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Date: Mon, 24 Mar 2003 18:04:12 -0500
From: DaveH <>
Subject: Re: Ignition Key won't turn - 900NG

Paul, This is very good! I was exempting the UK from the other stinkin' little countries, not saying the UK is stinking, ya putz. Americans feel dreadful about the Patriot accident--truly. Baghdad--of course, the all important "H". Don't care for our Prez. Common amongst domestic left-nihilists as well, who would prefer Saddam as prez. Thanks for the amusement and God save the Queen. Dave >in article >, DaveH at > wrote on 24/03/2003 22:08: > >> I am an American, and thus a stinkin pig, of course. >> All the stereotypes are true. > >Yup, just like us Brits - we hate you guys :) >In fact, a hell of a lot of us Brits are Muslims. Hmmm. > >> Material objects exist to serve us, not vice verse. I've got 50 pounds >> of dried up Freedom Fries under the seats. Give me your address and >> I'll send you a box. > >My address: > >Sorry, couldn't care less for that kind of muck. Britain is famed for its >chips (WTF are "fries"?), particularly us "up north", served up in old >newspaper and stinking of vinegar. As for the continent, they're a very >clean bunch with respect for their property. > >> Your life must dreadful, in whatever stinking little country you're >> from, except the UK, in which I case I would recommend immediate >> expulsion to Bagdad. > >Yeah right, to get shot at by one of you fuckers AGAIN. Friggin' hell, can't >you lot get anything right? BTW, it's "Baghdad" - have the intellectual >decency to spell it right. You, like your "Pr*sident" obviously have no idea >about foreign ways. Your "Pr*sident" has no idea whether Spain is a Kingdom, >or a Republic - I bet you don't, either dick head. [Starting to sound like >"English Bob" there, but personally, I think the guy's an idiot. Your >"President" is demanding a recount over Al Gore's election to Apple's board, >otherwise he'll take it to the Supreme Court. Me-ga-lo-man-iac po-wer >mong-er!!!] > >Go and eat your MucDonalds and foul up your Saab. I don't give a "flying >one" - meaning "flying fuck", dimwit. We civilised Europeans keep our >machines clean of that kind of muck. What do you think the spoiler is for? >Get yourself a real whale tail and eat off that in future, you ignorant git. > >> This newsgroup really has the record for maximum fucking asshole >> density. > >Damn fookin' right. Now sod off. > >You started out in this newsgroup okay; reasonably polite, I suppose. Why >the anger? Are you disappointed with your Saab? > >No offence (spelt correctly; damn f*ckin' Mac) whatsoever to the decent >folks over there in the US. I like you guys, except for this one and your >"Pr*sident", and Weird Al, and some others, but The Simpsons are okay :) > >Paul >Bad temper unleashed by the spirit of Vodka (which is Russian, for you lot >on the wrong side of the water). Hey, did you lot know that Jack Daniels >heralded from Wales (a small-ish country to the West of England)?

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