >set blow the XK8 and SC430 out of the market. You know, there are just so many people in the world who just don't care one bit about vehicles. They just put gas in them and drive them. So, lots is lost on them. > SAAB was just brought fully into the fold. "9-7" is en route. SAAB's >new design center was just completed. A possible SAAB-coupe (a la Audi TT) >may be on the way. Interesting. > > What's happening an Buick, Chevy, et al? Nothing much. > > So.... I think the 3 are really spreading their wings and being allowed >to do so. I'd like to see them spread their wings, and fly. But, done wisely. > >>> You wouldn't get a car like the Cadillac Cien otherwise... Corvette >>> killer?? Try Lamborghini Diablo killer. >> I saw two Lamborghinis around here last week! Never saw them on the road >> before, just at car shows. > > Don't see Many of those around. I don't know what it is, I also saw a few hummers too this weekend and I usually don't see them much around here. >If you're lucky, you'll see 1 or 2 Lambo's in San Francisco. I was VERY surprised to see them. Also a Prowler, but it hasn't been around in a while. Someone's got the Lambo SUV/truck too!! I've >seen that on the roads here. There are more Ferrari's and Astons in SF than >Lambos. :-) Ferrari Huh? Someone told me once Italians don't know how to make cars! ~J~

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